Monday, June 30, 2008

XLI Jornada Cucalambeana in Cuba

The Cucalambeana goes beyond the national frontiers


LAS TUNAS. – The lovers of our broad spiritual and material peasant culture returned to set their expectations on a party which, every year, draws together the best and the most representative of peasant music of the country: The Jornada Cucalambeana.

Conceived with plenty of time, the program anticipates and provides a well balanced series of options, from today Monday the 30th (with the parties of the Committees for the defense of the Revolution in the neighborhoods, waiting to the 179th anniversary of the birth of Juan Cristóbal Nápoles Fajardo), to Sunday the sixth of July, when the fifth and last spectacle, which leads to the dances and the closing songs.

As explained by Neyxi Sobrado Vieites, Public Relations specialist of the Spanish-American House of the Décima in Las Tunas, this XLI Cucalambeana will also pay a special tribute to Inocente Iznaga, the Jilguero of Cienfuegos, and to doctor Virgilio López Lemus, investigator, decimista, and tireless defender of peasant culture and a personality who is very linked with the 14 editions of the Encounter and Spanish-American Festival of the Décima
and the Improvised Verse.

To the motivations which animate all the Cuban provinces, we have to add the interest in participating of the delegations from countries and regions like Spain, Mexico, Canary Islands, Italy and Germany.

Among the preparations that guarantee the quality of the Jornada are the works being done to revert the damages which unfortunately were suffered by the picturesque installations at El Cornito, another dwelling of the famous bard (the most important in his genre during the XIX century) and natural scenery where every year the principal activities of the Cucalambeana take place.

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