Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Mass Hysteria in the U.S.A. Regarding the Pandemic of CoronaVirus.

Calm Down, People. This is not the End of the World.

Queremos una Cuba cubana y no anglosajona (I)

Después de 62 años de la Revolución Cubana de Fidel Castro, Cuba es netamente CUBANA.

Los Imperialistas Yankees lo han tratado todo: terrorismo, mercenarios, pero al final siempre fracasan.


Lo único que los imperialistas Yankees le pueden ofrecer al pueblo Cubano es la avaricia que nunca termina.


After failing to tell Sean Hannity what he’d do with a second term, 
a new report finds Trump fearing becoming a one-term “loser.”
His campaign is trying to avoid that fate—and workshopping nicknames for Joe Biden.

Do not rely on Donald Trump. He is in it for the money and to insult people. He doesn't know SHIT. The Russkis helped him to get into the WH.

I will take my chances with Joe Biden on November Third.

Am I a pessimist or a realist?

There are way too many Homo Sapiens on the Planet Earth. 

Covid-19 is winning the battle.

Don't be shy and express your opinion. You can 'invent' a pseudonym.

Monday, June 29, 2020

Big Pharma is preparing its greedy hands for possible coronavirus new drugs.

Example: Gilead wants to charge you $2,340.

That is OBSCENE.

My old bones are telling me that Trump will lose Florida on November Third of 2020.

I guarantee it.

Presidential elections are very expensive in the U.S.A.

Send to the Democratic National Committee whatever you can afford. Every little bit helps.

Resign, Donald Trump, Resign!

We will rid of you on November 3rd, 2020.

Regime Change in the U.S.A.

Joe Biden for President.

US states race to reimpose lockdowns as Covid infections pass 2.5m – and Trump heads to golf course

The President's visit to a course in Virginia was the 272nd to one of his properties since being elected.

Cubans are now 24 times less likely to catch the virus than Dominicans, 27 times less likely to catch it than Mexicans, and more than 70 times less likely to be infected than Brazilians.

Cuba sets example with successful program to contain corona-virus.

When it comes to healthcare, Cubans are way ahead of the U.S.A. 

Health Care For All.

A Sun Belt time bomb threatens Trump’s reelection.

Link to the article

JG: I agree. It does not look very good for Donald Trump at this point.

Trump is doing so poorly in his polls that there is speculation on the Internet that he will drop out, insuring the election of former VP Joe Biden.

90% of all polls are reporting that Joe Biden is leading at this time. Is Trump desperate?

I will not vote for Donald Trump. He lies all the time and he is very dishonest.

Global COVID-19 Deaths Top 500,000.

The coronavirus pandemic reached a new milestone on Sunday, with confirmed deaths surpassing half a million around the world and the number of confirmed cases topping 10 million.

According to data collected by Johns Hopkins University, there were 10,063,319 confirmed cases and 500,108 deaths globally by late Sunday afternoon.
The number of cases is likely much higher, with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced this week that for every reported case, there were 10 other estimated infections in the United States

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Trump has admitted that he is losing the November election.

He wants to be able to send his goons and his gangsters to your voting precinct to pay you $100.00 for your presidential vote.

Vote by mail is 100% safe. Oregon started it a long time ago.

Trump knows that Oregonians will not vote for him. 

Trump admits it: He's losing.


Baseball will be featured at the 2020 Summer Olympics.

Baseball will be featured at the 2020 Summer Olympics, in Tokyo, for the first time since the 2008 Summer Olympics.
Six national teams will compete in the tournament. Israel, Japan (host), Mexico, and South Korea have qualified so far.

JG: I am hoping that the USA and Cuba can qualify too for the additional teams that have yet to be decided.

Even Right-Wing Fox News sees Biden defeating Trump.

1,343 registered voters.

The margin of error: 2.5.

Biden: 50%.

Trump: 38%

Source: Real Clear Politics.

It looks like a landslide for the Democratic Party.

The Siena poll is even worse: Trump: 36%. 

Trump Campaign Postpones Pence Events In Arizona And Florida After Coronavirus Spikes

Link to the Article

We have to have Regime Change in Washington D.C. Remove Trump from the White House on November 3rd, 2020.

Protect Your Health by All the Means that are Necessary. Contact your Local Health Officials.

Reject all the garbage and all the junk that the promoters of El Bizneo are trying to peddle to you.

Act responsibly. Let us build a country that we can be proud of.

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Mississippi will remove the Racist Confederate Flag from its state emblem.

A big round of applause for their courageous decision.

It is bad enough to have a racist president in the White House.

Sahara dust cloud looms over Cuba, Caribbean and Florida.


A massive cloud of Saharan dust darkened much of Cuba on Wednesday and began to affect air quality in Florida, sparking warnings to people with respiratory illnesses to stay home.

Donald Trump is Destroying the U.S.A.

Regime Change on November 3rd, 2020.

Judge Orders ICE To Free Detained Immigrant Children Because Of COVID-19

Eternal Shame on the Trump Admministration.

The scathing order issued Friday said the Trump administration had failed to provide even the most basic health protections for children and their families.

At the present rate that we are going, coronavirus could wipe Homo Sapiens from the face of the Planet Earth.

New U.S. coronavirus cases hit 45,242 for biggest one-day increase of pandemic

LUBBOCK, Texas (Reuters) - The United States recorded 45,242 new cases of COVID-19 on Friday, the largest single-day increase of the pandemic, according to a Reuters tally, bringing the total number of Americans who have tested positive to at least 2.48 million.

Thursday, June 25, 2020

We Need Regime Change in Washington, D.C. and Above All We Need Honesty.

Want to really stop the spread of Coronavirus?

The first thing that you have to do is to cut immediately the constant creation of new forms of El Bizneo.

A perfect example is SpaceX.

Let's solve the problems that we have here on Planet Earth first. We do not need to send private new astronauts to the International Space Station or to explore the Moon or Mars.


Knowing how much the USA likes Military Coups, the question is ...

... will Trump leave the White House peacefully, or will the Military have to force him out via a Coup D' Tat after November Third?

Biden Builds Massive Lead Against Trump. El Trompo will lose on November Third.

On Wednesday morning, the New York Times released its latest national poll conducted in connection with Sienna College nd it showed presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden with a massive 50-36 lead over Trump.

Donald Trump is Mentally Unhinged when he accuses Barack Obama of 'Treason.'

Que Come Mierda.

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Nobel Peace Prize: Cuban health solidarity workers have earned it!


The 6:30 P.M. National News Are Very Depressing and Anxiety Producing.

Pray for a better future. I hope for better results.

Massacre on Wall Street Today

The Dow Jones Industrial Average lost more than 700 points or -2.72%.

Better days will come. The DJIA fluctuates every day.

Nobel Peace Prize campaign for Cuban doctors grows in France


Dow Jones Industrial Average is having a very bad day today.

So far, it is -865.05 @ 25, 471. (-2.62%)

We will have to see what will happen when it closes at 4:00 pm this afternoon.

North Korea suspends planned military action against the South (New York Post)

The Blockade/Embargo of Cuba is an act of genocide. Cuba Journal condemns and repudiates it 100%.

Cuba will continue sending its doctors to HELP people throughout our planet.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wins Democratic primary against Michelle Caruso-Cabrera, CNN projects.

A very big round of applause.

Biden Takes Dominant Lead as voters reject Trump on virus and race

Some polls have Biden as high as 14 Points.

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Donald Trump continues to sink against Joe Biden. Here are the latest numbrs.

Biden: 51.2%

Trump: 41.4%

After the Tulsa Fiasco, it was to be expected.

Percentage Numbers are from Real Clear Politics.  

European Union. May Bar American Travelers as It Reopens Borders, Citing Failures on Virus


Shame on Donald Trump! He does not want to test you if you are threatened by the virus.

If he gets the virus, let him die like the capitalist pig that he is. 

To a deadly and vicious virus which threatens the existence of Homo Sapiens, we have to respond with 'We Shall Overcome.'

Medical Science has advanced tremendously since the 1920s. No time for pessimists now.

Yes, we can! The virus will be defeated!

Dr. Anthony Fauci tells Congress parts of U.S. are seeing a ‘disturbing surge’ of coronavirus infections


Atlantic Magazine is not optimistic: It sees a Second Great Depression coming.

Will it come? I do not know. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

Wanted: a Responsible Country where I can go and visit Cuba every week ... without having to pay Cuba $199.00 every time I visit the island.

What Cuba has with the H-11 visas is very much like a capitalist racket.

The Average Ad Blocker is a Piece of SHIT.

I have tried them all. All they care about is trying to sell you a more expensive Ad Blocker. SKIP!

Another Project to Strangle Cuba by three right-wing U.S. Senators

Three U.S. Senators, obsessed with starving Cuba, have introduced a bill that seeks to punish countries that accept the island's medical collaboration
All three, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and Rick Scott have a long history of service to the most U.S. hostile policies toward Cuba, and not one of them is interested in how many people our doctors save or help.

Los tres son tremendos Hijos de Putas.


Trump says 2020 presidential election will be 'rigged by foreign countries' as he slumps further in polls (Independent)


Monday, June 22, 2020

Cuba's two pandemics: The coronavirus and the US embargo

The Trump administration is trying to hinder Cuba's efforts to tackle the coronavirus emergency at home and abroad.


Trump Supporters at Tulsa.

He has been defeated already but doesn't realize it yet.

Democrats Whisper: 'Biden Landslide.'


Trump is sinking faster and faster. Tulsa was the warning.

John Bolton tells us what we already know about Donald Trump: He is an ASSHOLE.

Trump is not fit to be President.

Too much hype for the July 3 streaming of Hamilton.

It will be very expensive. I will pass.

What does Disney know about culture?


One more thing that is offered strictly for the 'suckers who are born every minute.'

The Left Looks for Huge Nights in New York and Kentucky.


Trump aides debate future size and look of signature rallies after Tulsa debacle (CNN)

Sources on the Internet are reporting that the attendance at Trump's Tulsa rally was 6,200 on Saturday.

Sunday, June 21, 2020

A superb photo of a very young Rosita Fornés

The second line looks like 'en Habana'.
I found it on Pinterest.
The first line is not very clear as to what it means.

Beware of American Wikipedia

It has a lot of Pro-Yankee-Imperialism garbage. And it is extremely extensive in its verbosity.

Everything you want to know about González


The Miami Gusanos/Fascists lost all the battles. His father took Elián back to Cuba.

EcuRed: https://www.ecured.cu/Eli%C3%A1n_Gonz%C3%A1lez

Elián González is becoming a dad.


Joe Biden continues advancing in toss-up state: Florida

Joe Biden: 50.5%

Donald Trump: 44.3%

Source: Real Clear Politics.

Joe Biden and DNC Outraise Trump Campaign Operation for May.


Since Trump moved into the White House, the U.S.A. has gone downhill.

We will have to remedy that next November 3rd, 2020.

Buena Vista Social Club 'Chan Chan' at Carnegie Hall

Thousands of empty seats at Trump’s comeback rally in Tulsa

Liar Liar, Pants On Fire.

Donald Trump is trying to claim credit for the Juneteenth Celebration.

He has no shame

The guy has no dignity. He is not only a racist, but he also lies all the time.

Empty Seats for Trump @ his Tulsa Rally.

Trump's Tulsa rally was just another sad farce


Trump does not lead a single poll against Joe Biden. He will definitely be a One-Term President. I say GOOD RIDDANCE.

Nobel Peace Prize for Cuban doctors continues to gain supporters (Granma)

Cuba sends doctors throughout the world. Other countries send their mercenaries. Applause for Cuba.

Sick staff and empty seats: How Trump's triumphant return to the campaign trail went from bad to worse


People Reject Donald Trump.


Saturday, June 20, 2020

Trump Rally: 6 Campaign Workers test positive for virus.


Long Live the Spirit of Juneteeth. Black Lives Matter. Defund the Police.

Protesters topple Confederate statues during Juneteenth rallies

Demonstrations held across the US against a backdrop of protests fuelled by the deaths of African Americans at the hands of the police.

Link: https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2020/06/protesters-topple-confederate-statues-juneteenth-rallies-200620062757937.html

All the Confederate Statues ought to be removed As Soon As Possible. The American People are repudiating their slave-holding past.

Black Lives Matter.


Thursday, June 18, 2020

Re-introduce a second impeachment resolution against the guy who promotes hate 24 hours a day.

Forget El Bizneo and this time, do it right and stop playing with the lives of the people.

Joe Biden breaks above the 50% mark for the first time. (RCP)

Biden: 50.1%.
Trump: 41.6%.

If the politicians do not get their shit together, they will destroy the U.S.A.

Donald Trump can not ask a foreign government to help him get re-elected. That is an impeachable offense.

Did you hear that U.S.A. Congress?

Get off your butts and start legislating.

California, Arizona, Florida report record spikes in coronavirus cases

What are you trying to do? Kill all Homo Sapiens at once?

Congress needs to pass emergency legislation making the wearing of face masks ALL THE TIME IN ALL 50 STATES, or we all are going to end dead.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is what is really needed in the U.S.A.

Trump Promotes HATE on a daily basis.

Contact your U.S. House Congressman and ask him to re-introduce an impeachment resolution ASAP. Time is of the essence.

Donald Trump is trying to convert the U.S.A. into a dictatorship based on HATE.

Contact your Congressman to introduce a NEW impeachment resolution.

Time is of the essence.

Facebook has removed the Trump account for violating their policy against promoting hate.

Trump/Pence needs to be removed from office immediately.

Trump promotes hate on a daily basis.

We can not wait till November 3rd, 2020.

I call on the AFL-CIO to call for a People's General Strike against Trump and Pence..

They need to be deposed. NOW. Not on November 3rd, 2020.

All my relatives live in Havana. If the Cuban government prevents from visiting them, I will not travel to Cuba in 2020.

Cuba will allow tourism in late August but Havana will be off-limits


Joe Biden Leads in Florida, 50% to 43% according to Real Clear Politics.

Any politician would be very happy with a 7% lead.

Cuba Journal will support the nominee of the Democratic Party.


A big round of Applause for the U.S. Supreme Court for upholding DACA.

JG: the Xenophobia of Donald Trump comes crashing down.

Next, we have to kick him OUT in the November 3rd General Election of 2020.

DACA: Supreme Court rejects President Trump’s bid to end young immigrants’ protections.


JG: Donald Trump' Xenophobias is totally disgusting.

Trump's bid to end Obama-era immigration policy ruled unlawful


John Bolton: Ten biggest claims in his Donald Trump book


MLB Owners want players to becaome walking billbords. SHAME!


Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Donald Trump Pressured China's Xi Jing Ping to help him get re-elected, according to John Bolton.

Trump = Scum.

Turn your TV on, and the only thing that 'exists' is Coronavirus.

I think it is a huge gimmick and scam.

When an institution mixes news and advertising that institution looses credibility.

It is truly difficult to believe the amount of misinformation floating around on the Internet and the USA.

Who can you trust? No-one! Beware of gimmicks, scams, and frauds! Be a skeptic! 

2020 Electoral Map Ratings: Biden Has An Edge Over Trump, With 5 Months To Go.


Biden lead over Trump grows to 13 points: poll


I can't wait for the first excerpts of John Bolton's Tell-All book.

Remember: the first commandment of American Capitalism is: BECOME EXTREMELY RICH.

Donald Trump and his MAGA gangsters are the largest accumulation of hoods ever created under the "laws" of American Capitalism.

At this point, Donald Trump is creating new gimmicks that will allow him to steal the November Third Election

John Bolton

Donald Trump's Ass Kisser Extraordinaire.

Trump will throw Bolton under the bus. 

National Security = where all the skeletons of Donald Trump are hidden.

And of course, like all dutifully trained parrots, Trump says: Bolton signed a non-disclosure agreement.

Lets review: capitalism = gimmicks, scams, and frauds.

Par for the course.

John Bolton knows where all the skeletons of Donald Trump are hidden.

Justice Department Seeks To Block Publication Of John Bolton's White House Memoir

Internet in the USA? People who do not know how to speak English or use computers.

Result: a continuing f*cking mess.

WHO moves to update COVID-19 guidance after "great news" in drug study


Trump Is neither popular nor likeable. Bad omen for November 3rd, 2020.


Monday, June 15, 2020

The Gimmicks Club will try sell you scams from Florida.

Sample: Car Insurance for people who drive less the 59 miles a month.

Do not fall for it. That add is made for the 'suckers who are born every minute.'

Google & Blogger are doing everything they can to make sure that my posts are not published

The previous post is by Maria Svart, Executive Director of Democratic Socialists of America. (DSA).

Link: https://www.dsausa.org/democratic-left/crisis-equals-opportunity-a-letter-from-our-executive-director/

I am doing this on my own. I urge you all of you to join the DSA. Help defeat American sick capitalism.

Crisis equals opportunity: by the National Director of Democratic Socialists of America.

California City Residents Demand Answers After Black Man Found Hanging From Tree.

A growing number of residents and officials in Los Angeles County are demanding answers in the death of a black man whose body was discovered hanging from a tree.

Robert Fuller's body was found early on Wednesday in Poncitlán Square park in Palmdale, Calif., a commuter city roughly an hour north of Los Angeles. The 24-year-old's death was deemed a likely suicide based on preliminary findings, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department said.

JG: Suicide? And I also believe in the tooth fairy. Racism keeps on growing in the U.S.A.

Sobre la Pelota Cubana, Serie 60.


Son varios los lanzadores con una vasta experiencia en series nacionales que pudieran alcanzar en la edición 60 cifras redondas en su carrera

A heavy dose of skepticism is good for the average person.

Beware of gimmicks, scams, and frauds. 

News is not people who are trying to sell you JUNK.

News is something that is important for me to know. I have a 'news site' that is so overloaded with junk that I am going to remove it from my web browser.

We need regime change in the U.S.A. on November 3rd, 2020. Anyone except Donald Trump!

Civil rights groups call for reforms after latest police shooting

Some Policemen are Animals and have no respect for Human Beings.

Cuba Journal condemns Police Brutality in every place where it takes place.

Black Lives Matter! Justice for George Floyd and Rayshard Brooks!

Sunday, June 14, 2020

Police Brutality Continues in the USA. This time in Atlanta.



If Joe Biden is not in favor of defunding police, I will not vote for him next November 3rd. 

Experto advierte sobre desplome del dólar en un 35 % debido al coronavirus


Cuba Journal: Homenaje a Fidel Castro.

Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz, más conocido como Fidel Castro (Birán, Holguín, 13 de agosto de 1926-La Habana, Cuba, 25 de noviembre de 2016).

Líder histórico de la Revolución Cubana. A lo largo de los años de la Revolución impulsó y dirigió la lucha del pueblo cubano por la consolidación del proceso revo­lucionario, su avance hacia el Socialismo, la unidad de las fuerzas revolucionarias y de todo el pueblo, las transformaciones económicas y sociales del país, el desarrollo de la educación, la salud, el deporte, la cultura y la ciencia, así como el enfrentamiento de las agresiones externas y la conducción de una activa política exterior de principios.

Simpatizante del Partido del Pueblo Cubano (Ortodoxo), participó de manera activa en las campañas del partido y fue de los primeros en denunciar el carácter reaccionario e ilegítimo del régimen de facto establecido tras el golpe de estado de Fulgencio Batista el 10 de marzo de 1952.[1]

Fue encarcelado tras los asaltos a los cuarteles Moncada en Santiago de Cuba y al Carlos Manuel de Céspedes en Bayamo, asumiendo su autodefensa ante el tribunal que lo juzgó, y pronunciando el alegato conocido como La historia me absolverá, en el que esbozaba el programa de la futura Revolución en Cuba.[2] Condenado a 15 años de prisión fue amnistiado en 1955 y marcha hacia el exilio en México, desde donde parte con otros 81 revolucionarios para desembarcar por Las Coloradas el 2 de diciembre de 1956. Tras varios meses de dura lucha entra victorioso el 1 de enero de 1959 en Santiago de Cuba y arriba a La Habana el 8 de enero.

El 13 de febrero de 1959 fue nombrado Primer Ministro del Gobierno Revolucionario[3]. El 2 de diciembre de 1976 es electo Presidente de los Consejos de Estado y de Ministros de la República de Cuba, puesto que ocupa hasta su renuncia por problemas de salud el 24 de febrero de 2008.[4] Primer Secretario del Partido Comunista de Cuba entre 1965 y 2011.

Los servicios de la Seguridad del Estado cubanos contabilizaron hasta el 2007 un total de 638 intentos de asesinato contra Fidel en distintas fases de desarrollo, llegando a ejecutarse más de un centenar.[5]

Continuar en: https://www.ecured.cu/Fidel_Castro

The Final Baseball Score: Cuba 60, USA Zero.

Cuba to reopen tourism in phases, limit excursions to keys


JG: Cuba news is very slow right now. Covid-19 seems to dominate everything. Do not expect anything from the Gusano Herald in this blog. 

Trump tries to explain his slow and unsteady walk down a ramp at West Point


JG: His age is catching up to him. The people will replace him on November 3rd, 2020.

More than 40 million people lost their jobs in the last few months, in the fastest and deepest economic slowdown ever recorded. More than half of all households with low incomes in the United States have experienced a loss of earnings, as have a quarter of all adults. The numbers are grim — but as bad as things look today, they’re on track to get much, much worse. (BussFeedNews)


Tributo a Maceo y Che este 14 de junio


Saturday, June 13, 2020

Donald Trump continues to lose against Joe Biden

The last nine national polls show the following:

Biden: 49.8%

Trump: 41.7%

Trump looks to me like he will be a one-term President.

Source: Real Clear Politics.

We the voters will decide on November 3rd.

Friday, June 12, 2020

Donald Trump will send U.S.A. military troops to try to close the 'Seattle Autonomous Zone.'

Who will try to stop the clown? The Federals are afraid of losing their well-paying jobs.

Trump insiders say his campaign is falling apart because the President can't accept reality.

It is official: Trump is losing the campaign for the White House, but no one want's to tell him the truth.

He will be a 'one-term President.'



Five Florida polls: Trump does not lead a single one.

Biden: 48.2%, Trump: 44.8%

We are going to kick his oversized butt on November 3rd, 2020.

Befuddled Trump


I Do Not Support Donald Trump

This Is Donald

Only A Dictator Would Use The Military Against His Own Citizens



Cuba Sí, Trump NO!


From Cuba, With Love.

Hijo de Puta.

What Does the 'S' in Donald S. Trump Stands For?


Trump stirs angers with plans for Juneteenth rally in Tulsa, site of huge massacre of African Americans.



Thursday, June 11, 2020

American Capitalism is facing a huge existential threat.

We have to have Regime Change in Washington D.C. or things will keep on going from bad to worse.

Donald Trump is the most incompetent President, ever.

The Dow is now on pace for its biggest one-day loss since March, dropping 1,400 points.

Sign of the times? Both the World and the USA seem to be going downhill. 

What is next? Another Super Economic Depression?

If Donald Trump were to RESIGN, that would help the economy and the stock market.

The World and the USA are thoroughly f*cked up.

Curtains for Homo Sapiens?

Joe Biden: ‘This president is going to try to steal this election’


JG: I agree. Trump is desperate. People no longer trust hm.

Conjunto Casino -- A La Pelota Con Carlota (VintageMusic.es)

Attention Progressives.

Progressives Have Good Chance to Move a 'Receptive' Biden to the Left, Says Sanders.

Biden continues increasing his advantage over Donald Trump.

Biden: 49.8%. Trump: 41.7%.

No doubt about it. Donald Trump will be a ONE TERM PRESIDENT.

In solidly Blue  California, his advantage is HUGE.

As California goes, so goes the Nation. 

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Joe Biden: We must urgently root out systemic racism, from policing to housing to opportunity.


Donald Trump Keeps on Defending the Confederacy.

Shame on Him!

Organize & Agitate for the Repudiation & Condemnation of Donald Trump on November 3rd, 2020.

It will be Liberation Day for Americans!

On November 3rd, 2020 we will sing to him: "Happy Trails to You" & "We Will Not See You Again"

Let's start organizing parties on that night.

Millionaires Ambulance Chasers Dan Newlin & Morgan & Morgan are carpet bombing Central Florida Ch 6 & 9 with their TV Commercials.

Do they tell ahead of time to their clients that they have to fork over extremely high fees?

NASCAR has banned the Confederate flag from its races and properties. NASCAR says Wednesday the Confederate flag “runs contrary to our commitment to providing a welcoming and inclusive environment for all fans, our competitors and our industry.”

NASCAR has banned the Confederate flag from its races and properties. NASCAR says Wednesday the Confederate flag “runs contrary to our commitment to providing a welcoming and inclusive environment for all fans, our competitors and our industry.”

Fallecida Rosita Fornés éste 10 de Junio

Ha sido reportado por el Periódico Granma, Organo Oficial del Partido Comunista de Cuba.

Trump Opposes efforts to remove confederate commanders' names from military bases.

Trump takes off his mask. He has always supported the viral Racism of the Confederacy.

Trump = Confederate Supporter + NeoNazism Supporter + Right-wing-Fascist-Supporter.

No wonder the USA keeps on going downhill under his leadership.

Nov. 3rd, 2020 = Liberation Day. How sweet it is going to be.

Trump reminds me of Batista in Cuba. Everyone new that his 'elections' were fraudulent.

And then, on 26 July 1952, Fidel Castro emerged as the redeemer of the Cuban Nation.

The rest is history. The Batistianos fled to Miami on 1 January 1959, where they still live in infamy.

Donald Trump will be a ONE TERM PRESIDENT.

He is acting like a rabid dog! 

The Latest Donald Trump Gimmick or Scam.

'Trump demands that CNN apologize for a poll that shows Biden leading.'

Trump will do anything, legal or illegal, that will allow him to stay in the White House by using fraudulent tactics. I fear that the November election will NOT be very honest because Trump is DESPERATE.

As far as I am concerned, the U.S.A. democracy is dead.

Gimmicks, Scams and Frauds are increasing in the U.S. Internet.

Discard or Delete them. They are probably Spam.

United States, China, India, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Qatar and Israel do not recognize the International Criminal Court of Justice.


A statue of Christopher Columbus in Virginia has been torn down by protesters, who then set it on fire and threw it into a lake, in the latest action against monuments in the wake of George Floyd’s death. (The Guardian)

If people want to be called a human being, then they have to behave like human beings.

Derek Chauvin was not, in the case of George Floyd.

I still believe that he should pay with his life.

If Derek Chauvin gets 75 years behind bars, without being granted parole, that constitutes just punishment.

What he did is thoroughly disgusting to a "normal" human being.

Minneapolis Police chief says officers' lack of experience is no excuse in George Floyd killing

Policemen act sometimes like the brutes that they are.

How can any decent human being stomp on a person's neck for close to 9 Minutes?

Live: George Floyd's Brother Testifies at House Hearing on Police Brutal...

There are days when I get 30-50 Emails asking for a donation. GET A JOB!

Do I look like a millionaire? Once in awhile I may send you $3.00. 

Cuba Journal does not approve of defunding Police Departments in the U.S.S.

What we need is the end of Injustice and Racism.

Trump job approval rating plunges 10 points in a month: Gallup

He is the worst President of the U.S.A. EVER!

Donald Trump's use of a Bible as a prop is an insult to the Creator of The Universe.

What a shithead we have in the White House. 😝😝

The U.S.A. is being governed by right wing nuts like Marco Rubio and Robert Menéndez

The country is going to the Dogs.

Violent protest reflects the violence of the system (Al Jazeera)

The media focus on looting was a convenient distraction from the police's brutal aggression against protesters.

We have to prevent Donald Trump from cheating and using props to stay in the White House.

If we are united we can defeat Trump on November 3rd, 2020.

Warren or Harris would be an excellent VP choice.


As California goes, so goes the Nation.

Biden: 58%, Trump 30.7%.


Biden Continues to lead Trump, 49.6% to 41.6% (RCP)

Trump will be a one-term President. He will need more than props to govern.


Defund Injustice and Racism. Not Police.

Justice for George Floyd. Black Lives Matter.

Monday, June 08, 2020

David Muir of ABC News stated tonight at 6:30 p.m. that the Minneapolis cop responsible for the death of George Floyd faces 75 years in prison.

I still believe that he should get the death sentence. Different people have different opinions.

Ex-Minneapolis cop Derek Chauvin bail set at up to $1.25 million for George Floyd murder charges


I hope that he has to stay in jail for a long, long time. At trial, I hope that the prosecutor will ask for the death penalty for Derek Chauvin.

‘Black Americans want to stop being killed’: Democrats unveil sweeping police reform bill


All the major National Polls are pointing to a huge defeat for Donald Trump on November 3rd.

Just look at bellwether California: PPIC Poll: Biden 57,  Trump 33.

The U.S.A will give Donald Trump his Walking Papers.

CNN Poll: Trump losing ground to Biden amid chaotic week


(Reuters) - A majority of Minneapolis City Council members favor phasing out the city’s police department and creating a new way to ensure public safety, officials said, a sign that protests over the police killing of George Floyd are having an impact.

Sunday, June 07, 2020

I spend too much time trying to say NO, NO, NO, to ABC News and CBS News Prescription Drugs Advertising.

It is a total waste of my time.

So are the ambulance chasers.

White House almost completely surrounded by more than a mile of fencing

Donald Trump wanted a wall. Instead, he is now surrounded by more than a mile of fencing.


Tropical Storm Cristobal Hits Louisiana, Mississippi Coasts

June 7, 2020.

Tropical Storm Cristobal has reached the southeastern United States, bringing heavy rains and sustained winds of up to 50 mph.

Source: National Public Radio.

La Internacional (versión mexicana) - Que Versión Tan Buena

La Internacional, en el VI Congreso del Partido y cantada por Fidel Castro y Raul Castro

Este 7 de junio, se cumplen 85 años de relaciones diplomáticas ininterrumpidas entre Cuba y la Santa Sede


How Trump Misleads You.

Downplaying the coronavirus threat, exaggerating chances for rapid economic recovery, distorting the nature of protests by describing participants as "arsonists, looters, criminals, and anarchists wanting to destroy ... our country."

Donald Trump is destroying the U.S.A.

Press the Mute Buton when his face is shown on T.V.  Mine is almost totally worn out.

Dear God, deliver us from evil.

Etihad Airways Completes Humanitarian Flight to Cuba


Cuba has friends all over the world.

The imperialists have failed. Cuba 60, Yankee Imperialists, ZERO.

Cuba = People Helping People.

We are witnessing the birth of a movement — and the downfall of a president.

We've reached a turning point in the Trump era. The 2020 campaign is in the streets and he's losing

Define Yourself: You can not work for God and the Devil at the same time.

Help remove Donald J. Trump from the White House. 

Support Democratic Joe Biden for President in Nov 3rd, 2020.

Using a Bible as a prop is disgustingly Evil. SHAME ON TRUMP.

Bernie Sanders says: Prohibit the transfer of offensive military equipment to police departments.

Those who militarize police departments are betraying Civil Rights accomplishments.

Bernie Sanders Calls on Democrats to Embrace 8-Point Plan to End Police Brutality (Common Dreams)


A coalition of nearly 200 civil rights activists, academics, and state and city lawmakers is calling on the AFL-CIO—the largest federation of unions in the United States—to permanently expel police unions from its ranks, arguing that organized labor's "proud history" of fighting for the most vulnerable "is being destroyed by the legacy that police unions are leaving behind." (Common Dreams)


May of 2020

This month, the people almost overthrew the capitalist government of the U.S.A  in response to the murder of George Floyd.

Prosecute Racist Policemen

Justice For Geroge Floyd. 

Black Lives Matter.

Black Lives Matter. NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE!

Protesters demand that cities ‘defund the police.’ Politicians are starting to listen.


A nation that was founded based on slavery did not turn very well.

The next day, Garcetti called a press conference to announce that the city would be reallocating $250 million from its budget— including as much as $150 million from the LAPD — to “invest in jobs, in health, in education and in healing” in the “black community here in Los Angeles.”

George Floyd protests: In Harlem, we marched for justice, against police brutality

I didn't see any looting or violence. But I did see an excessive police presence that seemed designed to intimidate us.


Why do police always want to intimidate people?

They should seek assistance from a shrink. 

Is the U.S.A. descending into constant whining for just about anything?

It looks that way to me.

But, Police Brutality has no place in our society or in any society. 

Saturday, June 06, 2020

What You Most Likely Would Say If You Look at Trump's Approval Rating.

He Is In Big Trouble!

Trump Approval: 42.9%

Disapproval: 54.0%


Buffalo Cops Who Knocked Peaceful Protester To The Ground Charged With Assault


Latest 2020 General Election Polls

Donald Trump appears to have BIG PROBLEMS. Even Fox News shows him losing to Joe Biden.

Monmouth Poll shows him losing to Joe Biden by 11 points.

Fox News Poll shows him losing to Joe Biden by 8 points.

And in California El Trompo goes down by 24 points. 


Remeber what Trump told the people in 2016?

He told fellows that
I am going to drain the swamp.
He is the Main Creature from the Swamp in Washington DC now.

No one believes in him anymore. You will not fool us this time, Donald.

Black Lives Matter. Justice For George Floyd.

Love One Another.

Más de 3 500 cubanos varados en 35 países han retornado a la Patria


Friday, June 05, 2020

More Police Prutality Shown Tonight by ABC News at 6:30 PM

Two policemen pushed a 75 Year Old Man to the ground. The brutality continues.

‘Black Lives Matter’: In giant yellow letters, D.C. mayor sends message to Trump (WAPO)


Marriott ordered by Trump administration to close hotel in Cuba

Hate against Cuba never stops, when your name is Nasty Donald J. Trump. F*cking Nazi.


Poll: Two-Thirds Think Trump Made Racial Tensions Worse After Floyd Was Killed


Cuba/Embargo Blockade = Continuing Yankee Genocide.

Cuba does not kiss the ass of nasty and autocratic Donald Trump.

Zionist Israel and right-wing Bolsonaro kiss Trump's ass with gusto every day of the week.

The publisher/editor of this blog does not buy Israeli or Brasilian products.

Police Brutality Cases Continue to Grow in the U.S.A.

Why? Because President Trump has a Fascist mentality. He has surrounded himself with right-wingers.

I better not say too much. I want to be able to continue breathing.


Cuba's potential virus vaccine has good results: expert


A potential coronavirus vaccine in Cuba used to treat 58 patients, including those with severe and critical conditions from COVID-19, gave promising results, according to a Cuban expert.

The CIGB 258 vaccine has an 84% survival rate, Verena Muzio, chief of the Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Center (CIGB), told the Mesa Redonda television program Wednesday.

Muzio said 72% of critically ill patients and 90% of severe cases recovered from the virus with the vaccine treatment.

Cuba has 2,107 coronavirus cases and 83 deaths, while recoveries neared the 2,000 marks, according to the data compiled by US-based Johns Hopkins University.

Civil rights groups, including the American Civil Liberties Union and Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, filed a lawsuit Thursday against the Trump administration and federal law enforcement agencies, saying they violated the constitutional rights of demonstrators who were violently evacuated out of a park Monday to clear the path for a photo op by President Trump. (National Public Radio)

My apologies to visitors and readers for the problems that Google's Blogger is experiencing every day.

To err is human. To really mess things up requires a computer.

Un Crimen del Imperialismo Yankee Contra Cuba

Thursday, June 04, 2020

Bail set at up to $1 million for three ex-Minneapolis police officers charged with abetting alleged murder of George Floyd


Tropical Storm Critobal

Potential Threat to Louisiana & Gulf Coast.

All four former officers involved in George Floyd's killing now face charges


Stop the Campaign of HATE against Cuba.

Former Defense Secretary Mattis Issues Stunning Rebuke Of Trump.


New Charges for Former Minneapolis Police Officers as Protests Persist

The former officer who held his knee on George Floyd’s neck was charged with second-degree murder. Three other officers now face charges as well.


JG: Justice for George Floyd!

Poll: Biden opens up 11-point lead on Trump nationwide

The survey indicated that the nationwide unrest over the past week is weighing on the minds of a significant slice of voters.


Lo bueno que tiene ésto es lo malo que se está poniendo para el fascistoide Donald Trump.

Wednesday, June 03, 2020

Voters dump a white supremacist and make a black woman mayor.


Justice For George Floyd!

BREAKING NEWS: Voters dump a white supremacist and elect a black female Mayor.

Google it! That is Good News. Trump will have diarrhea.

Four Minneapolis Police Officers Charged in the Death of George Floyd (CNBC)

The Four Murderers of George Floyd


3 more cops charged in George Floyd death, other officer’s murder charge upgraded


https://www.cnbc.com/2020/06/03/3-more-cops-charged-in-george-floyd-death-other-officers-murder-charge-upgraded.html  (CNBC)

Que se sepa, yo soy de la Habana, Irakere. (Very Good Video)

Dime con quien andas y te diré quien eres.

From the first day of his administration Donald Trump associated with the Miami Gusanos of South Florida, people like Marco Rubio and Robert Menéndez. This guy smells like another Batistiano was the talk of the Cubiches.

Everything that is happening under Trump is the same thing thing that happened in Cuba under Yankee Supported Fulgencio Batista.

Do not let the Yankees piss all over you. Just open your mouth.

Turning Point: Trump threatens military rule, turns country toward fascism

No matter what you do, Trump and the capitalists will f*ck you 100% of the time.

Why? Because American capitalism is an inherently evil system. It f*cks the people and rewards big capital all the time. 


Tell yourself this: capitalism = fascism.

Only people who have big cojones, Lenin, Mao, Ho Chi Minh, and Fidel will help the people.

Joe Biden? He is a big ass kisser of American capitalism. Do not think for a minute that he is on the side of the working class.

Cameras Won’t Stop Police From Killing

Police are inherently evil people. They enjoy inflicting pain on other people.

We begin with just the following 'factoid' ...

Donald Trump will rig the coming November Presidential Election.

As far as I am concerned USA democracy is DEAD.

Joe Biden is just wasting his time.

Americans are the biggest suckers in the world. They are f*cked by the capitalists every day of the week.

Donald Trump’s Only Path To Re-Election Is To “Cheat,” Michael Moore Tells ‘Real Time With Bill Maher’


Everything that Donald Trump touches becomes a huge piece of SHIT.

In Houston 60,000 Join in Peaceful March For George Floyd.


The other 3 Minneapolis Policemen need to be charged as Accessories to Murder. 

We have to make sure that we remove Donald Trump from the White House, at the earliest possible opportunity.

Get lost! WE DON'T LIKE YOU!

Demands for Trump Removal Grow as 'Fascist' Speech Condemned as Declaration of War Against US Public.

"Trump needs to be removed now because after the massacre it will be too late."

Source: Common Dreams.

"Give me your tired, huddled masses, yearning to breath free." Emma Lazarus.

Xenophobic Republican with a long history of insults towards inmigrants, goes down in flames.

One less promoter of Republican intolerance. GOOD RIDDANCE!

Monday, June 01, 2020

What Donald Trump announced tonight, around 6:44 pm, is a system of militaristic Fascism. The American People will STOP HIM.

Chinese State Media Tells Donald Trump to Not 'Hide Behind' Secret Service Amid George Floyd Protests


Trump’s failures of leadership keep compounding


Governors blast Trump: President’s rhetoric on George Floyd protests is ‘dangerous’ and ‘making it worse’ (NBC)



Britain and Europe ought to keep their noses out of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is the sovereign territory of The People's Republic of China.

U.S Representative Val Demings: 'America is on fire' and Trump 'is walking around with gasoline'



Minnesota Attorney General says 4 officers will be charged to 'highest degree of accountability.'


The U.S.A. would be a much better nation without Donald Trump in the Presidency.

He is nasty and he likes to insult those that he interacts with. OUT!

Every time that Trump opens his mouth, he put his foot in it.

Foot in Mouth Disease.

Trump wants to designate antifa a "terrorist organization" — but he can't actually do that.


What Trump wants to do is unconstitutional.

Minneapolis police chief: All involved officers 'complicit' in George Floyd's death


Donald Trump will be very lucky if he can leave the White House alive and not in a horizontal position.

Donald Trump briefly taken to underground bunker during Friday's White House protests.

Donald Trump appears to be under siege at the White House. The beginning of his end?

Joe Biden continues to grow his lead over autocratic Donald Trump.

Joe Biden: 48.4%

Donald Trump: 42.5%

Source: Real Clear Politics.

For the sixth day in a row, violence and mayhem continue throughout the U.S.A.

When will the people get tired of burning and looting?

The U.S.A. has always been a very violent country.

That is the reason it has few friends around the world. El Bizneo is job #1 all the time.  

Sign Of The Times