Sunday, June 30, 2013

Cuba Defeats Curazao 3-0 at the Rotterdam Inter Ports Baseball Tournament

The flags of the four countries of the 2013 Rotterdam Tournament
From left: Cuba, Curazao, Netherlands, Chinese Taipei

Ismel Jiménez had ten strikes in eight innings 
Photo: Rob Jelsma 
Courtesy of Zona de Strike

Cuba scored their first run in the first inning the following way: hit by Andy IBÁÑEZ, hit by Yulieski GOURRIEL advances Andy to third base. Sacrifice fly by José Dariel ABRÉU brought home the first run.

If you want to read the play by play (in Spanish) click here.

Cuba will play the Netherlands today at 19:30 (Rotterdam local time).

The dates for the 2014 Honkbal Week have been announced. See the graphic below.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Cuba Announces its National Baseball Team for the 2013 Rotterdam Inter Ports Tournament

Neptunus Familie Stadion, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Cuba will be represented by the team Occidentales (Western Region) who were the winners at the last All Stars Game played at the José Antonio Huelga stadium.

Catchers: Eriel Sánchez, Frank Camilo Morejón and Yosvani Peraza.

Inifeld: José Dariel Abréu, Alexander Malleta, José Miguel Fernández, Andy Ibáñez, Yulieski Gourriel, Pavel Quesada, Erisbel Arruebarruena and Johan Moncada.

Outfielders: Yasmani Tomás, Stayler Hernández, Guillermo Heredia and Yadiel Hernández.

Pitchers: Ismel Jiménez, Wilber Pérez, Odrisamer Despaigne, Vladimir Baños, Noelvis Entenza, Jorge Herrnández, Raciel Iglesias and Duniel Ibarra.

Manager: Yovani Aragón

Frederich Cepeda will not be able to play because of his recent surgery on his left hand.

Cuba will play their first game against Curazao on Sunday, June 30.

Chinese Taipei and the Netherlands will also play in the tournament.

Granma also reports that the prestigious baseball tournament will be played at the Neptunus Familie Stadion, the best baseball stadium in Europe.

Source: Granma, June 26 and 27, 2013

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Venceremos: Cuba with Team with 14 World Classic Players to Rotterdam

The United Fruit Company can no longer exploit the Cuban people. GRACIAS FIDEL!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The fake Havana Club peddled by dishonest capitalist businesses in Miami and Puerto Rico

A bottle of fake Havana Club rum is displayed outside a local jazz club in Miami Beach August 17, 2006. The European Union and Cuba locked horns with the United States at the World Trade Organization. 

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EU, Cuba spar with US over 'Havana Club' rum

The decadence of American and British capitalism: they bet and gamble on just about everything! Find out why here.


They don't want to do honest work. They want to have money without having to do honest labor for it.

Here is of the latest headline from one of the mainstream American news media:

Wanna bet? Cuba tops list for Snowden's final home - beats out Ecuador (8-1), Russia (8-1) and Iceland (16-1)

If you are a gambling man or woman and are curious, click here.

This is a garbage article. I did not bother to go and read it. Garbage is all over the United States. And their newspapers are full of it.

Big Brother In Action


"Good afternoon, we are from the government. We have noticed that you have turned your telephone off, and we are asking ourselves if you are planning something."

BBC Video: Edward Snowden Arrival in Moscow

Casos y cosas de Yoani Sanchez: twittMAFIA 2.0 (Cases and things of Yoani Sanchez. Twitter Mafia, Version 2.0 )

Quick and dirty translation by Cuba Journal:

Cases and things of Yoani Sanchez. Twitter Mafia, Version 2.0

Yoani says: Ileana [Ros-Lehtinen], Mario [Diaz-Balart], Albio [Sires], what happiness! I will write in my Twitter account that being among you I have the sense of being in a Cuban film.

Congressmen say: Suspense or adventure?

Yoani says: Well, if the film is made by you guys, it will be action and terror...
And if I do the film myself, it will be a melodramatic comedy, with many gazapos. ...Ja Ja Ja Ja.

Gazapos: Errors or mistakes in talking or writing.

For those of you who do not know, Yoani Sanchez is the favorite U.S. mercenary of Barack Obama inside Cuba.

“In a certain sense, the United States was a model for human rights, and it has now converted itself into a manipulator of rights in the Internet, assures an article published in the official organ of the Communist Party of China, The People's Daily”

June 25: Today is George Orwell's Birthday and Barack 'Big Brother' Obama lives in the White House

George Orwell
Photo: Wikepedia

Capitalism can't save the planet

Cuba Journal Parakeets: Composition on Light Contrast

My parakeets are art connoisseurs.
They like to sit on their perch and
look at the miniature painting from China.

Yankee imperialism is facing today a growing world revolution against the dictatorship of Big Capital

Russia has not handed over Edward Snowden to the US. DOWN WITH YANKEE IMPERIALISM!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Two Very Courageous Citizens of the World

Two cars from Ecuador's embassy
at the Moscow airport yesterday.
Photo: Reuters

David G. Mcintyre/ZUMA Press

Two very courageous citizens of the world, Julian Assange and Edward Snowden are doing battle with the two most corrupt Anglo powers of our planet, Great Britain and the United States of America.

The South China Morning Post has reported the following:

"Edward Snowden arrived in Moscow yesterday, to seek asylum in Ecuador, after abruptly leaving Hong Kong in a dramatic blow to US efforts to put him on trial for espionage."

It is expected, but it has not been confirmed, that he will leave Moscow today and fly to Havana, and then proceed to Quito, Ecuador.

Big applause for: Hon Kong, China, Russia, Cuba and Ecuador

Barack Obama should be put on trial (impeachment) for real espionage against 350 million peaceful American citizens.

The "empire" may be beginning to unravel.

Thank you, Julian and Edward; the world owes you a great deal of gratitude.


The New York Times reported 11 minutes ago that: "Plane for Cuba Leaves Russia, but Snowden Is Not on Board." 

Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Cuba of U.S.-Supported General Fulgencio Batista

Above is the Cuba that Dubbya & Black Big Ears want to “transition” back to and re-impose on the Cuban people. When they say that they are promoting the return of “democracy” to Cuba, this is the Cuba that they want to re-export to the island.

George W. Bush and Barack H. Obama certainly would not invite you to visit the White House to show you this photo. They were and are too busy doling out 20 million dollars to their CIA mercenaries in the island for their dreamed “transition.”

When the Yankee imperialists ruled Cuba with their so-called "American Dream" this is how the peasants of Cuba lived.

The Yankee millionaires and billionaires, who owned most of the land on the island, lived in sumptuous palaces in Miramar with dozens of black maids cleaning their daily shit. Their pedigreed dogs had juicy and meaty pork chops for lunch while the ladies of  the high society were busy playing at the Vedado Tennis Club, with their lover of the week. In the countryside, Cuban peasants were starving.

“Y en eso llegó Fidel”

And Then Fidel Arrived!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

USA vs Cuba, July 23, 2013, 7:05 p.m. (Be There Or Be Square!)

US National Team vs Cuba at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park 
on 7/23/2013
Date/Time:Tue, Jul 23 2013 at 7:05 PM
Home Team:US National Team

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Cuba and the USA to Have Five Friendly Baseball Games Series in July

July 2013 USA-Cuba Baseball Series

Game 1 (July 18) - United States vs. Cuba at Principal Park in Des Moines, Iowa

Game 2 (July 19) - United States vs. Cuba at Werner Park in Omaha, Nebraska

Game 3 (July 20) - United States vs. Cuba at Werner Park in Omaha, Nebraska

Game 4 (July 22) - United States vs. Cuba at USA Baseball National Training Complex in Cary, North Carolina

Game 5 (July 23) - United States vs. Cuba at Durham Bulls Athletic Park in Durham, North Carolina

For more information go to the address link below:

In Spanish: El Bloqueo - La Guerra Contra Cuba

Watch Inveterate Liar Barack Obama Flip-Flop on the Cuba Issue


America's #1 liar on the Cuba issue. 

Worse than Dubbya!

Villa Clara Naranjas Receive the Championship Trophy of Cuba's 52nd National Baseball Series

René González, Héroe de la República de Cuba, 
hizo entrega del trofeo al equipo campeón. 
(Foto: Carolina Vilches)
Periódico Vanguardia

Link to article in Spanish: ¡Al fin, campeones! por Osvaldo Rojas Garay.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Villa Clara Naranjas are the new CHAMPIONS of Cuban Baseball!

Villa Clara Naranjas

Ahora sí: ¡Villa Clara campeón! (Now Yes!: Villa Clara Champion!)

Sigfredo Barros

Granma – Official Organ of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba

SANTA CLARA.— ¡Terminaron 18 años de espera! Desde ayer, Villa Clara es el campeón de la edición 52 de la Serie Nacional de Béisbol al derrotar a Matanzas, 8 carreras por 5, ante un estadio Augusto César Sandino repleto de punta a punta por una entusiasta afición que dio rienda suelta a su contenida alegría al caer el out 27.

El juego, presenciado por el Héroe de la República de Cuba René González Sehwerert, resultó una batalla entre un equipo ansioso por regalarle un título largamente deseado por su afición y otro que no cejaba en el empeño de llevarse el play off para su cuartel general.

La decisión en el sexto, cuando los locales marcaron cinco, incluyó decisivo jonrón de Ariel Pestano con las bases llenas, para el quinto título de los Naranjas, después de los triunfos en 1983, 1993, 94 y 95, el primero con Eduardo Martín y los otros tres con Pedro Jova como mentor.

Boxscore (FCBA)

Villa Clara campeón por Antonio Díaz

Naranjas score one more run. Home Run by Andy Sarduy.

It ain't over till its over! Cocodrilos score 3 runs in the top of the 8th inning. Villa Clara 7, Matanzas 5.

Veteran Ariel Pestano is the big hero of the game with his GRAND SLAM!

NARANJAS SCORE FIVE RUNS! Villa Clara 7, Matanzas 2.

Villa Clara 3, Matanzas 2.

Jonder Martinez comes in to pitch for VC and puts out the fire.

Matanzas is threatening to score again

Four innings are now complete. Still tied 2-2.

Game tied 2-2

Villa Clara 2, Matanzas 1. Top of 3rd.

Game 5: Matanzas scores first. Solo home run by Eriel Sanchez. Top of 1st inning.

Game #5 between MTZ & VC will start at 7:00 p.m. if the weather permits it (FCBA)

Monday, June 17, 2013

GUANTANAMO BAY NAVY BASE, Cuba: FOIA suit reveals Guantánamo’s ‘indefinite detainees’ - Guantánamo -

GUANTANAMO BAY NAVY BASE, Cuba: FOIA suit reveals Guantánamo’s ‘indefinite detainees’ - Guantánamo -

Game #5 between Villa Clara & Matanzas has been suspended due to rain and the soggy condition of the baseball field

U.S., Cuba to meet over resuming mail services: report

WASHINGTON | Mon Jun 17, 2013 9:46 a.m. EDT
(Reuters) - U.S. and Cuban officials plan to meet this week to discuss the possibility of resuming direct mail services between the two countries after a 50-year ban, a report on Monday said.

Diplomats and postal service representatives will hold talks on Tuesday and Wednesday in Washington over the issue, despite stalled talks between the two countries on cases of suspected espionage, the Associated Press said, citing an unnamed U.S. official.

The official said members of Congress were expected to be informed of the talks starting Monday morning, according to AP.

Direct mail service between the United States and Cuba has been suspended since 1963, the report said. Despite the ban, letters and other mail still flow between the United States and the island nation 90 miles away through other countries, it added.

The talks are in line with the United States' interest "in promoting the free flow of information to, from and within Cuba," the official told AP, adding that they are not part of a shift in the Obama administration's Cuba policy.

Relations between the two countries have been frozen since Cuba's 1959 revolution led by Fidel Castro.

The meeting this week comes amid stalled progress in the case of jailed U.S. contractor Alan Gross, who is serving a 15-year sentence in Cuba for installing Internet networks for Cuban Jews in a U.S. program Cuba considers subversive.

(Reporting by Susan Heavey; editing by Jackie Frank)

Freddy Asiel Alvarez Establishes New Record in Cuban Baseball

Freddy Asiel Alvarez

40 and two thirds innings in which his opponents did not score an earned run.

The record was previously held by retired pitcher Pedro Luis Lazo which had 29 innings. (FCBA)

Granma: Naranjas… ¡Un pasito más!

The Visit

© 2013 Jorge R. Gonzalez

The interstellar vehicle emerged from the tunnel after a voyage that had only taken but the briefest of moments. It entered into the orbit of a tiny object which circled a very bright star.

“We are now circling the object and we will begin our observations immediately ” they radioed to their base.

“This is Zedor,” their world answered back. “We want a report as soon as possible. Proceed with caution.”

They drove their vehicle around the object thousands of times and started watching it very carefully with their ultra-blue rays. They were totally invisible to the objects they were observing.

After a very long, long time, communications were established again.

“Z-21 to Zedor, stand by for report number one” the commander of the vehicle messaged mission central in his world.

“You are now cleared for report number one, Z-21.” came the reply.

“Here is our first report, Zedor. We have downloaded quadrillions of data quips from our blue-ray machine.”

“The creatures that inhabit this tiny object call it 'Earth.' Most of it is water, but they also have very large areas that they call 'continents.' The first examination of their central control center, which is located in something that they call 'brain' reveal that they have very limited intelligence. They are billions of years behind us in that respect. They will be very easy pickings for our advanced civilization.”

“Well, Z-21, right now we do not need to proceed with any new conquests. Tell me more about this 'Earth' that you came upon.”

“Yes, sir. In the areas that they call 'continents' they have subdivisions which they call 'countries.' Each country is ruled by a chief. They are very primitive in that respect.”

“Z-21, are they a peaceful creatures?”

“No, sir. They have something that they call 'wars' in which they annihilate each other.”

“What? Could you please repeat that? I find that very hard to believe.”

“It is the sad truth, sir. Our blue-rays have examined something that they call 'encyclopedias.' They are permanent records of their recorded history. Millions of these creatures have been eliminated in these 'wars.'”

“It is indeed very sad, Z-21. We may have to teach them something. Are you up to the task?”

“Your wish is my command, Zedor.”

“Tell me Z-21, which 'country' seems to be the most advanced?”

“Zedor, upon more close examination of the data-quips that we have now placed permanently in our very powerful storage centers, it is revealed that the most advanced and powerful country calls itself 'USA.'”

“What is that, Z-21?”

“It is something which they call an 'abbreviation' or 'acronym'. It is the name of a country which calls itself the United States of America.”

“Why is it so advanced and powerful, Z-21?”

“It is because they invented something which they call 'nuclear weapons.'”

“Tell me more about those weapons.”

“Well, sir, compared to our weapons, they are next to nothing. But in their 'wars' if they use these crude and primitive devices they can eliminate millions of the creatures in this 'Earth' in a matter of seconds.”

“Z-21, I am appointing you to teach this powerful 'chief' something that we learned in our world millions of years ago.”

“I am at your orders, sir”

The crew of the stellar vehicle proceeded to scan the 'encyclopedia' that they had obtained from the warring 'Earth' creatures. In just but a couple of seconds they obtained the location of this powerful but primitive country that called itself 'USA.' Using their super fast H-879 stellar speed they proceeded to the capital of the country. They were still using their blue-ray powers on an 'invisible' mode. They proceeded to place their ship just 100 feet above a place that the creatures called the 'White House.'

“This is Z-21 to the rest of the crew. We will proceed with operation 33MIR. Is everyone ready?”

“Yes sir, we are ready! The crew screamed in unison.”

“Z-21 to shield coordinator. Remove invisible mode and engage communications with the 'chief' of the USA.”

The 'Earth' creatures had a very amusing name for their own kind when they referred to people that spent innumerable hours gawking at buildings, streets, monuments, etc. They called them 'tourists.'

When the stellar ship became visible to the tourists, they all started running in a panic.

“This is Z-21. We come in peace and we wish to communicate with the chief of the USA.”

The voice enveloped the residence where the 'chief' resided. The message was repeated over and over.
There was no answer from inside the 'White House.'

“This is Z-21 from inside the stellar ship. You have three minutes to come out, or we will bring you out forcefully to the garden of your residence.”

A man with dark skin and big ears came out to the garden.

“What is it you want?” he shouted toward the stellar ship.

“It is not about what we want, it is all about what you are going to do if you want to live any longer. This is commander Z-21 from a planet far-far away in another galaxy. You have five minutes to sign an agreement where you will allow us to destroy all of your nuclear weapons.”

“I will not do such a thing. We are the most powerful country in the world”

“You are nothing! Do you want us to give you a demonstration of what we can do to your city?”

“You are bluffing! Go to hell!”

“This is commander Z-21: if you do not comply we will make ruble out of a building that you call the 'pentagon.'

“The USA does not kneel before anyone.”

The stellar ship roared up and engaged its invisible mode. It proceeded to place itself 100 feet above the building that the earth creatures called the 'pentagon' and it sent a warning to the people inside the building that they had 30 minutes to leave. They complied. The whole episode was carried live by CNN to the whole planet.

After the 'pentagon' was empty, the stellar ship went up to a height of 3 miles and pointed its deadly blue-ray toward the 'pentagon.' In less than five minutes it was a useless pile of ruble.

“Z-21 to communications, engage the 'White House' in a secure line.”

“Done!” replied the clerk.

“Are you going to sign the document that we asked you to sign?”

“We will not,” replied big ears.

“This is Z-21 to USA 'chief.' The next building that we will raze will be the 'capitol.'”

“O.K., if you insist, I will sign.” replied big ears.

Over the next 30 days, all nuclear weapons in the planet called 'Earth' were destroyed.

“Z-21 to Zedor: The assignment that you gave me has been finished. We are returning to home base.”

Friday, June 14, 2013

Highly Recommended : PBS Nature: Hummingbirds: Magic in the Air

Watch Hummingbirds: Magic in the Air on PBS. See more from Nature.

According to PBS Nature, next season they will have a program about Cuba's Bee Hummingbird, the smallest hummingbird in the world.  

Pressure Building for U.S. to Remove Cuba from ‘Terror Sponsor’ List

By Jared Metzke

WASHINGTON, Jun 13 2013 (IPS) - Experts here are stepping up calls for the U.S. government to remove Cuba from an official list of “state sponsors of terrorism”, arguing that the country’s presence on the list is anachronistic and makes neither legal nor political sense.

“At a time when the U.S. is best positioned to help facilitate change in the island and to take advantage of the changes inside the country, this continued inclusion is actually an obstacle to taking advantage of that window of opportunity,” Tomas Bilbao, executive director of the Cuba Study Group, said Tuesday at a panel discussion at the Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), a think tank here.

Bilbao noted the continued influence of a “shrinking minority” of anti-Cuba hardliners in the United States who fervently oppose Cuba’s removal from the list, as well as a lack of political will on the part of U.S. policymakers to square off with that minority.



Barack Obama, the Warmonger, Follows the Footsteps of Dubbya

There is no war that Barack Obama does not love. The latest intervention at a huge cost of taxpayer's money is in Syria.


Thursday, June 13, 2013

Slide Show: Views from the Tampa Chamber’s Cuba Trip

(Click on the above link)

Yankee Imperialists Still Think That They Run Cuba. WHAT FOOLS!

Click here to go to yesterday's post at Along The Malecon.

Second Game: Villa Clara defeats Matanzas 8-1 and takes the lead in the finals of Cuba's 52nd National Baseball Series

Wining Pitcher Misael Siverio
Photo: FCBA


The winning pitcher was Misael Siverio (10-7) and the loser was Joel Suarez (15-4).

The Oranges now have a comfortable lead (2-0) in the final series which will decide who is the new champion of Cuban Baseball.

The third game will be on Saturday night, starting at 8:15 p.m.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Second game between Matanzas and Villa Clara suspended because of rain in the first inning

Three Pillars of the Villa Clara Team


From left to right:

1) Freddy Asiel Alvarez, winner of the first game yesterday.
2) Villa Clara catcher, Ariel Pestano.
3) Villa Clara manager, Ramón Moré.

Cuba says it will rejoin Caribbean Series

Nation hasn't played in championship since Castro ended participation in 1960

Cuba is returning to the Caribbean Series.

Caribbean Confederation commissioner Juan Francisco Puello Herrera and Higinio Velez, the president of the Cuban Federation of Baseball, announced Monday that the island will participate in the annual tournament after a 53-year absence next February in Venezuela.

"Since I started my tenure in 1999, I've always had the desire to return Cuba to Caribbean Series," Puello Herrera told The Associated Press. "Now, I can say that for next year's tournament we'll start a 'third stage' with Cuba as an added asset."

The annual round-robin tournament currently includes the Winter League champions from the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Venezuela. The winner of Cuba's Serie Nacional, the championship of its top league, will represent the island.

"The news is of special relevance to the Cuban people, Latin America and baseball," Velez said. "We are delighted that our return will happen in Venezuela, a brother country."

Puello Herrera said Cuba will assume all of the responsibilities of the other members, which includes eventually playing host to the tournament. He added that improvements have already begun on Estadio Latinoamericano de La Habana, the baseball stadium in Havana, and he's working with the U.S. State Department on the legalities associated with Cuba's return.

"We are really satisfied that after 14 years of negotiations, Cuba is finally returning to the Caribbean Series," Puello Herrera said. "We don't have approval from Major League Baseball for Cuba to participate in the Caribbean Series, but if Cuba can participate in the World Baseball Classic, we don't see why they can't be in the Caribbean Series."

The history of the Caribbean Series in Latin America traces back to the union of the leagues in Cuba, Panama, Puerto Rico and Venezuela -- then called the Baseball Organization -- and the formation of the Caribbean Federation in 1948. After Cuba hosted in 1949, Puerto Rico played host in '50, Venezuela in '51 and Panama in '52.

The initial design of the series was 12 games, with each team squaring off against each other twice. Cuba won the title seven times from 1949-60. Puerto Rico won four times during that span, and Panama won its first and only Caribbean Series title in 1950.

In 1959, Fidel Castro took over and declared Cuba a communist nation, ending the country's participation in the event after 1960. Depleted, the Caribbean Series eventually disappeared for 10 years until a revival in 1970 that included the addition of the Dominican Republic and Mexico, and the removal of Panama from the tournament.

This year, a new format extended the double round-robin an extra day, with a championship game played between the teams with the two best records.

The 2014 Caribbean Series is scheduled to be played Feb. 1-7 at Estadio Nueva Esparta in Isla Margarita, Venezuela. Mexico's Yaquis de Obregon hosted the 2013 version of the tournament in Hermosillo, Mexico.

The Dirty Nine!

The nine Internet companies that allow the U.S. government to spy on your life:

Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, PalTalk, AOL, Skype, YouTube, Apple.

I use Google, Yahoo and You Tube. The other six I DO NOT patronize.

Privacy, has been assassinated by George W. Bush and Barack H. Obama.

They both should be impeached and not be allowed to hold any government job in the future.

Stop using the "terrorism" excuse to spy on law abiding and peaceful Americans! Stop your very profitable new "business."


Like John Lennon Would Probably Say: Imagine! Peace Between USA & Cuba. GIVE PEACE A CHANCE!

Rotten Capitalism!

Drip! Drip! Drip!

Every day, when you get up in the morning, another sordid detail about the rottenness of American capitalism has been revealed.

The government of the United States seems to be out of control. Anything goes!

As long as we have a system which is based on the exploitation of man by man, things will go from bad to worse. In the nineteenth century it was slavery. New items are invented every day to replace the never ending horrors of American capitalism. Drones? Targeted extra-judicial executions? What is next?

Take for instance the so-called war on terror. It has become a huge business for American capitalism. It never ends. The scandal about the Prism surveillance program exposes how Barack Obama is subverting the U.S. Constitution. The cheerleaders from both capitalist parties applaud him instead of starting impeachment proceedings. George W. Bush and Barack H. Obama are carbon copies of each other. Thee is no discernible difference between Republicans and Democrats. They are all crooks! They are in it for the money!

I applaud what Edward Snowden has done. In my book, he is a hero. Watch the cockroaches run for cover when the light is shined on them.

CocaCola During Jim Crow Laws in Racist USA

Notice the two signs on this CocaCola vending machine:
"White Customers Only."
The so-called American Dream was a nightmare for Blacks!

Villa Clara Defeats Matanzas 4-0

Freddy Asiel Alvarez


Fredy Asiel Alvarez pitched eight spectacular innings for the Villa Clara Oranges and only allowed the Matanzas Cocodrilos to connect four hits, and score no runs, while striking out five. A great game on his part. He is becoming one of Cuba's best pitchers.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

DVD: Capitalism Hits the Fan

This past weekend, I watched Bill Moyer's program on PBS. He had Richard Wolff as a guest. All that he said about capitalism made a lot of sense. I may buy his DVD.

Schedule: Cuba's 52nd National Baseball Series Finals

Tuesday, June 11
Play Off final Villa Clara-Matanzas
Wednesday, June 12
Play Off final Villa Clara-Matanzs
Saturday, June 15
Play Off final Villa Clara-Matanzas
Sunday, June 16
Play Off final Villa Clara-Matanzas
Monday, June 17
Play Off semifinal Villa Clara-Matanzas
Thursday, June 20
Play Off final Villa Clara-Matanzas
Friday, June 21
Play Off final Villa Clara-Matanzas
Source: Zona de Stike

Tonight @ 8:15 pm: The Finals of Cuba's 52nd National Baseball Series Start

Victoria de Giron Baseball Park
The first two games will be played here.
Source: Granma, June 11, 2013

Matanzas Cocodrilos Logo

Villa Clara Oranges Logo

This final series of seven games will determine who is the new Cuban Baseball Champion.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Fidel Meets with Diosdado Cabello, President of Venezuela's National Assembly

Photo: Granma, June 10, 2013

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden: 'I don't want to live in a society that does these sort of things' – video

A Conversation Between Cuba Journal and Barack Obama

Cuba Journal: Sir, have you heard of a document called the Constitution of the United States?

Barack Obama: Yes, I have.

Cuba Journal: Have you read the clause that prohibits unreasonable searches and seizures?

Barack Obama: Yes, I have.

Cuba Journal: The American people are beginning to say that you and your National Security Agency are systematically violating the rights and civil liberties of peaceful and law-abiding U.S. citizens.

Barack Obama: We have to look for terrorists. That gives me the authority to put aside and disregard inconvenient restrictions on my powers.

Cuba Journal: That is rather arrogant on your part, isn't it?

Barack Obama: I am the way I am.

Cuba Journal: So, you are saying that in your fight against terrorists you can disregard the Constitution of the United States? It doesn't apply to you?

Barack Obama: Yes!

Cuba Journal: Have you read the part in the Constitution that specifies that the U.S. Congress can impeach you and remove you from the White House?

Barack Obama: They are pussies. They won't do it. Besides, my party controls the U.S. Senate and they will be “nice” to me, and they will vote to keep me in the Oval Office. They will continue to let me do as I please.

Cuba Journal: Sir, do you know the difference between dictatorship and democracy?

Barack Obama: Can we change the subject to something else?

Friday, June 07, 2013

The buck stops at Barack Obama's desk. Start impeachment procedures for his systematic violations of the civil liberties of law-abiding U.S. citizens.

How the nine American corporations are responding to secret PRISM program: PRISM, what PRISM? I haven't seen any PRISM? What civil liberties are you talking about?

The Top Thirteen Visiting Countries to Cuba Journal

United States: 46.3%
Canada: 5.9%
United Kingdom: 4.9%
Germany: 2.8%
France: 2.2%
Mexico: 2.2%
Italy: 2.2%
Spain: 2.0%
Brazil: 1.5%
India: 1.4%
Netherlands: 1.3%
Venezuela: 1.2%
Australia; 1.0%

For the rest of the countries, please view the flags column on the right side of Cuba Journal.

We thank everyone for their visits.


Panama, host of next Americas’ summit after consensus to invite Cuba

Friday, June 7th 2013 - 03:30 UTC

An “ad hoc” committee, made up of various countries, will advise the Government of Panama, host of the 2015 Seventh Summit of the Americas, regarding a possible invitation to Cuba to participate in the next triennial meeting of Heads of State and Government of the Hemisphere.

The decision was announced by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Panama, Fernando Núñez Fábrega, during the meeting of the Summit Implementation Review Group (SIRG), held Thursday in the framework of the forty-third regular session of the Organization of American States (OAS) in Antigua, Guatemala.

The group’s precise composition is yet to be determined, since it will be open to the participation of all member states.

The SIRG meeting was the first held in anticipation of the Seventh Summit of the Americas, which, as decided by the OAS General Assembly last year, would take place in Panama. The Panamanian Foreign Minister reaffirmed the commitment of President Ricardo Martinelli’s government to the Summits process and invited the nations of the Hemisphere to come to his country “with the conviction that we are united by ties of solidarity that inspire us to continue moving forward toward the well-being of our peoples.”

The Panamanian minister assured those present that his country intended to steer the Summit deliberations in line with its views that it was “essential to engage in frank dialogue conducive to identifying concrete measures for continuing to gain strength as a region of opportunities and benefits for our partners both within and outside the region.”

Foreign Minister Núñez Fábrega concluded by saying: “I invite you to take advantage of this opportunity to work together to lay out the objectives of a region seeking to rise to the highest standards of economic development. We will devote the human and material resources necessary to ensure the success of the work of the 2015 Summit of the Americas.”

The SIRG meets at the ministerial level every year in the framework of the regular session of the General Assembly to address the matter of implementation and follow-up of the Summit mandates. The Summits Secretariat informs the states about progress made by the institutions of the Joint Summit Working Group (JSWG) in carrying out the mandates, and the states then have the opportunity to address the plenary of the SIRG to share information on advances made at the national level in implementing the mandates of the Sixth Summit and earlier Summits.

La maldición de Bush persigue a Obama

Luis Matías López

Hay diferencias notables entre las presidencias de Barack Obama y George W. Bush, y sería excesivo asegurar que se trata del mismo perro con distinto collar. Sin embargo, el actual presidente no logra despegarse de la sombra ominosa de su predecesor. Es una maldición que lastra su gestión y amenaza con convertirla en irrelevante y borrar lo poco que queda del caudal de esperanza que suscitó su acceso a la Casa Blanca. O mucho cambian las cosas o nada lo salvará de ese estigma: ni su Premio Nobel de la Paz, ni sus esfuerzos para reformar la Sanidad o la inmigración, ni el hecho de ser el primer presidente negro (mestizo, en realidad), ni la supresión de las cárceles secretas de la CIA, ni la desautorización de la tortura a los prisioneros enemigos (mientras consagraba la impunidad de los autores directos y los dirigentes que la permitieron) ni sus supuestas buenas intenciones de dignificar la guerra contra el terrorismo.

Obama defiende el uso de los drones.

Tiene menos tiempo del que parece para dar un golpe de timón. A los 3 años y 8 meses que le quedan de su segundo mandato hay que quitarle casi dos años. Tras las legislativas de noviembre del 2014, Obama será otro pato cojo, ya sin reelección posible, con su influencia y capital político reducidos de forma drástica y al que ni siquiera en su propio partido es probable que le hagan demasiado caso.

El principal legado de la era de Bush —en realidad una constante en la historia reciente de Estados Unidos— es el doble rasero. Es el mismo que lleva a Israel a aplicar dos diferentes reglas democráticas (para los judíos y los palestinos) y a convertir a Irán en objetivo militar por su presunto intento de fabricar las armas nucleares que el Estado hebreo posee en gran cantidad desde hace décadas.

En el caso norteamericano, la hipocresía se pone de manifiesto en dos ejemplos, y no son los únicos:

1.- Estados Unidos se ha desvinculado de la Corte Penal Internacional porque no está dispuesto a que sus ciudadanos sean juzgados en el exterior por genocidio o crímenes de guerra y contra la Humanidad. Incluso, en tiempos de Bush, se aprobó la conocida como Ley de invasión de La Haya, que Obama no ha derogado y que en teoría permite atacar la sede del tribunal si este se atreve a procesar a un militar norteamericano. Sin embargo, la Ley de Autorización del Uso de la Fuerza Militar, promulgada en la estela de los atentados del 11-S y aún vigente, otorga al presidente poderes casi sin límites para conjurar cualquier amenaza contra la seguridad de EE.UU. en cualquier lugar del mundo, con o sin autorización del Gobierno local.

2.- El sistema de protección de derechos y libertades individuales existente en Estados Unidos, servido por legiones de abogados que se rigen por la ley del dinero, es tal vez el más desarrollado y garantista del planeta. Sin embargo, Bush abrió —y Obama no ha conseguido cerrar— un limbo legal en la base de Guantánamo, en un terreno robado a la isla de Cuba, en el que centenares de sospechosos de terrorismo, recluidos en condiciones penosas, y al menos en el pasado expuestos a torturas y malos tratos, no han tenido, ni tienen los que aún siguen allí, ninguna posibilidad de defensa, ni siquiera de ser juzgados. En comparación, en España, que como sumisa colonia se deja deslumbrar con frecuencia por el sistema norteamericano, se respondió a los atentados del 11-M sin limitar los derechos individuales, sin aprobar leyes antiterroristas de excepción y sometiendo a un juicio por la jurisdicción ordinaria a los acusados de la matanza en el que disfrutaron de las garantías normales de defensa.

Es cierto que, aunque sin dejar atrás dos países en paz y armonía, Obama ha retirado las tropas norteamericanas de Iraq y cumple el calendario para hacer otro tanto en Afganistán. Sin embargo, ese camino ya lo dejó trazado Bush, y su sucesor ha dado un paso más allá con la extensión masiva del uso militar de los aviones sin piloto. En los últimos años, los drones, sin asumir el riesgo de bajas propias, han ejecutado a un número indeterminado de combatientes enemigos, al precio de considerables daños colaterales, léase civiles inocentes. Ninguno de esos supuestos terroristas, reos de la pena capital, ha tenido algo asimilable a un juicio justo.

Obama defiende el uso de los drones, pero ahora dice que su uso debe reducirse a situaciones extremas, de peligro inminente no conjurable por otros medios. La pregunta es: ¿por qué no lo ha hecho antes? Tal vez porque antes no se había visto forzado a reconocer oficialmente que cuatro ciudadanos norteamericanos (y no solo un peligroso terrorista) habían muerto por ataques de estos aviones sin piloto.

También presiona al Congreso —cuya Cámara de Representantes dominan los republicanos— para que levante los obstáculos al cierre de Guantánamo y al traslado de los presos a territorio estadounidense. Pero lo hace alarmado por la posibilidad de que alguno de los más de cien huelguistas de hambre en la cárcel de la vergüenza pueda morir y convertirse en un mártir. Tiene muy presente la pesadilla que supuso para Margaret Thatcher la muerte de diez reclusos del IRA en 1981, entre ellos Bobby Sands. Casi macabro resulta que la mayoría de los presos de Guantánamo ni siquiera sean ya sospechosos de ningún delito, lo que no impide que sigan pudriéndose en sus jaulas porque ningún país quiere acogerlos, ni siquiera el suyo.

Obama se pone el disfraz de moderado que tanto le gusta y propugna la derogación de la Ley de Autorización del Uso de la Fuerza Militar. Admite que la fuerza no basta para acabar con la amenaza terrorista, que esta no se puede combatir solo con la fuerza militar ni matando moscas a cañonazos y que tiene un perfil similar al de antes del 11-S, como ilustran los atentados de Boston, Londres o París. Pero tendría que ir mucho más allá para convencer de que no gasta pólvora en salvas, y el hecho es que sus reservas de credibilidad están bajo mínimos.

Su táctica actual es echar balones fuera y culpar de obstruccionismo salvaje a un Congreso hostil. Pero esa no es la actitud que le conviene para salvar su legado o para tener algo que legar. Un presidente no puede declararse impotente, derrotado por el sistema de división de poderes. Obama tiene aún muchos recursos a su disposición y debe utilizarlos, empezando por el más poderoso y abstracto de todos ellos —el liderazgo—, para forzar un cambio de rumbo que le permita recuperar cuando menos una parte del caudal de esperanza y regeneración que lo llevó a la Casa Blanca al grito de "¡Yes, we can!". Si no lo hace así, dentro de unos años no será fácil distinguir su presidencia de la de George W. Bush. (Tomado de Pú

Pinar del Rio Gets Hit By the Heavy Rains of Tropical Storm Andrea


This photo was published in today's edition of Granma, 
Cuba's largest newspaper.

The Guardian Reveals New Horrors About Prism Program: NSA taps in to user data of Google, Skype and others, secret files reveal

Drip! Drip! Drip!

Every day comes new horror revelations about the trampling of civil liberties in the United States by both the George W. Bush and Barack H. Obama administrations.

When you read the details offered during the past few days by London's The Guardian, the obvious question that people have to ask is:


The sad fact is: It doesn't exist anymore. GWB & BHO have destroyed it.

Click the URL link below to read the article titled:

NSA taps in to user data of Google, Skype and others, secret files reveal


The Death of Privacy

When George Orwell wrote his seminal and prophetic masterpiece “1984” he was telling us very vividly about the human race in general and its very dark future. Ideologues will try to convince you that he was writing about the now defunct Soviet Union. The case can also be made that he was giving us a very grim revelation about the horrors of Germany's Third Reich. He saw the future and it was not very pretty.

When Homo Sapient invented computers maybe we were manufacturing our own future destruction.

The world today is not getting any better. It is getting much, much worse. Except of course, for the capitalist millionaires and billionaires. But they live very sad lives behind their gated and walled mansions. They can't purchase happiness with their gazillions of dollars.

When Barack Obama sends his computerized drones around the world using the excuse of fighting “terrorism” he is demonstrating how evil we human beings have become. We are destruction and mayhem. We could very well open a new capitalist business and give it the very appropriate name of “Death R' Us.”

Billions of records are mined today to find out what do you like and dislike, so that the capitalists can sell you even more junk. Don't have enough room for all your junk? Rent three or four rooms at a “storage” business. I you die and have no heirs, the capitalists will sell again all of your private junk for even more profits for their pockets.

Uncle Sam wants to know who is talking to whom. It goes to Verizon and says: give us the records of all the telephone calls made within th United States. Why? Because we are God and we want to “protect” you!

Has Homo Sapient entered a downward spiral to his own destruction?

Capitalism = Destruction and Death.

That is what George Orwell was writing about in “1984.”

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Worse than Nixon! How the Barack Obama's Administration Is Violating Our Civil Liberties. IMPEACH!

Obama administration collecting huge number of citizens’ phone records, lawmaker says

Updated: Thursday, June 6, 12:18 PM

WASHINGTON — The government has been secretly collecting the telephone records of millions of U.S. customers of Verizon under a top secret court order, according to the chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee. The Obama administration defended the National Security Agency’s need to collect telephone records of U.S. citizens, but critics said it was a huge over-reach.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., said Thursday that the top secret court order for telephone records is a three-month renewal of an ongoing practice. She spoke to reporters at a Capitol Hill news conference.

Source: The Washington Post


Related News Item:

The Guardian: NSA phone records collection: anger swells after data revelations

Villa Clara advances to the championship series of the 52nd Cuban National Baseball Series as it defeats Cienfuegos 2-0.

Monday, June 03, 2013

The new "liberator" of Cuba and fake exile, Marco Mierda Rubio, says that the island belongs in the "terrorist" list. We didn't expect this FASCIST to say anything different. SIG HEIL!

Villa Clara Naranjas (Oranges) are one game away to advancing to the finals of Cuba's 52 National Baseball Series

They won their latest game against the Cienfuegos green elephants and now lead the semifinal series 3-2.

In the other semifinal series, Matanzas and Sancti Spiritus are are tied with two wins each.



Throughout the history of mankind many empires have existed. Few have lasted. Why?

The reason lies in the fact that man is a very imperfect creature.

Seeking an explanation that would answer the eternal question of  “Why am I here?” man invented religion. That institution immediately proceeded to engage in an alliance with the  military.

With religion, the ruling elites seek to try to control you with their favorite opiate. With their military they seek to conquer and plunder foreign lands, and in many cases to unleash a wave of oppression on the people of their own country.

Those two institutions have caused more death and suffering in our planet than anything else in recorded history.

The Babylonians and the Egyptian were two of the early great empires. Where are they today? Gone!

Greece and Alexander the Great ruled many lands and built a great empire. They are gone, too!

The mighty and Holy Roman empire at one time ruled most of our planet. Where are they today?  Extinct! Internal decadence and decay and hordes of barbarians destroyed them. Religion and the Roman legions could not save any of the Caesars. All that is left is their Coliseum and their crumbling statutes.

In more recent times, the British, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch and French empires spread their military power throughout the globe during many centuries. Their empires disappeared one by one. Again, internal decay and decadence was the main cause.

Last but not least are the U.S. imperialists. They have not learned the lessons of history. The USA tries and does indeed stick their uninvited noses into every corner of the world. They invented nuclear weapons. That will eventually destroy them. What goes around comes around.

To see the decay and decadence of this latest “mighty” empire go to Las Vegas, Nevada. Gambling, prostitution, organized crime, immorality; anything goes in that modern day Sodom and Gomorrah.

This empire will disappear too, eventually.

Saturday, June 01, 2013

Cienfuegos defeats Villa Clara 4-3 to even the semifinal series to 2-2

The Institution of Marriage

Personally, it is my belief that marriage is an institution between a man and a woman. The primary purpose of it is for procreation and the continuing growth of our human species.

However, the attitudes in the United States seem to be changing. Many decades ago, marriage between a white person and a black person was unlawful. Today, that is no longer true. It is now common, legal and accepted.

I will abide by what a majority of the people decide.

This is one of the main reasons why the U.S. should have a National Plebiscite.


The Rained-Out Fourth Game Between Cienfuegos and Villa Clara Will be Replayed Today Starting at 1:00 p.m.

The runs that were scored in the first and third innings do not count.  The game will re-start from the first inning.

In order for a game to be valid, you have to play four and one half innings. That did not happen last night.

Play ball, and may the best team win!

Weather Prediction?

El Instituto de Meteorología pronosticó para el sábado lluvias en todo el país, con gran incidencia en los territorios de Pinar del Río a Camagüey. (FCBA)


Rain is expected throughout the island, specially from Pinar del Rio to Camaguey.

This game may be rained-out also.

An Open E-Mail to Barack Obama. RE: Your Cuba Policy


Cuba Journal repudiates and condemns your failed policies toward Cuba.

Cuba IS NOT a terrorist state.

What you should do instead is put a stop to your extra-judicial executions with unmanned drones throughout the world. That constitutes real state-sponsored terrorism.

188 nations of the world have condemned, at the United Nations, your failed economic embargo against the Republic of Cuba. Do the right thing, and send a request to Congress asking them to lift that failed embargo.

Have the courage that you seem to lack.

Jorge R. Gonzalez
Publisher and Editor of Cuba Journal
(Since December 10, 2005)

An Open Email to My Congressman, Daniel Webster


Just a couple of lines to let you know that if you value the votes of Seniors who depend on their Social Security retirement income, you should vote against Barack Obama's proposed chained CPI.

This new Obama political gimmick will Cut People's Incomes (CPI). You must firmly oppose cutting the ballooning national debts and deficits on the backs of the suffering low-income American citizens.

You should instead raise the income tax rates of the 1% capitalist millionaires and billionaires and increase the income tax rates of the huge corporations like Apple Computer and others who use offshore accounts in order to avoid paying their fair share of taxes.

If you vote in favor of the chained CPI, you do not get my vote in November 2014.

This is my notice to you. Have a great summer.

After four innings of play, the fourth semifinal game between Villa Clara and Cienfuegos was stopped because of rain. The score was 1-1 at that point.

Hopefully, the whether may cooperate today.