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US must end shameful embargo

Updated: 2012-10-26 08:07

By Chen Weihua (China Daily)

US must end shameful embargo

Updated: 2012-10-26 08:07
By Chen Weihua ( China Daily)

US must end shameful embargo
There have been many talks and articles this week in the United States to mark the 50th anniversary of the Cuban missile crisis, a Cold War episode that at one point seemed to herald a global nuclear showdown. But missing is attention to the 50-year-old US embargo on the Caribbean island nation.

The longest unilateral economic sanctions in modern history have caused huge suffering for 11 million Cubans, including all women and children. The blockade will go down in history as an immoral and cruel act, just like the treatment of American Indians more than a century ago and the racial segregation in the US before the 1970s.

On Nov 13, the United Nations will again vote on a resolution to denounce the embargo. It will be the 21st consecutive year that the UN has called for an end to the sanctions. In last year's vote, 186 nations, including most of the US' closest allies, supported the resolution. Israel was the only one that sided with Washington.

US leaders like to accuse other nations of being on the wrong side of history. Yet on this issue they have steadfastly chosen to stay on the wrong side.

In fact, US leaders have not only chosen to ignore the rest of the world they have also chosen to ignore the will of their own people. Various surveys have shown that most Americans favor lifting the sanctions and re-establishing formal diplomatic ties with Cuba.

The reason the US persists with this inhumane policy is a shameful one. Cuban-Americans in Florida who are against the Cuban government are important voters and financiers for both Democratic and Republican parties in the critical swing state.

As a senator in 2004, Barack Obama called for an end to the embargo, which he described as a failure. He promised during his 2008 campaign to start negotiations with the Cuban government once elected.

However, except for some easing of travel bans for Cuban-Americans and groups, Obama has done nothing to end the full-blown embargo. Under the embargo, it is illegal for ordinary Americans to visit Cuba and for US companies to do business there.

If Republican candidate Mitt Romney becomes president on Nov 6, the eased travel rights for Cuban-Americans and groups could be taken away. His 10-point Cuba plan includes reinstating travel and remittance restrictions.

When I described to some Americans the fascinating culture, beaches and people I discovered during my two trips to Cuba last year, I could see the envy in their eyes.

It is interesting that when late president John F. Kennedy announced the embargo on Feb 3, 1962, he cited "the subversive offensive of Sino-Soviet Communism with which the government of Cuba is publicly aligned". The Cold War has long been over, there is no Soviet Union and China is a major trading partner of the US. Yet many US politicians still cling to a Cold War mentality.

The embargo on Cuba continues despite the fact that Cuba, under Raul Castro, has embarked on political and economic reforms in the last two years. Just a week ago, the official newspaper Granma reported the government will ease travel restrictions for its citizens.

Economic sanctions hurt ordinary people more than government leaders. Even Myanmar opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi did not like the idea of sanctions. Speaking at the US Institute of Peace in Washington on Sept 18, she said: "I don't think we need to cling on to sanctions unnecessarily."

In 1962, the US embargo on Cuba was imposed to isolate Cuba. But now the US itself has become totally isolated on this issue. And the UN vote on Nov 13 will be a fresh reminder.

The author, based in New York, is deputy editor of China Daily USA.

(China Daily 10/26/2012 page8)


JG: Hear! Hear!

Team Cuba Defeats Yucatan 4-0. Undefeated in Mexican Tour.

Team Cuba won all their training games while touring Mexico to prepare for the upcoming 2013 World Baseball Classic, which is a true World Series.

They defeated the Yucatan Lions 4-0.

To read a report, in Spanish, by the Federacion Cubana de Beisbol Aficionado, click on this link.

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Havana Sunset @ El Malecón, Cuba

How Yankee Imperialism Steals Social Security Pensions

This little known fact is not known by most Americans.

If you have reached retirement age and start collecting Social Security retirement benefits and decide that you want to live in the Peoples Republic of China, Vietnam or Cuba the USA government -- greedy capitalists that they are -- immediately confiscates your pension. You contributed your FICA taxes, and they steal the money that belongs to you.

Florida Early Voting

It started on Saturday at 7:00 a.m. In the afternoon I drove by and looked at the huge line of people, and figured it would take at least three to four hours to reach the front door of the courthouse.

On Sunday, I went to Panera Bread, (this is not a commercial), for their super good Cinnamon Crunch Bagel. They had run out.

On my way home, I stopped at a branch of the Lakeland Library. The line for early voting was manageable.

You know how I feel about the Democratic and Republican Parties. They have continued the Cuba blockade, which the fanatical USA capitalists merely call an embargo.

I proceeded to support the POTUS candidate of the Green Party, Jill Stein.

It was my only way of repudiating Barack Obama and plutocrat Mitt Romney.


Cuba Beisbol Weekend Update

El equipo de Cuba noqueó hoy 14 carreras por cero (14-0), en siete entradas, a una selección de novatos de los Piratas de Campeche, en duelo desarrollado en el estadio Nelson Barrera Romellón, de esa ciudad de México.

FCBA (Federacion Cubana de Beisbol Aficionado) reports that Team Cuba defeated the Prospects Academy of the Pirates of Campeche. Is was a knockout in seven innings. The Cuban massacre was stopped when it reached 14-0.

The Cubiches had ten home runs. It was batting practice for them.

Tomorrow Team Cuba will play against the Yucatan Hurricanes.

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Fidel Castro resucita en su tercer funeral en un año

JG: Que papel tan ridiculo han hecho los gusanos de Miami, El Nuevo 'Gusano' Herald y el medico comemierda Venezolano que reside en el cesspool of the United States.

Tomorrow Sunday, Team Cuba vs Piratas de Campeche

I will report on Monday the results of this preparatory training game for the 2013 World Baseball Classic. Y'all come back, you hear?

Friend of the Abraham Lincoln Battalion

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For Those Who Read Spanish

Highly recommended:

El rumor como arma de Guerra contra Cuba



Rosie McKinley: Cuba embargo is an outdated policy of dubious effectiveness that damages the U.S.’s reputation abroad. We should rid ourselves of it.

McKinley: Trade embargo against Cuba is a relic of a very different America

Pitt News 

Created on Thursday, 25 October 2012 03:41

Written by Rosie McKinley / Columnist

Cuban buses overflow with people. As a result of the country’s transportation crisis, riding a crowded bus in Havana is a bit like spooning with a bunch of strangers. But with reggaeton blasting through the speakers, the ride remains comfortable despite the Caribbean’s sweaty heat. After 50 years of austere socialism, Cubans gracefully manage the challenges brought by economic struggle, even if it means people’s hands stuck in others’ armpits.

While many of Cuba’s economic pains are self-inflicted, the Cuban people suffer further because of the United States’ draconian economic embargo against the country. This embargo is an outdated policy of dubious effectiveness that damages the U.S.’s reputation abroad. We should rid ourselves of it.

You should also take this issue into consideration when you vote. Despite the fact that Cuba has been largely overlooked this election, it is one area of foreign policy that President Barack Obama and presidential nominee Mitt Romney actually disagree on. If you’re failing to see much difference between the two on issues elsewhere, a Romney presidency would usher in entirely different policies in Cuba than those being pursued today.

The embargo began largely because of the Cuban Missile Crisis, which reached its climax 50 years ago this week. The news that the Soviet Union was stockpiling nuclear weapons just 90 miles from the U.S. coast sparked the most volatile moments of the Cold War. Our parents found themselves hiding under school desks, fearing Armageddon; embargo seemed appropriate.

A half-century later, those school children are now middle-aged baby boomers nearing retirement. We, as a generation, are inheriting a much different America. The embargo is a relic; a festering wound of failed foreign policy that we have the responsibility to end in order to repair relations with our southern neighbor.

For one, the embargo hasn’t worked. It has failed in its goals of removing the Castro family from power and restoring democracy in Cuba. It has only created a humanitarian crisis that we are partly responsible for. Cuba remains a socialist country with Castro leadership, and we are left wondering why a policy that doesn’t work remains, especially considering the international disapproval it brings — the U.N. General Assembly has condemned the embargo for 20 straight years.

The Electoral College is partly to blame. The vast majority of Cuban-Americans live in Florida and New Jersey — two major electoral states in the presidential election, with Florida perpetually competitive. These are the people who lost property and wealth as a result of Castro’s revolution. To them, a harsh embargo is the only appropriate form of justice for Castro. 

Obama, in a risky political move, has slowly been rolling away many of these programs, risking Cuban-American votes by loosening travel laws to Cuba. Working under the belief that we can’t improve relations with a country that we don’t understand, he has lifted many travel restrictions, allowing individuals to attain permission to visit. His policies allowed the Pitt in Cuba study abroad program to restart in 2010 after Bush-era restrictions forced the program’s termination.

Romney endorses a much different path forward, promising a return to the strict adherence of the Helms-Burton Act, which would strengthen the embargo to a point so anti-humanitarian that American allies from Great Britain to Argentina have condemned it. The act, signed by President Bill Clinton, bans trade with any trading partner of Cuba, even for medicine or food.

In the 1990s, while American children were growing up in relatively prosperous times, this act left Cuban kids to starve. There are stories of people melting condoms — which the Cuban government issued to keep population growth manageable — into cheap pizzas as a way of stretching their food sources. Although these stories are probably urban myths, their existence points to the awful circumstances that most Cubans lived in. Conditions were so awful that thousands of Cubans risked their lives to float through shark-infested waters on man-made rafts to reach the shores of southern Florida. 

In America, they found increased freedoms. This is the great irony of the embargo: While we were banning investment in Cuba in the name of freedom, our government’s restrictions on travel were in a similar although lesser way preventing us from exercising our own. Also, while we attack the Castro government for limiting elections, many of us blissfully ignore the right we have here: Where is the embargo on the 45 percent of the country that doesn’t go to the polls just because we don’t feel like it?

Obama’s policy toward Cuba is far from ideal: Some form of embargo will be continued under a second term. Yet Romney’s proposed return to harsh repression does nothing to advance our countries toward a working relationship. Under Romney, we face the continued diminishing of our country’s international reputation. We become further distanced from our once-rumored greatness as a leader of the free world. 

That said, if you strongly agree with returning to the harsh status quo that has done little to influence Cuban policies over the last 50 years, then vote against Obama. After all, voting either way is valuable. 

Just ask a Cuban who can’t.


Cuba Will Play Against the Pirates of Campeche on Sunday

Yesterday, Cuba defeated 13-1 the team from the Autonomous University of Carmen. It was a friendly baseball training game in Mexico, as Cuba prepares for the 2013 World Baseball Classic in March of the coming year.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Parte Hacia México Elenco Nacional Cubano de Beisbol

Por Ray Otero -

Octubre 24, 2012

José Ramón Fernández, presidente del Comité Olímpico Cubano, despidió este miércoles al conjunto de 27 peloteros que viajaron a México para efectuar cinco partidos con equipos de la Liga Profesional de ese país.

En el mismo Aeropuerto Internacional José Martí, de la capital de Cuba, Fernández expresó que: "el objetivo central de la preselección nacional es prepararse y llevar un equipo de calidad y ganador al III Clásico Mundial de Béisbol, previsto para marzo del 2013.

Víctor Mesa, director de la escuadra, dijo a la prensa: sentirse satisfecho con el resultado de los entrenamientos realizados hasta el momento, y añadió que esta gira por la vecina nación constituye además un estímulo para algunos preseleccionados que no estarán en la próxima gira por Asia.

Cuba jugará los días 25, 26 y 27 de octubre ante el elenco de la Universidad Autónoma de la ciudad del Carmen, el cual estará reforzado con jugadores de la Liga Profesional Mexicana, el día 28 Cuba enfrentará al elenco Piratas de Campeche y el 30 del propio mes hará los mismo ante los Leones de Yucatán, estos dos últimos elencos forman parte de la Liga Profesional Méxicana de Béisbol.

A despedir a los jugadores cubanos acudió Christian Jiménez Molina, presidente del Instituto Nacional de Deportes, Educación Física y Recreación (INDER), entre otras autoridades deportivas.

Florida Chamber of Commerce Opposes Cuba-Syria Contracting Law

Jacksonville Business Journal


Date: Thursday, October 25, 2012, 5:53am EDT

TALLAHASSEE—The Florida Chamber of Commerce is asking a federal appeals court to continue blocking a new law that would prevent state and local governments from contracting with firms that have business links to Cuba or Syria.

The chamber filed a brief Monday in the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals that says the law, passed this year by the Legislature and signed by Gov. Rick Scott, would have “far-reaching implications and unintended consequences that will irreparably harm Florida businesses and the state’s economy.”

The state is appealing a Miami federal judge’s decision in June that granted a preliminary injunction against the law, which the judge said likely violated the U.S. Constitution.

Coral Gables-based Odebrecht Construction, Inc., filed the lawsuit because its Brazilian parent company has another subsidiary involved in the expansion of the Cuban port of Mariel --- an affiliation that, under the new law, would prevent Odebrecht from bidding on government jobs in Florida.

In the brief, the chamber said the law would discourage foreign investment in the state and strain relations with Brazil and Canada. As an example, the chamber said it received a call from the Canadian ambassador to the United States about concerns that the law could affect Canadian companies that do business in Florida but also have operations in Cuba.

“If the Cuba Amendment (the law) is enforced, its impact will reverberate far beyond the borders of the Sunshine State,’’ the brief said. “Democratic foreign governments and their businesses will be reluctant to do business in Florida. These are the very foreign companies that Florida has worked so hard to attract.”

Pablo Sandoval Hits 3 Home Runs In World Series Giants Win 8-3 (Video Shown)

Hurricane Sandy Batters Cuba -

National Hurricane Center (Maps): Hurricane Sandy Plows Through Cuba, The Bahamas As It Moves Towards Florida

(Photo: Reuters) Hurricane Sandy is seen churning northwards in this NOAA handout satellite image taken on October 25, 2012. The hurricane, strengthening rapidly after crossing the warm Caribbean Sea, slammed into southeastern Cuba early on Thursday with 105 mph winds that cut power and blew over trees across the city of Santiago de Cuba.

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Cuba's National Baseball Team Selection Travels to Mexico

Jose Dariel Abreu (left)
Ariel Sanchez (right)
Photo: Granma

In an article by Aliet Arzola Lima, published in Granma, we learn that a selection of the Cuban National Baseball Team will travel to Mexico at the end of the current month.

October 25, 26, 27: vs Autonomous University of Carmen.

October 28 & 30: vs the Pericos de Campeche and the Leones de Yucatan.

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Granma International Translation: Reflections of Fidel: Fidel Castro is Dying

Fidel Castro /Photos: Alex Castro

A message to the first graduating class from the Victoria de Girón Medical Sciences Institute was enough to prompt imperialist propaganda to go into overdrive and news agencies to voraciously launch themselves after the lie. Not only that but, in their cables, they attributed the most unheard of nonsense to the patient.

Fidel Castro

Fidel Castro
The ABC newspaper in Spain reported that a Venezuelan doctor from an unknown location revealed that Castro had suffered a massive embolism in the right cerebral artery; "I can state that we are not going to see him again in public." The alleged doctor who, if he is, would first abandon his own compatriots, described Castro’s health as "very close to a neural-vegetative state."

While many persons in the world are deceived by information agencies which publish this nonsense - almost all in the hands of the privileged and rich - people believe less and less in them. Nobody likes to be deceived; even the most incorrigible liar expects to be told the truth. In April of 1961, everyone believed the information published in the news agencies that the mercenary invaders of Girón or Bay of Pigs, whatever one wants to call it, were approaching Havana, when in fact some of them were fruitlessly trying by boat to reach the yanki warships escorting them.

The peoples are learning and resistance is growing, faced with the crisis of capitalism which is recurring with greater frequency; no lies, repression or new weapons will be able to prevent the collapse of a production system which is increasingly unequal and unjust.

A few days ago, very close to the 50th anniversary of the October Crisis, news agencies pointed to three guilty parties: Kennedy, having recently become the leader of the empire, Khrushchev and Castro. Cuba did not have anything to do with nuclear weapons, nor with the unnecessary slaughter of Hiroshima and Nagasaki perpetrated by the president of the United States, Harry S. Truman, thus establishing the tyranny of nuclear weapons. Cuba was defending its right to independence and social justice.

When we accepted Soviet aid in weapons, oil, foodstuffs and other resources, it was to defend ourselves from yanki plans to invade our homeland, subjected to a dirty and bloody war which that capitalist country imposed on us from the very first months, which left thousands of Cubans dead and maimed.

When Khrushchev proposed the installation here of medium range missiles similar to those the United States had in Turkey – far closer to the USSR than Cuba to the United States – as a solidarity necessity, Cuba did not hesitate to agree to such a risk. Our conduct was ethically irreproachable. We will never apologize to anyone for what we did. The fact is that half a century has gone by, and here we still are with our heads held high.

I like to write and I am writing; I like to study and I am studying. There are many tasks in the area of knowledge. For example, never before have the sciences advanced at such an astounding speed.

I stopped publishing "Reflections" because it is definitely not my role to take up pages in our press, dedicated to other tasks which the country requires.
Birds of ill omen! I don’t even remember what a headache is. As evidence of what liars they are, I present them with the photos which accompany this article.

Fidel Castro Ruz
October 21, 2012
10:12 a.m.

Report: Cuba vs Blockade 2012

Cuba's Report on Resolution 66/6 of the United Nations General Assembly.

"Necessity of ending the economic, financial and commercial blockade imposed by the United States of America against Cuba."


The economic, commercial and financial blockade of the United States against Cuba began to be implemented as from the very moment when the Cuban Revolution triumphed in 1959, and all along these years it has been even more institutionalized and refined through the approval of several Presidential Proclamations and legal measures that have turned it into an increasingly rigorous and all-embracing policy.

Since then, the policy of economic suffocation that the blockade represents has not ceased to be implemented, not even for one single second, which is a clear evidence of the obsession of successive United States’ administrations to destroy the political, economic and social system chosen by the Cuban people in the exercise of their right to self-determination and sovereignty. During all these years, the political, legal and administrative mechanisms of that policy have been tightened and reinforced aiming at a more efficient implementation of it.
The entire structure that supports the blockade qualifies as an act of genocide by virtue of the Geneva Convention of 1948 on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide and as an act of economic warfare as established by the Declaration on the Law of Naval Warfare adopted by the London Naval Conference of 1909.  As can be ascertained while browsing the web sites of the US Departments of the Treasury and Commerce, the blockade against Cuba continues to be the most unfair, all-embracing, severe and longest-lasting system of unilateral sanctions ever imposed against any country in the world.
As a result of the rigorous and aggressive implementation of the laws and regulations that define the blockade, Cuba is still unable to freely export and import products and services to or from the United States and can not use US dollars to carry out its international financial transactions or hold accounts in that currency in third countries’ banks. Nor is Cuba allowed to receive credits from US banks, their subsidiary banks in third countries or international institutions such as the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund or the Inter-American Development Bank.
Last year, the persecution of Cuba’s international financial transactions was one of the most outstanding features of the implementation of the blockade.   According to the Annual Report published by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) of the Treasury Department, the total of Cuban funds frozen by the United States amounts to 245 million dollars , thus hindering Cuba’s economic, social, scientific and technological development.

The US government, in contempt for the will of the international community and the General Assembly expressed in the twenty resolutions adopted by that body which call for an end to this policy, continues to assert that it will maintain the blockade as a “tool for pressure” and that it has no intention whatsoever to change its approach towards Cuba.

The economic damage caused to the Cuban people by the implementation of the US economic, commercial and financial blockade until December 2011, taking into account the devaluation of the dollar vis-à-vis the price of gold and the world market, amounts to 1 trillion 66 billion (1,066,000,000,000) dollars.

At current prices, and based on a very conservative estimate, this figure exceeds 108 billion (108,000,000,000) dollars.

Despite having failed in the pursuance of its goals, the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States continues to be the main obstacle that prevents Cuba from fully developing its economic and social potential. 

All figures expressed in dollars refer to US dollars.
Source: Cuba's MINREX

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Cuban Missile Crisis Day by Day: From the Pentagon's "Sensitive Records"

Surface-to-air missile site at La Coloma, Cuba. According to the caption on the photograph, it was taken during a reconnaissance flight on 10 November 1962.

Source: National Archives, Still Pictures Branch, Record Group 342-B, box 1401

Secret Notes by Deputy Secretary Roswell Gilpatric Show Early Interest in Trade of U.S. Jupiter Missiles for Soviet Missile in Cuba, Even a Status Change for Guantanamo, as Basis of a Settlement, Presaging Elements of the the Secret Deal that Helped End the Crisis

Daily Journals, Notes, and Calendars Show President Kennedy Calling the Pentagon to Ensure that Navy Used the Least Aggressive Measures to Track Soviet Submarines in the Caribbean But also Approving Uploading of H-Bombs on Alert Aircraft in Europe

Coast Guard, Not Navy, Made First Stop of a Ship during the Quarantine

National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Book No. 398

Read today's posting at the National Security Archive website -

Posted - October 19, 2012
Edited by William Burr
For more information contact:
William Burr - 202/994-7000 or

Related: New York Times:

Same Cuba Crisis, Different Angles: 50 Years Later

Reflexiones del Compañero Fidel: Fidel Castro Está Agonizando

Fidel Castro Foto: Alex Castro

Por Fidel Castro

Bastó un mensaje a los graduados del primer curso del Instituto de Ciencias Médicas “Victoria de Girón”, para que el gallinero de propaganda imperialista se alborotara y las agencias informativas se lanzaran voraces tras la mentira. No solo eso, sino que en sus despachos cablegráficos le añadieron al paciente las más insólitas estupideces.

El periódico ABC de España, publicó que un médico venezolano que radica no se sabe donde, reveló que Castro había sufrido una embolia masiva en la arteria cerebral derecha, “puedo decir que no vamos a volverlo a ver públicamente”. El presunto médico, que si lo es abandonaría primero a sus propios compatriotas, calificó el estado de salud de Castro como “muy cercano al estado neurovegetal”.

Aunque muchas personas en el mundo son engañadas por los órganos de información, casi todos en manos de los privilegiados y ricos, que publican estas estupideces, los pueblos creen cada vez menos en ellas. A nadie le gusta que lo engañen; hasta el más incorregible mentiroso, espera que le digan la verdad. Todo el mundo creyó, en abril de 1961, las noticias publicadas por las agencias cablegráficas acerca de que los invasores mercenarios de Girón o Bahía de Cochinos, como se le quiera llamar, estaban llegando a La Habana, cuando en realidad algunos de ellos trataban infructuosamente de llegar en botes a las naves de guerra yankis que los escoltaban.

Los pueblos aprenden y la resistencia crece frente a las crisis del capitalismo que se repiten cada vez con mayor frecuencia; ninguna mentira, represión o nuevas armas, podrán impedir el derrumbe de un sistema de producción crecientemente desigual e injusto.

Hace pocos días, muy próximo al 50 aniversario de la “Crisis de Octubre”, las agencias señalaron a tres culpables: Kennedy, recién llegado a la jefatura del imperio, Jruschov y Castro. Cuba nada tuvo que ver con el arma nuclear, ni con la matanza innecesaria de Hiroshima y Nagasaki perpetrada por el presidente de Estados Unidos Harry S. Truman, estableciendo la tiranía de las armas nucleares. Cuba defendía su derecho a la independencia y a la justicia social.

Cuando aceptamos la ayuda soviética en armas, petróleo, alimentos y otros recursos, fue para defendernos de los planes yankis de invadir nuestra Patria, sometida a una sucia y sangrienta guerra que ese país capitalista nos impuso desde los primeros meses, y costó miles de vidas y mutilados cubanos.

Cuando Jruschov nos propuso instalar proyectiles de alcance medio similares a los que Estados Unidos tenía en Turquía —más cerca todavía de la URSS que Cuba de Estados Unidos—, como una necesidad solidaria, Cuba no vaciló en acceder a tal riesgo. Nuestra conducta fue éticamente intachable. Nunca pediremos excusa a nadie por lo que hicimos. Lo cierto es que ha transcurrido medio siglo, y aun estamos aquí con la frente en alto.

Me gusta escribir y escribo; me gusta estudiar y estudio. Hay muchas tareas en el área de los conocimientos. Nunca las ciencias, por ejemplo, avanzaron a tan asombrosa velocidad.

Dejé de publicar Reflexiones porque ciertamente no es mi papel ocupar las páginas de nuestra prensa, consagrada a otras tareas que requiere el país.
¡Aves de mal agüero! No recuerdo siquiera qué es un dolor de cabeza. Como constancia de cuan mentirosos son, les obsequio las fotos que acompañan este artículo.


Fidel Castro Ruz
Octubre 21 de 2012
10 y 12 a.m.

Source: Cubadebate

JG: More Fidel photos in the original article. (Click on the above link)


Cayo Blanco - Cuba

¡Cuba, Que Linda Es Cuba!

November 10, 2012: Beethoven Forever!

Click to enlarge

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Cuba Announces More Trade with Ecuador

Quito, Oct 20, 2012 (Prensa Latina) Trade between Ecuador and Cuba will double this year, especially the export of services, said here Antonio Carricarte, Cuban Deputy Minister of Foreign Trade and Investment. At the end of a work visit to Ecuador, Carricarte told Prensa Latina this visit has been an opportunity to review every sector with potentials to improve economic collaboration with Ecuador.

"In August we already surpassed the ratings of the 2011 trade and according to the terms of recent and previous agreements, we can say that bilateral exchange will grow two-fold this year; that includes the export of services."

"These exports stand for an important percentage of our bilateral relations," stressed the Cuban official, "mainly in medical assistance in different specialties." It extends to vector control and fighting certain disease outbreaks in Ecuador.

"What is more important is that through exchange with different institutions we have confirmed the existing potentials, both bilateral and linked with the Secretariat of the Bolivarian Alliance of the Peoples of Our Americas (ALBA)".


JG: The Yankee imperialists' embargo against Cuba has been a huge failure. Only corrupt U.S. politicians, like George W. Bush and Barack H. Obama, continue to promote it. Next week, the United General Assembly will condemn the blockade for the 21st consecutive year.

I do not support Barack Obama or Mitt Romney. They will not get my vote on November 6th.

Parakeet Convention

Length of Video: 4:21 Minutes
All I need is some background music.
Names of the Budgies:
 Sunny (yellow), Claudia (white, blue, black)
Huey & Louie (Blueish)
Seth & Meadow (Greenish)
My granddaughter Brianna is the official name giver
of the Gonzalez Family budgies.
Whistling provided by JRG.

Friday, October 19, 2012


Against The Lies of the Miami Scum:
But eventually, everyone has to pass away.
Cuba's Comandante en Jefe
is the must important Cuban that ever lived.
The Forces of Hell, (The Yankee Imperialists)
never prevailed against him.

The Necrophiliacs Scum Brigades Launch New 'Wishful Thinking' Garbage Report

Who are the Necrophiliacs Scum Brigades? The Losers of the World!

Here are some: The Miami gusanos, The capitalist gringos who want to bring "democracy" back to Cuba, The Venezuelans who were given a huge paliza in the last elections, Faux News, the HuffPo feminazis....  I could go on and on and it would fill more than half a page.

The necrophiliacs scum brigades are saying that Fidel is dead. One day they will get it right, since everyone has to die.

Watch Fidel reappear again and all these scum will have to eat their shit!

Paedophiles Take Over the Catholic Church & the Boy Scouts As the Democratic Party Continues to Promote Homosexuals and Lesbians!

The social, economic and moral decline of the USA continues.

Where is the White Knight in shinning armor, or has he married the Tooth Fairy and is too busy fucking her?

Are both Homo Sapient and the USA in a steady decline?

Is extinction around the corner?

Did anyone watch ABC news last night? Nigger criminals have taken over Chicago's streets! The people are living in fear of their lives.

It all started with George W. Bush and it has continued with Barack H. Obama. And he has the gall to ask for another four years? Americans should give him the boot on November 6th.

Borrón y cuenta nueva. (Erase everything and start with a new account).

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Cuba and Japan Will Play Two Exhibition Baseball Games on November 16 & 18

This is great news! The Third World Baseball Classic will debut on March 2013, and I am sure that all fans of Cuban Baseball are looking forward to the event.

Below, I am reproducing the news (in Spanish) that was announced by the Federacion Cubana de Beisbol Aficionado in their website.

Publicada: 11/10/2012 21:39:29
Antonio Díaz
III Clásico Mundial de béisbol
Cubanos y nipones chocan los días 16 y 18 de noviembre
Jugarán los partidos de exhibición en las ciudades de Fukuoka y Sapporo.

La Habana (11 oct).- SELECCIONES de Cuba y Japón jugarán los días 16 y 18 de noviembre venidero par de partidos de exhibición en la nación asiática previo al III Clásico Mundial de béisbol, anunció hoy la federación nipona.

Ello forma parte del periplo de los cubanos por el continente que incluye Taipei de China, donde igualmente harán una base de entrenamiento.

Los choques entre japoneses y caribeños servirán para el debut del manager de 65 años Koji Yamamoto, de los grandes jugadores japoneses de todos los tiempos, miembro del Salón de la Fama nipón y exmentor de los Carpas de Hiroshima.

Yamamoto fue anunciado como director de la selección japonesa para el próximo Clásico, que se celebrará en marzo de 2013.

La súper estrella de la Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB), de 1969-1988, estará asistido por Osamu Higashio, Masataka Nashida, Tsuyoshi Yoda, Kazuyoshi Tatsunami, Nobuhiro Takashiro y Koichi Ogata.

El mítico Sadaharu Oh dirigió a la armada monarca de los certámenes precedentes.

Según trascendió hace varias jornadas el mismo elenco cubano con su similar de Taipei de China chocarán los días 12 y 13 de noviembre próximo, en las ciudades de Taichung (Intercontinental Stadium) y Taoyuan (International Stadium).

Por ahora, la afición aquí espera conocer las fechas en que se desarrollarán anunciados partidos entre los integrantes de la preselección, a puertas abiertas en el estadio Latinoamericano y con transmisión de la radio y televisión cubanas.

El III Clásico Mundial comenzará el 2 de marzo del 2013 en el Yahoo Domo, de Fukuoka y con los equipos de Japón, Cuba, China y uno por definir en el grupo A.

El Tokio Dome, también en Japón, acogerá la segunda fase del esperado campeonato para 16 conjuntos en cuatro sedes.

52nd Cuban National Baseball Series Will Have New Structure


by Yasiel Cancio Vilar

The 52nd Cuban national baseball series will have a new competitive structure, as revealed last Friday at a press conference by Higinio Vélez, president of the Cuban Federation of that sport.

The new system imposes the “all against all” regardless of geographic zones, and will have two stages: the first one with 45 games and 16 teams, and the second with 42 games by the first eight that classify in the first round.

The series will open on Sunday, November 25, 2012 at José Ramón Cepero stadium with a game between the locals, national champion Ciego de Ávila, and second place winner Industriales.

Thus, all the Island’s provinces and the special municipality Isla de la Juventud will have the possibility to play against the champion, but they will have to compete hard from the very first day since 45 games is not much and the margin for recovery will be very small.

The best eight teams will then play in the second round, with the possibility of choosing up to five players from a draft made up by players from the loser teams – a procedure that is not too-well known in Cuba.

The four best-ranked teams from among the eight will then go to a play-off where the first place will play against the fourth and the second against the third. The winners of each one of these seven-game duels will then discuss the Cuban national championship, now in possession of the Tigers of Ciego de Ávila.

One of the most striking paradoxes of this new system of competition – among many others that include having excluded the team Metropolitanos – is the reduction from 96 to 87 the number of games in the regular season, when the tournament should extend at least to 120 games, particularly the second round, which evidently will have greater quality.

In addition, this year the Series will be atypical due to the celebration of the Third World Baseball Classic in March 2013, which will call for a recess after game 45 of the national championship and the Stars Game of the season.

At the press conference held in the protocol room of Havana’s Ciudad Deportiva it was also disclosed that the national Cuban team will make an exhibition tour to countries of Europe and Asia next October-November, with Víctor Mesa as manager, in preparation of the Classic, top baseball elite championship at present.

Recommendations for the November 6th General Election

Barack Obama does not deserve another four years. He is incompetent. Does that mean that things would get better under Mitt Romney? Not necessarily. The U.S. is a country in decline; nearly bankrupt, thanks to the policies of the Republican and Democratic Parties during the last 53 years.

For President & V.P. of the United States: Write-In NOTA, None-Of-The-Above, OR vote for an alternative minor Socialist or Green Party.

For the U.S. Senate seat from the State of Florida: Write in NOTA.

For the 11 Florida constitutional amendments: Vote NO on all of them.

Retain the three Florida Supreme Court justices: Vote YES.

For a Polk County subsidy for corporations: Vote NO. Corporations are not people.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Cuba’s Migration Policy Updated

Amendments will come into force on January 14th, 2013

As part of the work undertaken to update the current migration policy adjusting it to prevailing conditions in the present and the foreseeable future, the Cuban government has decided to forgo the required Travel Permit as well as the Letter of Invitation.

Therefore, as from January 14th, 2013, it will only be necessary to submit the ordinary passport, duly updated, and the visa issued by the country of destination, in those cases when it is required. The ordinary passport will be issued to the Cuban citizens who meet the requirements of the Migration Law, as modified in compliance with these provisions. Such Law will come into effect ninety days after its publication in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Cuba.

Those already in possession of an ordinary passport, issued before this decision is valid, should request from the corresponding authorities of the Ministry of the Interior its updating absolutely free of charge. Likewise, those with a valid Travel Permit will be able to depart without any additional procedure.

It has also been decided that Cuban residents travelling overseas on private affairs will be permitted to remain there for a period of twenty-four months, counting from the date of departure. For a longer stay, they will be required to obtain the corresponding evidence of extension of stay from a Cuban consulate.

The updating of the migration policy takes into account the right of the revolutionary state to defend itself from the aggressive and subversive plans of the US government and its allies. For this reason, those measures aimed at preserving the human capital created by the Revolution from the theft of talents practiced by the powerful nations shall remain in force.

In due course, other measures related to the migratory issue will be adopted that will certainly help in the consolidation of the efforts being made by the Revolution towards the full normalization of Cuba’s relations with its emigrants.

Today, the Official Gazette of the Republic of Cuba is publishing the Law Decree of the State Council modifying the current Migration Law as well as other supplementary regulations.

Additional information on the procedures required by the law and other specificities concerning the country’s migration policy are available to the people at the Dirección de Inmigración y Extranjería and its voice message through phone number 2063218; Portal del Ciudadano Cubano:; and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cuba:

Source: Granma

Extreme Right Fringes Candidate In Florida's 9th U.S. Congressional District

Todd Long represents the extremist right fringes of the Florida Republican Party. Cuba Journal DOES NOT recommend a vote in his favor.

Here are his responses to our recent open questionnaire on the Cuba issue:

1. He is "in favor of a military overthrow of the current Castro regime."

2. He is "in favor of maintaining the Cuba embargo."

3. He states that some of the actions of Luis Posada Carriles, i.e. international terrorism, "were in the best interest of the U.S."

My only comment is that this guy is to the right of La Loba Feroz, Adolf Hitler, Francisco Franco and Augusto Pinochet, combined. He would be very happy living in Miami, if he moves there.

We have not received a reply from his opponent, Allan Grayson.

We thank Todd Long's political campaign for taking the time to answer the questionnaire.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Stop Editorializing When Reporting Cuba News, REUTERS!

Today is that not-very-frequent day when the news about Cuba are positive. But capitalist news media (the new Nazis of the XXI century) hate Cuba so much that they always have to include editorializing when they are "reporting" news. They are never very objective.

Here is how I would have reported the news:

"Cuba will remove travel restrictions starting in January. It may ease most Cubans' exit and return, state media said on Tuesday."

Here is how Reuters' reporter Jeff Franks reported the same thing:

Tue Oct 16, 2012 10:05am EDT

HAVANA (Reuters) - Cuba will scrap much-reviled travel restrictions starting in January, easing most Cubans' exit and return, state media said on Tuesday, in the communist island's first major immigration reform in half a century.

Mr Franks, do you think that people are stupid when reading items, and that you have to explain it to them? Or are you just a marionette whose strings are being pulled by your capitalist masters?

People are capable of reading between the lines and getting rid of your sermonizing and editorializing.

Monday, October 15, 2012

At General Debate, Cuba calls for UN reform to make it ‘truly representative’ of world

Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla of Cuba addresses General Assembly. 
UN Photo/Jennifer S Altman

1 October 2012 – Cuba’s Foreign Minister today called for the urgent reform of the United Nations by reinforcing the powers of the 193-member General Assembly and expanding the 15-member Security Council to make it truly representative of the world as it exists today, 65 years after its creation.

“It is urgent to save the United Nations Organization while subjecting it to a profound reform to put it at the service of all the equally sovereign States, and removing it from the arbitrariness and double standards of a handful of industrialized and powerful countries,” Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla told the 67th Assembly on the last day of its annual General Debate, at UN Headquarters in New York.

“The key role of the General Assembly should be restored and a democratic, transparent and truly representative Security Council should be re-launched,” he added. According to the world body’s structures, only resolutions of the Council have legally binding force, which those of the Assembly lack.

Citing the situation in Syria, where over 18,000 people have been killed since an uprising against President Bashar al-Assad erupted some 19 months ago, Mr. Rodríguez said the United States and some European government had decided to overthrow the Syrian Government, for which purpose they have armed, financed and trained opposition groups, even resorting to the use of mercenaries.

“Due mainly to the firm opposition by Russia and China, it has been impossible to manipulate the Security Council to impose the interventionist formula applied in recent warmongering adventures,” he stated, referring to the Council’s deadlock over taking united action on the Middle Eastern crisis, while also reaffirming the right of the Syrian people to the full exercise of self-determination and sovereignty without any interference or foreign intervention of any sort.

The Foreign Minister also called on the General Assembly to recognize Palestine as a full member of the United Nations with the boundaries established prior to 1967, before the Israeli occupied the territory in the Six Day War, and with East Jerusalem as its capital.

“And it should do so now, with or without the consent of the Security Council, with or without the United States veto, with or without new peace negotiations,” he said.

The Cuban official strongly rejected the United States listing it as sponsor of international terrorism, which he called a spurious pretext “to increase the persecution of Cuba's financial transactions and justify the blockade policy which has caused invaluable human and economic damages that are worth one trillion dollars, estimated according to the present value of gold…

“We reiterate to the United States, on the days prior to its elections, our irrevocable vocation for peace and our interest to move on to the normalization of relations through dialogue, on an equal footing and with absolute respect for our independence,” he added.

Foreign Minister Rodríguez is one of scores of world leaders and other high-level officials presenting their views and comments on issues of individual, national and international relevance at the Assembly’s General Debate, which ends later on Monday.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Son of Fidel Castro Says Dad in Good Health

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

What the Miami Gusanos Don't Tell America About Cuba

Excerpts from the book
The Brilliant Disaster
JFK, Castro and America's
Doomed Invasion of Cuba's Bay of Pigs
By Jim Rasenberger
Scribner, New York, 2011

Eighty percent of Cuban utilities, including the telephone company and electric commpany, were owned by Americans prior to Castro, so every rate hike or service outage was a Yankee afront. Forty percent of the sugar industry was American-owned, and the United States accounted for the lion share of the sugar market. This meant that Cuba lived by what the United States was willing to pay for sugar. No matter that the United States paid better than the international market price; the dependecny rankled Cuban pride.

Adding insult to injury, some Americans treated Cuba as if it existed to satisfy their lowest cravings. Sweet rum drinks, teenage prostitutes, live sex shows at the [American] mob-run casinos in Havana were all in the menu in the 1950's for visiting Americans (who include, on at least one occassion, a young U.S. senator named John F. Keennedy). Cubans had admitedly benefited from American tourist dollars, but the Cuban who gained the most was Fulgencio Batista. This went to the real sin of America from the Cubans' point of view: its historical tendency to back and enrich corrupt dictators such as Batista or, before him, Gerardo Machado and Ramon Grau. Such men hade made life miserable for average Cubans with their reigns of graft and terror. Batista himself had pocketed as much as $300 million at the same time that tens of thousands of his countrymen starved. Ruthless and shameless, Batista was America's man in Havana, and his sins became, in some nmeasure, America's.

Monday, October 08, 2012

Congratulations President Hugo Chavez!

Cuba Journal wishes to send warm greetings and congratulations to the president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela for his victory in Sunday's election.


An Open Email to the Four Coongressional Candidates for Florida Districts 9 & 10


Val Demings
Daniel Webster
Allan Grayson
Todd Long

Re: The Cuba Issue

Dear Sir/Madam:

As a U.S. Congressional candidate from the Sate of Florida, Cuba Journal would like to ask you the following questions:
  1. Are you in favor or do you oppose sending in a U.S. military force to the island of Cuba and either:

    a) overthrowing the regime of Cuban President Raul Castro and installing a regime who is friendly to the United States?


    b) annexation of the island to to the United States?
  1. Are you in favor or do you oppose the continuation of the U.S. economic and financial embargo against the Republic of Cuba.?
   3. What is your reaction to the United Nations General Assembly for condemning in 2011, by a vote of 186-2, the U.S. economic and financial embargo against the Republic of Cuba. Only Zionist Israel supported the U.S. All of our NATO allies voted against the U.S.?
  1. Are you in favor or do you oppose the reestablishment of normal diplomatic relations with the Republic of Cuba?
  1. Do you favor or do you oppose bringing in federal charges of international terrorism against former CIA agent Luis Posada Carriles, who has received protection and sanctuary in Miami from both George W. Bush and Barack H. Obama.?
Please feel free to expand on your responses, but a yes or no answer is sufficient.

Saturday, October 06, 2012

October 6th, 2012: Cuba Remembers Victims of U.S. Sponsored Terrorism

Cuba Demands Justice for Terrorism Victims

Victim of U.S. Terrorism

Havana, Oct 6 (Prensa Latina) Cuba demands justice on the Day of the Victims of Terrorism, a scourge that, promoted and financed from the United States, has killed nearly 3,478 people and disabled 2,099 in the country.

Authorities, relatives of the victims and citizens from different generations demand an end to impunity on a march to Havana's Colon Cemetery, where a mausoleum was built in memory of the 73 people killed on October 6, 1976, in a sabotage on a Cuban airliner.

The date observed here to pay tribute to the victims of that sabotage is an occasion to demand Washington to stop protecting terrorists such as Luis Posada Carriles, the confessed mastermind of the mid-air explosion of Cubana de Aviacion's DC-8 airplane.

Posada Carriles lives freely in Miami, in South Florida, despite his record of violent actions against Cuba at the service of the CIA, and the extradition request from Venezuela, from where he escaped in 1985 while awaiting to be sentenced for the attack.

The Day of the Victims of Terrorism is also a day of condemnation of violence and commitment to peace.

Those kinds of events leave a mark on you, the pain has passed from generation to generation, from family to family, so we have to continue our struggle, not only for justice, but also to fight any terrorist action in the world, said Odalys Perez, the daughter of the pilot of the aircraft sabotaged in 1976, in statements to Prensa Latina.

Uncle Sam's #1 Mercenary in Cuba Detained Briefly

Yoani Sanchez, the favorite U.S. mercenary inside Cuba, who is frequently used by Obama and Hillary, was briefly detained by Cuban Authorities:

BAYAMO, Cuba (Reuters) - Cuban authorities released Yoani Sanchez late on Friday after detaining her on the eve of a Spanish activist's high-profile manslaughter trial in the eastern city of Bayamo.

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Operation Repudiation

On November 6th, 2012, it will be Payback Time for Cuba Journal.

It will give me extreme plasure and satisfaction NOT TO VOTE IN FAVOR of the following U.S. politicians:

Barack Obama
Mitt Romney
Bill Nelson
Connie Mack

It is very simple: if you are a U.S. politician, and you help promote and continue the Cuba blockade/emabrgo, YOU DO NOT GET MY VOTE!

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

City of Winter Haven Policewomen Keep on Harrasing Old Homeless People

I have already written about this officer before, I call her Wonder "Skinny" Woman, and she has a fetish and hobby: harassing peaceful homeless citizens.

Her real name is Officer Rojas, and this time (the second time that I have seen her harrasing homeless people) she brought reinforcements, her "stupidvisor" Officer Martin. Two police cruisers to take care of a poor old man. Policemen and\ policewomen in Winter Haven drive around in air conditioned cruisers. They would not know how to sweat their brow.

The old man was probably around 75 years old. He was sitting at a trail bench. I do not know what he was doing. To me he is just one of those Americans who, in our "American Dream," do not have a guaranteed roof over their heads.

My question is: WHERE ARE THE HUMAN RIGHTS ORGANIZATIONS OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY NOW? The GOP is certainly not going to come to the aid of this old man. They only defend millionaires and billionaires, like the Koch brothers.

Just two blocks from this bench there is a park named Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the homeless people congregate in that place too. They are peaceful people who are just chatting. The big difference is that there can be 10-20 of them. Rojas and Martin would be overwhelmed. They would have to bring in the National Guard with them. They do not have the guts to show thier faces at the park named after the legendary civil rights fighter.