Saturday, June 14, 2008

Campaign dollars in our money “democracy”

It is not a big secret that our capitalist democracy is dominated by campaign dollars, especially in Congress, where laws that could benefit the average working class American could be enacted. Don’t hold your breath waiting for those laws. Instead the Republicrats pass laws that primarily benefit the big corporations and the special interests and not the average Joe.

Two cases in point:

When the Donkey’s captured Congress in 2006, many expected some reforms of our failed Cuba policies. Instead the Gang of 66 was created by corrupt Democrats like James Clyburn and Debbie ‘Dubbya’ Wasserman Schultz. The group received more than a quarter of a million dollars -- $270,500.00 to be exact -- the following year, from an ultra right wing anti-Cuba PAC in Miami, and the reforms were never enacted. It was a classic example of capitalist cash-for-votes politics.

Today presidential candidate Barack Obama “blamed the problem on the stranglehold of special interests in Washington, using gas prices as his example.” The so called energy problem has been around since Nixon was president. The oil companies spread their cash around to corrupt Republicrats and nothing gets done.

The part in our pledge of allegiance that goes “with liberty and justice for all” should be changed to “with plenty of corporate cash for all [corrupt politicians].”

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