Monday, November 16, 2009

The "Democracy" which the gusanos practice in Miami

General Fulgencio Batista taught the Miami Gusanos what type of "democracy" to practice. It is a political system based on violence toward those who have a different opinion from the one you violently push on others. They start with verbal violence, and from there they graduate to actual physical violence.

In this picture, published in an AFP report, it shows two Miami fascists trying to beat up a person whom they dislike.

The report also talks about how the anti-Cuba gusanos are shifting their "funding" to try to bribe the Democrats, now that their party controls the White House and the two houses of the U.S. Congress. It will be an easy task for them. When it comes to "cash contributions" the Democrats are more corrupt than the Republicans. The gusanos will make sure that they will send a large "contribution" to U.S. Representative Debbie 'Dubbya' Wasserman-Schultz, the capo di tutti capi of the Cuban Mafia in South Florida.

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