Thursday, April 04, 2019

A Message from Gail Walker, Executive Director of Pastors for Peace

Dear Friends/Readers of Cuba Journal:

Climate change is upon us, and every passing year it becomes more apparent.

On January 27, a massive tornado slammed into Havana, Cuba, killing 6, and injuring 200 and destroying hundreds of homes and buildings, including a maternity hospital and schools and damaging over 5000 other dwellings. It was the first tornado of such magnitude in 80 years.

Gail was in Havana when the tornado struck.

Gail witnessed the way the Cuban people across the island came together after the storm. She saw how they immediately banded together to help each other. She saw reports of Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel daily visits to those impacted by the tornado helped to restore calm and confidence.

No other organization in the USA has done more to counteract the Yankee imperialists blockade and the embargo against Cuba.

Please send whatever you can afford to help IFCO Pastors for Peace continue their great humanitarian work of helping the Cuban people.

418 W. 145th Street, NYC, NY 10031

Publisher/Editor of Cuba Journal


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