Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Why is the Sanders 'political revolution' loosing steam?

Americans are extremely naive people! They all want to be capitalist millionaires. 99.9% of them believe that endeavor should be the highest goal in the life of a person.

What sorry lives they live! Greed comes first. No wonder why Amerians are dislike everywhere around the world. They will do everything and anything for a pile of money.

I have lived under both systems: Corrupt capitalism (in Cuba, before the Socialist Revolution triumphed on 1 January 1959), and in corrupt capitalist USA, after my very stupid parents swallowed the CIA and Cuban Catholic Church lies of Operation Peter Pan.

I have seen how both systems are. In the USA life is about greed and f*cking everyone around you.

The average American has no morals and very little ethics. But, I have also met many honest  Americans in my 57 years in the USA. They are a very small group.

Socialism comes closer to the "Love One Another" doctrine of Jesus of Nazareh.

I have abandoned Organized Religion. It is all about money too. I am an Agnostic now.

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