Tuesday, November 17, 2009

RECAP: how the Miami Mafia buys the votes of corrupt U.S. politicians

To preserve the US embargo of Cuba, the US-Cuba Democracy PAC and the network of hard-line Cuban American donors:

• Made donations of 10,777,692 US dollars since the 2004 election cycle

• Gave to at least 337 federal candidates through the PAC, 53% of whom received reinforcing individual donations from hard-line Cuban-American donors

• Vastly increased Cuban-Americans’ donations to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) even as the DSCC has underperformed in overall fundraising compared to a similar point in the 2007-2008 election cycle

• Provided significant resources to their champions (with contributions aggregating as high as 366,964 USD), who include fifteen top recipients. Some of these champions recycle contributions to, or raise money for, other members, thereby building their power base to help stop Cuba policy changes

• Targeted donations to recipients whose voting record shows a shift in their position on Cuba policy, including seven who took money and switched their positions on dates that were in close proximity to one another

• Provided, through the PAC and the network of donors, more than 850,000 USD to 53 members of Congress who recently publicized their opposition to changes in the policy just weeks before a key committee hearing on travel to Cuba.

Source: Merco Press


JG: U.S.-Cuba Democracy PAC, on how they buy votes in the U.S. Congress: "We do it the old fashioned way: We pay for them."

U.S.A has the best politicians (Republicans and Democrats) money can buy.

The last bullet is the most important one: the 53 politicians who wrote the famous letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi, (where are the names?) got a better deal for their votes than the Gang of 66 did in 2007. $850,000.00 vs. $270,500.00.

If any reader of Cuba Journal has the names of the Infamous 53, please send it to my blog. I have not been successful so far in finding the 53 names.

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