Sunday, November 22, 2009

Health Care Reform is in doubt because of four WEAK KNEES Democrats

On the issue of reforming our failed Cuba policies, I blame The Gang of 66, The Infamous 53, and yes our current decider in chief, audacious Barack H. Obama. They continue to cater to the wealthy and nutty right wingers in Miami. In the case of the Gang of 66, they received $270,500.00 for their votes in 2007. In the case of the Infamous 53, they have received up to $800,000.00. They have visible signs which state “My vote is for sale! How much will you give me?” In the U.S.A., money rules politics. The talk about representing “the people” and about “democracy” is for the consumption of the gullible sheep. No wonder that more and more Americans don't bother to vote. In the small town where I live, a recent election to elect new city councilmen only had a turnout of 9% of the registered voters. The plutocrats and the corporate fascists rule our political and economic system.

Comes now the avowed reform of our extremely expensive and not-so-good health care system. It is not universal now. It will not be universal if it is enacted this year or next year. Of the 47 million Americans who do not now have health insurance coverage, the “new” reform will only cover 30 million Americans. It does not cover all residents, like it is the case in Canada, Great Britain, France and Cuba (remember Michael Moore's 'Sicko'?).

There are four week knees Democrats, Ben Nelson (Nebraska), Mary Laudrieu (Louisiana), Evan Bayh (Indiana) and Blanche Lincoln (Arkansas). They could kill the current Senate bill. If they do, SHAME ON THEM!

If the 'public option' is removed from the current bill in the U.S. Senate, independent Bernie Sanders (Vermont) and Sherrod Brown (Pennsylvania) may also vote against the bill. All 40 Republicans, good obstructionists that they are, are fanatically opposed to what they call “socialist” reform. These 40 idiots wouldn't know what Socialism really is if it was staring them on their faces.

And of course, closet Republican Joe Lieberman will vote with the NO! Troops.

Health care reform may well be dead. The U.S.A. will continue to be the laughingstock of the industrialized world because of its total disregard for the well being of its citizens.

We will continue to have the Republican Party's Health Care Plan: “Don't get sick! If you do get sick, die quickly!

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