Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Setting out exactly what Donald Trump and his people have done wrong in a series of hearings would do more to protect the rule of law than a partisan impeachment followed by a partisan acquittal in the Senate. (BLOOMBERG)

Congress Has Options for Dealing With Trump


Enough has been written about Trump and his possible impeachment.

1) Trump is the most dishonest person that we have had as President.

2) He is a megalomaniac and a paranoid.

3) Impeachment is a political act. It is not a judicial trial.

4) The American people dislike Trump as never we have seen it before.

5) Will his buddies in the military stage a coup d'tat and keep him in power? Likely.

I say that a joint ticket of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren has a very strong possibility of winning in 2020.

If #5 happens, then we have to wait for the rise of an American Fidel Castro that will lead the people.

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