Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What Would Have Happened to Yoani Sánchez in Batista's Cuba?

The United States' favorite ugly duckling MERCENARY in Cuba should say a small prayer every morning when she gets up. Poor creature! She can not add 2 + 2 together.

I was very young during the seven years when General Fulgencio Batista “governed” Cuba with plenty of blessings and support from the Yankee imperialists to the north. But I remember very vividly the tales that would be told very often at my house. And I also remember seeing very vividly the gruesome pictures published in Bohemia during the rare and few instances when the constitutional guarantees were not suspended by the dictator's edict from his sumptuous palace.

Yoani should be thankful that she now lives in an island where its government respects the fundamental dignity of every man an woman. She also should be thankful that the Cuban government has never-ending patience.

You see, in Batista's Cuba Yoani would have been found on a lake or on a secluded beach, with lots of ants around her mouth and nostrils. She would be food for insects and scavenger tiñosas.

But then, she probably does not yet understand why the Cuban Revolution was fought. The leaders of that epic struggle had plenty of “cojones.” Those leaders did not choose to go and live the good life in Miami. They made a solemn pledge to the Cuban people that the tyrant would be gone one day.

Yoani should give thanks for January First, 1959.

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