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Bush and Obama's wars will cost the American people $3.2 to $4.0 trillion dollars

Nearly 10 years after the declaration of the War on Terror, the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan have killed at least 225,000 people, including men and women in uniform, contractors, and civilians. The wars will cost Americans between $3.2 and $4 trillion, including medical care and disability for current and future war veterans, according to a new report by the Eisenhower Research Project at the Watson Institute. If these wars continue, they are on track to require at least another $450 billion in Pentagon spending by 2020.


The project has posted its extensive findings, graphically illustrated, at, to spur public debate about America at war.

Imágenes del encuentro de Fidel y Chávez (Video + Fotos)

Click here to go to the Cubadebate page.

Gobierno Bolivariano de Venezuela: Dos Amigos Felices

Canción a La Alegría

Escucha hermano

La canción de la alegría.

El canto alegre

de él que espera un nuevo día.

Me encanta, sueña cantando,

Vive soñando el nuevo sol,

En que los hombres

Volveran a ser humanos.

Lyrics: Schiller
Music: Beethoven

Patrimonio de La Humanidad - Ciudades de Cuba

Estampillas de Correo, 2009

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Is Barack H. Obama an American Kerensky?

Those who love good history books will clearly like reading John Reed's journalistic masterpiece “Ten Days that Shook the World.”

It may also be interesting (but certainly not enjoyable) to read books written by the capitalist-imperialist ruling elites which are full of garbage and hate toward the glorious Russian revolution, which was the final act of workers in that country taking political, economic and social power under the revolutionary flag and leadership of the Bolshevik Party, which would later on be renamed the Communist Party.

There are some very striking similarities between what happened in Russia in 1917 and what is happening in the United States during the first decade of the XXI century.

1) Russia was broke, due to their disastrous entry, under their imperial Tsar, into World War One. The United States is very close to national bankruptcy, with billions of taxpayer money being spent for wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Barack Obama's unconstitutional military adventures in Libya and Yemen.

2) Liberal Alexander Kerensky was heading the provisional government, after the first act of the Russian revolution, which took place in February, 1917. In the Unites States, neoliberal Barack Obama is in power. Both Kerensky and Obama were and are working in favor of the agendas of the capitalist bourgeoisie.

3) There was in Russia, back then, and there is in the United States today, a tremendous amount of rising anger which was and is being directed toward their governments. Today, upwards of 70% of Americans are saying that the country is traveling on the wrong direction, that of corporate America, the banks, the super rich and Wall Street.

Will history repeat itself or are Americans more interested in watching celebrities, garbage TV and playing with their smart phones and iPads, while the country faces debts, unemployment, people loosing their houses and growing homelessness and hunger?

Why I will not participate in the Fourth of July celebrations of 2011?

Because the United States government is still imposing a cruel and genocidal blockade/embargo on the people of Cuba.

Don't let the U.S. fool you. It is the people of Cuba and not Fidel Castro or Raul Castro who are the recipients and the victims of the George W. Bush and Barack H. Obama blockade/embargo. The Cuban people chose socialism in1959 and rejected the corrupt U.S.-style capitalism which ruled Cuba from 1952 to 1958.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Cuba and Iran are standing up to Yankee imperialism

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says Iran and Cuba stand firm against imperialism and the extremism of bullying powers, redeeming Tehran's pledge to defend the rights of nations.

“Iran and Cuba are in a strong anti-imperialism front and will resist imperialism and arrogance along with independent and freedom-seeking countries,” IRNA quoted President Ahmadinejad as saying in a meeting with Cuban Vice President Esteban Lazo Hernandez in the Iranian capital, Tehran, on Sunday.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran will stand by independent and justice-seeking countries until their final victory and is ready to transfer its experience in various fields to these nations,” he added.

The Iranian chief executive stressed the importance of bolstering Tehran-Havana cooperation in cultural, political, economic and scientific fields and stated that the two sides can play a key role in changing international tyrannical relations in favor of peace and justice.

The Cuban vice president, for his part, said Havana pursues the policy of expanding cooperation with Iran, stressing that his country “has no fear of imperialist powers, including the United States.”

Hernandez added that enemies are irked by the consolidation of ties between Iran and Cuba and resort to various ways to prevent the two countries from promoting cooperation.

“However, ties between the two countries is very strong and enemies cannot damage it,” he concluded.

Source: Press TV


JG: Both George W. Bush and Barack H. Obama are arrogant! Two sides of the same coin.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Great photo of Ernest Hemingway at Finca Vigía in Cuba

Source: “Hemingway se sintió definitivamente cubano”

Corvallis councilor will travel with Pastors for Peace to Cuba

Posted: Wednesday, June 22, 2011 11:24 pm

The Pastors for Peace annual aid caravan to Cuba will stop in Corvallis on July 6.

Corvallis City Councilor Mike Beilstein and Ed Hemmingson of Albany will join the caravan as it travels through Oregon, California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas collecting donated medical and educational materials.

Since 1992, Pastors for Peace has sent at least one aid caravan to Cuba each year. This year 140 cities will hold events hosting the caravan.

The 14 routes of the caravan will converge in McAllen, Texas, and take the aid across the border into Mexico. Donations will be loaded on ships for transport to Cuba and participants will fly to Havana for a week of programs hosted by the Cuban Council of Churches and the Martin Luther King Peace Center.

The caravan this year is collecting small garden and construction tools in support of the economic reforms in Cuba that encourage small-scale agricultural entrepreneurship.

Beilstein, on his sixth trip to Cuba with Pastors for Peace, said, “I have promised to make the trip each year, if I am able, as long as the U.S.-imposed trade and travel ban is in effect.”

Technically, because of the length of his absence, the other Corvallis city councilors could declare the Ward 5 seat absent and move to refill it — although past councils never have taken that step.

The Obama administration has loosened restrictions, allowing freer travel for Cuban-Americans visiting relatives, yet it still is an illegal journey for most Americans.

The Corvallis Chapter of the Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism will host a free Cuban-style meal at noon July 6 at Westminster House, 101 N.W. 23rd St.

Presentations at the lunch will include an update on the progress of Corvallis resident Eduardo Jose Cervantes, in his third year at the Latin American School of Medicine in Havana, and political/economic changes in Cuba under the Raul Castro administration.

The lunch is free, but donations to Pastors for Peace will be accepted. Guests are encouraged to RSVP to

Information about the caravan is available at


JG: As a former Oregonian, I am very proud of the state. Way to go Beavers!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Yoani Sánchez keeps on talking mierda!

And of course the idiots at Faux News hail her latest shit.


U.S. war on immigrants

The U.S. is not able to protect its own borders, because its ruling elites are very incompetent. So they try to pass laws like the one being considered in the 112th Congress right now, which is authored by Republican Rep. Lamar Smith of Texas.

The bill would send convicted persons to indefinite jail terms. They are saying "Screw The Constitution." Ah! The benefits of the "American Dream!"

Some of the escoria (scum in English) who are coming to the United States illegally in rafts from Cuba are criminal elements. Cuba will not take them back. They would have to be incredibly stupid to do that.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

USAID announces plan which attempts to manipulate Cuban teenagers in the island

By Prensa Latina — last modified Jun 21, 2011 09:15 AM
Contributors: Radio Havana-Cuba

The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) announced financing for new projects to interfere with communications in Cuba, above all among minors, it was reported Monday.

The new plans aim chiefly at supposedly expanding the use of social media and increasing access to information that the United States finds convenient to disseminate, according to an article in the Granma newspaper.

The article reported revelations posted on the website by journalist Tracey Eaton, who is investigating how Washington wastes tens of millions of dollars of taxpayer money on secret, illegal activities against Cuba.

This budget includes six million USD on programs to supposedly increase freedom of speech among 12-18 years-olds, according to the information Eaton posted.

Another six million USD will be allocated to expand illegal use of the Internet and to increase access to information (and misinformation).

Nine million USD will support neighborhoods, cooperatives, sports clubs, religious groups and other civil society organizations.

The USAID objective is to create a presence among vulnerable population groups, blacks and mulattos, young people from the countryside, urban youth, young people with disabilities, orphans, and broken and single-parent families.

Source: Escambray


JG: The Yankee imperialist scum never changes, do they? Is this Barack Obama's promised "change you can believe in?"

Cuba vs Taiwan at the Little League world championship

2011/06/21 20:42:36

Taipei, June 21 (CNA) Taiwan will open the first ever International Baseball Federation (IBAF) Little League world championship against baseball hotbed Cuba, the Taipei City government said Tuesday.

The tournament, known formally as the 12U Baseball World Championship, will feature the national teams of players 12 and under from 15 countries and territories rather than school teams that compete in the prestigious Little League World Series in Williamsport, Pennsylvania every year.

The tourney's opening game will pit Lithuania against Japan at the Youth Park Baseball Field on the morning of July 8.

Taiwan will then play Cuba at Tienmu Baseball Stadium -- usually reserved for professional games -- following the championship's opening ceremony.

The other participating countries and territories will be South Korea, Hong Kong, Brazil, Ecuador, Pakistan, Mexico, Venezuela, Italy, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Zimbabwe.

The 15 teams will be divided into two preliminary round groups, with the top two teams in each group after round-robin play entering the semifinals on July 16. The semifinal winners will play for the title a day later at Tienmu Stadium.

According to Tom Peng, president of the Chinese Taipei Amateur Baseball Association and a member of the IBAF Executive Committee, Taiwan has declined as a Little League baseball power since a team from Kaohsiung won the Little League World Series in 1996, but he hoped that would change in mid-July.

"The IBAF Little League world championship should serve as a golden opportunity for Taiwan to regain its glory in Little League baseball," Peng said.

The city government has revamped Tienmu Stadium to make it suitable for Little League competition. The distance between bases on Little League diamonds is only 60 feet, compared to 90 feet for the pros, and the pitching rubber is 46 feet from home plate, compared to 60 feet 6 inches on a pro field.

Baseball diamonds at Xinsheng Park in northern Taipei City will also be used as a competition venue or as a practice field, the city government said.

Admission for all games at the Youth Park and Xinsheng Park will be free, but tickets will be sold for the 25 of 57 tournament games played at Tienmu Stadium, according to the city government.

(By Johnson Sun and Deborah Kuo) enditem/ls

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Excellent Peter C. Bjarkman WBC baseball analysis

Team Cuba, 2006 WBC

Why will the greed-hogs of Major League Baseball not play any of the games of the 2013 World Baseball Classic in Havana, Cuba?

Click here to see Bjarkman's clear answer!

Agencia de EE.UU. anuncia proyecto para intentar manipular a adolescentes cubanos

Washington dispuso un presupuesto que incluye seis millones de dólares ara «aumentar la libertad de expresión» entre jóvenes de 12 a 18 años

Juventud Rebelde
20 de Junio del 2011 9:49:45 CDT

LA HABANA, junio 20.—La Agencia para el Desarrollo Internacional de Estados Unidos (USAID) anunció nuevos subsidios a proyectos de injerencia en comunicaciones en Cuba, sobre todo dirigidos a menores de edad, se denunció hoy en esta capital, según PL.

Los nuevos proyectos son fundamentalmente destinados a una pretendida expansión del uso de medios de comunicación social y el aumento del acceso a la información que a EE.UU. le conviene difundir, acotó una nota del diario Granma.

El periódico se hace eco a revelaciones del sitio web Cuba Money Project, del periodista Tracey Eaton, quien investiga cómo Washington derrocha decenas de millones de dólares del contribuyente en actividades ocultas e ilegales contra la isla.

Este presupuesto -agregó- incluye seis millones de dólares en programas para «aumentar la libertad de expresión» entre jóvenes de 12 a 18 años.

Otros seis millones son para ampliar la utilización de Internet hacia usos ilícitos y aumentar el acceso a la información (y la desinformación).

Nueve millones apoyarían a grupos de vecinos, cooperativas, clubes deportivos, grupos religiosos y otras organizaciones de la sociedad civil.

Esos grupos -señaló- se convertirían en socios de la Sección de Intereses Norteamericanos (representación diplomática de Estados Unidos en La Habana).

El dinero se distribuirá en los próximos años como parte de un plan radical y ambicioso que hace hincapié en actividades en la isla, según precisó Eaton en su material.

Uno de los proyectos, con seis millones de presupuesto, debe lograr que jóvenes cubanos menores de edad experimenten la libertad de expresión en espacios sociales organizados fuera de la autoridad estatal, agregó el reporte.

La propuesta de USAID busca insertarse en poblaciones vulnerables, negros y mulatos, jóvenes rurales del centro de la ciudad, con discapacidad, huérfanos y de familias rotas o monoparentales.


JG: The favorite pastime of the Yankee imperialists is to stick their noses in the internal affairs of other countries. That is the main reason as to why Americans are disliked throught the world.

The Ugly American endures!

Cuba's national identity symbol: The Guayabera

In this photo taken Thursday June 9, 2011, Cuba's designer Emiliano Nelson Guerra holds up a Cuban flag designed "guayabera" in his workshop in Havana, Cuba. The Cuban shirtmaker has hand-crafted shirts for international luminaries from American singer Harry Belafonte and British pop star Sting to Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and Prince Albert of Monaco. Photo: Franklin Reyes / AP

HAVANA (AP) — Under fluorescent lights and a whirling ceiling fan that is no match for the Havana summer morning heat, Emiliano Nelson Guerra traced a pattern onto a bolt of pink cotton cloth and carefully scissored the edges.

Intermittently pulling on a fat cigar, he explained the significance of the "guayabera," the roomy, collared, four-pocketed dress shirts that Cubans wear to look spiffy on this tropical island where neckties are practically extinct.

"The guayabera is nothing less than the typical Cuban garment," Guerra said. "It's our image, so you always have to try to make it look its best."

Guerra, a 49-year-old with closely cropped hair and a receding hairline, is Cuba's shirtmaker to the stars. Known as Nelson to his friends, he has spent the last two decades establishing himself as Cuba's leading designer of the guayabera, which the government last year decreed the official formal attire for state functions.

He has hand-crafted shirts for international luminaries from American singer Harry Belafonte and British pop star Sting to Hugo Chavez, president of Venezuela, and Prince Albert of Monaco. E'Nelson Collection designs have exhibited in shows and fairs and been worn by world-renowned Cuban musicians like Chucho Valdes and the late Compay Segundo, of Buena Vista Social Club fame, and they're also in demand by wealthy foreigners and well-heeled Cubans up to the highest levels of government.

"One time I even made a guayabera for 'el comandante,'" Guerra said, referring to former President Fidel Castro, known more for his affinity for military attire.

Guerra recalled the first time he met American actor Danny Glover, who has cultivated close ties to Cuba, about a decade ago at a film festival in Havana. He asked the "Lethal Weapon" star about the shirt he was wearing, which turned out to be an artesanal African garment. The shirtmaker soon found himself hurriedly assembling a bone-white, embroidered masterpiece that he gave to Glover the last night of the festival.

"He tried it out immediately," Guerra said. "He took off the shirt he was wearing, put mine on and said, 'Excellent.'"

A year later the actor was back in town without the guayabera.

"He wasn't wearing it. Instead he told me, 'I want another one!'" Guerra said, breaking into laughter at the memory. He said he has made three shirts so far for Glover.

Working under a Cuban law that lets artists and craftspeople operate independently, Guerra and his three assistants churn out 80 to 100 guayaberas a month.

In a country where official monthly wages average around $20, they sell in hotels and tourist shops for $49 for a casual short-sleeve, and $100 for a formal linen long-sleeve. He's also taken custom orders up to $229.

Guerra's most recent project for a high-profile client was making enough shirts to clothe an entire orchestra: 150 short-sleeved white guayaberas discounted at $40 a pop for the New York Philharmonic.

"He showed us a number of designs that were very creative and beautiful and took the idea of a traditional guayabera and brought them into a more contemporary context," said Eric Latzky, a Philharmonic spokesman who met with Guerra in Havana several months ago.

The group's plans to perform in Cuba in 2011 were called off for logistical reasons, but Guerra says there's enough demand for his shirts that he should be able to unload the 90 he's already made in a month or two.

Still, like any artist, he's disappointed he won't get to see the finished product up on stage.

"It's important to see your work at the end, in the place where it was going to be used," Guerra said. "To see the whole orchestra dressed up ... and even one man from the orchestra who apparently wears a size XXXXXL. I've never seen the man, but he must be gigantic."

Guerra's currently crafting guayaberas for Miami-based salsa musician Isaac Delgado, who's been wearing E'Nelson Collection since the 1990s, for his new album cover and upcoming European tour. Guerra proudly held up a demo: white-fronted with the entire back a red, white and blue Cuban flag.

"He's a tremendous designer with very good taste," said Massiel Delgado, the singer's wife and assistant.

Guerra founded his home workshop in historic Old Havana the mid-1990s with 10 initial designs that have today swelled to more than 100.

Cardboard patterns and photos of him with Glover, Sting and Segundo adorn the walls of the cutting table room. In an adjacent space, a painting of a Madonna gazing down at three people at sea in a rowboat hangs over early-1900s Singer sewing machines.

Guerra said Cuban guayabera making fell into decline after the revolution in 1959, as some cuts of fine cloth were in shorter supply and tastes changed. An invasion of Mexican Yucatan-style guayaberas, along with mass-production of shirts he called "barbarous," meant that handmade Cuban shirts all but disappeared.

"There was a time when there wasn't much talk about the guayabera. In fact, young people — and many of them still have this idea — thought the guayabera was for old, overweight men."

Guerra's on a mission to change that, appearing on radio and TV to promote the shirts as a symbol of the national identity and even writing a tune in the Cuban musical tradition known as "son": "The guayabera is our national garb," goes the refrain.

"I've seen a lot of work that really leaves a lot to be desired," Guerra said. "I understand that everyone has to make money, but isn't it better to make money trying to create something good?"

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Meeting of Fidel, Raul and Hugo

Fidel y Raúl visitan a Chávez

El Comandante en Jefe Fidel Castro Ruz y el Presidente de los Consejos de Estado y de Ministros, Raúl Castro Ruz, visitaron este viernes 17 al Comandante Presidente Hugo Chávez Frías.

En el fraternal encuentro, pasaron revista a los estrechos vínculos entre Venezuela y Cuba y trataron diversos temas de la situación internacional.

El Presidente Chávez se recupera satisfactoriamente, cumple las indicaciones médicas y se mantiene en estrecha coordinación con el Vicepresidente y otros ministros venezolanos al tanto de los principales asuntos de su país.

Granma, Organo Oficial del Comite Central del Partido Comunista de Cuba


JG: Que viva la amistad eterna entre Cuba y Venezuela. Viva Fidel, Raul y Hugo.

Friday, June 17, 2011

More garbage from The Miami 'Gusano' Herald

Normally I do not waste any of my time reproducing the stuff that is published by the premier newspaper mouthpiece of the Miami Gusanos. That rag sheet never stops defending the former supporters of General Fulgencio Batista in Cuba, who was, until January First 1959, the favorite "democrat" of El Tio Sam in Latin America.

But I am going to make an exception today because I can not stop laughing. I am laughing so hard that the muscles in my tummy hurt.

Give me a Timpani, please!

The Herald says that "Cuba’s masters are fighting desperately to avoid an economic and political collapse."


Here is the article:

Commentary: Cuba democracy funds should be released
The Miami Herald
Published: Friday, Jun. 17, 2011 - 9:48 am

At a time when Cuba’s masters are fighting desperately to avoid an economic and political collapse, Washington is caught up in an increasingly silly and pointless dispute over funds to promote civil society and democracy on the island. This nonsense could not come at a worse time.

Sen. John Kerry has put the brakes on funding previously approved by federal lawmakers without supplying clear reasons for his actions or his intent. This is both a significant departure from the usual script involving U.S. policy toward Cuba and a surprising — and disappointing — role for the senator from Massachusetts.

Cuba policy is a perennial target of controversy inside the beltway, with Democrats and Republicans offering competing visions of the best way to fulfill the U.S. interest in promoting freedom [made in USA] on the island. This time, however, it’s a leading Democrat against a Democratic administration. The situation is made even more bizarre because Mr. Kerry has rarely, if ever, evinced overriding interest in Cuba policy and can usually be counted on to act as a reliable ally of the Obama administration on Capitol Hill.

Sen. Kerry, chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, has put a “hold” on Cuba funds disbursed by USAID, the foreign-aid arm of the State Department, to block $20 million “to support human rights and civil society initiatives in Cuba.” These programs cover a wide range of activities. They include the provision of “food stuffs and over-the-counter medicines” to political prisoners and their families, and training for grassroots organizers and “democratic engagement at the community level.”

In the past, some federal funds for Cuba have been ill-used or misspent, and the Herald has long called for vigilance in these important democracy-building programs. They should not be exempt from accountability.

But in this case, funds to assist Cubans who dare to dissent are undergoing an unusual and unwarranted level of scrutiny. Neither Sen. Kerry nor members of his staff have produced a “smoking gun” or evidence of wrongdoing. They have demanded answers to intrusive questions, reportedly including the identity of individuals at the ground level in a totalitarian state — information that the administration guards jealously and sensibly because improper dissemination would jeopardize their safety.

To read the complete editorial, visit


JG: Only the Miami Herald believes all the shit that they publish about Cuba.

Cuba will start in the 2011 World Port Baseball Tournament in six days

June 23 - July 3

Official Website

Wikepedia Page

Cuba Roster

Does a Cuba curse hangs over the U.S.?



1898: U.S. President William McKinley intervenes in the internal affairs of Cuba. In 1901 he is assassinated.

1961: U.S. President John F. Kennedy intervenes in the internal affairs of Cuba. In 1963 he is assassinated.

Arrested for feeding the homeless in Orlando's Mickey Mouse Land

ORLANDO, Fla. - As city police officers here arrested four people for distributing food to the homeless, June 8, a crowd of mostly young activists chanted, "Food is a right, not a privilege!" In two weeks of civil disobedience, 15 people involved with Food Not Bombs have been arrested so far in the city. Hundreds more supporters, many of them students, have come to rally behind the homeless and people who are feeding them.

Food Not Bombs is an international organization that distributes food while calling attention to war spending.

Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer issued an ordinance in July 2006 that criminalized the distribution of food to more than 24 people at a time in public parks. The ordinance coincided with the gentrification of downtown Orlando. In particular, Lake Eola Park, where Food Not Bombs has been distributing food to the homeless, is in the heart of a new strip of expensive condominiums.

Thomas Hellinger, a member of the local Young Communist League, was one of the four people who were arrested last Wednesday. Hellinger told the People's World that when he got to jail, people around him were asking him why Food Not Bombs didn't just move their food operations to a private location.

"I explained to them that first of all, we don't have another place downtown that works like the park," said Hellinger. "Homeless people have a right to access parks just like anyone else, and it's a nice place to eat. The city tried moving us to other locations in the past, like parking lots and abandoned buildings, but then it comes back to a question of human dignity."

The Young Communist League and students from the University of Central Florida have been committed to the struggle to reverse Mayor Dyer's ordinance for several years now. UWire reported that the United Church of Christ and Islam, Inc., were other organizations represented at Wednesday's protest.

Solidarity actions in Italy, Japan and Detroit are already under way in support of the Orlando food distributors.

Food Not Bombs co-founder Keith McHenry is calling on all activists who are able to travel to Orlando to do so to participate in the civil disobedience. The group plans to conduct three feedings a week in Lake Eola Park, on Monday mornings, Wednesday evenings, and Friday afternoons. In addition, those wanting to support the effort from home can sign an online petition at, or call Mayor Buddy Dyer at 407.246.2221.

Source: People's World


JG: In capitalist USA, feeding the homeless is a crime. The corporate greed-hogs of Walt Disney World don't like it. Mayor Buddy Dyer of Orlando is another Democratic Party political whore who serves the interests of the banks, the super rich and Wall Street, the same as his "buddy" Barack H. Obama does every day of the week.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Los Mozos de Escuadra en Cataluña arremeten contra el pueblo

Los falangistas de Los Mozos de Escuadra estan cometiendo horrores contra el pueblo de Cataluña.

Este reporte es de Cubadebate:

MADRID, 15 de junio.— Unas 45 personas resultaron heridas hoy en otra jornada de represión de la policía catalana contra los indignados, cuando miles de manifestantes se reunieron frente al Parlamento regional para impedir el paso a los legisladores, quienes llegaron en helicóptero a la sesión para esquivar la protesta, informó Notimex.

Bajo la consigna de "no nos representan", los indignados, que pasaron la noche acampados en el parque, querían evitar que los diputados debatieran el presupuesto regional catalán de 2011, que implica un recorte del gasto público del 10 %, así como la reducción de prestaciones sociales y sanitarias, agrega ANSA.

El fuerte dispositivo policial desplegado desde el martes en el parque, cerrado al público, se había posicionado en la entrada secundaria del recinto para permitir el paso a los diputados, y cargó contra los manifestantes, bajo el pretexto de romper el bloqueo y permitir a los políticos entrar en el edificio y ocupar sus escaños, indicó AP.

Por su parte, el presidente regional, Artur Mas, pidió comprensión al pueblo de Cataluña porque "en cualquier democracia debe poder haber un uso legítimo de la fuerza". Esta es la segunda vez que los policías catalanes cargan contra los manifestantes: la primera fue el pasado 27 de mayo, cuando resultaron heridos 121 de ellos en una sentada pacífica.

Democratic Party political whores feeding frenzy

The Barack Obama administration wants to give $20 million dollars to the political whores who are a constant presence in his administration and his campaign for reelection.

The money is to bring "democracy" to Cuba. How stupid can Barack Obama continue to be?

His fraudulent 'change you can believe in' is nothing more than continuing the same shit of George W. Bush.

Obama is extremely busy trying to buy the votes of the Cuban right wingers in Miami and New Jersey.

But I am convinced that Obama will be a one term president. Once Democrats get into power, all they think about is how much money they can steal from the public treasury and pass it along to their whores.

Viet Nam, Cuba toast 50 years of friendship

Last update 16/06/2011 03:10:00 PM (GMT+7)

VietNamNet Bridge – The friendship between Viet Nam and Cuba has been constantly fostered since diplomatic relations were established in 1960, Deputy Prime Minister Truong Vinh Trong told Melba Hernandez Rodriguez – the first and former chairwoman of the Cuban Committee for Solidarity with Viet Nam.

Trong said he admired the great contributions made by Rodriguez to the Cuban revolutionary cause and the special feeling she established with the Vietnamese people.

"Viet Nam treasures the special friendship and solidarity it has with Cuba," he said. "The pure and loyal friendship will be fostered by the young generations of the two countries," Trong said.

Later in the day, Trong visited Ben Tre Village in the Bauta District of Artemisa Province, 30km from Havana.

Ben Tre Village was established in 1969 at the initiation of Rodriguez. At the time, the American War in Viet Nam was at its most ferocious.

The village, a model of a new lifestyle village, is the symbol of Viet Nam-Cuba friendship. Many events expressing the Cuban people's solidarity with Viet Nam have been organised there during the past 40 years.

The village now has about 200 homes with more than 1,000 people.

In a reciprocal move in Viet Nam, a sister village of Moncada has been created in Giong Trom district in Ben Tre Province.

Coincidentally, Ben Tre is Trong's native province. The deputy PM said he was delighted to visit the village.

Trong also visited the 140-bed Pedro Kuri Tropical Medicine Institute in Havana which carries out research and treatment on HIV/AIDS.

VietNamNet/Viet Nam News

Know-nothing Christian Science Monitor publishes stupid article about Cuba!

Hmm! I wonder If they are receiving subsidies from the CIA for publishing their GARBAGE!

One more reason why organized religion is bad for people.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

June 14: Antonio Maceo and Che Guevara are born

By Yolanda Díaz Martínez / ACN

Few times or almost never we can find a coincidence in history in which we commemorate two relevant figures in one day. The case in Cuba is June 14th which is without a doubt a very important day in history for the Cuban people.

With a difference of 83 years, two important historic figures were born on June 14th. In 1845 it was Antonio Maceo y Grajales and in 1928 it was the legendary guerrilla Ernesto Che Guevara de la Serna who was not born in Cuba but is considered as Cuban.

Each in their own time shared the same objectives and knew how to act before any difficult moment.

Regarding their families, they were also privileged because both had parents that had much to do with their future.

They taught them the importance of being humble, honest and courageous in defending their ideals.

Antonio Maceo joined the independence war against Spanish colonialism which began on October 10th, 1868 at the age of 23. He carried out his task with courage and discipline which got him many promotions in the army.

Ernesto Che Guevara lived a different period, but also joined the struggle at an early age, very much concerned on the world that surrounded him at the time and decided to tour the continent with his friend Alberto Granado to see for his own eyes the conditions of the people of the region. Other events resulted in coincidences in their lives.

In Mexico, Che learned of the preparations by a group of revolutionaries headed by Fidel Castro with the objective of disembarking on the Cuban coasts to fight against the dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista and immediately joined the group convinced of their convictions and justice.

Antonio Maceo also joined the independence process after arriving from abroad. He had left Cuba after the end of the so called Guerra Grande (Big War) aimed at creating the proper conditions for the future uprising.

Both arrived to Cuban coasts by sea in different times aimed at carrying out their aspirations of independence.

Soon Maceo and Che became, each one in their time, historic and key figures for the development of the combative actions; Maceo was the closest and trustworthy man for Maximo Gomez and later named second head of the Cuban forces. The Argentine-Cuban rebel was always very close to Fidel and after time became one of the most important leaders of the Rebel Army.

And if these coincidences were not enough, both had the privilege and responsibility of heading the uprising from east to west; Maceo in 1896 and Che in 1958, precisely re-editing the feat of Maceo against Spanish domination.

Another coincidence ties them to our history. Although in different areas, both fell in combat in defense of their ideals: total independence.

Source: Radio Cadena Agramonte

Monday, June 13, 2011

The Working Class

Wales, England, March 1914

"The working class are more numerous than the ruling class, and stronger. They depend on us for everything. We provide their food and build their houses and make their clothes, and without us they die. They can't do anything unless we let them. Always remember that."

David Williams Union Organizer.

Fall of Giants: book one of the century trilogy / by Ken Follet.

New York, Dutton, October 2010

Saturday, June 11, 2011

June 1961: Four Top Hierarchy Yankee Imperialists

Maxwell Taylor

Allen Dulles

Robert Kennedy

Aeleigh Burke

On June 13, 1961, President John F. Kennedy created a secret group composed by the four men pictured above. Their mission, -- and they did accept it -- was to decide what to do about Cuba after the Miami mercenaries, who worked for and were financed by Yankee imperialism, were defeated at the Bay of Pigs in just 66 hours.

"He who lives by the sword, dies by the sword." John and Robert Kennedy were assassinated.

Source: Granma

2011 World Baseball Cup Participating Nations

Group 1: U.S.A., Japan, Chinese Taipei, Canada, Netherlands, Puerto Rico, Greece and Panama.

Group 2: Cuba, South Korea, Australia, Venezuela, Italy, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua and Germany.

The 2011 World Baseball Cup will take place in Panama from October 2nd to the 15th.

Life's Randomness

Life is a constant motion of perpetual randomness. Some seek answers as to "why am I here?" or "why did the Big Bang happen?"

There are no clear and precise answers about all the things that we ponder as we struggle to find happiness.

Charlatans will come to tell you that they have a direct line to a Supreme Being and that only they know what He wants you to do.

Others among us do battle with Hamlet's eternal question: "to be or not to be?"

The rest of the crowd shrugs with their collective shoulders and say: "shit happens!"

Life continues as we search and seek answers to our questions, problems and dilemmas.

I say "There are no answers!" Enjoy life and accept random chaos. We are the masters of our own destiny!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Barack Obama Asks for 20 Million to Subvert Cuba

Havana, Jun 10.- The 20 million USD the U.S. administration of Barack Obama is requesting from Congress is intended to subvert Cuba''s internal order, said Kenia Serrano, president of the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP).

According to Washington, sectors of the Cuban population would join the U.S. attempt to undermine the Revolution and destroy its work, Serrano told Prensa Latina.

This has been the case during successive U.S. administrations that have tried to destroy the Revolution from within, encouraging internal divisions, she explained.

While intensifying the battle against the U.S. economic, financial, and commercial blockade and unfair punitive measures, Cuba keeps its friends informed about the different methods adopted by Washington, the ICAP president affirmed.

None of those plots will ever succeed, though, because "the U.S. administration fails to realize that we are updating socialism in Cuba to enjoy more equity and social justice," Serrano said.

A high wall is erected every day against those intentions, however, and at the same time, a bridge of friendship based on honesty is built between the U.S. and Cuban peoples, she added.

Those of who believe in respect believe that normal relations can exist between the two peoples, but mutual respect is needed, and Cuba can no longer be the country that the United States wants to victimize, she commented. (Prensa Latina)


JG: Barack Obama has been a huge failure in both his internal U.S. policies and vis-a-vis Cuba. If the American people are smart, they will not re-elect him in November of 2012.

Cuba has to continue being tough with those who break Cuaban laws based on the mercenary payments that they receive from El Tio Sam.

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Barack Obama starts yet another little war in Yemen

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration has intensified the American covert war in Yemen, reports The New York Times.

He is doing an excellent job in trying to bankrupt the United States with his illegal foreign military adventures.

In November of 2012 the American people will kick him out of the White House.

Cuban National Ballet Warmly Welcomed in Washington DC

Havana, Cuba, Jun 2.- Long rounds of applause, standing ovations and other warm expressions of delight were offered by the public to the Cuban National Ballet (BNC) on Tuesday night at the Kennedy Center Opera House in Washington, DC, during the opening night of a one-month tour of the company around the United States that also includes performances in New York, and Los Angeles, among other cities.

‘La magia de la danza’ (The Magic of Dance), a showcase of excerpts of great ballet pieces such as Giselle, Coppelia, Don Quixote, Sleeping Beauty, the Nutcracker, and Swan Lake, among others, was the program chosen for the opening night.

A review published by The Washington Post extols the performances by some of the company’s dancers such as Grettel Morejon, Osiel Gounod, Anette Delgado, Dani Henandez, Alejandro Virelles and Viengsay Valdes, and, in particular, it praises the talent of the company’s men: “It was the depth of talent among the company’s men, a princely stable of toreros bucking for a bigger bullring.”

Suzanne Farrell, artistic advisor of the Kennedy Center Ballet, described BNC director and prima ballerina assoluta Alicia Alonso as an “adorable inspiration.”

The Cuban National Ballet performs the full-length Don Quixote Thursday through Sunday at the Kennedy Center Opera House.

They will also perform at the Brooklyn Academy Music of New York, the Orange County Performing Arts Center of Costa Mesa in California, and the Music Center of Los Angeles, where they will conclude their tour with four presentations.

The BNC has toured the United States on several occasions since 1951. The previous visit was in 2003. (acn).

Source: Radio Cadena Agramonte

Money to destabilize Cuba is being held up in the U.S. Congress

Since April 1 of this year, money to destabilize Cuba's Socialist system has been held up in the 112th U.S. Congress.

The Miami and New Jersey gusanos claim that the money is to promote "democracy" in Cuba. In effect, the money is for U.S. attempts to try to institute regime change in the island. U.S paid mercenaries like Allan P. Gross and three others have been sent to jail, because they have violated Cuban law.

Some claim that this money is political payola for the followers of corrupt and Mafioso New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez, who represents fanatical Cuba haters.

Cuba should continue to put a stop to those who try to interfere in its internal affairs. WELL DONE CUBA!

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Another personal vendetta of ganster Barack Obama

The lies of Yankee imperialism can be seen, but not understood, by everyone in our planet. Yesterday, the NATO gangsters bombed the palace of Moammar Qaddafi in Tripoli.

If you believed the lies of Barack Obama that NATO was trying to "protect" civilians in Libya, you are one of the many fools who swallow the lies of Yankee imperialism

China's Vice President meets Fidel

Fidel Castro (R) shaking hands with Xi Jinping (AFP/HO)

Cubadebate: Xi Jinping transmitió personalmente un saludo a Fidel del Presidente chino


HAVANA — Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping met with Cuba's iconic former president Fidel Castro during a three-day visit to the communist island state, a Chinese embassy official told AFP Tuesday.

A photograph from the meeting, held Monday, circulated on Chinese websites and showed Xi shaking hands with the 84-year-old Castro, who wore a blue sports coat and checkered shirt, and appeared to be in good health.

The leader of Cuba's 1959 revolution ceded power to his brother Raul in 2006 after ruling the country for nearly five decades.

Xi and Raul had earlier met to approve 10 new agreements that will provide Havana with much needed financial support to implement wide-ranging economic reforms decided upon earlier this year.

China is Cuba's second most important commercial partner after Venezuela, and trade between the two communist countries reached $1.8 billion in 2010.

The Chinese vice president was set to travel onward to Uruguay and Chile.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

U.S. politicians: the rules don't apply to us!

The list is endless: U.S. Representative Anthony Weiner; U.S. Senator from Nevada, John Ensign; California's former governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger; former U.S. Senator John Edwards; former president, Bill Clinton (the BJ heard round the world.)

The U.S. is becoming a society where morals and ethics don't matter. In the meantime, USA Today reports that the federal government owes $61.6 trillion dollars, or $534,000 per household.

Lets keep on running our little wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Libya. THE SUCKERS WON'T NOTICE!

Monday, June 06, 2011

The War Powers Resolution of 1973

The War Powers Resolution of 1973 (50 U.S.C. 1541-1548) is a federal law intended to check the power of the President in committing the United States to an armed conflict without the consent of Congress. The resolution was adopted in the form of a United States Congress joint resolution; this provides that the President can send U.S. armed forces into action abroad only by authorization of Congress or in case of "a national emergency created by attack upon the United States, its territories or possessions, or its armed forces."

The War Powers Resolution requires the President to notify Congress within 48 hours of committing armed forces to military action and forbids armed forces from remaining for more than 60 days, with a further 30 day withdrawal period, without an authorization of the use of military force or a declaration of war. The resolution was passed by two-thirds of Congress, overriding a presidential veto.

Despite the apparent non-ambiguity of its language, the War Powers Resolution has been regularly ignored by presidents of both parties,[2][3] some even declaring their belief that the act is unconstitutional.


JG: It is very clear and obvious that Barack H. Obama has violated this resolution with his illegal military adventure in Libya. Congress should start impeachment procedures.

The next 'Wishful Thinking' item of the Yankee imperialist press

The Yankee imperialist news media is full of articles right now about the plans of the Republic of Cuba to drill for oil in its territorial waters of the Gulf of Mexico. (click here and here for two of the articles).

According to what their masters have told to write, the Yankee imperialist press is writing about a “make believe” oil spill in Cuban waters.

The Yankees are so arrogant that they don't talk anymore about the disastrous oil spill of the Anglo-American oil company BP experienced in April 2010, (see below). It caused billions of dollars in damages and irreparable environmental and ecological harm in the waters next to Louisiana.

The Yankee imperialists are extremely upset about the fact that Cuba one day may find oil in its territory. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton must be taking a lot of Maalox lately. They are hate mongers.

April 2010: Forty-one miles offshore of Louisiana at 10 p.m. central time April 20, an oil rig explosion rocked Deepwater Horizon, the Transocean oil drilling rig.

If the Yankee imperialists are so smart, how come the BP oil spill and the Exxon Valdez oil spill happened in their territory?

EEUU se atasca en el pasado mientras Cuba cambia

5 Junio 2011

Por Saul Landau y Nelson Valdés

El presidente Obama y sus asesores comparten con casi todos los medios masivos la misma debilidad visual en lo que se refiere a Cuba: no ven lo evidente, los hechos cruciales y el contexto que tienen ante sus ojos.

Mientras Cuba comienza a experimentar cambios básicos en su economía y estructura de gobierno, las noticias en los medios occidentales siguen normas predecibles fuera de contexto, y por lo tanto irrelevantes.

Durante más de medio siglo, la mayoría de los redactores y productores de radio y TV han tenido un interés consciente o no reconocido en el fracaso de la revolución cubana. Pensar de otra manera, como han aprendido los reporteros y los asesores, sería un error que perjudicaría su carrera. A fin de invalidar el intento de Cuba por cambiar la relación social de su sociedad y de comunicar su mensaje al resto del tercer mundo, los medios occidentales constantemente dejan de situar en contexto los hechos que provocaron la revolución. En su lugar, Washington y los estenógrafos que llaman “la prensa”, juzgan a Cuba por las normas de EE.UU. y en el contexto de EE.UU. Cuba siempre debe comportarse según lo que los medios suponen son las normas de la perfección democrática. Este criterio para juzgar, más allá de su vaguedad, lo lleva a uno a preguntarse acerca de valores y prioridades.

Por ejemplo, el 24 de mayo, titulares típicos contenían los siguientes “leads” continuos:

“La OTAN ataca Trípoli; EE.UU. dice que rebeldes pueden abrir oficina”.

“Alley ha perdido 38 pulgadas desde que debutó en ‘Dancing’”.

Para los no “enterados” Kirstie Alley ha sido presentada como una actriz con problemas de peso. “Cuando Kirstie Alley aparece en el final de temporada de ‘Dancing With the Stars’”, comienza la noticia de AP, “lo hará en un vestido de una talla mucho más pequeña”.

Que este asunto aparezca como un titular de prensa -y no aparecería en los medios cubanos- es símbolo de la prensa libre norteamericana, la cual asegura que debe servir los intereses de sus lectores. Pero los medios han ayudado a crear una vida indirecta (”Yo me identifico con Kirstie” dicen miles de mujeres obesas), al igual que los medios han alentado a ir de compra y a ver los deportes en TV como la esencia de la vida espiritual (conjuntamente con la creciente industria de porno y experimentar emociones indirectas leyendo acerca de la pecaminosa sexualidad de los ricos y famosos). “Nuestras políticas, religión, noticias, atletismo, educación y comercio han sido transformados en agradables complementos del mundo del espectáculo, en gran medida sin protestas o siquiera mucha atención por parte del público. El resultado es que somos un pueblo al borde de divertirnos hasta la muerte”, escribió Neil Postman (Divirtiéndonos Hasta Morir).

Cuando los periodistas juzgan a Cuba, inevitablemente aplican normas diferentes que las que aplican al resto del Caribe y Latinoamérica, donde “la veneración de la mierda (Postman) continúa dominando.

Cuba ha amenazado a Washington y a sus serviles medios no por ser un modelo de educación y salud (muchos países europeos están mucho mejor), sino por ser desobediente y cultivar diferentes valores. La inmensa mayoría de los fabricantes de medios han reportado acerca de Cuba con un interés consciente o no reconocido en el fracaso de la revolución cubana. No colocan en contexto los hechos que provocaron la revolución y apenas mencionan que el Tío Sam tiene puesta su bota en la cabeza de Cuba hace 50 años. Luego, la juzgan con esas vagas normas de perfección democrática que no aplican a República Dominicana o a sus otros vecinos.

Cuba ha comenzado sus cambios, pero ni el presidente Obama ni los medios masivos lo han reconocido. La política norteamericana le exige a Cuba una “sociedad civil”, mientras se niega a reconocer la amplia implicación de las iniciativas del gobierno con la Iglesia Católica. Además de las medidas tomadas, la cooperación de Cuba conlleva amplias implicaciones para la libertad religiosa y la ampliación de la sociedad civil tradicional.

Pocas noticias en medios norteamericanos informaron el gran incremento de visitas religiosas desde y hacia el extranjero. La Habana permite ahora procesiones religiosas y blogs religiosos. El estado ha entregado los escasos recursos disponibles para reparar iglesias y en los últimos dos años ha permitido la construcción de nuevos seminarios e iglesias. Los líderes cubanos asisten regularmente a actividades religiosas y permiten que las iglesias brinden servicios a personas en prisión.

La Iglesia Católica tiene ahora tiempo en la radio y sus altos funcionarios se han convertido en interlocutores en asuntos relacionados con prisioneros, disidentes e incluso en política exterior. El número de iglesias protestantes que se han abierto en Cuba ha aumentado significativamente. El estado ya no promueve el ateísmo. Pero estos hechos siguen sin aparecer como “cambio significativo”. Es más, todas las instituciones religiosas han pedido el fin del embargo de EE.UU. y la normalización de las relaciones. El gobierno de EE.UU. parece hacerse el sordo a las necesidades de los religiosos de la isla.

Cuba está cambiando. La política de EE.UU. se ha quedado atascada en su medio siglo de obsesión por eliminar al único gobierno cubano que ha insistido en retener su independencia y su soberanía.

Source: Cubadebate

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Gangster Barack Obama strikes again!

One of the biggest FAKES ever to occupy the United States White House one more time has let his total hatred toward the Cuban people come to the fore.

This time his administration has prohibited twenty sports fishing yachts from participating in the 61st Ernest Hemingway Swordfish Fishing Tournament which will take place in Cuba this summer.

Let him sulk in his hate. It shows that he is totally powerless in his attempts to derail the achievements of the Cuban people.

Source: Granma (See below, if you speak Spanish)

La Habana, 3 de junio.— Unos 20 yates de pescadores de Estados Unidos no participarán en el 61 Torneo Internacional de la Pesca de la Aguja Ernest Hemingway, porque su gobierno les negó licencia para zarpar a Cuba.

Eternal shame on Barack Obama. May your reign only be four years!

CHILE: El Presidente Socialista Salvador Allende pudo haber sido asesinado

Por: Eva Vergara

(AP) El presidente socialista Salvador Allende pudo haber sido asesinado, según material inédito revelado el lunes por la televisión estatal, que contradice la versión oficial del suicidio instalada por la dictadura del general Augusto Pinochet.

El forense uruguayo Hugo Rodríguez analizó el material y concluyó que Allende recibió dos disparos, uno de un arma de bajo calibre y un segundo de un fusil de guerra.

El programa de investigación periodística "Informe Especial", de Televisión Nacional, exhibió un informe judicial que contiene peritajes balísticos y dactiloscópicos, testimonios y la autopsia, elaborado el mismo día en que murió Allende, durante el golpe del 11 de septiembre de 1973.

[Nota del editor de Cuba Journal: El golpe de estado del General Augusto Pinochet fue financiado y dirigido por los imperialistas Norteamericanos.]

Los restos de Allende fueron exhumados el lunes pasado para aclarar las verdaderas causas de su deceso.

Rodríguez, tras analizar el expediente de la autopsia, declaró a "Informe Especial" que, "encontramos dos patrones... diferentes, uno el que deja una bala con efecto explosivo de un arma de guerra, y otro, el que deja una bala de menor velocidad".

"Es perfectamente planteable que fue otro disparo, y si fue otro disparo, fue antes", afirmó el médico, director del Departamento de Medicina Legal de la Universidad de la República, es decir, el cráneo recibió primero la bala pequeña y luego la de guerra.

El médico dijo que el fragmento óseo descrito en la autopsia oficial con restos de un orificio de salida de bala "es clave" para resolver la muerte de Allende.

Las conclusiones de Rodríguez coinciden con un informe realizado por el forense chileno Luis Ravanal, que ya el 2008, al comparar la autopsia de los militares con peritajes policiales, arribó a la conclusión de las dos balas en la cabeza de Allende, una disparada primero por un arma de bajo calibre y la segunda por el fusil de guerra.

Rodríguez conoce desde el mismo 2008 el informe realizado por Ravanal, quien fue invitado a exponer sus hallazgos en la Universidad de La República.

Además, en una entrevista reciente con AP el médico afirmó que la trayectoria de la bala descrita en la autopsia no es la que seguiría una bala de guerra, que tampoco dejaría "un segmento de orificio redondeado..., por donde habría salido la bala, en la parte alta posterior del cráneo.

Consultado por AP en la madrugada del martes sobre la posibilidad de que con los antecedentes ahora conocidos se reforzaría la tesis del asesinato de Allende, respondió que sí, porque en el jersey de cuello alto usado por el mandatario no hay rastros de sangre, tampoco en su tórax, que debería haber estado impregnados por efectos de la ley de gravedad.

"El orificio de bala debajo del mentón era de grandes dimensiones, desgarró la lengua, el paladar, la nariz, va contra la lógica que no exista sangre", agregó el forense.

"La única explicación es que la segunda bala la recibió muerto y en otra posición, donde hubo escurrimiento de sangre post mortem".

Ravanal dijo que "va contra las leyes de la física que ni chaleco de cuello alto ni su tórax hayan estado libres de sangre"

Otra irregularidad de la autopsia oficial es que menciona que la ropa interior de Allende estaba "profusamente impregnadas en sangre, tenía que haber habido otra herida, pero no aparece descrito", indicó Ravanal.

Allende fue objeto de una irregular exhumación en 1990, con el regreso de la democracia, que se realizó sin el apoyo de forenses, por la noche, alumbrados con linternas, cuando funcionarios de un cementerio trasladaron los huesos de Allende de su ataúd original a otro pequeño, después que el sarcófago en que lo metieron los militares se desfondó.

Ravanal y Rodríguez piensan que allí se pudieron haber perdido fragmentos esenciales para aclarar las causas de su muerte.

Allende fue enterrado en forma semiclandestina el 12 de septiembre de 1973 y fue exhumado artesanalmente una noche de agosto de 1990, una vez recuperada la democracia, antes de su traslado a Santiago, donde recibió los honores de Jefe de Estado.

La versión oficial tras una irregular autopsia en el Hospital Militar, en presencia de los jefes de sanidad de las fuerzas armadas, indica que Allende se disparó en el mentón con el fusil de asalto que le regaló su amigo, el ex presidente Fidel Castro, en 1971.

Otra situación que añade dudas sobre el suicidio se relaciona con las huellas dactilares que debió haber dejado Allende en el arma que supuestamente usó para matarse. El peritaje balístico afirma que "no se ha podido revelar en ella huellas dactilares útiles del señor presidente ni de

Las opiniones de Rodríguez y Ravanal contradicen la versión del suicidio que por décadas ha entregado el doctor Patricio Guijón, quien afirma que fue el último que vio a Allende con vida y que fue testigo de su suicidio, poco antes de que los militares tomaran por asalto La Moneda, después de atacarla por tierra y aire.

"Lo que yo vi fue la levantada del cuerpo (de Allende) por el impacto de la metralleta, que era un arma de guerra, y corrí y vi que no había nada que hacer", dijo Guijón en entrevista con AP.

Según Guijón, encontró a Allende "sin cabeza prácticamente, de las cejas para arriba era irreconocible, el resto de la cara se desprende".

La familia del gobernante cree plenamente la versión del suicidio relatada por Guijón. Su hija, la senadora Isabel Allende, reiteró tras la exhumación de su padre que "nuestra convicción es que el presidente Allende tomó la decisión de morir como un acto de coherencia política...".

La exhumación de los restos de Allende dispuesta por el juez Carroza busca aclarar discordancias" entre el informe oficial de la autopsia ordenada por los golpistas y un análisis policial de su cuerpo en el lugar donde murió, el Salón Independencia del palacio presidencial de La Moneda.

Hasta hace unos 10 días Carroza no había recibido respuesta del Ejército, al que le pidió el informe del fiscal que indagó el caso en 1973, el fusil de asalto que Allende habría usado en su supuesto suicidio y las vainillas del arma.

Carroza espera tener aclaradas las causas de muerte de Allende a fines de año o a comienzos del próximo y, para ello, cuenta con el apoyo de un grupo internacional de forenses.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

El camarón que encantó a los niños

Foto: Yander Zamora

Gala por el Día Internacional de la Infancia

Amelia Duarte de la Rosa

Con motivo del Día Internacional de la Infancia, que se celebra cada 1ro. de junio, el Ballet Nacional de Cuba (BNC) regaló a los niños una función especial de la obra El camarón encantado, en el Teatro Karl Marx.

Estrenada hace nueve años, en la Sala García Lorca del Gran Teatro de La Habana, la coreografía de Eduardo Blanco subió a escena —en esta ocasión— alrededor de 500 niños de los talleres vocacionales de la Cátedra de Danza del BNC y a veinte bailarines de la compañía, que dirige la prima ballerina assoluta Alicia Alonso.

La obra, interpretada por Yanet Abreu en el rol del Camarón Encantado, Dayesi Torrientes en el papel de Masicas, y Josué Jústiz como Loppi, se basa en el cuento homónimo del francés Laboulaye que nuestro Héroe Nacional recreó en la revista La Edad de Oro.

Durante la gala, a la que asistieron cientos de pequeñines, se leyó el mensaje de José Juan Ortiz, representante de la UNICEF en Cuba, quien manifestó que la celebración junto a la Organización de Pioneros José Martí y el BNC era "un verdadero privilegio" y "una inmensa fiesta de solidaridad".

El camarón encantado se presentará nuevamente en la Sala García Lorca del Gran Teatro de La Habana, los días 2 y 3 de julio.

Source: Granma

2013 World Baseball Classic to add qualifying round

The World Baseball Classic has added a qualifying round for the 2013 event.

A 16-team qualifying round will be held in the autumn of 2012 to determine the final four teams for the 16-team WBC field in the spring of 2013. The expansion now gives a total of 28 countries a chance to compete.

The qualifying round will feature four pools of four teams in a six-game modified double-elimination format. The winners from each of the four pools will join the 12 countries that received automatic bids based on their 2009 WBC performance.

Australia, China, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, the Netherlands, Puerto Rico, the United States and Venezuela have already earned automatic bids for 2013. Japan won each of the first two tournaments.

Canada, Taiwan, Panama and South Africa were part of the 2009 field that will play in the qualifying round. Joining those four nations will be Brazil, Colombia, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Great Britain, Israel, New Zealand, Nicaragua, the Philippines, Spain and Thailand.

Venues and pool compositions will be determined at a later date.

Source: The Kansas City Star

El III Clásico Mundial de Béisbol tendrá fase clasificatoria y 28 equipos

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Ballet Nacional de Cuba

* ( Bill O'Leary / THE WASHINGTON POST ) - Anette Delgado as Giselle and Ernesto Diaz as Hilarion in the Ballet Nacional de Cuba’s rehearsal of “Giselle” at the Kennedy Center.
* ( Bill O'Leary / THE WASHINGTON POST ) - Anette Delgado watches as the Willis try to steal away with Hilarion, played by Ernesto Diaz in the Ballet Nacional de Cuba’s rehearsal of “Giselle.”
* ( Bill O'Leary / THE WASHINGTON POST ) - Yanela Pinera and Alfredo Ibanez in the Ballet Nacional de Cuba’s rehearsal of “Sleeping Beauty.”
* ( Bill O'Leary / THE WASHINGTON POST ) - Alfredo Ibanez in the Ballet Nacional de Cuba’s rehearsal of Sleeping Beauty.

Proud, Graceful Ambassadors: Octavio Roca, 'Cuban Ballet,' on Ballet Nacional de Cuba at the Kennedy Center

Coquitos Acaramelados

Este es otro dulce tipico de Venezuela [y de Cuba]. Cuando era pequena mi mama los compraba en un negocio en el centro, no era muy amenudo, pero cuando lo hacia nos dabamos un banquete, aunque siempre sabia a poco. los vendian envueltos en papel celofan transparente como caramelos.

Me encantaban, no habia vuelto a comerlos, hasta que fui al baby shower de una amiga y alli los tenian, estaban deliciosos,cuantos recuerdos vinieron a mi memoria. No habia vuelto a pensar en ellos, hasta que consegui esta receta y de inmediato me dije tengo que hacerlos, ademas es tan sencilla y rapida y les digo el resultado bien vale la pena.

Yo los hice super grandes, la proxima vez los hare mas chiquiticos tipo bocadito.


3 Tazas de coco rallado
1 Lata de leche condensada

En una ollita colocar el coco y la leche condensada y cocinar hasta que se despegue del fondo de la olla, revolver constantemente con la paleta de madera para que no se pegue. aprox 15 a 20min. Dejar enfriar y hacer bolitas.


1 Taza de azucar
1/4 Taza de agua

Colocar los ingredientes en una ollita y cocinar sin revolver hasta que se haga un caramelo dorado.

Pasar las bolitas por el caramelo y colocar sobre un silpat ligeramente engrasado. Dejar enfriar y retirar del silpat. Colocar en capacillos o envolver en cuadritos de papel celofan como haciendo caramelos.

Source: Recetas de Familia


JG: When I was around 10, there used to come to mi neighborhood in el Vedado this street vendor. He was selling his home-made coquitos acaramelados. They were super good. And very inexpensive too, back then. I do not remember how much he charged, but they were sooooo gooood! All the kids would pig out on the coquitos.

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Cubans Applaud Performance of the Harvard-RadCliffe Orchestra

Monday, 30 May 2011 12:46 Source: Prensa Latina (Solvision)

Guantanamo.- The audience that gathered at the La Caridad Theater to enjoy the performance of the US Harvard-RadCliffe Orchestra (HRO), from Cambridge, Massachusetts, gave it a huge ovation on Sunday night.

This was the second concert HRO gave in Cuba, after the one in central Cienfuegos city, where they played, among other masterpieces, the Ninth Symphony from the “New World” by Chezch composer Antonin Dvorak, and the “Cuban Overture”, a symphonic overture composed by US George Gershwin.

The HRO shared the stage with the Sinfónica de Villa Clara orchestra to play Cuban and US pieces.

In statements to ACN, HRO director Federico Cortese said this tour is of great importance because it will boost the cultural exchanges between the two peoples.

He added he had enjoyed greatly the show and the audience’s response and described as fantastic the Cuban musicians’ and their director Irina Toledo’s performance, which played “Les préludes" by Hungarian Franz Liszt.

The US orchestra founded in 1808 is made up of Harvard university students and has undertaken international tours to Mexico (1962), Canada (1972 y2004), former Soviet Union (1984), Italy (1994), Brazil (2000) and South Korea (2008), among others.

The third and last performance will be in Havana city next Tuesday, when they will play Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony along the Cuban National Choir.

Florida Orchestra cleared to perform in Cuba

By John Fleming, Times Performing Arts Critic

In Print: Wednesday, June 1, 2011

ST. PETERSBURG — The Florida Orchestra often tiptoes between performing crowd-pleasing classics and offering contemporary music that could alienate its more traditional patrons.

But that balancing act might seem tame as the orchestra steps into a new realm of world politics that revolves around a nearby island that is at the center of one of this country's most contentious relationships: Cuba.

The orchestra announced Tuesday that it has been given the official approval for a multiyear cultural exchange program with the communist country.

It is scheduled to begin Sept. 26-29, when a wind quintet made up of principal players from the orchestra will perform a concert and give master classes in Havana.

That will be the first in a series of exchanges between the Florida Orchestra and the National Symphony Orchestra of Cuba. The goal is for the full orchestra to perform in Cuba as early as the 2012-13 season. It would be the first visit by a professional U.S. orchestra to Cuba since 1999, when the Milwaukee Symphony played there.

The orchestra got permission to travel to the island when it was granted a license from the Office of Foreign Assets Control in the U.S. Treasury Department, which oversees trade with Cuba.

The timing appears to have been fortuitous.

In January, the Obama administration announced that it was loosening travel restrictions to Cuba to enhance the "free flow of information" and to promote the independence of the Cuban people from communist rule. In March, Tampa International Airport was added to the list of airports that could originate flights to the island, though they have not yet started.

"We had no idea these restrictions were going to be changing," said Michael Pastreich, president of the orchestra, adding that planning for the Cuban cultural exchange had been going on for at least a year. "So I think it's a case of being at the right place at the right time."

Jose Valiente, a Tampa accountant and past chairman of the Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce, chairs the task force the orchestra set up to explore going to Cuba. Valiente, a native of Rincon, a small town outside Havana, came to the United States as a 12-year-old with his father in October 1962, just days before the Cuban missile crisis.

"I think of this exchange as the laying down of another brick on the bridge that is rebuilding," Valiente said. "Cuba and the U.S. will soon be friends. It's not if; it's when."

Valiente, who returned to Cuba for the first time last year as part of a group from the World Trade Center of Tampa Bay, sees the orchestra's venture as "just another way to get people to talk to each other. Music is the universal language that can bring people together."

He also cited the historic ties between Cuba and Tampa as a compelling reason for the orchestra's project. "The people of Cuba are fully aware of their rich history in the Tampa Bay area," he said. "Jose Marti spent time in Ybor City making speeches on the steps of the Cuban Club to raise money for independence from Spain. Even Fidel Castro came here. I've seen pictures of a young Fidel in Tampa raising money."

And he thinks the Cuban cultural exchange will do wonders for raising awareness of the Florida Orchestra.

Does Valiente expect any negative political fallout from hardliners who don't want any easing of relations between the United States and Cuba? "None whatsoever. Things have changed quite a bit in the last several years. Even in Miami, over half the Cuban-American population favors relations between the United States and Cuba."

U.S. Rep. Kathy Castor, who helped the orchestra get permission to perform in Cuba, doesn't anticipate political problems.

"I think there remains great bitterness toward the political leadership of Cuba," said Castor, a Tampa Democrat. "But I do not believe that extends to the people of Cuba or a cultural exchange like this. I would be very surprised if there is anyone that will protest this type of meaningful people-to-people exchange."

But U.S. Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, a Miami Republican who chairs the Committee on Foreign Affairs and is a longtime critic of the Castro regime, said such cultural exchanges "only serve as a propaganda tool for the octogenarian clique that oppresses Cuba. It is very unfortunate that some would advocate for exchanges that have little impact on bringing freedom and democracy to Cuba."

Johannes Werner, editor of Cuba Standard, an online publication that covers business and economic news from Cuba, said that cultural exchanges are "one of the issues that have thrived'' since the loosening of travel restrictions. The Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra, a student ensemble from Cambridge, Mass., is now on a seven-day, four-concert tour of Cuba.

Music director Stefan Sanderling first came up with the idea to have the Florida Orchestra go to Cuba.

"When he brought it up a couple of years ago, we were not in a position to absorb a project of that magnitude," Pastreich said. "But the organization has become stronger over the past few years. Now a project like this makes perfect sense."

For Pastreich, a principal aim of the cultural exchange is to deepen the orchestra's relationship with the bay area's Cuban-American community.

"Speaking to a major population in our community makes us more relevant," he said. "Doing an artistic project that ties into the history of our community makes us more relevant."

Last week, Sanderling announced that he will not be renewing his music director contract with the orchestra after the 2013-14 season. Pastreich said that will not affect the Cuba project.

Pastreich estimated that it will cost $500,000 to fund the orchestra's cultural exchange with Cuba. He has some heavy hitters among the orchestra's backers, such as former U.S. ambassador to Italy and Australia Mel Sembler, a St. Petersburg shopping center developer and major fundraiser for the Republican Party.

"Raising money is always a challenge," Sembler said. "And these are difficult times. But this is important, and those people who want to support the orchestra I'm sure will be generous enough to raise the resources to accomplish this trip, which I think will be historic."

Twice in the past two years, the New York Philharmonic has canceled proposed trips to Cuba.

"I'd love to see the Florida Orchestra go where the New York Philharmonic couldn't go," Sembler said. "I think this would put the orchestra in a different category."

Times staff writers Steve Huettel, Robbyn Mitchell and Alex Leary contributed to this report. John Fleming can be reached at or (727) 893-8716.

Cuba timetable

The Florida Orchestra's cultural exchange with Cuba will include these mileposts:

• Summer: The orchestra will collect instruments and string and woodwind accessories (such as reeds) for donation to the Amadeo Roldan Conservatory in Havana.

• Sept, 26-29: A wind quintet from the orchestra will perform in Havana and offer master classes to students at the conservatory. Ensemble members will be principal flute Clay Ellerbroek, principal oboe Katherine Young, principal clarinet Brian Moorhead, principal bassoon Anthony Georgeson and principal French horn Robert Rearden.

• Early 2012: Music director Stefan Sanderling has been invited to conduct the National Symphony Orchestra of Cuba.

• May 11-13, 2012: Enrique Perez Mesa, music director of the Cuban orchestra, is scheduled to conduct the Florida Orchestra.

• 2012-13: The goal is for the Florida Orchestra to perform in Cuba during this season.

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JG: The extremist right-wingers in Miami are going to be extremely pissed. GOOD! "Hora de tomar su Malox, gusanitos!"