Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Que buena poetisa Cubana

Al final del video titulado "Asi se inicio el tributo a Fidel en la Plaza de La Revolucion en La Habana" mas abajo hoy en Cuba Journal, hay una gran poetisa Cubana.

No se la pierda. Mover lentamente el boton hasta el minuto 9:25.

Se llama Corina Mestre. Corina era el nombre de mi madre.

Es super-buena.

Raúl Castro: ¡Hasta la victoria siempre, Fidel!

Asi se inicio el tributo a Fidel en la Plaza de la Revolucion en La Habana

Cubanos llegan a Plaza de la Revolución para despedirse de Fidel

Comienza el cortejo fúnebre de Fidel Castro

Gracias Cuba

Por haberme permitido seguir y ver, a través de CubaVisión, el acto de las masas celebrado anoche en la Plaza de la Revolución en La Habana.

Las distintas naciones del mudo, naciones con coraje, moral y ética, vinieron a dar sus respetos al Compañero y Camarada, Fidel Castro Rúz.

Al igual que José Martí, Fidel Castro esta viviendo en los corazones de los Cubanos que tienen dignidad y amor a la Patria.

Los quiero y me quedo corto.

Hasta Siempre Comandante. Muchísimas gracias por todas tus batallas a favor de nuestro querido pueblo. Nunca perdiste una.

El imperio sigue en declinación y caida.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Homenaje póstumo a Fidel Castro en La Habana

At 7:00 pm tonight, a huge mass gathering started at Cuba's Plaza de la Revolucion

CubaVision, LIVE:

Right now the President of South Africa is speaking. Before him the President of Ecuador spoke.

I see President Maduro  of Venezuela sitting next to Cuban President Raul Castro.

The transmission breaks up a little bit from time to time.

Roosevelt Skerrit, Prime Minister of Dominica is speaking now.

I can see the President of Bolivia in the front row too.

The President of El Salvador is next at the dais, He is speaking now. He represents the Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front. (7:55 p.m.)

Alexis Tsipras, Prime Minister of Greece, is speaking now. (8:02 pm.)

He mentions that "Liberty or Death" was the cry of the Greece Revolution of 1821.

He also talks about the example that Fidel set for all.

He finishes with Adios Comandante, Hasta La Victroria Siempre, in very clear Spanish.

The President of the National Council of Algeria is next at the dais. (8:12 pm.)

The next speaker, I believe, is from the People's Republic of China. Confirmed.

The Chinese people will miss Fidel profoundly.

A very beautiful view of the Jose Marti Monument.

The next speaker, appears to be, from his dress and hat, from Iran. (8:32 pm.) Confirmed.

He gives his condolences to the people of Cuba.

He finishes with Long Live the Friendship Between Iran and Cuba.

The next speaker is speaking as a representative of Vladimir Putin of Russia. (8:39 pm.)

A lady who represents Vietnam is next (8:44 pm.)

She expresses solidarity with Cuban communists.

She fishes with VIVA FIDEL.

Next is an Emir, but I could not catch the name of the country. He wears an Arab head dress or hat. (8:50pm.)

Next speaker is from Belarus, a Republic of the former USSR. (8:56 pm.)

He is talking about "Our Friend, Comandante Fidel."

Evo Morales, Presidente de Bolivia, is next. (9:03 p.m)

Much applause and shouts.

"Vengo a nombre del pueblo Boliviano y los movimientos sociales."

"Fidel ha sido un verdadero padre."

"Fidel no ha muerto."

"Fidel esta mas vivo que nunca, trinchera de esperanza."

"Con las ideas de la razon."

"Fidel lucho por la humanidad."

"Siempre vivio en la trinchera."

"Fidel es sinonimo de lucha anti-imperial"

"Las ideas de Fidel seran para siempre."

"Que viva Fidel."

There are many shouts in the huge crowd of: "Raul, el pueblo esta contigo."

The next speaker starts with "Viva Fidel." (9:14 pm.)

I caught the word Namibia. Confirmed.

"The people of Namibia love Fidel Castro."

En contra del Apartheid the Sud-Africa.

Las fuerzas de SWAPO.

Los Cubanos ofrendaron sus vidas y tambien perdieron extremidades.

The Liberation of the Oppressed.

Fidel envio tropas a Africa.

He talks about Cuito Canavale.

Cuba did not come to collect gold or diamonds.

The Cuban People are our friends. Fidel es nuestro amigo."

Our people give our children the name Fidel.

He talks about the constant help offered by Cuba.

Fidel will be our guide in our struggle.


His spirit will live on, forever. (9.28 pm)

Next at the dais is the Representative of Mexico, Pena Nieto ?  (9:29pm)

He talks about Fidel. Nuestro Pueblo. Nuestra America.

Descance en paz, Fidel Castro. (9:34 pm.)

Viene ahora, Daniel Ortega, Presidente de Nicaragua (9:35 pm.)

Gritos de "Yo Soy Fidel." de la muchedumbre.

He also talks about Allende.

(9:46 pm.)

Here the transmission was frozen. @ 9:53 pm.

I am sure that You Tube may have a video, later on.

10:07 pm. Daniel Ortega dice; "Que viva el pueblo de Cuba," y termina.

10:09 pm. Presidente de Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro.

Raúl presidió la última guardia de honor en el homenaje al Comandante en Jefe Fidel Castro Ruz en el memorial José Martí.

(Foto Mucho Mas Grande)

¿Quien tiene la mejor definición de imperialismo Yankee, Wikipedia or EcuRed?

Debido a que Cuba ha sufrido en su propia carne los crímenes de los imperialistas Yankees, la isla tiene una definición que es muy superior. Los imperialistas Yankees no se van a atacar psicologicamente a ellos mismos.

Wijipedia: Imperialismo estadounidense.

EcuRed: Imperialismo yanqui.

Un Mensaje Para los Gusanos Azquerosos de Miami

Boston Globe: Congress should lift embargo on post-Castro Cuba

The title message is an excellent one. Unfortunately, the body of the article has a lot of garbage in it which I will not reproduce.


191 civilized countries at the United Nations General Assembly have repudiated and condemned your course of action

You are going to end like Germany in the 1930's. ALONE.

Raul Castro and Cuba's Council of State pay homage to the Comandante

29 Noviembre 2016

We will always love you and rmember you, Fidel! GRACIAS!

Monday, November 28, 2016

Vulgar and Shit-head In Chief Donald Trump ...

The New York Times quotes him as saying the following:

“If Cuba is unwilling to make a better deal for the Cuban people, the Cuban/American people and the U.S. as a whole, I will terminate deal,” 

The Cuban-Americans in Miami, are as much shit-heads as you are. And, you are not the president of Cuba.

You only won because the Democratic Party nominated a woman that was a bigger shit-head than you are. You are the lesser of two shit-heads.

Go ahead Donald, do it, because, in my opinion, the Cuban people and their government are not going to kiss your ass, like Fulgencio Batista used to kiss the ass of Dwight D. Eisenhower.

You don't know shit about Cuba, and John F. Kennedy did not know shit about Cuba.

You will be either impeached, or dead, like JFK. The Miami fascists gangsters will kill you, like they killed JFK.

Los comemierdas fascistas de Miami piensan que por la muerte de Fidel van a haber cambios políticos en Cuba.

Que poco conocen al pueblo Cubano.

El pueblo de Cuba apoya al Partido Comunista de Cuba y ese partido es mucho mejor que el corrupto dictador Fulgencio Batista Zaldívar, el cual le besaba el culo a los imperialistas Yankees todos los dias de la semana.

Los dos partidos NorteAmericanos son dos partidos corruptos capitalistas.

No sean bobos,

No vivan de ilusiones, pues van a morir (en Miami) lleno de desengaños.

Los fascistas y los Batistianos de Miami jamás van a gobernar Cuba.

Se los garantizo.

A very beautiful and bright Venus is seen tonight from Tampa

Really gorgeous on the left side of the photo, with the Moon on the right.

The Democratic Party has become the party of corruption and very dishonest people.

They have become the party of marihuana, crack and heroin. The party of the homosexuals, lesbians, and other sexual scum. They have no morals or ethics. They will do anything to get their hands in large piles of $$$$$. FDR must be turning on his grave.

Bernie, now that he has sold his soul to this group of vermin, was saying on Sunday that Cuba was a dictatorship. He must have been having a very bad hemorrhoids day.

La Historia Me Absolverá

Fidel, Hasta La Victoria Siempre. El Imperio No Pudo Contigo.

Honor a Quien Honor Merece

America Was Never Great!

Take on Wall Street

CWA is taking on Wall Street for Working Families

Big money in politics is corrupting our democracy.
Big Money and greed on Wall Street has rigged our economy
against working people who play by the rules.

Unions, financial reform groups, consumer and public activists
are working together to restore some balance to our economy.
We can end taxpayer subsidization of runaway Wall Street greed
and make Wall Street pay its fair share.

Communications Workers of America
Chris Shelton, President
Sara Steffns, Secretary Treasurer


Fidel y Camilo. Fidel y Che.

Dos Líderes de la Revolución

Dos Líderes de la Revolución

Primero de Enero del 1959
Cuba es Libre

CubaVision en vivo muestra al pueblo Cubano dándole su respeto a Fidel en la Plaza de la Revolución

Enlace a CubaVisión de

A 90 millas de Cuba
me uno al pueblo Cubano.
Hasta Siempre Comandante.

Juventud Rebelde

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Thank you, Dr. Jill Stein

VIDEO: Elian Gonzalez remembers Fidel Castro in interview with Fox Latino

Presidente Maduro encabezó homenaje a Fidel en Venezuela

El presidente Nicolás Maduro Moros encabezó un sentido homenaje al líder de la Revolución Cubana, Fidel Castro, en el Cuartel de La Montaña en Caracas. 
En ese lugar descansan los restos de otro gigante latinoamericano: Hugo Chávez.
Foto: Prensa Presidencial

CARACAS.—El presidente venezolano Nicolás Maduro Moros encabezó el homenaje realizado a la me­moria del Comandante en Jefe Fidel Castro, en el legendario Cuartel de la Montaña, junto al sepulcro de quien consideró el mejor amigo de Cuba, Hugo Chávez.

Acompañado de su gabinete mi­nis­terial, el alto mando militar y cientos de colaboradores antillanos de todas las misiones sociales, el mandatario calificó al fundador de la Re­volución Cubana como «el gigantesco y poderoso líder que asumimos como nuestro», dijo, «un gigante que despertó a la humanidad entera con su ejemplo, su palabra y su acción». (Granma)

A reminder to the U.S. Main Stream Media (MSM)

The United States DOES NOT rule Cuba. Cubans rule Cuba.

Barack Obama does not rule Cuba and Donald Trump does not rule Cuba. They may have 'opinions,' but they are not laws in Cuba.

Only the laws approved by Cuban Parliament (which is called La Asamblea Nacional del Poder Popular) are legal and obeyed in Cuba.

U.S. laws do not have extraterritoriality, which is prohibited to all the members of the United Nations.

Cuba, and its President of the Council of State, do not accept dictates from the U.S. government.

Copmprende? Understand?


 40 minutes ago
Mi mas sentido pesame para el pueblo y gobierno de por el fallecimiento de . Con Cuba siempre. JRG, Winter Haven, FL.

I Stand with the Standing Rock Soux Tribe

Fidel Vive. Hasta Siempre Comandante.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Habla Fidel Castro

"El capitalismo es una selva ...
Es el hombre enemigo del hombre,
el hombre saqueando al hombre,
el hombre contra el hombre."

Fidel Was a Very Wise Man

Hasta Siempre Comandante (I, II, III, IV)

Cuba y Fidel Por Siempre

Photo Source: Cuba por Siempre

Silly BBC

Silly for calling a dictator. They do not know what that is, if it was staring them in the face. . [Good historical video.]
It turns out that Sarah Rainsford is a man. He/she may be one of Obama's protected transgendered fairy.
Link to the good historical video. Even silly people have to be allowed to express their silly opinions.


Fidel. Foto: Obra de Raúl Martínez
Source: Juventud Rebelde

«Revolución es sentido del momento histórico; es cambiar todo lo que debe ser cambiado; es igualdad y libertad plenas; es ser tratado y tratar a los demás como seres humanos; es emanciparnos por nosotros mismos y con nuestros propios esfuerzos; es desafiar poderosas fuerzas dominantes dentro y fuera del ámbito social y nacional; es defender valores en los que se cree al precio de cualquier sacrificio; es modestia, desinterés, altruismo, solidaridad y heroísmo; es luchar con audacia, inteligencia y realismo; es no mentir jamás ni violar principios éticos; es convicción profunda de que no existe fuerza en el mundo capaz de aplastar la fuerza de la verdad y las ideas. Revolución es unidad, es independencia, es luchar por nuestros sueños de justicia para Cuba y para el mundo, que es la base de nuestro patriotismo, nuestro socialismo y nuestro internacionalismo».

Fidel Castro Ruz, Plaza
de la Revolución José Martí,
La Habana, 1ro. de mayo de 2000

Eulogy for Fidel

The Historical and Maximum Leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro Rúz, has passed away.

He liberated the island from the yoke of the corrupt Yankee imperialists!

Undefeated and proud, his light will always shine! Eternal glory to him!

A patriot and a giant, the greatest Cuban that ever lived has entered the glorious pages of Cuba's immortal history.

Cuba had to fight twice for its national independence and sovereignty. First, under the leadership of El Apóstol, José Martí, it battled the Spanish colonial empire at the end of nineteenth century. But his dream went unfullfilled. The second time, with El Comandante Fidel Castro at the helm, it valiantly fought and overthrew a U.S. supported dictator. On January First, 1959, Cuba's Revolution's Maximum Leader, together with all the Cuban people, sent the despot's henchmen to live in eternal ignominy in capitalist-decadent Miami, Florida, USA.

On that glorious day, Cuba was, for the first time, a truly independent and sovereign nation.

This date is as significant as Bastille Day in France and the glorious Russian and Chinese Revolutions victories.

The Yankee imperialists tried just about everything to subvert the will and the desires of the Cuban people: the CIA trained scummy Miami mercenaries and landed them at the Bay of Pigs on April 17 of 1961. They were slapped on the face and defeated in less than 66 hours. It was the first military defeat of the Yankee imperialists in Latin America.

Hundreds of assassination attempts were directed against the Maximum Leader by the empire's evil CIA. They all came to naught. A brutal and genocidal economic and financial blockade was imposed on the island in 1962 by the womanizing president of the Yankees. It did not accomplish its goal.

In 2015, the U.S. was condemned by 193 civilized countries of the world at the General Assembly of the United Nations, where the evil empire does not have veto powers. Even NATO members condemned the actions and policies of the bullies and gangsters of the north. The yankee imperialists were, at that point, totally alone.

Now, more that ever, the Cuban people must be alert and on guard in order to thwart the desires and plans of the capitalist scum in Washington D.C. and Miami, who are still trying to turn back the clock to the era before 1959.

¡Hasta la victoria siempre! Comandante Fidel Castro.

Granma ha anunciado el fallecimiento de nuestro Comandante del Pueblo, Fidel Castro Ruz.

Decreta el Consejo de Estado duelo nacional

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Che Guevara - No se puede confiar en el imperialismo pero ni tantito así

Inauguran exposición fotográfica dedicada al Desembarco del Granma

Como parte de las celebraciones que tienen lugar en todo el país con motivo de la efeméride, quedó abierta al público la muestra en el área expositiva del Parque Histórico Militar Morro-Cabaña

El general de cuerpo de Ejército Álvaro López Miera, viceministro de las FAR, jefe del estado mayor general inauguró la exposicion fotográfica. Foto: Ismael Batista

Enlance para el artículo de Granma

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

On December 2nd, 2016, Cuba will celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Granma landing in the shores of Oriente province, Cuba

Aboard that yacht were 80 courageous Cubans, under the leadership of Fidel, Raul, Che, Camilo and Almeida.

They would overthrow the U.S. murderous puppet who was supported by American imperialism.

El pueblo unido jamas sera vencido.

It  is not a cliche. It is reality.

6:00 pm ABC local news. Screaming Police Dept Chief blames Obama for removing military vehicles from his department.

Listen jerk: you are a  Police Department. You are not a member of the military. We do not need the Federal government to send military vehicles to the police. Use your police cruisers, and if you can not control criminals in your city, the people should remove you.

60 Anniversario del Desembarco del Granma

Cuba celebrará con júbilo el 60 aniversario del desembarco del yate Granma:
un hecho que cambió la Historia

Monday, November 21, 2016

Coco Fariñas, el bufón para la vendetta de Marco Rubio contra #Cuba

Looks like a good book: El rostro oculto de la CIA. Antesala de Playa Girón

Presentan revelador libro sobre la conjura de la CIA contra Cuba


Reject Jeff Sessions

The KKK has friend in Jeff Sessions as nation’s top cop

Philatelic Treasures

BREAKING NEWS! Donald Trump just offered to Gov Christie the job of CEO at Donkin Donuts.

Donald Trump would have lost the US election if Bernie Sanders had been the candidate [of the Democratic Party]

JG: It is up to all of us to make sure that vulgar Donald Trump
does not destroy the USA with his hate policies.

"No Trump, No KKK, No Fascist USA"
Billie Joe Armstrong 

US Postage Stamps: Padre Félix Varela

Issued: 1997 
Scott Catalog # 3166

Sheet of 20 stamps



U.S. businesses to pressure Trump to keep ties to Cuba

MIAMI — A powerful coalition of U.S. companies is preparing to appeal to President-elect  Donalld Trump business instincts and drop his vow to reverse one of Preisdent Obama's signature  achievements: renewed relations with Cuba.

Link to article

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Presidente de EE.UU. destaca restablecimiento de relaciones con Cuba

Obama aprovechó el espacio que brinda la Cumbre de la APEC en Perú para referirse a este tema y a los resultados de la elecciones en su país, entre otros

Lima. — El presidente de Estados Unidos, Barack Obama, destacó hoy el restablecimiento de relaciones diplomáticas con Cuba entre los logros de su administración que, en su opinión, no serán afectados por el cambio de gobierno en su país. 


JG: Cuba, now more than ever, has to be on guard and be prepared to stop any new schemes of the extreme-right-wing newly elected president of the USA.

Cuba has responded with new alerts and military exercises under the name Bastion 2016.

Never trust the Yankee imperialists. That is my message today on the 55th anniversary of my arrival in the USA.

El Pueblo alerta en defensa de la Patria. 

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Don Quijote de la Mancha, Moneda de España

1986: U.S. Senate denied Jeff Sessions a federal judgeship over accusations of racism

Link to WaPo Article

Donald Trump’s Attorney General Nominee Wrote Off Nearly All Immigrants From An Entire Country

Sen. Jeff Sessions thought that “almost no one” from the Dominican Republic coming to the U.S. had skills to benefit America.

 11/19/2016 08:13 am ET
Excerpt from HuffPo:
A vocal early supporter of Trump, Sessions was a logical candidate for a top position in the incoming administration. But his past statements on civil rights and race ensured his nomination would be contentious. Thirty years ago, Sessions was denied confirmation for a federal judgeship after the Senate Judiciary Committee objected to racist remarks he had made calling the NAACP and ACLU “un-American” and expressing sympathy for the KKK.

JG: Trump is surrounding himself with Nazi-like individuals. I hope that the U.S. Senate will reject U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions for Trump's Attorney General.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Go Magnus!

The first six games ended in a draw.

WCC2016 Wikipedia Page

Conditions in the streets of Lima, Peru are worsening as workers take to the streets demanding to be paid

New York Times Report

Peruvian Llama

LIMA, Peru — Hundreds of state workers have marched through the streets of Lima, the capital of Peru, because they have not been paid. Fishermen have protested being told they could not fish, complaining that they have no other means to feed their families. And residents living near Machu Picchu shut down trains to the famous Inca ruins, saying that the company operating the railway is unresponsive to commuters relying on it to get to work.

JG: Again, politicians appear to be unresponsive to the needs of the people. SHAME ON THEM!


I am very happy that this is happening

Some Cuban dissidents have complained that after Obama's changed U.S. policy on Cuba, most of the U.S. groups that visit the island, including groups of U.S. Congress members, no longer meet with them. (Miami Herald)