Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The United States, Obama and Hillary continue to look the other way

It has been now ten days since a graduate of the School of The Americas, General Romeo Vazquez, staged his military coup d'etat against the constitutional and elected government in Honduras.

Just about every decent country in the world has condemned and repudiated the Gorillas that now govern the Central American Nation.

Obama and Hillary continue to procrastinate. "By their deeds yee shall know them" goes the old biblical proverb.

It is very obvious that the Democratic Party, Obama, and Hillary prefer to have a fascist right wing government in Honduras. They continue to provide economic aid and continue to keep 800 U.S. Army troops in Honduras to ensure that the "correct" people run the country.

One more disappointment among the many that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have given us. Next time that you hear them talking about "freedom" and "democracy," please realize that they are in favor of keeping the oligarchical elites in power.

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