Sunday, September 30, 2018

Three Memes for the Weekend and November 6

Stupid U.S. Admiral is promoting a war against the People's Republic of China.

Only WAR can stop China in the South China Sea - US Admiral delivers TERRIFYING warning

J.G. The people of the world already know that the U. S. military are WAR PROMOTERS.

Will WW3 be televised in color in CBS, ABC, and NBC?

I an getting the popcorn ready!


Can Industriales finish #1 in the 'todos contra todos' phase of Cuba's 58th National Baseball Series?

It is very doubtful.


Because of the way that they played against the Crocodiles last week.

Of course, we also have to remember the unforgetable Yogi Berra.


Let us hope that the Blue Lions get their shit together.

Let's hope for a 'six game sweep' against Granma and Ciego de Avila.

Life is not about starting a business. It is about living with DIGNITY and not hurting others.

JC said it best: "Love One Another." War promoters are not allowed to participate.

Presidente Cubano, José Díaz-Canel, visita la estatua ecuestre de José Martí en Nueva York

Industriales and Holguín Are Tied for Second Place in Cuba's 58th National Baseball Series

Next, are the last two series of the first phase of the 58th series, Granma and Ciego de Ávila.

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Matanzas Defeats Industriales 2-1

They lost two games against the Crocodidles, who are in the last place of the 58th National Series.


You gotta play better!

Or you will be eliminated quickly from the second phase.

Seis innings y medio: Industriales vs Matanzas: 0-0.

Aside from some legitimate news, like when a hurricane is threatening your home, 95 percento of so-called 'news' in the Internet is some capitalist sharpie trying to sell you JUNK.

The Intenet has outlived its usefullness. It has degeneraetd into businesses trying to sell you scams or junk.

CubaDebate: En fotos, Fidel en Nueva York en 1960

Enlace a CubaDebate

LLega a las 11:30 p.m. al hotel Theresa en Harlem, luego de ser recibido por el Secretario General de la ONU, Dag Hammarskjold.
Foto: PL

Long live the memory of Fidel Castro,
liberator of the Republic of Cuba.

#No Más Bloqueo - #Unblock Cuba

Fidel Castro Threatens to Sleep in Central Park in Outrage Over Hotel Prices During 1960 Visit

Fidel Castro and Malcom X in 1960

Discurso de Fidel Castro en la ONU el 26 de Septiembre de 1960 (+ Fotos y Video)

A los Leones les gusta la carne de Cocodrilos con barbecue sauce

We will have them for lunch today.

Today at 2:00 p.m.

Friday, September 28, 2018

Ledumahadi mafube - New Jurassic Giant of South Africa

Democrats walk out of Senate Judiciary Committee meeting

Trump orders FBI probe into Kavanaugh; Senate vote delayed

Washington (CNN) - Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation was suddenly thrown into doubt Friday after Republicans and the White House agreed to a one-week delay so that the FBI can investigate sexual assault allegations facing President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee.

JG: What are the Republicans trying to hide? The USA does not need a sexual predator and a habitual alcoholic in the highest court of the land. We can do better than that.

Industriales regresan al segundo lugar.

Cuando me fuí de la transmisión, tenían muchos problemas. Poco antes de irme el score era 8-4 a favor de los Leones.

Tearful woman confronts Senator Flake on elevator

Tearful woman confronts Senator Flake on elevator

What is important for the Republicans? The same thing that was important for Fulgencio Bastista in Cuba.

Stuffing their pockets with as much money from the Public Treassury as possible. (I am talking about the politicians.)

[Blogger is begining to fall appart, the same way that capitalism is falling appart in the USA.]

[I will try to find out what happened to the video.]

The only thing that the GOP does very well in the USA is WHINE! WHINE! WHINE! You guys are not in kinderganten anymore, GROW UP!

Pizarra de Carreras: Industriales 8, Matanzas 4, ---> Septiembre 28, 2018.

Empieza el Septimo inning.

America: The Magazine of the Jesuits: The Editors: It is time for the Kavanaugh nomination to be withdrawn

What a spectacle for the world to see: Washington D.C. is currently a circus.

New York Times Editorial Board:

Why Brett Kavanaugh Wasn't Believable

As of this morning the Industriales Blue Lions are on third place and still have chance to win Cuba's 58th National Baseball Series.

May the best team be succesful.

Ciego de Ávila has a good team and the finals promise to be very good.


Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Majority of Americans oppose Kavanaugh nomination if Ford’s allegation is true, poll says

World War 3: China ‘ready to respond to US provocations’, Trump is warned

A state-run Chinese media outlet has suggested the country is ready to “respond to US provocations” in a clear hint the ongoing trade war and tension in the South China Sea have the potential to deteriorate amid World War 3 fears.

Does Donald Trump have Narcissistic Personality Disorder?

According to DSM-5, individuals with NPD have most (at least five) or all of the symptoms listed below (generally without commensurate qualities or accomplishments).

1 Grandiosity with expectations of superior treatment by others.

2 Fixated on fantasies of power, success, intelligence, attractiveness, etc.

3 Self-perception of being unique, superior, and associated with high-status people and institutions.

4 Needing constant admiration from others.

5 Sense of entitlement to special treatment and to obedience from others.

6 Exploitative of others to achieve personal gain.

7 Unwilling to empathize with others' feelings, wishes, or needs.

8 Intensely jealous of others and the belief that others are equally jealous of them.

9 Pompous and arrogant demeanor.

The Indignity of it All

Donald Trump is laughed at by the world leaders in the Unted Nations, while a third woman comes forward with allegations of sexual assaults by Brett Kavanaught.

Is there no end? The stench is too much.

Is someone at this moment writing a book about the decline and fall of the USA?

The arrongance is way too much for the people to bear. They are good people.

Industriales Vintage Video. Los mejores del béisbol Cubano. Good music.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Industriales played poorly today. Artemisa defeats them 14-6.

So far, they have allowed 11 runs and committed six errors.

I am going to sleep. I hope they do better against the Cocodrilos in the coming series.

Se reanuda el juego pero es dificil que los Industriales vayan a ganar.

Detienen el juego. Aprentando la lluvia.

Lloviendo en el Estadio Lationoamericano en el octavo imning.

Artemisa ganando 11-4.

Pizarra de Carreras: Artemmisa 11, Industriales 4. (25 Septiembre 2018).

#No Más Bloqueo - #Unblock Cuba 

Grand Salami de Stayler Hernandez y los Leones Alzules toman la ventaja 4-0.

For the Suckers Who Are Born Every Minute

'News' are now being converted into fancy speculation by magazines. Here is the latest.

Humans Contribute to Earth’s Wobble, Scientists Say

Maybe too many people having sex at the same time?

Pobrecito Cocodrilo - Orquesta Capri [HQ]

Industriales en Primer Lugar

Derrotan a Artemisa 6-5.

Empate en la cima de la pelota: Leones de Industriales alcanzan a Tigres de Ciego de Ávila

Un duelo de 12 innings.

Monday, September 24, 2018

Pizarra de Carreras: Artemisa 5, Industriales 6. (Estadio Latinoamericano). (FINAL).

Grand Salami for Artemisa.

Final Score: Industriales 6, Artemisa 5.

U.N. General Assembly Schedule

Schedule of General Assembly plenary and related meetings

72nd session

LAST UPDATE: 20 September 2018

Wednesday,  1 November
a.m. and p.m. - General Assembly Hall

38th and 39th Plenary meeting

Necessity of ending the economic, commercial and financial embargo imposed by the United States of America against Cuba [item 42]

(a)   Report of  the Secretary-General

(b)    Draft resolution (

Presidente cubano Miguel Díaz-Canel en la ONU

The U.N. will vote later on (November 1) on Cuba's resolution,
which will repudiate & condemn the US embargo against Cuba

Is U.S. Foreign Policy Reverting the World to a Dark 'Jungle'?

Note: The title of the printed Sunday NYT and the title in the Internet are different. This happens some times. 

List of World Heritage Sites in Cuba


Very good time-line at the Council on Foreign Relations on Cuba-USA affairs


Cuba's new president makes first trip to old Cold War foe United States

HAVANA (Reuters) - Cuba’s new president, Miguel Diaz-Canel, arrived in New York on Sunday for his first trip to the United States, where he will denounce the decades-old U.S. trade embargo on his country at the U.N. General Assembly, state-run media reported.

JG: Cuba has 191 friends at the United Nations. The Yankee imperialists only have one.


JG: Beam me up Scotty. The reports were highly exaggerated

The USA is becoming a three ring circus. Can it survive?

The Supreme Court Is Coming Apart

It’s not just the Kavanaugh mess. Over the long term, the court risks a crisis of legitimacy.

Tabla de Posiciones. 58 Serie Nacional de Béisbol de Cuba. Faltan 11 juegos para terminar la primera fase, Todos Contra Todos.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Friday, September 21, 2018

Pizarra de Carreras: Las Tunas 5, Industriales 5. (Estadio Latinoamericano)

Wilfredo Aroche 3 RBI. (Industriales).

Rujan,  Leones Azules.

The Attack of the Killer Three Dollars

Posted: Let it be known to one and all, that the publisher/editor of this blog, which is devoted primarily to Cuba and/or Baseball, will no longer give Three Dollars to any politician or wannabe.


That also includes you, Bernie.


Triple Tie for Second Place in Cuba's 58th National Baseball Series.

I will not miss the radio transmission from Cuba tonight.

Be there next to your radio or computer laptop tonight at 7:15 p.m. 

I want to thank everyone that is involved in the TV & Radio transmissions in the island.

I like the fact that Cuba does not have commercial advertising in their baseball games.

Who wants to listen to BORING beer commercials?


58 SERIE NACIONAL DE BÉISBOL: Triple empate en el segundo lugar

La Habana.- INDUSTRIALES aventajó 5-1 a Las Tunas con la victoria 99 en series nacionales de Frank Monthiet, lo que propició un triple empate en el segundo lugar de la tabla de posiciones de la 58 Serie Nacional de Béisbol.

Los Leñadores descendieron al sexto puesto con 19-13.

Seguir leyendo...

Frank Camilo Morejon and Erly Casanova, two superb Cuban players for the Parma, Italy Baseball Club

Erly Casanova

Frank Camilo Morejon

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Las Tunas 1, Industriales 5, (Segundo Juego) - 20 Septiembre 2018


Why Dr. Blasey Ford should not submit herself to the Circus that is the Judiciary Committee of the U.S. Senate

1) The USA is a patriarchal nation. In the USA women are always subservient to men. Before you are asked the first question, you will start in minus territory.

2) I remember watching Anita Hill being "interviewed" by the U.S. Senate. They were extremely nasty to her. You can expect that, and probably more.

3) The USA can no longer be considered a civilized society. Crime is all over the place. You would be in great danger of losing your life.

4) Can anything nice be said about the nation that gave the world Hiroshima and Nagasaki? NO!

5) Find yourself a civilized country, and enjoy the rest of your life there. People will help you.

6) American politicians (including Trump) are very nasty people. His administration is extremely dishonest. Do not believe a word they tell you. They are professional liars. They are capitalists.

7) Do not participate in the Circus that is Washington D.C.

8) The only thing that Americans care about is $$$$$ and Power.

9) They will try to embarrass you.

10) Avoid the Hyenas. They will try to eat you alive.


Hymn to Hurricane Florence

Blame God from whom all cyclones blow,
Blame him when rivers overflow,
Blame him who swirls down house and steeple,
Who sinks the ship and drowns the people.

To be sung to the music of:
"Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow"


Norm R. Allen Jr. "A National Day of Blame."

Free Inquiry, Volume 13, No. 4 (Fall 1993)

Introduced Blamegiving Day to give voice to
"cropless farmers," "jobless workers,"
and other "victims of Divine Negligence."

Cálculos antes del tercio final [de la 58 Serie Nacional]

September 20, 2018

La Habana.- SI LA 58 Serie Nacional de Béisbol finalizara después del segundo tercio, los clasificados a la siguiente fase según la tabla de posiciones serían: Ciego de Ávila, Industriales, Villa Clara, Santiago de Cuba, Holguín y Las Tunas.

Social Media is the biggest FRAUD ever created by American Capitalism

If you use it you are one of the "suckers who are born every minute."

Industriales descienden a la sexta posicion después de perder dos juegos consecutivos

En la selva del béisbol, manda el Tigre y pican las avispas

La jornada de este miércoles dio inicio al último tercio de la fase inicial del calendario y, en ella, Santiago de Cuba, con su éxito sobre Holguín, reafirma que su asalto a la cima de la campaña va en serio

Las Tunas derrota a los Leones Azules 8-5.

Los Tigres han ganado cinco juegos consecutivos y están seguros en el primer lugar.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

HR de Yosvany Alarcon. Las Tunas 2, Industriales 1.

Industriales empatan el juego 1-1.

Las Tunas marca su primera carrera contra los Industriales. Las Tunas 1, Industriales 0.

Después de dos innings completos, Las Tunas 0, Industriales 0, en el Estadio Latinoamericano en La Habana

En solamente unos pocos dias las Avispas de Santiago de Cuba se colocan en el segundo lugar de la Serie 58

Septiembre 19, 2018.

Primer Lugar: 20 ganados y 9 perdidos: Ciego de Avila.

Segundo Lugar: 19 ganados y 11 perdidos: Santiago de Cuba.   

The garbage that USA Today peddles is unbelievable! Here is the latest:

Young mosquitoes who eat even small pieces of plastic could be contaminating other insects and mammals, according to new research.

Are capitalist outfits running out of new garbage that they can 'invent.'?

The Reality of the USA today.

You want to find refuge in the USA?

The Trump administration responds: "We have to send our money to capitalist millionaires and big corporations!"

I would not be surprised if Donald Trump decides to tear down the Statue of Liberty.

'People will die': Obama official's warning as Trump slashes refugee numbers

Poll: Gillum leads DeSantis in Florida by six points.

September 19, 2018

Democrat Andrew Gillum holds a 6-point lead over Ron DeSantis(R) in the hotly contested gubernatorial campaign in Florida, according to a new poll.

Link to article:

Toros de Tijuana se refuerzan con un Oro Olímpico, Frederich Cepeda

Frederich Cepeda es una leyenda del beisbol cubano con 21 temporadas a cuestas.  
(Foto: Toros de Tijuana)

Ganador de la máxima medalla en Atenas 2004, el poderoso pelotero cubano, Frederich Cepeda, llega al roster de los Toros de Tijuana en la Liga Mexicana de Beisbol.

Posiciones de la Liga Mexicana de Baseball (LMB)

Monday, September 17, 2018

Triple Tie For Third Place in Cuba's 58th National Baseball Series

Holguín, Industriales and Santiago de Cuba are tied for third place, each one with 18 wins and 11 losses.

Google and Microsoft are always making excuses for the excesses of American capitalism.

Michael Bloomberg, the former mayor of New York, said he has some differences with Democrats, but said, “It’s impossible to conceive that I could run as a Republican.” (NYT)

CUBA: Presidente Miguel Díaz-Canel

El presidente de CubaMiguel Díaz-Canel, afirmó que su país está dispuesto al diálogo, mientras no se condicione la soberanía nacional, "porque nosotros no aceptamos imposiciones, menos con los EE.UU."  (TeleSur)


The other week, Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis' allies went to court in their latest effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act by gutting protections for people with pre-existing conditions. 

Here are a few stories from Floridians who would be harmed if DeSantis' friends get their way:

"My 40-year-old daughter was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer last year. Thank God she has Obamacare with good coverage and a subsidy that makes her insurance affordable. She is currently in treatment at Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa. I went to a town hall meeting for Congressman Webster, shook his hand and told him this story. I asked him if his vote on healthcare would continue to give my daughter affordable coverage. He said "Yes." I then asked him if he would give me his word on his vote. He said "Yes." He lied."

- Carol, Lake County

"I have diabetes and heart problems and, prior to the ACA, my premiums were $1200 per month. Now I pay $400 per month through the exchange and have a good policy with low deductibles. Insurance companies make billions in profit and pharmaceuticals charge outrageous fees for a drug I need to stay alive. If I can not afford insulin I will die."

- Judy, Pinellas County

"I am currently battling ovarian cancer and am in a fight for my life. Without the subsidy we receive on Obamacare we could not afford health insurance."

- Carlyn, Hillsborough County

If you agree that we need to protect our fellow Floridians from losing their healthcare, add your name now and tell DeSantis that healthcare is a right

We won't stop fighting for you.

Bring it home,

Andrew Gillum


JG: I expect to cast my vote for a full 100% Blue Wave.

Disgusting and greedy USA capitalism.

Coca-Cola: We're 'closely watching' the market for drinks infused with cannabis extract

Capitalists will do anything to make a fast buck.

23 deaths for Florence

Cuba knows how to prepare for hurricanes. The USA DOES NOT.

The monster ...

... named Brett Kavanaugh does not deserve to be in the U.S. Supreme Court.


Ted Cruz's Texas Senate campaign is sending out mailers to voters disguised as court summonses

Ted Cruz is VERY SCARED. I hope he loses, and makes it possible for the BLUE WAVE to capture the U.S. Senate.

Gillum-King for Florida

Game of the Day Scoreboard: INDUSTRIALES 3, PINAR DEL RIO 4 - (FINAL)

Thank you to Radio Guamá in Pinar del Rio.

Noelvis Entenza will pitch for the Blue Lions.

El juego comienza a las 2:17 p.m.

Home Run by Alexander Malleta.

We have finished four innings.

And we are now going to the fifth inning. The score is still tied 1-1.

Cinco innings completos.

The Vegueros score the go-ahead run in the bottom of the six inning.

Parte final del séptimo inning.


I never read The Hill. it is a highly biased and typically dishonest Republican outfit.

Donald Trump is desperate to start a military war against the People's Republic of China. Will he use trade as an excuse to do it?

China to Cancel Talks If Trump Moves Ahead With Tariffs, Sources Say.

One of the two is lying.

Brett Kavanaugh and his accuser say they are willing to testify

Telesur interviews Cuba's President Miguel Diaz-Canel on Sunday, 9-16-2018

La Serie 58 del Béisbol Nacional de Cuba

Septiembre 17, 2018

Primer Lugar: Ciego de Avila, 20 ganados, 9 perdidos.

Segundo Lugar: Industriales, 18 ganados, 10 perdidos

Tercer Lugar: Villa Clara, 17 ganados, 10 perdidos.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Paso Doble - Malagueña

Son cubano par Carlos Rafael Gonzalez et Marie Line au festivla Caribedanza

Ahed Tamimi Finally Travels to France Despite Israeli Obstacles

Ahed Tamimi, the resistance teen icon from Palestine traveled to France Friday for an event where she asked people to support the Palestinian cause and to boycott Israel.

Ahed Tamimi, the Palestinian resistance icon, traveled to France for a debate on Friday. The young resistance leader was invited by L'Humanité newspaper and the French Communist party, or PCF, to participate in an event organized by Association France Palestine Solidarite.

Ahed spoke Sunday at the Fete de L'Humanité (Festival of Humanity) which is organized annually by the PCF and its newspaper L'Humanité at La Courneuve in Seine-Saint-Denis. "I want to say to Trump that Jerusalem will remain the capital of Palestine”, Ahed Tamimi said in reference to the decision of the U.S. president to move the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv, addressing thousands of people who attended the last day of the event.

“The Palestinian refugees, we do not need the money of the Americans, but to return to our land” and find “our dignity”, she added. “We must be united in the face of the occupation.”

She went on to describe her own experience as a young Palestinian under Israeli brutal occupation. “When you’re a young Palestinian who is 17 years old today, you suffer on a daily basis the practices of the Israeli occupation ... even Palestinian children are arrested at checkpoints and Israeli-controlled”.

La Pelota es el deporte nacional de Cuba, no el futbol (soccer).

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez defends $40 trillion price tag for progressive proposals

Link to Article

Let us make the USA great for all the people
and not only the millionaires and the big corporations.

Alexandria for VP with Bernie.

In the second game today between Vegueros and Industriales, the Blue Lions lead 4-1. Final 5-1. (BOXSCORE)

Industriales won the game 5-1. (BOXSCORE)

Stayler Hernandez current batting average is .474

The next game between Vegueros and Lions starts in 30 minutes.

Al fin ha comenzado el juego entre Industriales y Pinar del Rio (BOXSCORE)

Industriales 0, Pinar del Rio 1.

The Vegueros win.


Dollar Chasers

The Mesa brothers are desperate to get their hands
on a big pile of dollars.


Florence Flooding

El carnaval de la Habana es una gran fiesta para el pueblo cubano

Mexico's Ballet Brings City Streets to En Pointe Standstill

Members of the Ardentia dance company surprised drivers and pedestrians with another public performance in Mexico City on September 8.

Transmitirá Telesur entrevista con Presidente cubano

Este domingo 16 de septiembre Telesur transmitirá en la noche la entrevista que le concediera a esa televisora el Presidente de los Consejos de Estado y de Ministros Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Compay Segundo Live - 'Chan Chan'

Industriales vs Pinar del Rio - 15 Septiembre, 2018

5:13 pm  -  TV Cubano por El Monaco

  • Lázaro Vargas: 5:13 PMIndustriales vs Pinar del Rio: 0 a 0 en tres completas, han parado el juego por la lluvia.
  • Sigue lloviendo en el Estadio Capitán San Luis.
  • El juego fue sellado 0 - 0 en el tercer inning. Doble juego empezando mañana a las 10:00 a.m.

Muñequitos Cubanos: Cap01 #NoMasBloqueo

Cuba's new president to travel to the United Nations General Assembly in October.

A newspaper that I dislike intensely reports that Cuba's new President is traveling to the General Assembly of the United Nations.

That body is expected to condemn, one more time, the genocidal blockade-embargo that the USA imposed on the Cuban government after the triumph of the Cuban Revolution on 1 January 1959.

The General Assembly resolution has no teeth. The General Assembly is merely a yada! yada! body.

In my opinion, the General Assembly of the United Nations ought to expel the USA from its deliberations.

The USA has been condemned and repudiated on the Cuba issue more than 20 times. The last vote, I believe, was 191-2. Only Zionist Israel kisses the ass of the Yankee imperialists.

The next vote will be on Halloween, October 31, 2018.

Give the Yankees a very NASTY Trick or Treat.

The following is from the current Wikipedia:

Polls show declining[quantify] support for sanctions among Cuban Americans. A June 2014 poll showed 52% of Cuban Americans in Miami-Dade County, Florida, opposed the embargo and 48% supported it.[97] In the United States lobbying groups such as Engage Cuba advocate for the end of the embargo.

BOXSCORE: Industriales vs Villaclara. Jueves 13 de Septiembre, 2018

Frank Montieh solo permitió un hit en siete innings. SUPERB!

Frank Montieh: Another GREAT Cuban Pitcher of the Blue Lions

Beto + Gillum = Victory on November 6

Friday, September 14, 2018

A Message from the New York State Communist Party - Sept 20 Rally for Puerto Rico

Dear Friend,

September 20, 2018 marks one year since Hurricane Maria devastated the island of Puerto Rico. In its aftermath, the destruction and suffering has been compounded by the criminal neglect and inaction of the Trump Administration and Republican Congress. They have refused to provide adequate aide and funding that would restore services and address the people’s needs on the island.

Recently the government of Puerto Rico, which has acted in complicity with Trump throughout the year, officially recognized that 3,000 lives were lost directly because of Hurricane Maria. Yet, Trump maintains that he has done a “great job” in Puerto Rico.

Please join us on Thursday, September 20th in Union Square in New York City from 6 to 8 PM for a Community Gathering and Rally to mark the one year anniversary since Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico and to demand full and just recovery efforts from the US government in order to address the dire needs that still besiege the residents of Puerto Rico.

The response to the needs of Puerto Ricans, who are American citizens, should be at a level and scale as great as that given to Florida, Houston and other American cities and states. It should be a response and relief effort that addresses the true crisis faced in terms of lack of health care, housing, public school closings and damaged infrastructure. It should help build resources for sustainable energy and food, and not the profiteering of corporate and hedge-fund interests.

US colonialism and its historical plunder of the island has resulted in denial of full sovereignty through colonialist laws such as the Jones Act, which prevents Puerto Ricans from determining which ships are allowed to dock at its shores. The US imposed Financial Control Board further strangles the economy and people through austerity measures that protect wealthy investors and cripple social, health and educational services. We demand full self-determination for Puerto Rico and an end to the stranglehold by US corporate and banking interests.

This solidarity event has a wide range of endorsers, including labor, cultural, peace, environmental, education and civil rights organizations. Please join this Community Gathering and Rally in solidarity with Puerto Rico and bring your family and friends. Please share this information widely with organizations, churches and all who stand in support of Puerto Rico. Please ask to post the flyer in housing complexes and businesses throughout the city. Let’s all stand together with Puerto Rico.

We are glad you attended our forum with Nelson Denis on the effects of Hurricane Maria and the crisis in Puerto Rico and we hope to see you at Union Square!

We would like to have other programs on Puerto Rico in the future. As we plan for future programs, we should appreciate any of your suggestions.

Thank you,

Carol Ramos Widom

Committee in Solidarity with the Students and Teachers of Puerto Rico

New York State Communist Party
235 W 23rd St, 7th Fl | New York, NY 10011 |

Convocan al Tuitazo: El Mundo Contra el Bloqueo

El Instituto Cubano de Amistad con los Pueblos convoca a todas las personas y amigos que defienden la paz a sumarse el próximo lunes 17 al Tuitazo y Foro Panel El Mundo contra el Bloqueo


El Tuitazo y Foro Panel Online, con base en la sede del ICAP, serán transmitidos en vivo por la emisora Radio Habana Cuba

El Boxscore de Ayer

Serie 58 del Béisbol de Cuba. Los Dos Líderes.

Ciego de Avila en el primer lugar, y los Leones Azules a medio juego detrás de ellos.

Los Leones visitan los Vegueros mañana.


North and South Korea Open Full-Time Liaison Office at Border

Willie Nelson Supports Beto O'Rourke. Hip! Hip! Hooray!

Willie Nelson Will Headline

a Rally for Beto O’Rourke


Hurricane Florence Has Made Landfall Near Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina; Catastrophic Flash Flooding to Hammer the Carolinas, Appalachia.


Thursday, September 13, 2018

Two works of artist Elaina Wagner that I like.

Peaceful Meadow

Jeweled Kitty Garnet

Vence Industriales a Villa Clara y se coloca a punto de lograr la barrida (+BOXSCORE)

Scenes From The Carolina Coast As Hurricane Florence Surges Ashore

Photo: Getty Images

At 5:00 p.m. a new National Hurricane Center advisory will be released.

They do an EXCELLENT job!


Florence Satellite Image at 4:15 p.m.

The outer bands of wind and rain from a weakened but still lethal Hurricane Florence began lashing North Carolina on Thursday as the monster storm moved in for a prolonged and potentially catastrophic drenching along the Southeast coast.

IT IS HERE! Florence Advisory # 57A


Florence is about to arrive

Industriales and Villa-Clara play again tonight. This could be a KEY GAME.

Only one game separates them. Will they trade places?

A Superb Blue Lion of The Industriales: Stayler Hernandez