Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Carta abierta de un médico cubano al presidente de Brasil

JG: Excellent Letter and Excellent Photos

Highly recommended. Don't miss it.

Banner: 499 Aniversario de La Habana

China Rules: How they became a super power (NYT)


Donald Trump, with his Super Nastiness and his big ego will never accomplish even 5% of what China has accomplished since their creation in 1948. I can't wait till 2020 to REPUDIATE him.

Donald Trump brings a new variant to American capitalism.

The two reliable and known norms of American capitalism are 1) greed and 2) corruption.

But Trump has brought a new norm to American capitalism: 3) "being nasty always" to as many people as he possibly can, especially if they are poor, or people of color. He has no appreciable manners. He is a hater

Other than being extremely wealthy, I do not see what Melania saw in him. 


Tuesday, November 20, 2018

The fall of Saigon

The Fall of Saigon


News by and for the pessimists: One analyst calls for the DJIA to drop another 2,000 points

La Dirección Nacional de Béisbol anunció la nómina que participará en el Campeonato Panamericano Juvenil de Béisbol, que se celebrará en Panamá, del 23 de noviembre al 2 de diciembre.

Nómina del equipo:

Receptores: Julio César Noguera Figueredo (CMG) y José Abilio Ferrer Cintra (SCU).

Jugadores de cuadro: Guillermo Garc√≠a Garc√≠a (GRA), Jarold Deivid Pedroso Guevara (ART), Narde Yad√°n Cruz Calder√≠n (LHA), Loidel Chapell√≠ Zulueta (CMG) y Leosdany Molina N√ļ√Īez (SCU).

Jardineros: Maykel Yordan Molina García (LTU), Robieski Castro Izquierdo (PRI), Víctor Javier Labrada Rodríguez (LHA), Osmany Alejandro Urrutia Hernández (LTU) y Carlos Emilio Pelegrín Martínez (PRI).

Lanzadores: Ubert Luis Mej√≠as Rodr√≠guez (SCU), Aniel Pe√Īa Romero (MAY), Oscar Ernesto Hern√°ndez Horta (VCL), Norge Carlos Vera Aldana (SCU), Andy Luis P√©rez Ortiz (LHA), Edelso Alberto Montesino Magdaleno (SSP), Carlos Antonio Monier Torres (SCU) y Brander Guevara Vald√©s (ART).

Cuerpo de direcci√≥n: Mario Luis Valle (PRI-Director), Eddy Cajigal Garc√≠a (SCU-Auxiliar), Luis Manuel G√≥ngora Rodr√≠guez (GRA- Auxiliar), Jorge Pastor N√ļ√Īez Dom√≠nguez (SCU- Entrenador de pitcheo) y Humberto Guevara (VCL- Preparador f√≠sico).

Calendario de Cuba:

23 de noviembre: versus Bahamas

25 de noviembre: versus Colombia

26 de noviembre: versus Venezuela

27 de noviembre: versus Canad√°

Tomado de Jit

Industriales gan√≥ su √ļltimo juego

Industriales hizo la cruz ante Ciego de √Āvila

Donald Trump: Only people with blue eyes and blond hair can enter the USA.

They will be very surprised when they find out that the USA

A federal judge in San Francisco late Monday blocked new rules put into place by President Donald Trump that limit the ability of migrants to request asylum, a legal blow to the administration's efforts to curb legal immigration that opens the door for more members of the migrant caravan to request asylum in the U.S.

Cuba Journal starts a petition - Lift Cuba Embargo/Blockade


I ask all the readers of Cuba Journal to sign this petition.


Sunday, November 18, 2018

Evil Donald Trump still does not get it.

The US does not run Cuba anymore. That ended on 1 January, 1959.

He may be popular in fascist Miami, but inside Cuba they would not elect him as Dog Catcher.

Marabana 2018 (M√°s fotos)

El reconocido actor estadounidense Will Smith corrió hoy en esta capital el medio maratón de Marabana, evento que en su edición 32 reunió a cerca de 6,000 corredores cubanos y extranjeros

It is very sad to see the continuing decadence of the USA.

24/7 never ending crime is destroying the nation from within, as Abraham Lincoln predicted it.

Excellent article

The Chinese have beaten the USA at being better capitalists.

In the USA, the capitalists have concentrated on building and selling more guns and more AR-15's for a continuing dose of daily or weekly massacres. If they do not change their mentality, they will self-destruct as a viable nation. It won't take long. The Chinese are just smarter.

The New York Times recognizes that the People's Republic of China is the Country of the Future.

The USA is a declining country, which is very close to bankruptcy, both morally and financially.

USA Population 0,325.700 million (2017)
PRC Population 1,000.386 million (2017)

At the end of the next war, more Chinese will be left standing.
They will be using American flesh for their Chow Mein.

Two MAGA Nuts

Maybe I should have called them MEGA nuts?

One Organization that Cuba Journal never requested. CEASE AND DESIST immediately.

I use an over-the-air news-transmission digital antenna. I never asked an outfit that is called Cyber Cuba to send me their fascist and right-wing MIERDA.

Cease and desist. Your notifications will be deleted immediately. I am pro-Socialism and I and Pro-Cuba.


Si no le gusta toma un purgante.