Thursday, June 21, 2012

Cuba Should Not Be Surprised by the Recent Actions of Google Against the Island

Google is a 100% capitalist entity. Captitalists hate Cuba. They can never forget that Cuban revolutionaries booted out their favorite "democrat" on January First, 1959.

So why are Cuban government officials so surprised at the actions of this U.S. capitalist corporation? Can they not see the trees in the forest? Get real!

U.S. laws regarding Cuba, i.e. the embargo, are stupid. Capitalist hatred for Cuba is so big that they can not see that the embargo is a failed policy.

U.S. politicians are so un-inteligent that they can not see beyond their noses. Both Obama and Romney support and enforce the failed embargo. No Cuban-born person with self-respect should vote for the pair, unless of course they want to kiss the ass of Yankee imperialism.

My message to Cuba is: forget about Google. There are plenty of alternatives that are just as good or better than Google.

Let the capitalists wallow in their own hatred. Keep on perfecting and building native Cuban socialism. Never surrender. Dignity against $$$$.


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