Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Marzo 13, 1957: Ataque al palacio presidencial del dictador Cubano Fulgencio Batista

EcuRed: https://www.ecured.cu/Ataque_al_Palacio_Presidencial

I was two weeks short of being thirteen years old.

It was another normal day at the building #1312, 21 Street, between  Avenues 22 and 24 in the very quiet Vedado district of Havana.

No one knew that students from the University of Havana had rented several apartments in our building. It was a very strategic location that offered security to the young anti-Batista conspirators-heroes.

The large front stairs took the residents to their apartments. On the left side there was a service stairs that opened up to a very short passage-way to the dead-end 21 Street. Less than ten feet.

I remember seeing a very big truck parked there.

There was little furniture in the apartments. On the walls big signs said "SILENCIO." and "MANTENGA SUS CONVERSACIONES EN VOZ BAJA."

At the appointed date and time, the university students probably used the service stairs to descend from the apartments to the truck.

The mission: a military civilian attack against the presidential palace of Yankee-supported dictator Batista, to capture and execute him.

Unfortunately, the assault, for a number of reasons, was not successful. The Batista nightmare for the Cuban people would continue for two more years.

Honor and glory to the courageous university students who gave their lives on that date, so Cuba could be free of foreign domination.

The Student Directorate would become a very strong ally of the 26 of  July Movement, which was led by Dr. Fidel Castro.

After both movements attacked and captured Santa Clara, in central Cuba, Fulgencio Batista fled to the Dominican Republic on January First, 1959.

Cuba was finally free.

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