Thursday, May 31, 2012

George W. Bush & Barack H. Obama

George W. Bush & Barack H. Obama do not understand the difference between terrorists and being a nation of laws.

Terrorists commit murders for the pure pleasure of engaging in mayhem and destruction. They are truly evil people. Notice that I do not say that they are devils. Devils are creations of organized religion. When it comes to religion I am a follower of Karl Marx: “Religion is the opium of the masses.” Religionists and the military have committed more crimes than anyone else. The Crusades, in the name of Jesus, prostituted his teachings. The military, the Third Reich and the U.S., while trying to “pacify” South Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan have committed even more unspeakable crimes.

But in this so-called war on terror, the United States government is committed to being just another “monkey-see, monkey do” group of fanatics.

The United States has always prided itself in calling themselves “A Nation of Laws.” That description has been practically abolished now. The war on terror is a huge business in hyper-capitalist USA, just the same way that religion is also a huge and very profitable business. That business is for the consumption of the gullible, the sheep-people, the uneducated and the low intelligence misfits.

The United States had a sovereign right to seek and apprehend the terrorists of Nine-Eleven for the monstrous crime that they committed that day. But because the United States government has become just another group of terrorists, the ways and methods that Barack H. Obama used to “kill” Osama Bin Laden can only remind people of Chicago gangsters who follow the work-books and manuals of an Al Capone or a John Dillinger. An extra judicial execution that provided the government of the U.S. with pure pleasure and mayhem. All done in the name of “justice.”

The Jews suffered a lot under Adolph Hitler, but they proved to the world that, when they went hunting for Adolph Eichmann, that they were truthfully committed to being a genuine “Nation of Laws.” They went into Argentina and captured Eichmann. He was taken to Israel and placed on trial. The laws of the nation were followed. He was found guilty and a just sentence was carried out. The Israelites did not engage in the barbarism of an extra-judicial execution.

Unfortunately, that type of an attitude does not exist anymore in Israel. They are doing to the Palestinians the same unspeakable horrors that Hitler carried out against the Jews.

Today, Barack H. Obama is just another extra-judicial executioner. We are no longer a Nation of Laws.

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