Sunday, June 22, 2008

I just got up: Had a beutiful dream!


In a general election tidal wave which was colored a beautiful marine blue and which swept the nation from the Atlantic to the Pacific and beyond, the most prominent leader of the Miami Cuban Mafia, U.S. Representative Lincoln Diaz-Balart was solidly defeated by former Hialeah Mayor, Raul Martinez, who gathered 56% of the votes cast in Florida’s 21st Congressional District, while Diaz Balart received 43%.

Nationally, the Democratic Party was the beneficiary of a huge ‘we want change mandate’ of historic proportions which sent U.S. Senator Barack Obama to the White House. It was a political tsunami like the United States had never seen before.

The Republican Party only won in three states: Florida, New Jersey and Utah.

Outgoing President George W. Bush immediately boarded a privately chartered jet and left for El Salvador. A war crimes special tribunal in Geneva had declared that he would be indicted on January 20, 2009 for atrocities and acts of torture in Iraq, Guantanamo, Cuba, and secret rendition jails in the Czech Republic and other unnamed Eastern Europe countries.

In the U.S. Senate, the Dems captured eight new seats to go beyond the 60 needed to invoke cloture and put an end to GOP obstructionism.

In his concession speech, Diaz Balart said that the government now was in the hands of communists and that he was moving to the Marshall Islands in the Pacific to lead freedom commandos which would come back to the continental U.S. to overthrow the pinkos.

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