Thursday, September 29, 2016

On Vacation Until October 26

In the meantime,  Police Departments in the USA continue killing black men with impunity.

They do not have respect for human life.

The Washington Post reports that,  so far this year,  172 persons with mental problems have been killed by police.

I say,  take the guns away from these killers of defenseless people.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

A Major General of the Spinners

David Plouffe was on PBS tonight,  spinning everything in favor of the Mother Hen.

No self respect.

Message to Bernie Sanders

Sending me emails asking me to send you money,  IS NOT A POLITICAL REVOLUTION.

Bill and Hillary Clinton are typical CROOKS of the Democratic Party.

Panhandle & beg money from them.

Remove my name from your email list.

Clinton Continues to Fall

Real Clear Politics reports than in the latest Bloomberg 4-way poll the results are as follow:  Trump 43%, Clinton 41%, Johnson 8% , Stein 4%.

I am not a pundit, but in a four way race,  the Democrats lose,  because they are the worst option among the four candidates.   In eight years,  the National Debt has close to doubled. The country is in a downward slope. And the American people are VERY ANGRY.

New evidence of geysers erupting from Europa's icy ocean

Highly interesting article from the Washington Post.  A spacecraft will head to Jupiter's intriguing and mysterious moon in the coming years.

Just Google 'Europa geysers.' The New York Times also is reporting this new important development.  It is much better than reading about Trump and Hillary.

Engadget has a nice and informative video from NASA.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Don't let the Talking Heads on TV and mal intentioned people tell you how to vote.

Don't let bad people try to brainwash you.

In a hyper-capitalist society,  such as the USA,  every one is trying to empty your pockets.

Super greed reins supreme.

#Never Hillary


Trump wants to send your sons and daughters to fight in the Middle East.

The American people do not want that.

Major blunder on his part.

The only party that stands for PEACE is the Green Party of the USA.

So far, Hillary is losing the debate. Laughing is not an answer.

What city in the USA has a very high crime rate?


Who runs it?   The Democratic Party.

Hillary & Bill Clinton have been in politics more than 30 years.

They want you to reward them.

I say,  No way,  José!

Capitalists (Democrats & Republicans) have destroyed the USA.


Donald Trump is kicking her ass!

Hillary is part of the problem,  not part of the solution.  NAFTA,  started the destruction of the USA.

Occupy the Debates!

I trust my doctor and she says ...

Dr. Jill Stein
Candidate for President
Green Party, USA

Hip! Hip! HOORAY! Green Party, USA, issues call for "Occupy Debates" at Hofstra University, tonight.

Tonight is an historic moment in time. The two most wretched, ethically-challenged and unpopular candidates in history will be proposing their vision for America - and both will be ignoring issues that are critical to Americans.
According to USA TODAY, 76% of voters want 4-candidate debates. But the two establishment parties have conspired to exclude their competitors - something the League of Women Voters warned would be “perpetrating a fraud on the American voter.” Let that sink in -- the League of Women Voters is one of the most trusted, truly non-partisan organizations in the country, predicted this moment.
The media wants us focused on the two establishment candidates at Hofstra tonight…
But we want the world to be watching what’s going on outside the official arena. 
The 2,000 police will be heavily armed, the fences will be high and the barricades will block us - but we’re going to Occupy the Debates anyway!
And we will be using the open internet and social media to go around the corporate media to broadcast our voices.
We have decided to heed the words of Jello Biafra-- “Don’t hate the corporate media, become the media!” And we will do that outside the doors of Hofstra University tonight.
Deeper still, during the debate itself we will literally insert ourselves into the debate using Twitter/Periscope and Facebook Live.
We aim to have millions of people watching, listening and reading Jill actually participate live during the debate.
The Green Party will not be kept from participating in the Presidential Debates tonight, September 26!

Reminder: Dr. Jill Stein Rally in Ybor City on Wednesday

Click on the following link:

Attention Tampa Bay: New location for Dr. Jill Stein Rally on Wed, September 28th, 2016

You fuí una vícitima de la Operación Pedro Pan / I was a victim of Operation Peter Pan.

What EcuRed (Spanish, Cuba) and Wikipedia (English, USA) tell us about it.

JG: Now, the Yankee imperialists will steal my Social Security retirement pension if I decide to return to live my last years in Cuba.

Barack Obama & Cuba

Barack Obama has not done nearly enough to pressure the US Congress to repeal the failed and genocidal Cuba blockade/embargo.

On a scale of one to five, I give him a two on the Cuba issue.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Superb Photo from NASA of Jupiter's Icy Europa Moon

Bad News for Hillary from Nate Silver at 538

Nate Silver, the statistical guru who runs the FiveThirtyEight blog, now gives Trump a 48 percent chance of winning and is sounding the alarm to complacent Democrats. “Never seen otherwise-smart people in so much denial about something as they are about Trump’s chances,” he tweeted. “Same mistake as primaries, Brexit.”

JG: And don't forget the Bradley Effect. People sometimes do not tell the truth to pollsters or give them misleading information. 

No one expected the Brexit.

There is a lot of anger directed towards the Democratic Party. That is very bad news for Hillary Clinton.

The only poll that counts is the one conducted by the voters in their voting precincts. I will accept whatever is their verdict.

Attention Tampa Bay: New location for Dr. Jill Stein Rally on Wed, September 28th, 2016

NEW LOCATION: The Cuban Club, 2010 N. Avenida Republica de Cuba, Tampa, FL 33605. Hosted by: Green Party of Tampa (aka Green Party of Hillsborough County) Wednesday. Sept. 28th, 6:30pm-9:00pm

#VoteGreen2016 #NeverHillary #NeverTrump

Dr. Jill Stein Florida Tour Locations

New Brazilian President, Michael Temer, uses the same dishonest and corrupt practices (Pay to Play) that Hillary Clinton has used in the USA, reports the Voice of America

Brazilian Judge Authorizes Preliminary Probe of Allegations Pointing to [ New President Michael ] Temer


An honest President, Dilma Rousseff, Workers Party, was removed from office in a legislative coup de' etat and replaced with a vanilla flavor typically corrupt capitalist.

The Brazilian people have been totally SCREWED by world-wide capitalism.

And here in good ol USA, the people of the country will be totally screwed by the two vanilla flavor capitalist candidates of the very corrupt Democrats and Republicans.

I don't know if the Democrats & Republicans have a campaign slogan, but I suggest that both Donald and Hillary start using the following one: "We screw you better."


As the European Union proposes normalizing relations with Cuba, the Barack Obama normalization is stuck in NO GO, because of the continuation of the US Blockade/Embargo.

This blog states categorically that Barack Obama, and the U.S.A. are not worthy of trust.

They play in the same leagues as Hillary and Bill Clinton.

Barack Obama is a lame duck. Do not play any attention to what he has to say. He will be gone on 20 January 2017.

Cuba's Granma Newspaper: EU proposes normalization of relations with Cuba.

The Cuban people ought to say: "You want to trust the USA? Remember the Bay of Pigs!"

The publisher/editor of Cuba Journal trusts the Europeans. I do not trust the Yankees.

"Upper-tier [capitalist] executives keep finding ways to enrich themselves and each other while avoiding any adverse consequences of their own actions."

Dishonesty and corruption, thy name is Capitalism.

Jill Stein considers 'civil disobedience' during presidential debate

Friday, September 23, 2016 is a company that I will no longer patronize.

My bank has reimbursed me for the fraud charge of against my debit card.

If it happened to me it can happen to you.

Monitor your bank account frequently,  if you use

Two capitalist turds will debate on Monday night for the benefit of the 'suckers who are born every minute'

Don't let Trump and Hillary shit all over you.  Just open your mouth.


Cops in the USA do not have any respect for human life

They remind me,  more and more, of the Policía Nacional of Fulgencio Batista.  They would murder people with impunity, and the USA goverment never complained about their frequent violations of human rights.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Cuban President Raul Castro spells it very clear

"Cuba will neither renounce any of its principles nor compromise on its sovereignty and independence. Cuba will not cease defending its revolutionary and anti-imperialist ideals, or supporting the self-determination of all peoples."

Remarks by Army General Raúl Castro Ruz, first secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba Central Committee, and President of the Councils of State and Ministers, during the 17th Summit of the Non-Aligned Movement, held on Margarita Island, in Venezuela, Septemeber 17, 2016, Year 58 of the Revolution

Complete speech on September 17, 2016

JG: Extremely dishonest Faux News published a silly article, which stated that everyone in Cuba was very concerned about a possible Trump presidency. The editor/author of the article probably dreamed it the night before.

The Yankee imperialists keep on hoping and dreaming of a restoration of corrupt capitalism in Cuba. They would love to have a repetition of the 1952-1958 Batista era.

Does anyone remember when Dubbya appointed a future military governor for Cuba? He was, without any doubt, the biggest POTUS asshole,  ever.

Re-posting of the original post: If Trump Wins, Blame Clinton (Huff Po)

Donald 'Angry' Trump does not run Cuba

The Cuban people, on January First, 1959, stopped taking orders from the Yankee imperialists. 

The Prime Minister of Japan has arrived in Havana


The only candidate running for President who has the most honesty and integrity is Dr. Jill Stein of the Green Party

She would be an outstanding first female POTUS, and she knows what Aleppo is. I will be happy and honored to vote for such a great lady on November 8.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

How Funny!

In Tweeter,  someone wrote to me and identified himself as Joe The Baptist,  but then,  someone told me that he was actually Joe The Bartender.  Can someone confirm or deny that?

New card, new life.

I  received today my updated voter registration card.

In the square for Party it says: GREEN.

People's World: For 25th year, Cuba seeks UN resolution on blockade

El Ministro de Relaciones Exteriores de Cuba
Bruno Rodríguez

"The economic, commercial, and financial blockade imposed by the United States against Cuba persists. The blockade endangers the Cuban people. There's no Cuban family that doesn't suffer the effects of the blockade... The blockade is the principal cause of our economic problems, the principal obstacle to our development." (Bruno Rodríguez) 

Complete article at People's World

"Los EE.UU. son sordos que no quieren oir."

The vote at the United Nations General Assembly
will take place on October 26, 2016.
Cuba Journal will keep you posted LIVE on that day.

Morro Castle Sunset from Irish Website


Roberto Suárez: Bahía de La Habana, Malecón y Morro

Cuba en Fotos

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

That's What They Offered!

Hillary, Trump & Israel

Atención, Gusanitos de Miami

El Futuro Liberador de Cuba.

He will do a better job than
Ike, Nixon, Reagan and the Bushes.

He will build golf courses & McDonald's
in the island.

Light a little candle at 
"Our Lady of Hope"

Miami Gusano and SHITHEAD Cuban-American Fascist Congressman, Mario Diaz-Balart, jumps on the Trump boat with a little help from Faux News

Diaz-Balart Twins

Here is what the Howdy Doodie Dummy said:

"I commend Donald Trump for firmly stating his commitment today to reverse President Obama's capitulations to the Castro regime,”

Typical talking point from the Miami Fascist. Go and get a frita and a guarapo

The Trump University fraudster has promised to send Mario a few bucks for a Cuban cafecito in Calle Ocho in Little Havana.

I wonder how many viejitos in Calle Ocho have died waiting for the promised Yankee liberation of Cuba?

Trump will surely bring capitalism back to the island, right?

The "suckers who are born every minute" have their headquarters in Miami, the cesspool of the USA.  

I want to make sure that ...

... everyone understands where the Publisher/Editor of Cuba Journal stands on the so-called Nov 8 General Election.

During the 55 years that I have lived in the United States Of America, the two capitalist parties, the Democrats and the Republicans, have totally destroyed a once great nation. I am not going to reward them with my vote on the second Tuesday of this coming November.

I view Hillary and Trump as thoroughly dishonest and thoroughly corrupt. They are typical capitalists. Screwing everyone so they can stuff large sums of money in their pockets.

I will not applaud them and I will not give them my vote. I believe that Hillary is much worse than Trump.

You have read my Recommendation of 9/01/2016. I stand by it.

The so-called Commission on Presidential Debates is a farce. The capitalists are very afraid of giving the people a third and fourth option.

And remember, you also have a fifth option, staying home and not rewarding these two crooks with your vote.

Lakeland Commisisiners may vote themselves a huge salary increase, 82%. No end to greed in the USA?



"Under the plan that will be voted on as part of Tuesday's 2016-17 budget hearing, the six commissioners would see their annual pay increase from $16,393 to $29,733, an 82 percent raise."

American capitalism is unsustainable.

Huge economic collapse, just around the corner?

BEWARE! the Yankee imperialists covet Venezuela's large oil reserves, and the New York Times is helping them with a campaign of misinformation.

Here is an example of how they spread misinformation:

NYT: Venezuela Crises Compound as Oil Industry Falls Into Disarray

The people of Venezuela have to be on alert to defend their National Sovereignty.

The USA has an almost three trillion National Debt, most of it created under Barack Obama.

Cuban President Raul Castro and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani meet in Havana

Read UPI Report

GranmaAmistoso encuentro entre el Presidente de Irán y el compañero Fidel

Hassan Rouhani (center) & Fidel Castro
Foto: Estudios Revolución

Monday, September 19, 2016

6:00 pm TV local news

While her mom is driving the car,  a five year old girl unbuckles her seat belt.

The "bright" mother calls the police.

A perfect example of sensationalist/entertaining news?

Why doesn't the newscaster pick his nose instead?

If Hillary withdraws for health reasons...

A Rasmussen Poll asked Democrats last week whom they favor if Hillary is forced by health concerns to leave the field. The results are revealing. Rasmussen polled Democrats generally, not just the activist base that dominated the party’s primaries and caucuses, and 48 percent said Bernie. Only 22 percent said the new nominee should be Vice President Joe Biden. Fourteen percent said they thought it should be Tim Kaine, her running mate. (The Washington Times)

JG: I don't think she will withdraw. She  really thinks that Americans will elect her.
The people will decide with their ballots. I respect their wisdom.

I now believe that she will lose the election. Trump is now the lesser of two evils.

I now believe, after a lot of pondering & thinking, that #Trump is the lesser of two evils. #VoteGreen2016


Julio Iglesias: Por El Amor de Una Mujer. (+ his famous duet with Willie)

WOW! I did not know that Julio and I share the same age.

Terrorism Paranoia is spreading in the USA faster than the Zika Virus

The capitalists are very afraid that the terrorists will take away all their playing marbles.

Donald Trump is going to build a wall in the Atlantic Ocean

RCP: Crooked Hillary lead goes down to 0.9% The Walking Cadaver is doomed!

#NeverHillary #VoteGreen2016

Public polls over the past week show Trump leading Clinton in Ohio, Florida and Iowa; moving into a virtual tie with her in Nevada and North Carolina; and cutting into what had been comfortable Clinton leads in New Hampshire as well as in Colorado, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Virginia.
(Washington Post)

25 Synonyms for Capitalism

Criminal Enterprise
Survival of the Nastiest
We Screw You Better
Shady Business
LLC (Limited Liability Crooks)
Dishonest People
Mentally Deficient
Non Common Sense
Stay Away
Run for your Life
Burial Plot
Say Your Prayers
Total Destruction
Organized Religion
Mumbo Jumbo
Are You Out of Your Mind

Sunday, September 18, 2016

I don't let anyone ...

... tell me how I have to think, or what I have to believe, or not believe in, and that includes my family.

The Talking Heads and their Howdy Doodie Dummies are out in full force @ Face the Nation this morning

After 10 minutes, I turned my TV set off.


61 more days of their "presidential" political garbage.

What pests!

U.S. citizens will be the big losers on Nov 8. One more time, the crooked capitalists make the choice instead of the People. We will be stuck with megalomaniac Trump or crooked and dishonest Hillary.

Be your own man. Vote Green Party USA.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Designated Survivor appears to be one of the most stupid TV programs ever in the USA

It is targeted toward low intelligence political junkies.

I don't think that Americans are stupid

Unfortunately we may be stuck with Donald Trump as the next POTUS.

That may happen because of all the insurmountable obstacles that Democrats & Republicans put on potential third parties  in being allowed to participate in the political affairs of the United States.

The USA is clearly in decline. Either Trump or Hillary may deliver the coup de grace in the next four years.

I agree! The two ruling capitalist parties in the USA have given to us the WORST presidential candidates in the history of the nation.

Trump is a bigoted racist. And Hillary is very  dishonest and corrupt. Bill and Hillary's "foundation" is a criminal 'pay to play' enterprise. They should be indicted under the RICO Act.

The Commission on Presidential Debates is a total farce. It was created to benefit the crooks of the Democratic & Republican parties. I will not waste my time listening to their scam debates.

But you do have three options: don't participate in the Nov 8 election farce or cast a protest vote for the Green or Libertarian presidential candidates for president.

I am leaning in favor of the first, at the present time.

With very dishonest and corrupt politicians in the USA making war against each other, will so-called "democracy" be soon replaced with military dictatorship?

Police Departments in the USA are being given large amounts of military  hardware by the misnamed Dept of Defense, which is really a Dept of War. Will they be used against civilians  in a future military dictatorship in the USA?

The USA has always supported dictators throughout the world. Will they come soon here?

It can happen here. It happened in Greece, where "democracy" originated.

What is your opinion?

Friday, September 16, 2016


Did the Cuba sanctions imposed by womanizing JFK against Cuba were effective in bringing to power in the island a capitalist government like the one of General Fulgencio Batista?


Sanctions are like having an orgasm. It makes you feel good, but it fades after five minutes.

Now, the boys at the UN Security Council, or Super Bright Boy, Barack Obama, want to impose new sanctions on North Korea.

Will they make any difference?


These people should go to a room corner with a dunce hat on their heads.

FIU News: Majority of Cuban-Americans in Miami oppose U.S. embargo (Or how the Miami gusanos are abandoning their imperialist masters)

Posts by Maydel Santana

Nearly 70 percent of Cuban-Americans in Miami-Dade County support the U.S. decision to open diplomatic relations with Cuba and a strong majority (63 percent) oppose the U.S. embargo of the island nation.

Complete article at FIU News

Thursday, September 15, 2016

An urgent appeal to the readers and/or visitors of Cuba Journal: Please, Help IFCO Pastors for Peace.

You may have heard about Pastors for Peace. For many, many years they have organized FriendShipment Caravans to Cuba. The island is a poor, but proud, country, and every little bit helps. 

Now, Barack Obama's IRS wants to remove IFCO Pastors for Peace tax exempt status. Fighting the IRS can be very expensive. Some of you may know that. 

I am setting up with my bank a recurring $10.00 per monthly donation, on the 3rd of each month, to IFCO Pastors for Peace. I know it is a small amount. But little by little we can help IFCO Pastors for Peace continue their great work in Cuba. 

The letter that I received on Thursday touched my heart. 

You may receive a copy of that letter if you send a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope to: Cuba Journal, 500 Avenue L NW, #405, Winter Haven, FL 33881-4072. 

Obama's IRS allows very wealthy corporations to receive millions of dollars in subsidies each year, but here he is sending his IRS to try to destroy an organization of people helping people.” 

I am asking you to please send whatever you can afford to: IFCO Pastors for Peace, 418 W. 145 Street, New York, NY 10031. 

Thank you. May the builder of the universe bestow upon you his blessings. 

Hillary Clinton is the most dishonest American woman EVER. If you elect her, then you deserve the royal fuck that she is going to give you.

Watch Dr. Jill Stein kick Mike Wallace's ass at Faux News

Hispanic Heritage Month: My dad was born in Valencia. I am proud to have Valencian blood.

Paella Valenciana

El Deshonesto Barack Obama

Como ha sucedido durante los últimos 40 años, el presidente de los Estados Unidos renovó el martes pasado la vigencia de la Ley de Comercio con el Enemigo de 1917, que en la actualidad solo se aplica a Cuba

Muy recomendado, el articulo de Granma

Yet another financial fraud scandal in out of control USA

The capitalists in the United States of America, with their usual hyper greed guiding them, have been caught red handed again in another huge financial fraud. Deja vu, all over again.

Employees and managers at Wells Fargo Bank opened and issued thousands of unauthorized checking accounts and credit cards.

Customers had no inkling as to what was going inside the bank. This started around 2011. They have not learned their lessons from 2008.

Wells Fargo has been fined $185 million dollars for their criminal activities. I bet no capitalist executive at Wells Fargo will have to do jail time. Capitalists operate with 100% impunity. If we had an honest Justice Department under Barack Obama, this is what many citizens would like to see. LOCK THEM UP!

I am not surprised at all. The criminal elements that run the USA., the capitalists, will cheat, steal and in some cases even murder other people, to get their hands in large piles of money.

This once great nation is being brought to its knees by American capitalists.

This week, I sent a letter to my bank. You may guess who it was.  

Cuban American Fascist, Marco 'Polo' Rubio, does not want you to visit Cuba

He is very afraid that you will discover that in Cuba "A Better World Is Possible."

His argument that there are no air "marshals" in regularly scheduled flights to Cuba are spurious.

He is very afraid that Americans, when they compare Cuban society to YankeeLand Fraud society, may conclude that Cuba is a much better place to live in.

In the race for Florida U.S. Senate Seat, Cuba Journal recommends that you write-in: NOTA (None-Of-The-Above.) Patrick Murphy is as dishonest as Hillary Clinton and he is a member of  the Democrat's Gang of Sixty Six.

Cuba Journal:  Who are the Democratic Party's Gang of 66

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Let Jill Debate

If Hillary 'Walking Cadaver' is going to debate
so should Jill Stein.

Do not hold your breath.
The chances that corrupt
Democrats & Republicans
will allow it
are not good.


On Nover 8th, the American People will be the great losers

In the USA, the elections in November, every four years, are a huge FARCE. I will not participate in 2016.

We already now that Tweedledee or Tweedledum (bad or worse) will win on Nov 8th.

Aniversario 90 de la Academia Cubana de la Lengua

Fuente: Filatelia Desde Cuba

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Hillary's cough? #BringBernieBack

Bring Bernie Sanders Back!

Hillary & Bill Cliton are not worthy of your trust. Do you really want to put those two back into the White House?

Millions of Americans have seen the video of Hillary Clinton collapsing while walking to a black van that looked to me more like a hearse.

Pneumonia? My foot! I say she is a very sick person. That is just my opinion.

Hillary & Bill have become multimillionaires by using their "foundation" to collect dirty money from very corrupt governments, like Saudi Arabia and Egypt. The people call it 'Pay to Play.'

They are both very corrupt people. Do you really want them in the White House again?

The Democratic Party is home to the Political Correctness Brigades. You are totally prohibited from saying that blacks commit most of the crimes in the USA.

Donald Trump is suddenly beginning to look better and better to me.

Do not let yourselves be intimidated. Vote according to the dictates of your conscience.

Monday, September 12, 2016

We the people need to make it happen!

Bring Back Bernie Sanders. Clinton Might Actually Lose To Trump, says Huff Po.

I am no big fan of Huff Po, but this time they are right. Trump would beat Hillary on November 8th.

New Hillary Logo


BREAKING: Democrats May Hold Emergency Meeting to Consider Replacing Hillary Clinton

UPDATE ADDED: Reporter David Shuster posted to Twitter Sunday evening that operatives in the Democratic Party have told him an emergency meeting by the Democratic National Committee is being considered to replace presidential nominee Hillary Clinton on the heels of her case of pneumonia allegedly causing her to collapse Sunday morning at the 9/11 15th anniversary commemoration at Ground Zero in New York City.


JG: Get dishonest and corrupt Hillary Clinton out of there!

The People Demand:


Sunday, September 11, 2016


Lo que los gusanos de Tampa no le dicen a los ciudadados de los EE.UU.

The Tampa fascist gusanos publish a rag sheet (a free periodiquito) that you can't even use as "papel para limpiarte el culo."

In their latest issue, they made fun about the medals won by Cuba in the Rio Olympics in 2016.

But they do not inform American citizens that during the reign of their buddy, Fulgencio Batista, who was supported and kept in power by the Yankee imperialists, here are the results:

1952: Helsinki: 0 medals.

1956: Melbourne: 0 medals.

During the era of Fulgencio Batista, his esbirros were very busy murdering the Cuban people.

"Y en eso, llegó Fidel"

After the Cuban Revolution was triumphant in 1959, here are the results, starting with 1960:

France 1900 Paris1110212
United States 1904 St. Louis442393
United Kingdom 1908 Londondid not participate
Sweden 1912 Stockholm
Belgium 1920 Antwerp
France 1924 Paris90000
Netherlands 1928 Amsterdam10000
United States 1932 Los Angelesdid not participate
Germany 1936 Berlin
United Kingdom 1948 London53010128
Finland 1952 Helsinki290000
Australia 1956 Melbourne160000
Italy 1960 Rome120000
Japan 1964 Tokyo27010130
Mexico 1968 Mexico City115040431
West Germany 1972 Munich137314814
Canada 1976 Montreal156643138
Soviet Union 1980 Moscow207875204
United States 1984 Los Angelesdid not participate
South Korea 1988 Seoul
Spain 1992 Barcelona17614611315
United States 1996 Atlanta164988258
Australia 2000 Sydney22911117299
Greece 2004 Athens15197112711
China 2008 Beijing149210112328
United Kingdom 2012 London1115371516
Brazil 2016 Rio de Janeiro1245241118
Source: Wikipedia

What the Tampa gusanos are upset about is the fact that the Cuban people support their Socialist government.

You can do the math and add the Cuban Olympic medals after 1964.

After the Yankees imposed their fake republic in 1902, their puppets only won 10 medals. 


Continue to defend the island's national sovereignty.