Sunday, February 15, 2009

A message to President Obama from the Cuban-American Commission for Family Rights

December 18th, 2008

President Obama, on Jan. 21 please fulfill your promise

Dear Mr. President Elect:

We take great pride in congratulating you on your historic victory last month and look forward to January when you take the oath of office as the 44 President of the United States. We are truly thrilled and proud for the opportunity to have participated in this important moment for our nation and for the world.

Our commission, with hundreds of members throughout the United States, was formed in response to the cruel restrictions imposed by the Bush Administration against the Cuban family in the summer of 2004. The inhumanity of limiting family visits to once every three years; the limitations on economic help to our family members; and the unjust definition of who those family members could be drove us to work relentlessly for the repeal of these, in our opinion, un-American measures.

Most of us will never forget your visit to Miami’s Little Havana more than a year ago when a young Senator from Illinois gave so many of us hope by promising to “lift all restrictions on travel and remittances to Cuba by Americans of Cuban descent.” This statement, so right and so necessary, was viewed as almost revolutionary in this South Florida city. And with this letter, we respectfully ask that you please keep your word by signing an executive order as soon as you can thereby fulfilling the promise.

At this critical moment in our history, we are convinced that an Obama Administration will again show the world that Americans lead by their actions and the goodness that is inherent in all of us.

Very cordially yours,

Alvaro F. Fernandez


Silvia Wilhelm

Executive Director

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