Friday, August 10, 2018

Noelvis Entenza, a Blue Lions Industrialista Pitcher who has decided to remain loyal to Cuba

Noelvis Entenza

In Cuba, there are two types of Baseball Players. The good ones, like Pedro Luis Lazo, who once said that he had millions of adoring fans, and then, there are the 'Dollar Chasers.' Show them a $20.00 USA dollar bill and they will jump immediately on a wooden raft and head for scummy Miami, Florida.

The baseball stars who ignore MLB to stay loyal to Cuba ... and Canada.

Cuban players can make millions if they defect to the United States but others prefer to plot a career path that will keep them close to their families

The best current Cuban Player who said NO! to MLB. He went to Japan. He is loyal to Cuba and its large base of Baseball fans. His name is Alfredo Despaigne.

This story is about Noelvis Entenza.

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