Friday, October 19, 2018

In my book, Saudi Arabia is already a Pariah State. It joins Israel.

Radio Coco: La nueva tabla de posiciones del béisbol cubano

Radio COCO
58 Serie Nacional de Béisbol,
Coco Béisbol, Deportes
La nueva tabla de posiciones del béisbol cubano
Escrito por Redacción Digital Radio COCO
19 octubre, 2018 - 12:24 AM

Las Tunas es el principal beneficiado con el reordenamiento de la tabla de posiciones. Foto: Internet

El sistema de competencia de la 58 Serie Nacional de Béisbol reorganizará a los equipos clasificados a la segunda fase según los resultados entre ellos.

¿Cómo queda la nueva tabla? ¿Sufrió muchas alteraciones?

Debe reconocerse que hay un cierto estremecimiento del ordenamiento, para bien de algunos y mal de otros.

Pero eso estaba entre las posibilidades de un estudio basado en tendencias, sin desconocer las excepciones.

Las Tunas asciende del cuarto puesto al primero con 10-5, perseguido por Villa Clara, que de tercero sube a segundo con 9-6.

Ciego de Ávila (8-7) resbala de la punta al tercer lugar, en tanto los llegados por la vía del comodín, Industriales y Sancti Spíritus, comenzarán igualados con 7-8 a tres juegos de la cima.

El caso más dramático tiene que ver con Holguín, toda vez que desciende del segundo escaño al sótano, con balance de 4-11.

Se aleja del nuevo líder (LTU) a seis rayitas y a tres de la zona de pase a semifinales.
A primera vista, el objetivo de acortar las distancias entre los clasificados no se cumplió del todo, pues a diferencia de lo ocurrido en las ediciones precedentes, esta vez la tabla de posiciones jamás se fragmentó.

No obstante, vale la experiencia de cara al futuro, aún cuando en el escenario actual nadie está “eliminado” de antemano de cara a la postemporada.

Lo más importante frente a la polémica variante es que generó rivalidad de inicio a fin y las selecciones jamás supieron hasta el último momento la lista de clasificados.

Eso pesa mucho. La segunda parte comienza el jueves 25 de octubre y se anuncia muy interesante.

Los refuerzos y el nuevo ordenamiento cambiarán la dinámica de la lid.

¿Quiénes serán los cuatro grandes?

Me inclino por Las Tunas, Villa Clara, Ciego de Ávila e Industriales.

Pero diga usted…


1. CAV (28-17)
2. HOL (28-17)
3. VCL (27-18) 
4. LTU (27-18)
5. IND (26-18)
6. SSP (24-21)


1. LTU (10-5)
2. VCL (9-6)
3. CAV (8-7)
4. IND (7-8)
5. SSP (7-8)
6. HOL (4-11)

JG: Para mantenerse bien informado sobre el Beisbol Cubano, RADIO COCO ES LO MEJOR.

Vea el video del Grand Slam de Alfredo Despaigne de hace unos dias en Japón

Despaigne pega jonrón con las bases llenas ante Nippon Ham en inicio de postemporada en Japón (+ Video)

Despaigne jonrón en postemporada 2018. Foto: Captura de video


El bloqueo contra Cuba: no solo es injusto, sinó también es un acto ilegal y es ilícito

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Why I Didn't Vote for Rick Scott?

Everywhere he has gone he has stuffed his pocket. Typical capitalist greedhog.


At U.N., Cuban diplomats shout down U.S. event on political prisoners

During the meeting, the protesting diplomats chanted 
“Cuba si, bloqueo no (Cuba yes, blockade no)!”



Was this the last photo op for Nikki Haley?

There are rumors that she is going to challenge Donald Trump in 2020.

Poor Agent Orange, nobody likes him.

A typical garbage DVD by the Yankee imperialists. SKIP IT!

Imagine: It calls Cuba after Batista's coup d'tat a 'Disciplined Democracy.'

The Yankee imperialists love dictators.

They were never able to defeat Fidel. That is the real reson
they dislike Fidel.

He defeated their Miami CIA mercenaries at  the Bay of Pigs
in less than 66 hours.


What if ...

What if ...

... after the November 6th midterm election results are ananounced, and the results are a Super Blue Wave majority in Congress.

What if ...  

Donald Trump declares and Tweets that the US Constitution has been abolished? 

What if ...

Donald Trump orders the USA Military to stage a coup d'tat within the nation?

What if ...

The American people declare the USA goverment to be an illegal goverment and they call for it to be overthrown?

What if ...

Large numbers of Americans start organizing a motorized motorcade on Washington D.C. via I-95, to forcibly evict Donald Trump from the White House?

The people can do it. They are Sovereign.

Trump & Fox are having an extreme Paranoia Day today

Trump threatens to call US military to close southern border as 4,000-strong migrant caravan pushes north

“I am watching the Democrat Party led (because they want Open Borders and existing weak laws) assault on our country by Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, whose leaders are doing little to stop this large flow of people, INCLUDING MANY CRIMINALS, from entering Mexico to U.S.,” Trump tweeted Thursday morning.

Who’s Winning the Social Media Midterms?

WARNING! Your Social Security benefits may be in great danger from Donald Trump and the GOP

Yesterday, Mitch McConnell said out loud what we’ve known since Republicans passed their Tax Scam in 2017 — they’re going to pay for it by cutting Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.

From the beginning, all the experts knew Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump were lying about the tax cuts paying for themselves. It’s the exact same promise that Reagan made in the 80s, and Bush made in the early 2000s. Those tax cuts didn’t pay for themselves then, and they’re not going to now. They were never designed to.

But Republicans don’t care. Their goal was never to actually improve the economic conditions of the average American — they’ll say anything if it means they can pass off a massive payout to big corporations, and the top 1%. After all, they answer to their donors.

But now, the lie has become embarrassingly obvious. According to the new US Treasury statistics, revenues for 2018 are down 2.8% when you adjust for inflation. What does that mean? It means that, shockingly, trickle down economics failed again.

So Republicans need someone, or something, to blame. And in typical heartless conservative fashion, they picked their target — the programs that hard-working American families rely on. When McConnell was asked how he would tackle the deficit, he finally stopped lying — he admitted we need

Aleandria Ocasio Cortez


P.S. from JRG:
A note from the publisher of Cuba Journal:

I voted recently my absentee mail ballot for the November 6 midterm election by voting for a 100% BLUE WAVE straight ticket. I did not vote for a single GOP candidate. I urge you to do the same.

On-base plus slugging (OPS)

Juventud Rebelde:

The GARBAGE that Fox calls News

Why would you want to read GARBAGE?

Saudis = Very Evil People


Prostitución en Cuba y España: falsedades y doble moral

Women's March on the Pentagon this Weekend

October 18, 2018

The Women’s March on the Pentagon is this weekend and you’re invited! On the 51st anniversary of the massive 1967 Vietnam War protest outside of the Pentagon, women and men will gather to demand an end to the wars and ballooning military budgets that kill hundreds of thousands and darken our nation’s soul.

The march is this Sunday, October 21. We’ll meet at 11 am at the Pentagon City Metro Station before marching to the Pentagon at noon. The rally starts at 1 pm. I, Nick Brana, will be speaking alongside Cindy Sheehan, Medea Benjamin, Bruce Dixon, Eleanor Goldfield, Jill Stein, Sameera Khan and many other great peace activists. We’ll be joined by several bands and musical guests.

Join me and fellow MPP members for a pre-march meet-and-greet at 10 am on Sunday at the Starbucks in Pentagon Centre, by the Pentagon City Metro Station. To join us please RSVP with our National Organizer Carolyn Wolfe.

Nick Brana
Founder and National Director
Movement for a People’s Party

The top six of the round 'todos contra todos' of Cuba's 58th National Baseball Series

Equipos                G      P      Dif
Las Tunas             10      5       -
Villa Clara             9      6       1
Ciego de Ávila       8      7       2
Sancti Spíritus       7      8       3
Industriales           7      8       3
Holguín                 4     11      6

Do not underestimate Holguín. They connected 49 Home Runs, the most of any team, despite their their wobbly start. I will be rooting for the Industriales Blue Lions. May the best team win.

Stayler Hernández, MVP

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

I do not have any objections about Cuba being a one-party Socialist system, but I would retain the protections about marriage remaining solely a union between a man and a woman.

A get-together between two men or two women could be called a 'secular non-religious union.'  I will respect your beliefs if you will respect mine.

I can not vote on Cuba's Constitutional Referendum, but if I could, I would would vote NO on Article 68.

Step up to the microphone. In it is called a comment. Don't be shy! Speak up!

Beto O'Rourke: We Don't Need A Wall