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Barack Obama and His Water Carrier In Florida, Debbie Wasserman Shultz, Continue Promoting the Cuba Embargo


He continues living in a dream.

Wake up, Big Ears! Batista capitalism is not returning to Cuba.

FL Democrat Breaks From Wasserman Schultz and Others - ”Lift the U.S. - Cuba Embargo”

March 28, 2013


Florida Democratic Congresswoman Kathy Castor has broken ranks with her fellow Florida Congressional Democrats by proposing that the U.S. embargo to Cuba be lifted.

DNC Chair and Congresswoman Wasserman Schultz, who has been one of the most outspoken proponents of the embargo, along with other Democrats, Rep. Frederica Wilson, Senator Bob Menendez, Rep. Ted Deutsch, and freshman Congressman Joe Garcia, is probably not too happy with her colleague’s statement on what is considered to be one of Wasserman Schultz’s ‘bread and butter’ issues.

A few weeks back, the Cuba-Democracy PAC held its annual fund-raising luncheon in Miami, Florida, where politicos and politicians put their party politics aside, in an effort to show their united  support for a "free Cuba." In attendance to the pro-embargo, anti-Castro event were Senator Menendez and Rep. Joe Garcia, as well as Republican Senators Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, and Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart.
“It is time for the U.S. to modernize its relationship with Cuba, lift the embargo and end restrictions on American’s rights to travel to Cuba”- Rep. Kathy Castor(D-FL) 



JG: Jewish American Princess Wasserman-Sultz is one who hates Communists and Socialists. She would have been welcomed in Hitler's Nazi Party, if she had lived back then. She would have avoided the ovens. She is a disgusting person. Makes you want to throw up.


JG: And here is the coverage by the Tampa Bay Business Journal:

Mar 27, 2013, 7:19am EDT
Florida Congresswoman Castor reveals support for ending Cuban embargo
Jane Meinhardt
Staff Writer- Tampa Bay Business Journal

U.S. Rep. Kathy Castor believes it is time to end the embargo against Cuba.

The Tampa Democrat voiced those thoughts and made history by becoming the first Florida member of Congress to publicly support lifting the embargo when she made a speech March 22 at an evening reception at Mise en Place for the Rapprochement With Cuba conference.

“It is time for the U.S. to modernize its relationship with Cuba, lift the embargo and end restrictions on American’s rights to travel to Cuba,” Castor said in an exclusive statement to the Tampa Bay Business Journal.

Florida’s members of Congress, particularly those representing South Florida, have for years been staunch, vocal supporters of the Cuban embargo.

The embargo, instituted about 51 years ago, imposes economic sanctions, restrictions on travel to the island and prohibits — with a few exceptions — trade and business with Cuba.

Understanding Capitalist Parasites 101


We will start with the definition of a parasite, of which there are two main types: small organisms parasites and,and in our own kind, the human parasite.

The small organism parasite is usually a very tiny creature that will invade your body and live off you. It will feed on your blood or it will feed on parts of your body. Lice and leeches are very good examples of this type.

In our own human species, homo sapient, we have capitalist parasites. They don't do any work themselves. They feed on the labor that other people, usually very dumb and uneducated, offer in the capitalist market place.

Here is a perfect example. I saw it happen myself. I was an observer.

I needed to hire a person for four hours to help me move my furniture from point A to point B.

About six blocks from my home there is a place called Labor XXXXXX. A very pleasant female, I will call her Lady X, met me at their counter, (no office). I told her I needed to hire one person for four hours. “How much is that is going to cost me?” I asked.

“It will be $80.00,” she said, and gave me a very big smile. Was she flirting? I don't know.

I quickly did the very easy math: 80 divided by four = $20.00 per hour.

Now, I know that in Florida the minimum wage is $7.79 per hour. That is what the suckers who work at Sea World make.

I asked Lady X a second question: “Of the $20.00 per hour for four hours that you will be charging me, how much are you going to pay to the person that you will send to me?

The big smile quickly disappeared from her face. She did not answer the question.

I had just met a capitalist parasite. The owners of this Labor XXXXX place, who have given Lady X a temporary “job” at their counter were the best example of human parasitism in a capitalist society. The owners of this place are direct capitalist parasites and Lady X is an indirect capitalist parasite. They both feed on the labor (livelihood) of the working class.

Capitalism = Exploitation of Man by Man + Immorality.

Just another type of slavery.

How did I solve my problem? I went to a place where people who are looking for work gather and asked the people congregated there: “Who wants to make $10.00 per hour for four hours of work?” Three dozen hands were raised immediately.

I had just made a new enemy, Labor XXXXXX, Capitalist Parasite.

But the fellow who made $40.00 became my friend

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Yoani La Mercenaria (Yoani The Mecenary)

Yoani La Mercenaria

You would probably think when you read/hear the capitalist-controlled main stream news media in the U.S. that Cuba's Socialist government is about to fall. All they can do is dream, the poor fellows. The real situation in the island is far away from their wishful thinking.

The Yankee imperialists have been parroting the same shit since January 1, 1959, when the revolutionary army of the 26th of July Movement, under the leadership of the very able and courageous Dr. Fidel Castro Ruz overthrew the hated U.S. supported dictator Fulgencio Batista. The Yankees lost their most valuable real estate in the Caribbean, and have not recovered it. The Cuban people put a stop to that at the Bay of Pigs, when the militias,the revolutionary army and air force put a stop to their poorly planned and directed assault. They were taken prisoners in about 66 hours. Most of them ran instead of fight.

Recently, channel 9-2 switched from 24 hour weather reporting to a new format that they call Mega TV. It is in Spanish and it originates in the fastest growing fascist region of the United States, the city of Miami.

A couple of days ago, in one of their evening programs, they had a couple of shit-heads from Vigilia Mambisa (VM), a group whose main purpose in life is to assault and beat up Miami residents who defend and support Cuba. I am sure that you have seen the videos (here and here)  in Cuba Journal.

They were accompanied by a more moderate young man from an organization called O-JEC. He did verbal battle with the two very old and fascist fanatics from VM. They were talking about Yoani Sanchez, queen bee of the so-called dissidents in Cuba .

From the very beginning, Yoani has been a creation of the Yankee imperialists, with some added support from the capitalist European Union. They have given her millions of dollars in “prizes.” That ugly duckling thinks she represent the people of Cuba. She only represent those who would like the return of Batista capitalism to the island.

Dream on, Yoani! The Cuban people know very well who is your employer. 

Monday, March 25, 2013

Young Love, First Love

They say for every boy and girl,
There's just one love in this old world,
And I, I know, I've found mine.
The heavenly touch of your embrace,
Tells me no one could take your place,
ever in my heart.


Young love, first love,
Filled with true devotion,
Young love, our love,
We share with deep emotion.

Just one kiss from your sweet lips,
Will tell me that your love is real,
And I can feel that it's true.
We will vow to one another,
There will never be another,
Love for you, or for me.


Young love, first love,
Filled with true devotion,
Young love, our love,
We share with deep emotion.

To: Gretchen, 1962-1963, LHS

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Recommended: The Threat Of An Imperial Presidency by Tom Hayden @ The Nation

 "The president should be required to seek congressional permission
 if he wishes to target a clearly definable “enemy,” 
and be required to issue public guidelines, including necessary disclosure, 
governing the use of force he contemplates."

US on verge of momentous Cuba decision: Whether to take island off controversial terror list

Published March 23, 2013

Associated Press

A normally routine bit of Washington bureaucracy could have a big impact on U.S. relations with Cuba, either ushering in a long-stalled detente or slamming the door on rapprochement, perhaps until the scheduled end of the Castro era in 2018.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry must decide within a few weeks whether to advocate that President Barack Obama should take Cuba off a list of state sponsors of terrorism, a collection of Washington foes that also includes Iran, Syria and Sudan.

Cuban officials have long seen the terror designation as unjustified and told visiting American delegations privately in recent weeks that they view Kerry's recommendation as a litmus test for improved ties. They also hinted the decision could affect discussions over the release of jailed U.S. subcontractor  [and covert U.S. agent] Alan Gross, whose detention in 2009 torpedoed hopes of a diplomatic thaw.

Inclusion on the list means a ban not only on arms sales to Cuba but also on items that can have dual uses, including some hospital equipment. It also requires that the United States oppose any loans to Cuba by the World Bank or other international lending institutions, among other measures.

U.S. officials agree the recommendation, which Kerry must make before the State Department's annual terror report is published April 30, has become ensnared in the standoff over Gross. The American was sentenced to 15 years in prison after he was caught bringing communications equipment onto the island illegally while working for a USAID-funded democracy-building program.

Cuba has been on the terror list since 1982, and is also the target of a 51-year U.S. economic embargo — the reason why the island of beaches, music and rum is the only country Americans cannot visit as tourists. Removal from the list would not change that.

Critics say Cuba's inclusion on the list has little to do with any real threat posed by the Communist-run Caribbean island, and they say the list has become so politicized it's useless. North Korea was removed in 2008 during nuclear negotiations that ultimately failed, and was never put back on. Pakistan, where Osama bin Laden had been hiding out, is not on the list in large part because of its strategic importance.

Longtime Cuba analyst Philip Peters of the Virginia-based think tank the Lexington Institute said removing Cuba from the list "makes sense ... just because it's been a specious allegation that the United States has repeated for many years ... It would improve the atmosphere."

Others argue against rewarding Havana unless it releases Gross.

"I have long believed it's in our interest to see an improvement in relations with Cuba," said Rep. Chris Van Hollen, a Democrat from Gross's home state of Maryland who traveled with a congressional delegation to Havana last month. But "the first step needs to be resolving Alan Gross's situation."

[JG: Alan Gross violated an important Cuban law. He deserves what he is geeting.]

Voices calling for a change in the policy are growing louder, however.

Last month, The Boston Globe cited administration sources saying high-level diplomats determined Cuba should be dropped from the list. That prompted State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland to say there were "no current plans" to do so, though she did not explicitly rule out the possibility.

Last week, a Los Angeles Times editorial called for Cuba's removal from the list, and other newspapers have voiced similar opinions. The Cuba Study Group, a Washington-based exile organization that advocates engagement to promote democratic change, issued a white paper in February calling for an "apolitical" reexamination of the terror designation.

While Kerry can review the designation even after the State Department's report comes out, Cuba's continued inclusion on the list in April would almost certainly rule out its chances of removal in 2013.

A U.S. official involved in deliberations told The Associated Press that Kerry will ultimately decide and nobody under him is in a position to predict what will happen. "It's very much up in the air," he said.

But another administration official said that lifting the terror designation will be a hard sell while Gross remains imprisoned.

"It's very unlikely," the second official said. "There is no consensus. And if you are on (the list), you stay on as long as there is no consensus on taking you off."
The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the matter publicly.

Ostensibly, Cuba has been designated a terror sponsor because it harbors members of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) rebel group, the Basque militant organization ETA and a handful of U.S. fugitives, many of whom have lived here since the 1970s.

But much has changed in recent years.

Late last year, peace talks began in Havana between Colombia and the FARC, and even Washington has voiced hope that the negotiations will end Colombia's half-century old conflict.

ETA announced a permanent cease-fire in 2011, and Madrid has not openly called for the return of any Basque fugitives. Cuba has enjoyed improved relations with Spain and Colombia in recent years, and both countries routinely vote at the U.N. against continuing the U.S. embargo.

Under President Raul Castro, Cuba has freed dozens of dissidents and has begun opening its economy and society, though it remains a one-party political system that permits no legal opposition. Castro announced in February that he would step down in 2018 and signaled a likely successor.

The time might also be ripe in terms of U.S. politics.

While in the Senate, Kerry was an outspoken critic of America's policy on Cuba, saying it has "manifestly failed for nearly 50 years." He called for travel restrictions to end and held up millions of dollars in funding for the type of programs Gross worked with.

His boss, President Obama, no longer has to worry about reelection or pleasing Cuban-Americans, an all-important voting bloc in the crucial swing state of Florida.

Ann Louise Bardach, a longtime Cuba observer and the author of "Without Fidel: A Death Foretold in Miami, Havana and Washington," said all the political winds would seem to point toward a reboot in relations — except for Havana's decision to hold Gross and try to swap him for five Cuban agents in the U.S.

"In a way they cooked their goose with Alan Gross," she said. "The Cubans thought, 'Gee what a brilliant idea, we'll have a chit to trade.' Little did they know that they would be at this moment where you have considerable momentum to move on in Washington, and politically, because of the Gross mess, Washington can't act." 

Source: Fox News


JG: FORWARD CUBA! Continue steadfastly defending your national sovereignty. The neo-republic which the Yankee imperialists imposed on the island in 1902 resides now in the dustbin of history.
Para atrás, ni para coger impulso.

Nelson Mandela, The Liberator of South Africa

Nelson Mandela - former president of South Africa (2008)
Credit: The Good News/Wikimedia Commons

Nelson Mandela spoke out on October 6, 1995, about Cuba's participation in fighting against South African forces in Angola's civil war:

Cubans came to our region as doctors, teachers, soldiers, agricultural experts, but never as colonizers. They have shared the same trenches with us in the struggle against colonialism, underdevelopment, and apartheid. Hundreds of Cubans have given their lives, literally, in a struggle that was, first and foremost, not theirs but ours. As Southern Africans we salute them. We vow never to forget this unparalleled example of selfless internationalism.

We wish also to record our indebtedness to Cuban hospitality. In particular, tens of thousands of young Southern Africans have been trained, and some are still training, in Cuban schools and universities. Today, in many different fields - in the health sector, in government, and in the army - there are many young professionals, contributing to the development of our country, who owe their skills to the generous training provided to them by Cuba.

Many people, many countries, including many powerful countries, have called upon us to condemn the suppression of human rights in Cuba. We have reminded them they have a short memory. For when we battled against apartheid, against racial oppression, the same countries were supporting the apartheid
regime...And we fought successfully against that regime with the support of Cuba and other progressive countries.

They now want to be our only friends, and dare to ask us to renounce those people who made our victory possible. That is the greatest contempt for the morality and the principles which are the basis of our relations, not only with the various population groups in this country, but with the entire world.

And I wanted to make a commitment that we will never let our friends down, friends during the most difficult period of our struggle, especially Cuba.

From a chapter titled “International Aid” in the book “Cuba For The Misinformed” by Mick Winter.


JG: The evil forces of colonialism and imperialism are always defeated in the end. When the people are united nothing can stop them. Nelson Mandela is the greatest African that ever lived. May he live many more years.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Final Standings At the 2013 World Baseball Classic

Position, Country, Games Won-Lost

1. The Dominican Republic, 8-0
2. Puerto Rico, 5-4
3. Japan, 5-2
4. The Netherlands, 4-4
5. Cuba, 4-2
6. United States, 3-3
7. Italy, 2-3
8. Chinese Taipei, 2-3
9. South Korea, 2-1
10. Venezuela, 1-2
11. Mexico, 1-2
12. Canada, 1-2
13. China, 1-2
14. Brazil, 0-3
15. Spain, 0-3
16. Australia, 0-3

The top four countries played at the semifinals and finals at ATT Park, San Francisco, USA.

Anytime that you can finish above the USA, the country where the game was invented, it is a big accomplishment.

Barack Obama and His Gangsters Continue Promoting US Mercenary Yoani Sanchez, Even at the United Nations!

Click here to proceed to Miami 'Gusano' Herald Crap

Antonio Maceo Grajales, El Titán de Bronze

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Republi-Nuts @ U.S. House of Reps Vote to End Medicare. F***ing Idiots!

Click here to read the post @ Daily Kos

Florida State To Appeal a Federal Court Ruling That One of Its 2012 Laws Regarding Cuba Is Unconstitutional

Florida Governor Rick Scott
Tea Bagger

MIAMI (CBS) – Lawyers for the state will make their case Thursday in a federal court in Miami as they appeal a court ruling which struck down a 2012 law which dealt with companies who do business with Cuba.

Under the law, local governments were barred from doing business with companies that have contracts with Cuba or Syria.

The law was challenged by Coral Gables-based Odebrecht Construction Inc.

A judge agreed that the law is unconstitutional because foreign policy power rests solely with the federal government.

Attornies for Odebrecht will make a similar argument Thursday to the appeals court.

The state contends Florida is not enacting its own foreign policy and that Odebrecht hasn’t shown it will suffer harm under the law.

Odebrecht’s parent company in Brazil has a subsidiary working to expand Cuba’s port of Mariel. At stake are bids on billions of dollars in Florida state and local government contracts.


JG: This appeal is a waste of Florida taxpayer's money. The dummies in the executive branch of the State of Florida, (Governor Scott and his gang of Medicare crooks) never learned in high schools or college that foreign policy is the exclusive realm of the federal government.


Green Left Report #13: Panel Discussion: The Future of the Bolivarian Revolution After Hugo Chavez

March 17, 2013 -- Green Left TV -- The Venezuelan people have made it clear that, despite the tragic death of their revolutionary president Hugo Chavez, they will continue the Bolivarian Revolution, and build "socialism in the 21st century". This episode of the Green Left Report discusses Chavez's legacy in Venezuela, Latin America and globally, why he was despised by Western governments and future prospects for the Bolivarian Revolution.
Panel guests include:

  • Arelis Sumabila, a Venezuelan who worked with Chavez and helped establish the indigenous University of Venezuela;
  • Federico Fuentes, a member of the editorial collective who has helped lead Australia Venezuela Solidarity Network Brigades. He reported for Green Left Weekly from Venezuela from 2007 to 2010; and
  • Rodrigo Acuna, a PhD candidate in international studies at Macquarie University in Sydney, who writes regularly on Latin American affairs in the Australian press and has been interviewed for ABC and SBS Radio.

Obama and the Jews Must Be STOPPED!

President of the United States

Prime Minister of Israel

Attention, Mothers of America: The news out of the Middle East are ominous and dark.

Obama has gone to Telaviv to confer with the warmongering Zionists and to plan his new unconstitutional war against Iran. It is being done for three reasons:
  1. To try to revive the anemic American economy.
  2. To put billions of dollars in profits into the coffers of the military industrial complex corporations. Dwight D. Eisenhower warned the nation when he was President about this danger. As an army General he helped the Red Army defeat Nazism in Europe. His motive was not money.
  3. Last but not least: this new war will be started to help the money-hungry Jews in Israel.
Those who want to start this new war are putting money and profits above principle and everything else. They are a bunch of greedy bastards. And above anything else, they are evil people. Heaven will punish them eventually.

Mothers of America: are you willing to offer your sons and daughters as a blood sacrifice in this new insane and illegal war?

The United States and Israel are the biggest obstacles to peace today in our endangered planet.

Help stop Barack Obama and Benjamin Netanyahu.

Contact your senators and representatives in the U.S. Congress and tell them that you are in favor of PEACE, not war.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

DOMI-NATION: Dominican Republic Blanks Out Puerto Rico 3-0. Wins Eight Straight Games, Loses NONE!

That is how you play baseball!

They are now the King of the Hill at the 2013 World Baseball Classic.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Puerto Rico vs Dominican Republic For All the Marbles @ WBC III Championship Game

I vote for the Charlie Brown's All Stars Team

ADVANTAGE: Dominican Republic

Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic will meet in the World Baseball Classic title game at 8 p.m. ET on Tuesday night at AT&T Park in San Francisco.

Uncle Sam's Favorite Mercenary in Cuba Meets With Right-Wing U.S. Politicians

The U.S. favorite mercenary in Cuba meets with right-wing U.S. politicians of the two major capitalist parties. On the left is U.S. Senator Bill Nelson and on the right is Rep. Ileana "La Loba Feroz" Ros-Lehtinen. The one with the long hair is Yoani The Mercenary. The other people I don't know.

They were putting heads together about the topic of how to "liberate" Cuba and return Batista capitalism to the island.

Las malas compañías de Yoani Sánchez

New Jersey Sen. Robert Menendez under grand jury investigation: report

Federal agents have reportedly questioned witnesses about the interactions between Menendez and Florida ophthalmologist Salomon Melgen.

WASHINGTON — Sen. Robert Menendez is being investigated by a Miami federal grand jury for his role in advocating for the business interests of a wealthy donor and friend, The Washington Post reported Thursday.

A story on the newspaper's website said that as part of the probe federal agents have questioned witnesses about the interactions between Menendez, D-N.J., and Florida ophthalmologist Salomon Melgen. The newspaper said the grand jury also issued subpoenas for Melgen's business and financial records. The newspaper cited unidentified people it said were familiar with the probe.

Federal agents have not contacted Menendez, one person told the newspaper.


The Post said Melgen declined to say Thursday whether he knew anything about the investigation, but he said any probe would find no wrongdoing.

Melgen attorney Kirk Ogrosky said the eye doctor is proud of his relationship with the senator and had no worries about any federal investigation.

Menendez and Melgen's overlapping interests have repeatedly raised questions in recent months. Menendez was compelled to reimburse $58,000 for two flights to the Dominican Republic aboard Melgen's private jet for personal trips in 2010 that he previously had failed to report, prompting scrutiny by the Senate Ethics Committee.


Menendez also has acknowledged contacting U.S. health agencies to question their billing practices and policies amid a dispute between Melgen and federal authorities. And Menendez was a key sponsor of a natural gas bill that could have aided a Melgen investment in a Florida company that markets a conversion system for natural gas truck engines.

Melgen has given more than $14,000 directly to Menendez's political campaigns since the late 1990s and, through his eye clinic, donated $700,000 last year to a "super" political committee that supported Democratic Senate candidates. The committee, in turn, spent $582,000 to back Menendez's re-election effort.

The investigation began with two disparate issues, according to people familiar with the matter who spoke with the Post. First, auditors had been reviewing allegations that Melgen was fraudulently overbilling Medicare for treating his patients. Melgen's attorney has said the doctor's billing was completely appropriate.

Then, in the fall, the FBI began looking into an anonymous tipster's allegations that Melgen had arranged prostitutes for Menendez in the Dominican Republic. Such an arrangement could constitute providing a favor or gift under the bribery statute that investigators have been reviewing, the Post said.

Lawyers for Menendez and Melgen have said the allegations involving prostitutes, which also were made by the conservative website the Daily Caller, were absurd. Menendez has said the allegations, which first surfaced during his re-election campaign last year, were part of a Republican smear campaign.

Source: New York Daily News

When? A Conversation Between Me and My Shadow

Me: when will Barack Obama start fighting for America's working class?

My Shadow: hey, man, get real! What kind of maui wauwi have you been smoking lately? Barack Obama represents the interests of Big Capital, the huge capitalist banks, Wall Street and the big corporations that are taking the United States on the road to fascism. He would not know how to fight for or how to represent the working class of the United States.

Me: do you have any hope for him?

My Shadow: are you are jesting again, man? Hope is only a word that he used to fool the people of the United States and to help him get his sorry black ass into the Oval Office.

Me: you are getting me depressed!

My Shadow: Sorry about that, man. But, it is the truth, as I see it.

Me: what should I do? I am still getting separate letters from him and his wife, which plead with me to send them money.

My Shadow: now you are beginning to see the real Obama. Its the money, stupid! U.S. politicians are only interested in stuffing large sums of money into their pockets. Thats is how capitalism works.

Me: How about the overseas trip that he is taking tomorrow?

My Shadow: I am very glad that you asked me about that. He is going to Israel to defend a race that is only interested in money, the Jews. He is plotting with them to start another undeclared, unconstitutional and illegal war, this time against Iran. The mothers of America will have to offer their sons and daughters as cannon fodder in this new Obama war, while the Jews in Israel and the capitalists in the U.S. make tons of money. Remember, it is all about money. You already know that it is the root of all evil. Obama and the Jews represent all that is wrong with mankind. That duo is evil.

Me: I am going to take two aspirins and call my shrink in the morning!

My Shadow: come back again soon, so I can continue your education.

Me: I look forward to doing that. I have to go now. I want to start reading that copy of Shakespeare's “The Merchant of Venice” that you gave me. See you soon.

Monday, March 18, 2013

HUGE UPSET! Puerto Rico Beats Japan 3-1

Puerto Rico has upset two time champion, Japan, by the score of 3-1 at the 2013 edition of the World Baseball Classic.

The Portorros  will play either the Netherlands or the Dominican Republic tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. (U.S. Pacific Daylight Savings Time) @ ATT Park in San Francisco. It will be the final game.

Cuba Journal predicted that the Tulips from Europe (The Netherlands) will be the gold medal winner, but in baseball anything can happen.

Like Yogi Berra says: "It ain't over till its over."

Visit the Wikipedia Page for more information.

Cuba ends up in fifth place with four wins and two losses, and USA ends up in sixth place with three wins and three loses.

Cross Cuba off the blacklist

Youngstown News

Published: Mon, March 18, 2013 @ 12:00 a.m.

Los Angeles Times: Washington has for three decades kept Cuba on a list of countries that sponsor terrorism, even though it has long since changed the behavior that earned it that distinction. By all accounts, Cuba remains on the list — alongside Iran, Sudan and Syria — because it disagrees with the United States’ approach to fighting international terrorism, not because it supports terrorism. That’s hardly a sensible standard.

The State Department says it has no plans to remove Cuba from the list. But Sen. Patrick J. Leahy, D-Vt., who recently led a bipartisan congressional delegation to Havana, is urging President Obama to consider a range of policy changes toward Cuba, including delisting it, which would not require congressional approval. Designation as a state sponsor of terrorism carries heavy sanctions, including financial restrictions and a ban on defense exports and sales.

None of the reasons that landed Cuba on the list in 1982 still exist. A 2012 report by the State Department found that Havana no longer provides weapons or paramilitary training to Marxist rebels in Latin America or Africa. In fact, Cuba is currently hosting peace talks between the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia and President Juan Manuel Santos’ government. And Cuban officials condemned the 9/11 attacks on the United States.

Moreover, keeping Cuba on the list undermines Washington’s credibility in Latin America. During last year’s Summit of the Americas in Cartagena, Colombia, presidents from the hemisphere expressed frustration that the U.S. remains frozen in its relations with Cuba, enforcing an embargo that dates to the Kennedy administration.

Cuba is not a model state. The government often fails to observe human rights. The list, however, is reserved not for human rights violators but for countries that export or support terrorism.


JG: And what does the LAT calls extra judicial assassinations by drones of U.S. citizens, without due process of law, as guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution? Is it an affirmation of  human rights? STOP THE DOUBLE STANDARDS!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Cuba Denounces Existing Double Standards at the United Nations Human Rights Council

Geneva – March 12, 2013. Cuba demanded – before the Human Rights Council of the United  Nations – to end the hypocrisy, the selectivity and the double standards. They are harmful practices which in the past discreditably sank the now extinct Human Rights Commission at the United Nations.

During the XXII session at this organization, the Cuban ambassador in Geneva, Anayansi Rodríguez, warned that many industrialized nations, particularly the United States of America, present lists of  nations which they accuse of committing supposed human rights violations. However, they are silent about brutal acts of repression in other countries.

In many cases these accusations are intended to be utilized as a pretext to justify interventions and to promote regime-change, she affirmed.

If they are so preoccupied with the cause of human rights, why is it that they say nothing about secret jails for tortures, the use of drones to assassinate civilians or concentration camps like the one established by illegal means in US occupied soil in Cuban territory, Guantánamo? asked the diplomat.

Washington – she said  – silences the brutal repressions of movements like Occupy Wall Street and the Indignant Ones [indignados] in Europe, and on the contrary, presents as “dissidents” and “Cuban patriots” the mercenaries and agents to whom they pay huge salaries to promote the politics of aggression and blockade against Cuba. (Prensa Latina)

Source: Granma, Wednesday, March 13, 2013
Translation by Cuba Journal. Labor donated.


 JG: Diplomat Rodríguez is 100% correct. Yankee imperialism uses the tired old saying of “Ház lo que yo digo, pero no lo que yo hago.”  (Do as I say, not as I do.)

The administration of Chicago Gangster Barack H. Obama claims that they can send drones to conduct extra judicial executions against U.S. citizens, even inside the 50 states of the union. All they have to do is intone the abracadabra word called “terrorism.” It is the perfect excuse for a war that never ends, and which brings unlimited amounts of taxpayer money to corrupt and greedy U.S. war-is-good-and-profitable corporations and capitalists.

Human rights? What human rights? In the land where the so-called “dream” has become a nightmare, both George W. Bush and Barack H. Obama are trampling the rights enumerated in the U.S. Constitution. There are enough charges and reasons to impeach and remove Barack H. Obama from the Oval Office. But do not expect the equally corrupt U.S. Congress to do anything anytime soon.

The trampling of the U.S. Constitution will continue until the people get smart.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Senator Leahy Responds to Marco Mierda's Comemierderias

“It has been obvious to any objective observer for a very long time that isolation [of Cuba] has not worked,” said the Vermont Senator in a statement, “and it is demeaning for a great and powerful nation like ours, for instance, to forbid U.S. citizens from traveling where they want to travel.  It is in our national interest to take a fresh look at how to effectively address our differences with the Cuban government, such as the imprisonment of Alan Gross and many other matters.”

Source: NBC Latino

A Pope From Argentina: Pope Francis

Jorge Mario Cardenal Bergoglio

Who is the new Pope Francis, Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio?

Jorge Mario Bergoglio Becomes First-Ever Jesuit Pope

American capitalists are not going to love this Pope. He is a defender of the poor, not billionaires and millionaires, and he comes from the land of Ernesto 'Che' Guevara. 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Do Not Patronize Dishonest Capitalist Businesses in Tampa, Florida

Click on graphic to enlarge the document


Flor Caribe Inc.

Travel Agency

2526 W. Tampa Bay Blvd. Suite B
Tampa, FL 33607
Mr. Vicente Amor
President and CE0

You are a capitalist crook, Mr. Love!
 The only thing that you "love" is the dollars
that you SCAM from your unsuspecting customers. 

Monday, March 11, 2013

Recap: Cuba vs Netherlands

With death of Chavez, Castro says Cuba has lost its best friend

A supporter of Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez holds a crucifix next to a picture of Chavez with Cuba's former leader Fidel Castro (R) in Caracas January 5, 2013. Credit: Reuters/Carlos Garcia Rawlins

HAVANA | Mon Mar 11, 2013 8:39am EDT
(Reuters) - Cuba's Fidel Castro praised the late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez on Monday as a champion of the poor and said Cubans had lost their best friend ever, in his first comments on the death last week of his socialist ally.

Castro said the news, although not unexpected, had been a hard blow.

"On the 5th of March, in the afternoon hours, died the best friend the Cuban people had in their history," Castro wrote in a column published in Communist Party newspaper Granma.

"We have the honor of having shared with the Bolivarian leader the same ideals of social justice and of support for the exploited," said the 86-year-old Castro who led Cuba's 1959 revolution, ruled the country for 49 years and still plays a behind-the-scenes role.

"The poor are the poor in any part of the world," he said.

During Chavez' years in power, he and Castro forged a close personal and political relationship that resulted in extensive Venezuelan aid to the communist island and a shared strategy for promoting Latin American unity against U.S. influence in the region.

Chavez helped rescue Cuba from desperate economic times that followed the 1991 collapse of the Soviet Union, its former top ally, by providing two-thirds of its oil in a barter deal for the services of Cuban professionals, most of them doctors and nurses.

He also signed a number of joint ventures aimed at integrating the two countries' economies.

Chavez, 58, was diagnosed with cancer in the pelvic region in June 2011 by Cuban doctors and underwent four surgeries on the Caribbean island, which has an extensive medical system and provides free care to its people.

Except for a set of photographs, Chavez was never seen in public again following his last operation in December and he died on Tuesday in Caracas.

Castro said he had received a phone call via satellite notifying him of what he called "the bitter news."

"The significance of the phrase used was unmistakable. Although we knew the critical state of his health, the news hit us hard," wrote Castro, who resigned as Cuba's president five years ago because of his own health problems.

"I remembered the times he joked with me saying that when both of us finished our revolutionary work, he would invite me to spend time by the Arauca River in Venezuelan territory, which reminded him of the rest he never had," Castro said.

Raul Castro, who succeeded his older brother as Cuba's president, represented the island on Friday at Chavez' funeral.

Chavez' death has raised worries in Cuba that Venezuelan aid will cease to flow to the island.

His preferred successor, Nicolas Maduro, is favored to win an April election to replace Chavez and expected to continue his Cuba policies for the immediate future.

However, if more conservative opponent Henrique Capriles pulls off an upset victory, he has promised to put an end to Venezuela's oil largesse.

Castro closed his column by paraphrasing a famous quote from another late friend and revolutionary, Ernesto "Che" Guevara," the Argentine physician who fought alongside him in the Cuban revolution.

"Until victory always, unforgettable friend," Castro wrote of Chavez.

(Reporting By Jeff Franks; editing by Christopher Wilson)

Nightmare Dejavu All Over Again: Cuba Loses 7-6. Goes Home Empty Handed.

The box-score is now final. Click here to see it.

Game in Progress. Cuba vs The Netherlands. Game tied 6-6. The Loser Goes Home.

Box-score for the Chinese Taipei vs Cuba, Last Saturday, 03/09/2013

Dominican Republic Judge Orders the Testimony of U.S. Senator Robert Menendez & Salomon Melgen

JG: the mainstream capitalist news media has not reported this. Thank God for small county newspapers!

The Ledger, a central Florida newspaper reported the following on page A7 of their March 6, 2013 printed edition:

Santo Domingo – A Dominican judge ordered the testimony of New Jersey U.S. Senator Robert Menendez and Salomon Melgen, a Florida eye doctor and major campaign contributor [of the corrupt Menendez].

[end of Ledger excerpt]

Menendez is alleged to have flown to the Dominican Republic in Melgen's plane to engage in sex acts with under-age female minors.



What a piece of scum.

Friday, March 08, 2013

Si tengo un hermano

Venezuela TV: Live Streaming: The Chavez Funeral

Click Here

The Venezuelan people are chanting a new rhyming Spanish slogan:

"Con Chavez y Maduro El Pueblo Esta Seguro"

With Chavez and Maduro The People Have Security.

Nicolas Maduro is the new Venezuelan President.

Onwards, to continue building Socialism in Venezuela, Cuba, and Latin America.

Sunflowers and Parasols: Painting of a Cuban Market

My thanks to Havana Journal for allowing
me to "borrow" this beautiful painting.
(Click to enlarge)

Cuba Faces an Elimination Game on Saturday

Cuba will face Chinese Taipei at the Tokyo Dome on Saturday @ 7:00 pm. It has to win, or it goes back to the island.

Japan will play The Netherlands on Sunday.

Recap: Netherlands vs Cuba

The Netherlands Defeats Cuba 6-2

The Netherlands pitching stopped and silenced Cuba's powerful batters. Good pitching will stifle good hitters, most of the time.

The best team won. They out-pitched and out-hit the criollos. Cuba now has their back against the wall.

Thursday, March 07, 2013

CUBA WILL WILL WIN. See you tomorrow.

After three and a half innings, Cuba comes to bat. 2-1. GO CUBA! JUST DO IT NOW!

After 3 innings, same score. Come on Cuba. YES WE CAN!

Despaigne HR. Netherlands 2, Cuba 1.

Netherlands 2, Cuba 0.

Netherlands 1, Cuba, 0

Netherlands 0, Cuba 0, after one complete inning.

Barack Obama's Gangsters at OFAC Continue Raking in "Fines"

Reported by Havana Journal's Rob Seguin:

Eagle Global Logistics, now part of CEVA Logistics pays $140k OFAC Cuba fine

Click here to go to the article

Havana Journal is a for-profit blog. Rob: take me out to lunch!

One more time. I never get tired of watching it.

DO NOT FORGET! Tonight at 10:00 PM, Cuba vs The Netherlands @ WBC 2013 Round Two

Cuba Journal will have coverage when either team scores. I am having some difficulties with my tablet, it is very old and slow. Because of that problem you will get the headline of the CJ post but not a main text.

Do not underestimate The Netherlands. They always give Team Criollo Cuba a hard time. They have good pitching. But Cuba has very powerful batters.

What will prevail, good batters or good pitchers? The eternal question.

At 12:00 am I will have to go bye-bye.

Senator Marco Rubio “Loser” & “A Token Slave Boy” Says Univision Assistant

to go to 
Daily Kos Article

Cuba Pays Homage to Hugo Chavez

More Photos by Ismael Francisco

Hasta La Victoria Siempre, Comandante

Menendez Watch

Scrutiny on former Menendez aide increases

The radio station WNYC went to look for a former Menendez staffer, Pablo Permuy, in an effort to “better understand the sphere of influence” that surrounds the New Jersey Democrat.

WNYC has learned that Sen. Robert Menendez is the honorary chair of a trade organization that relies on a long list of his campaign donors as sponsors and has an address that is a K Street law office in Washington D.C.

WNYC’s Bob Hennelly reports the president of the group, the United States Spain Council, is a former Menendez staffer who was a consultant on a controversial Dominican Republic port security deal worth a half a billion dollars to a major Menendez campaign donor.

It’s Menendez’s relationship with that donor, Dr. Salomon Melgen, that’s at the heart of a Senate Ethics Committee probe that has dogged the senator for months.



Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Miami Fascist Marco "Mierda" Rubio Talks More KaKa

Here is what the Junior Idiot from the state of Florida said in the U.S. Senate after the death of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez:

“The Venezuelan people now have an opportunity to turn the page on one of the darkest periods in its history and embark on a new, albeit difficult, path to restore the rule of law, democratic principles, security and free enterprise system in a nation that deserves so much better than the socialist disaster of the past 14 years. It is my sincere hope that Venezuela’s leaders will seek to rebuild our once strong friendship based on shared democratic and free enterprise principles.
“I urge the Administration and the community of democracies in the western hemisphere to keep a watchful eye on the security situation in Venezuela in the coming weeks and months. We must help encourage a leadership transition in accordance with Venezuela’s constitution and avoid a vacuum that is filled by power-hungry and violent forces seeking to maintain the status quo. We should instead support Venezuela’s democrats committed to writing new, more hopeful chapters in their country’s long and proud history.”
My comment follows below:

 "Chico, no comas tanto

 de lo que pica el pollo"


How Has Team Cuba Been Playing At the Start of WBC III? Peter Bjarkman Answers the Question.

Foremost, [Team Cuba] has been playing loose and with a solid air of confidence that can be felt all the way to the grandstands and the press box. Secondly, the Cuban bats have been booming, erasing many doubts grounded in a number of meltdowns during big tournament and exhibition games (especially against Japan and Holland) across recent seasons. Perhaps most important of all, the somewhat-suspect Cuban pitching arsenal has proven up to the task here in all three Fukuoka Dome outings. Ismel Jiménez and Danny Betancourt have been near brilliant in their tournament starts – a fact to be measured not against the lesser competition offered from Brazilian and Chinese hitters but rather by the pitch location and strike zone mastery displayed during both outings. Racial Iglesias has also been “lights out” in two relief appearances, especially the three closing innings against pesky Brazil on Sunday.

Team Cuba new rallying cry: "San Francisco or Bust."

Complete Article @

Boxscore of the Day When Team Cuba Played in 1999 at Camden Yards

Click to enalrge

Cubadebate: Cortejo fúnebre de Chávez inició recorrido en Caracas (+ Video)

On Thursday Night, 10:00 PM, Cuba Will Face Another Very Tough Opponent: The Netherlands

GameDate/Time (Local)Date/Time (ET)Matchup
1Fri, Mar 8, 12:00 PMThu, Mar 7, 10:00 PMNetherlands @ Cuba
2Fri, Mar 8, 7:00 PMFri, Mar 8, 5:00 AMJapan @ Chinese Taipei
3Sat, Mar 9, 7:00 PMSat, Mar 9, 5:00 AMGame 1 Loser @ Game 2 Loser
4Sun, Mar 10, 7:00 PMSun, Mar 10, 6:00 AMGame 1 Winner @ Game 2 Winner
5Mon, Mar 11, 7:00 PMMon, Mar 11, 6:00 AMGame 3 Winner @ Game 4 Loser
6Tue, Mar 12, 7:00 PMTue, Mar 12, 6:00 AMGame 5 Winner @ Game 4 Winner

Alfredo "Mr. Home Run" Despaigne Was the Key to Cuba's Victory Today

(Click to enlarge)
Alfredo Despaigne,right
Alexei Bell, left
Photo: Koji Sasahara - AP

The Greatest Infamy

March 2, 1902.

You will never read about this date in the corporate-controlled Yankee imperialist main-stream news media.

On that day, the Yankee imperialists created the dagger that would go deep into their hearts in 1959. Cubans are better than elephants in remembering and never forgetting.

The imperialist U.S. Congress passed the infamous Platt Amendment.

That hated amendment established five conditions that would guide Cuban & North American relations:
  1. The United States had the right to intervene in the internal affairs of Cuba.
  2. It limited the right of Cuba to sign treaties and accords with foreign powers or to concede any type of privileges, without the previous approval of the United States.
  3. It limited the right of Cuba to obtain loans in foreign countries.
  4. It recognize the right of the the United States to acquire lands and to have naval bases in Cuban soil.
  5. Cuba had to knowledge and observe all the laws which were promulgated by the U.S. military occupiers and the rights derived from those laws.
On that day, March 2, 1902, the Yankee imperialists built and bought the sarcophagus that would be used to bury them in 1959.

The pseudo-republic that the Yankee military occupiers established later on May 20, 1902 (a holiday which is no longer celebrated in the island), merely established a neo-colony and not a truly free nation.

That would have to wait until January First, 1959, when the Cuban people, under the leadership of Comandante Fidel Castro and his 26th of July Movement Revolutionary Army overthrew the Yankee supported puppet and dictator, General Fulgencio Batista Zaldivar.

And the gendarmes of Batista had to flee in ignominy to Miami, Florida, where they still hope and wish for an unrealizable dream.

The Platt Amendment now resides in the garbage can of history.

Bleacher Report on Team Cuba

Victor Mesa
Team Cuba Manager

And then there's Cuba. Like Japan, the Cubans don't have any major leaguers on the roster. And like Japan, this Cuban team is very, very dangerous. Just ask China, who fell to Cuba 12-0.

The Cubans are ranked No. 1 in the IBAF rankings, so I think you have to pick them to go through.

Here's how I see this playing out. Cuba and Japan will win the opening games. On the loser's side of the bracket, the Netherlands will avenge an earlier 5-2 loss to Taiwan, while Cuba will win the rematch with Japan and advance to the semifinals.

Complete Article

Videos from Cuba's 6-3 Victory vs Japan Today

Video Recap: Japan 3, Cuba 6

Venezuela accuses US of giving Hugo Chavez the cancer that killed him

JG: The U.S. has become the most evil empire that has
ever exsisted in the history of mankind.

Photo of Expelled U.S. Air Attache

U.S. Embassy's Air Force attache, Col. David Delmonaco 
(pictured right),
was accused by the Venezuelan government of espionage and told he had 24 hours to leave the country

Cuba Defeats Japan 6-3

WOW! What a victory for Cuba! They employed seven pitchers to defeat the double reigning monarchs of two World Baseball Classics (2006 & 2009). Will the third time be the charm for the team of the land that saw me being born? I hope so!

Summary of how Team Cuba scored:

Third Inning

Yasmani Tomás, solo home run to left field. One run batted in.

Fourth Inning

José Miguel Fernández, line hit to center field.

Frederich Cepeda, double between right and center field. One run batted in.

Sixth Inning

José Miguel Fernández, double to center field.

Frederich Cepeda, rolling out to the first baseman. The runner on second base advances to third base.

José Dariel Abreu, hit to left field. One run batted in.

After six innings: Cuba 3, Japan 0.

Eighth Inning

Frederich Cepeda, base on balls.

José Dariel Abreu, line hit to left field. Two men on bases.

Alfredo Despaigne, big home run to center field. Three runs batted in.

After eight innings: Cuba 6, Japan 0.

Japan scores three runs in the top of the ninth inning. Too little, too late.

Cuba goes on to win the game 6-3.

ESPN: Cuba beats Japan, wins Group A

Home Run by Alfredo Despaigne. Cuba 6, Japan 0.

Cuba comes to bat at the bottom of the eigth inning. Cuba 3, Japan 0.

Cuba scores AGAIN. Cuba 3, Japan 0

Cuba vs Japan, Cuba 2, Japan 0, 4th inning

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Message to Venezuela: Beware of "El Zarpazo" From Barack Obama. The Guy Is Not Worthy of Trust.

Venezuela Expels the Air Attache of the US for Trying to Destabilize the Bolivarian Republic

Condolencias al Pueblo de Venezuela por el Fallecimiento del Presidente Hugo.Chavez

Tomorrow, Wednesday, March 6 @ 5:00 a.m. (in the Early Morning): CUBA vs JAPAN

Cuba Journal will bring you news
about the game as soon as I have them.

In Spanish: The General State of the Health of Venezuelan President Hugo Chaves is Delicate

Link to Granma Article

Cuba Journal wishes the President of Venezuela a speedy recovery.

Jose Dariel Abreu's Grand Salami vs China

Credit: REUTERS/Toru Hanai

Cuba's Jose Abreu hits a grand slam off China's Liu Yu in the fifth inning at the World Baseball Classic (WBC) qualifying first round game in Fukuoka, southern Japan 
March 4, 2013.
Credit: REUTERS/Toru Hanai

Cuba, Japan clinch second-round berths in WBC

Cuba's manager Victor Mesa celebrates with coach Primitivo Diaz (L) and Angel Castillo (R) after defeating China at the World Baseball Classic (WBC) qualifying first round game in Fukuoka, southern Japan March 4, 2013.
Credit: Reuters/Toru Hanai

(Reuters) - Cuba powered its way to the second round of the World Baseball Classic on Monday with a 12-0 rout of China that was stopped in the seventh inning because of the mercy rule at Yafuoku Dome in Fukuoka, Japan.

Jose Abreu crowned the Cuban triumph with a grand slam home run as Cuba improved to 2-0 in Pool A competition to join Japan into the next round, to be played at the Tokyo Dome.

Japan, winner of the first two editions of baseball's elite international competition in 2006 and 2009, also advanced thanks to a victory over inexperienced China in Fukuoka, posting a 5-2 victory over them on Sunday.
The reigning champions benefitted from a sterling performance from starting pitcher Kenta Maeda, who limited China to one hit and struck out six over five scoreless innings.

Four teams will compete in Tokyo for the right to advance to the final round at San Francisco's AT&T Park, where the semi-finals and final of the 16-team tournament will be played.

In Pool B play in Taichung, Taiwan, South Korea stayed in the hunt for a second-round berth by shutting out Australia 6-0 on Monday after taking charge early with three runs in the top of the first inning.

While Australia is last in Pool B with two losses, it still have a chance to advance with a victory over the Netherlands and a Taiwan victory against South Korea.
Taiwan leads the group with two wins, while the Netherlands and South Korea have one win each.

(Reporting by Larry Fine in New York, Editing by Frank Pingue)

Chicago Gangster Barack Obama Sends His V.P. To Mouth War Mongering Statements at AIPAC

The dumb politicians of the Democratic Party are at it again, foaming at the mouth.

Yesterday, Barack Obama sent his V.P. to talk at AIPAC.

What is AIPAC? It is a right-wing organization whose name is American Israel Political Action Committee. It is very similar in nature to the Cuban American National Foundation (CANF).

U.S. capitalist politicians LOVE political action committees. They fill their pockets with big loads of money. U.S. politicians are 100% mercenary. Money is the only thing they love.

The U.S. economy continues to tank. Growth is very minimal. And it will get much worse now, with the Obama and Congressional sequestration in full force.

How to get the U.S economy out of the dumps? Start a new war! Wars are extremely profitable for American capitalists.

Mothers of America: WAKE UP! Gangster Obama and his V.P. are drumming up again the flames of war, and they will ask you to offer your sons and daughters as cannon fodder for their new profitable adventures. They will make tons of money, and you will end up losing your sons and daughters.

Monday, March 04, 2013

Next For Cuba: Japan

This game will be the most important game for Team Cuba @ the first round of the 2013 World Baseball Classic.

If they can defeat Japan, which ALWAYS has a very good team, Cuba could be one of the finalists in San Francisco.

The game will be played on Wednesday @ 5:00 a.m. (before sunrise) Eastern Standard Time in the United States.

If you have an Internet connection at home, do not miss it.

I hope that I can bring you good news after you have had your breakfast.

@ Zona de Strike: Cuba Dominates Statistics at the 2013 World Baseball Classic

Click on the photo to enlarge.
José Miguel Fernández (2B)
is the leader in batting average
.600 (5-3)
after just two games,
at the 2013 World Baseball Classic.
FOTO Ricardo López Hevia / AIN

Cuba Journal highly recommends Zona de Strike to our readers. If you can read Spanish, you have to pay them a visit. THEY ARE THE BEST!

If I have to choose between baseball and politics, there is no contest, baseball always comes on top, all the time. That way, I don't have to listen to the f***ing lying  & self-promoting politicians, specially in the USA.

Cuba Defeats China 12-0

China is beginning to develop their baseball program. Because they have 2.5 billion people, WATCH OUT IN THE FUTURE! China will soon surpass the United States as the country with the biggest economy in our planet.

Cuba scored an easy TKO against China. The game only lasted seven innings, because of the ten game rule. A+ for effort to the land of Mao Zedong!

Cuban slugger, Jose Dariel Abreu had five runs batted in. Four of those runs came in with a Jose's Grand Salami.

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Cuba Defeats Brazil 5-2


An abridged translation of Cuba's 5th Inning:

Seventh batter, José Miguel Fernández received bases on balls.

Eighth batter, Eriel Sánchez, attempted to bunt three times and failed. One out.

Ninth batter, Bárbaro Erisbel Arruebarruena, hit-and-run to center field. Runners on first and third.
First batter, Guillermo Heredia, rolling out, shortstop to first base. One run batted in. Two outs, runner on second base.

Second batter, Alexei Bell, hit to left field. One run batted in. Two outs. Runner on first base. He proceeds to steal second base.

Third batter, Yulieski Gourriel, fly out to right field.

Cuba 2, Japan 0.

In Spanish (Courtesy of Zona de Srike):

Cuba (5to inning): 2 carreras, 2 hits, 0 error: 7-. José Miguel Fernández Díaz (2B): en 3-1, BB, corredor en 1B / 8-. Eriel Sánchez  León (R): falló tres intentos en toque de bola, SO out, corredor en 1B, un out / 9- Bárbaro Erisbel Arruebarruena (SS): jugada de corrido y bateo, hit al CF, corredores en 3B y 1B, un out / 1-. Guillermo Heredia Molina (CF): jugada de corrido y bateo, rolling out de SS a 1B, impulsa una carrera, corredor en 2B, 2 outs / sale A. Rienzo (límites de lanzamientos), entra a lanzar Ernesto Noris /2-. Alexei Bell Quintero (RF): hit al LF, impulsa una carrera, corredor en 1B, 2 outs / corredor de 1B roba 2B / 3-. Yulieski Gourriel Castillo (3B): fly out al RF, 3er out.

Cuba's Sixth Inning:

Fourth Batter, Frederich "Comrade" Cepeda, THE BEST! Line hit to left field.

Fifth batter, José Dariel Abreu, hit to center field. Runners on first and second base.

Sixth batter, Alfredo Despaigne, with the count on the batter of two balls and two strikes, Alfredo is hit by pitch (HBP). Team Cuba has now loaded the bases.

Seventh batter, Raúl González, rolling out to the third baseman. Forced out. One run batted in. Runners on second base and first base.

Eighth batter, Eriel Sánchez , rolling hit to left field. Team Cuba has loaded the bases, AGAIN! One out.

Ninth Batter, Bárbaro Erisbel Arruebarruena, Hit to left field, two runs batted in. Runners on second and first. Two outs.

First batter, Guillermo Heredia, fly out to right field.

Second Batter, Alexei Bell, Receives a base on balls. Team Cuba loads the bases, AGAIN! Two outs.

Third Base, Yulieski Gourriel, strikes out, swinging for the fences.

In Spanish (Courtesy of Zona de Srike):

Cuba (6to inning): 3 carreras, 3 hits, 0 error:  entra a lanzar Gabriel Asakura / Batea: 4-. Frederich Cepeda Cruz (BD): línea de hit al LF, corredor en 1B / 5-. José Dariel Abreu Correa (1B): hit al CF, corredores por 2B y 1B / 6-. Alfredo Despaigne Rodríguez (LF): en 2-2, pelotazo, bases llenas / explota G. Asakura, entra Hugo Kanabushi  / 7-. Raúl González Isidoria (E): rolling por 3B, out forzado, implusa una carrera, corredores por 2B y 1B, un out / 8-. Eriel Sánchez  León (R): rolling de hit al LF, bases llenas, un out / sale Hugo Kanabushi, entra a lanzar Kesley Kondo / 9- Bárbaro Erisbel Arruebarruena (SS): hit al LF, impulsa dos carreras, corredores por 2B y 1B, 2 outs / 1-. Guillermo Heredia Molina (CF): fly out al RF, corredores por 2B y 1B, 2 outs / 2-. Alexei Bell Quintero (RF): BB, bases llenas, 2 outs / explota Kesley Kondo, entra a lanzar Carlos Yoshimura / 3-. Yulieski Gourriel Castillo (3B): ponche tirándole, 3er out.