Friday, February 20, 2009

A Missed Opportunity

The Tampa Bay Port Authority has missed the opportunity of a lifetime. With the United States economy mired in its greatest crisis since the Great Depression, you would think that the commissioners of the Tampa Bay Port Authority would have been more enthusiastic in creating avenues for the advancement of the economy of that great Florida port in the Gulf of Mexico.

Thanks to the timidity of Tampa Mayor, Pam Iorio, who is also a commissioner in the Tampa Port Authority, they have decided to be “cautious” and defer to the dictates emanating from Washington, D.C.

Mayor Iorio, you have made a huge mistake!

At issue here is the attempt by port commissioner Carl Lindell to promote and jump-start Tampa trade with Cuba. The commissioner has labeled our Cuba policies as “insane” and on that he is 100% correct.

I am happy to see that at least, there is one courageous commissioner in the Tampa Port Authority, while at the same time I am saddened by the actions of Mayor Iorio in not advancing and promoting economic policies which would help the citizens of Tampa.

The Port Authority should completely ignore the timidity of Mayor Iorio in the future, and actively promote trade with Cuba. It is a win-win proposition. Both the citizens of Tampa and Cuba would benefit by trading with each other.

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