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U.S. Capitalism is on its Death Throes

In the 1930's when the U.S. Great Depression was at its zenith, a savior emerged, Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Today, the present occupant of the White House is an incompetent who can not add 2 + 2 together.

The country is almost totally bankrupt, and several times recently it came very close to defaulting on its debts. The credit rating of the U.S. has been downgraded. The greenback is depreciating at an alarming rate. Wiemar Republic II is only a matter of time.

A gallon of milk used to cost 89 cents. Now, thanks to U.S. Capitalism, we have to pay around $3.70.

I used to pay 19 cents per gallon of gasoline when I was going to college. It has gone up to a high of close to $5.00 in some areas of the country.

Thank American Capitalism for the current state of affairs.

Here are a few details:

1) The unemployment rate has been at 9% or higher for more than three years.

2) 15 million unemployed, with another 10 million underemployed or who have given up looking for a job, because there are none to be had.

3) The National Debt is over $14 trillion dollars.

4) The housing market is in a state of depression, thanks to the schemes and scams invented and and put into practice by the two main capitalist parties.

5) Poverty keeps on growing.

6) People using food stamps to feed themselves are an all-time high.

7) The approval rating of the U.S. Congress is 12%.

8) The top 400 richest Americans only pay an effective tax rate of 18% and one know-nothing black GOP candidate for POTUS wants to lower it to 9% and impose an extremely recessive 9% National Sales Tax.

Thank American Capitalism for this state of affairs. It is time to replace this dying system with one that helps people, rather than currently having one that helps the banks, the super rich and Wall Street.

The answer my friend is laying in the wind!


The faster we bury the stinking corpse, the faster that the stench of Capitalism will go away.

Caroline Heck-Miller

Fiscal que secuestra a René en Miami es viuda de exoficial de Inteligencia militar, que dio nombre a la operación CIA Peter Pan


Caroline Heck-Miller, la fiscal que niega a René González el derecho de regresar a Cuba y que rehusó perseguir a Luis Posada Carriles por terrorismo, es viuda de Gene Miller, un exoficial de Inteligencia militar en la guerra de Corea, anticomunista visceral, que el Miami Herald luego reclutó y quien le puso el nombre de Peter Pan a la operación CIA de rapto de niños cubanos.

Read the Complete Story

La toma de Wall Street

Follow The Crisis and Failures of Capitalism

Chavez denies reports of ill health

Viva Venezuela! Viva Cuba!

Impiden a estadounidenses consumir ron Havana Club

29 Septiembre 2011

Cuba denunció hoy que los norteamericanos están impedidos de consumir el ron Selección de Maestros, medalla de Platino en un certamen celebrado recientemente en Chicago, como consecuencia del bloqueo económico, financiero y comercial de EE.UU. contra la Isla.

La prohibición recrudece la agresión que desde casi cinco décadas Washington ejerce contra la nación caribeña, aseguró a la prensa Juan González Escalona, presidente de la Corporación Cuba Ron S.A.

El público de ese país no tiene la culpa de las erradas políticas de las sucesivas administraciones norteamericanas que le impiden degustar esa marca de ron cubana perteneciente a la firma Havana Club, afirmó González Escalona.

Selección de Maestros es considerado como un producto de élite dentro de la categoría Super- Premium y fue presentado el 2010 en la Feria Internacional de La Habana.

En su primer año esperan comercializar más de 30 mil cajas, al contar con una moderna planta productora en el municipio de San José de las Lajas, en la provincia de Mayabeque.

El objetivo del gobierno es evitar que Cuba tenga una presencia comercial en ese país, en el cual se consume el 17 por ciento de la producción mundial del ron tipo Premium o de alta calidad, del cual la Mayor de Las Antillas exporta lotes de primer nivel a otros mercados.

“La imposibilidad de acceder al mercado norteamericano con los rones cubanos, particularmente con la marca líder Havana Club, significa que se ha dejado de vender 2 millones 600 mil cajas de ron, que calculadas al precio promedio de facturación de Havana Club Internacional en el año 2010, representa una afectación económica del orden de 106 millones 132 mil dólares”.

Así expresa el informe que será presentado próximamente por Cuba ante la Asamblea General de las Naciones Unidas octubre próximo, bajo el título: “Necesidad de poner fin al bloqueo económico, comercial y financiero impuesto por los Estados Unidos de América contra Cuba”.

Actualmente las ventas de Havana Club sobrepasan los 3,8 millones de cajas de nueve litros a nivel mundial, que se distribuyen en más de 148 países.

Se trata de un renglón preferido, sobre todo, en Europa, aunque ya se incorporan consumidores de América, Asia y Oceanía.

(Con información de la AIN)


JG: Barack Obama's HATE BRIGADES strike again!

I encourage all Cuba Journal readers to travel to the Bahamas, Dominican Republic or Canada and buy three bottles of Havana Club, drink it, and say: To your health Obama! Don't drive afterwards. Just listen to Compay Segundo's La Juma de Ayer.

Castro vows Cuba will change, but not through pressure from Obama

Friday, September 30, 2011

HAVANA – Former Cuban president Fidel Castro lashed out at US president Barack Obama yesterday for suggesting bilateral relations could improve if Cuba became more democratic, and he said the communist nation would not bow to US pressure.

He also said Mr Obama was being “stupid” over the case of five Cuban agents imprisoned for spying in the US, who Cuba believes have been treated unjustly.

In his latest opinion column published in Cuba’s state-run media, Castro said his country, which is in the midst of economic reforms, would change in the future, but not because of pressure from Mr Obama and the United States, its long-time ideological enemy.

“Many things will change in Cuba, but they will change by our own effort and in spite of the United States. Maybe before that empire falls,” he wrote.

Mr Obama said on Wednesday the United States was ready to improve relations with Cuba if the communist-led island embraced democracy and gave its people more freedom.

“If we see positive movement then we will respond in a positive way,” Mr Obama said.

“How nice! How intelligent!” Mr Castro responded. “So much kindness has not permitted him still to understand that 50 years of blockade and of crimes against our homeland have not been able to break our people.”

The Cuban government refers to the five-decade-old US trade embargo against the island as the “blockade”. Mr Castro (85) complained about the treatment of the five Cuban agents imprisoned in the United States since 1998 and in particular one, Rene Gonzalez, who is set to be released next week after serving his sentence.

US prosecutors have insisted that he remain in the United States for three more years on probation, which Cuba considers unfair. Havana has said he faces danger from anti-Castro Cubans if he does not return to Cuba.

“Such is how the empire responds to the growing global call for the freedom of [the agents],” Mr Castro wrote.

“If it were not that way, the empire would cease to be the empire and Obama would cease being stupid.” Castro has written three columns, or “reflections” as he calls them, this week after writing only one all summer.

He said he was working on a project that had taken precedence over the columns, but his long silence prompted a spate of rumours that his health was failing.

Health problems and age forced Mr Castro to formally cede the Cuban presidency to his younger brother Raul Castro in 2008 after ruling Cuba for 49 years.

On Monday, he described Mr Obama’s recent speech to the United Nations General Assembly as “gibberish”.



JG: Barack Obama has demonstrated, over and over again, that he is not a very intelligent person. The empire does NOT rule Cuba anymore . Could someone please tell him? Wake up and smell the roses!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Cuba's Youngest Cultural Ambassadors Make Rare U.S. Appearance

By La Colmenita

Last modified: 2011-09-29T13:10:57Z
Published: Thursday, Sep. 29, 2011 - 6:10 am

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 29, 2011 -- /PRNewswire/ --
La Colmenita, an internationally acclaimed Cuban children's theater group and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, is bringing its high-energy mix of theatrics and song to Washington, New York and San Francisco, with a private performance at the United Nations Oct. 24

The Oct. 15-29 tour, which is sponsored by the New York-based Brownstone Foundation, will give American audiences a unique opportunity to meet some of Cuba's most talented young people, a generation that has been raised in the shadow of a decades-long U.S. embargo.

Since its formation in 1990, La Colmenita, which translates to "The Little Beehive," has charmed audiences in more than 25 countries. Fans of the group include actors Susan Sarandon, Danny Glover and Mike Farrell and singers Jackson Browne and Harry Belafonte. British actress Vanessa Redgrave called them "The Soul of Cuba."

During its two-week visit, the cast of La Colmenita looks forward to forging friendships with young Americans. Their visit comes at an important moment in U.S.-Cuba relations, with leaders in both countries acknowledging the importance of cultural diplomacy.

La Colmenita productions are often based on familiar fairy tales and music, but with a creative Cuban twist. La Cucarachita Martina tells the story of Martina, a beautiful cockroach in search of a suitor who can capture her heart with his music. Abracadabra, which was written by children, touches on the U.S.-Cuba relationship. In the play, a teacher takes her students on a journey in search of truth and justice.

This is La Colmenita's second visit to the United States. The tour begins in Washington with performances at the Kay Chapel at American University Oct. 15 and the Duke Ellington School of the Arts Oct. 19. In New York, they will perform at Hostos Center for the Arts and Culture Oct. 21 and PS 154 – The Harriet Tubman Learning Center Oct. 22. In northern California, they will be at the East Bay Center for the Performing Arts Oct. 26 and Fort Mason Center in San Francisco Oct. 28 and 29. They will also be holding private performances at several schools. Plays will be performed in Spanish with English supertitles.

For show times and ticket information visit:

SOURCE La Colmenita

As published by the Sacramento Bee Historia de la Copa Mundial/World Cup History › I-X (1938-1948)

Jugadores del primer equipo Cuba campeón en una Serie Mundial de Béisbol Amateur. La foto corresponde a la II Serie Mundial celebrada en el Estadio La Tropical de La Habana en 1939.

My congratulations to Peter C. Bjarkman and his team for a great article.

Click here

Fidel Castro: la Verguenza Supervisada de Obama

No por brutal, torpe y esperada dejó de indignar la noticia de que una jueza yanki del Distrito Sur de la Florida, denegó a René González, héroe antiterrorista cubano, después de cumplir la sentencia injusta que le impusieron, el derecho a regresar al seno de su familia en Cuba.

Luego de 13 años de cruel e inmerecida prisión, el gobierno de Estados Unidos —que engendró monstruos como Posada Carriles y Orlando Bosch, quienes como agentes de la Central de Inteligencia yanki hicieron estallar en pleno vuelo un avión cubano repleto de pasajeros— obliga a René a permanecer en esa nación, donde quedará a merced de asesinos impunes durante tres largos años bajo un calificado régimen de "libertad" supervisada. En prisión injusta y vengativa continuarán por largos años de confinamiento otros tres héroes cubanos, y uno más condenado a prisión perpetua por dos veces. Así responde el imperio al creciente reclamo mundial por la libertad de los mismos.

Si así no fuera, el imperio dejaría de ser imperio; y Obama, dejaría de ser tonto.


JG: Because René has been forced to stay in South Florida, he and his friends should be very alert about possible assassination attempts coming from the Miami fascists. I applaud and commend him for what he did. The empire does not like it when their favorite terrorists in Miami are being closely watched.

Barack Obama gives refuge and protection to the favorite terrorist of the empire in the Western Hemisphere. What a hypocrite is Obama when he talks about terrorism.


Reuters: Fidel Castro lashes out at Obama, U.S. policy

Barack Obama: the One Term President

What a disaster Barack Obama has been. The American people thought that they were electing a better president. How wrong we were.

I am going to put aside the Cuba issue for a a couple of seconds. Under the leadership of the guy that promised us 'change you can believe in' things in the U.S. have deteriorated to a breaking point. After three years, the economy continues to go downhill. After three years we have an unemployment rate of 9.01%. After three years the national debt and the fiscal deficits have gone to the stratosphere. He escalated the quagmire in Afghanistan and started, with the help of his NATO thugs, a genocidal war in Libya. What an affront to his Nobel Peace Prize!

Barack Obama has a record now, and it is not petty.

On the Cuba issue, the main theme of this blog, Barack Obama has continued to pander to the Miami fascists and has strengthened the blockade/embargo, covering himself with a fig leaf of timid and weak relaxation of Cuba travel. The fact of the matter is that this paladin on “freedom and democracy” still prohibits travel to the Caribbean island for the vast majority of Americans. And his black shirts at OFAC continue to rake in millions of dollars for minuscule “violations” of the blockade/embargo that he is still promoting.

Barack Obama has a record now and it is not pretty.

He is a liar and an incompetent and does not deserve to be re-elected.

Do not despair people! Barack Obama is Kaput. Nothing can save him. In November of 2012 he will get what he richly deserves: a boot in his rear end.


Here is the latest today from Obama, who still does not realize that Cuba no longer has to jumps through hoops when the empire pontificates.


The United States is ready to change its stern policy toward Cuba but has not seen steps from Havana that would justify lifting its embargo, President Barack Obama said yesterday.

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez called Obama’s remarks “old and repetitive” in response to questions from reporters in Brasilia yesterday.

Rodriguez said Cuba maintains its commitment to normalize relations with the United States, but Washington has not responded to Cuban offers of cooperation in fighting drug trafficking, terrorism and natural disasters.

“There is always an abyss between statements from President Obama and reality,” Rodriguez said.

Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro accused Obama on Monday of talking “gibberish” in his recent speech to the United Nations and said NATO’s actions in Libya were a “monstrous crime.”

He sounds like a parrot repeating worn out talking points. He will never learn! He does not know what reality means if it was staring him on his face.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What an idiot!

Bachmann warns 'Hezbollah plans Cuba Missiles'

The less intelligent of all GOP POTUS candidates, Michelle Bachmann, is squawking again:

“And the question was asked, should we normalize trading with Cuba? Why would you normalize trading with a country that sponsors terror?” Cuba — there’s reports that have come out that Cuba has been working with another terrorist organization called Hezbollah. And Hezbollah is potentially looking at wanting to be part of missile sites in Iran."

At least, she is brunette, so I can not call her a dumb blond.

Source: America Blog

Up Goes the Curtain! ¡Se Alza el Telón!

Act 1

It is the year of our Lord, 2159, and the great-great-great grandson of Barack H. Obama is addressing the members of the “Down with Castro Society” at the Versailles Restaurant in Calle Ocho, Miami, Florida.

“My fellow members: this is the year when we will harvest the fruits of our crop. I can assure you that we are going to witness a new dawn in Cuba next month. The Castro dictatorship is coming to a close. Count on it! This is the moment that we have been waiting for! YES WE CAN! Freedom and democracy is coming for the long suffering masses in the island of our great-great-great grandparents.”

Down Goes the Curtain! ¡Se Baja el Telón!

Act 2

Up Goes the Curtain! ¡Se Alza el telón!

Year 2160: the meeting of the “Down with Castro Society” has been moved to the new and improved “Big Five Club.” Valet Parking: $23,350.99, includes a car-wash by the Medellín and Tijuana Cartels.

Key Note Speaker: Blah! Blah! Blah! Blah!Blah! Blah! Blah! Blah! Yada! Yada! Yada! Yada! Yada! This is the 'change you can believe in' we promised you in 2008!

Down Goes the Curtain! ¡Se Baja el Telón!

What is the name of this play?

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! in two acts.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

José Martí: El Apóstol de Cuba

Five Days for the 2011 World Baseball Cup to start

Check Results Here

Speech (in Spanish) of Cuba's Foreign Minister before the 66th U.N. General Assembly

El Canciller Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla.
Foto: Asamblea de ONU.


Señora Presidenta:

Me complace dar la bienvenida al Gobierno de Sudán del Sur como Estado miembro de la Organización de las Naciones Unidas.

Me sumo al llamado de los líderes africanos a dar una respuesta internacional urgente y efectiva a la hambruna en el Cuerno de África.

Señora Presidenta:

Mientras aquí deliberamos, transcurre en Libia otra "guerra preventiva", con el pretexto de "la protección de civiles". Los Estados Unidos y la OTAN, supuestamente para evitar una masacre, atacaron militarmente a un Estado soberano, sin que mediara amenaza alguna a la paz y la seguridad internacionales y desataron una operación de "cambio de régimen".

La OTAN impuso al Consejo de Seguridad una cuestionable resolución que autorizó "a los Estados Miembros …a que, actuando a título nacional o por conducto de organizaciones o acuerdos regionales.., adopten todas las medidas necesarias, para proteger a los civiles y a las zonas pobladas por civiles que estén bajo amenaza de ataque".

Después, se produjo la violación de esta misma resolución, por parte de la OTAN, para suministrar armamento, financiar a una parte y desplegar personal operativo y diplomático en el terreno.

Ahora todos comprenden mejor qué es y para qué puede usarse la "responsabilidad de proteger".

En esta guerra, además del empleo de las tecnologías militares más avanzadas y letales, los medios de comunicación han sido utilizados como armas en combate por los emporios financiero-mediáticos que lucran con la guerra y la reconstrucción como instrumentos anti-crisis.

Tan temprano como el 21 de febrero, el Comandante en Jefe Fidel Castro Ruz, había advertido que la OTAN preparaba, de manera inevitable, una guerra contra Libia. Desde entonces, fue infatigable la defensa por Cuba, no de un gobierno, sino de un principio: es inaceptable el asesinato de miles de personas inocentes con el dudoso objetivo de proteger a otros civiles. La historia demuestra también con elocuencia que la paz no puede imponerse ni por la guerra ni por la fuerza.

Sólo corresponde al pueblo libio determinar sus destinos, sin intervención extranjera, en ejercicio del derecho a la autodeterminación, a la independencia, a la soberanía sobre sus recursos naturales y a la integridad de su territorio.

La intervención militar en Libia y la creciente amenaza a Siria han sido las respuestas oportunistas y defensivas de Estados Unidos y de Europa al colapso de su sistema de dominación y saqueo en África Norte y Medio Oriente, al surgimiento de movimientos genuinamente populares en Túnez, Egipto y otros países; para asegurarse grandes reservas de petróleo, agua y confiscar activos financieros en tiempos de crisis económica y social global.

Corresponde a esta Asamblea General ejercer todas sus facultades para impedir que se desate una agresión militar contra Siria. La opinión pública debe recibir información objetiva y expresarse contra la guerra.

Señora Presidenta:

El presidente Barack Obama, en sus amenazadores, engañosos y retóricos discursos del 20 y 21 de septiembre pasados, proclamó lo ocurrido en Libia como un nuevo modelo. Dijo que, y cito, "esta es la manera en que la comunidad internacional debe trabajar en el siglo XXI –más naciones están asumiendo la responsabilidad y los costos del enfrentamiento a los desafíos globales. De hecho, este es el verdadero propósito de las Naciones Unidas. Por tanto, cada una de las naciones representadas aquí hoy puede sentirse orgullosa de las vidas inocentes que nosotros salvamos y de haber ayudado a los libios a recuperar su país. Lo que se hizo, fue lo correcto".

Por su parte, un alto funcionario de la Casa Blanca, escribe en la revista Foreign Affairs, que "la nueva estrategia de Estados Unidos es más eficaz y menos costosa.., la del gobierno de Bush considera la ocupación.., la de Obama es una liberación nacional… La estrategia de la intervención militar en Libia podría aplicarse también en otros casos".

Con todo cinismo, se alude a una agresión militar sin bajas, ni tropas terrestres, cuyos costos recaen fundamentalmente en Europa. A la desestabilización de un país mediante la subversión, las operaciones encubiertas y las sanciones económicas se le llama, en esta doctrina, "desarrollo de un movimiento nacional".

Este nuevo modelo de operaciones de "cambio de régimen" demuestra que las actuales doctrinas militares de los Estados Unidos y de la OTAN son aun más agresivas que las precedentes y que la llamada "periferia euroatlántica" abarca al resto del planeta.

Nadie podría tener dudas de que América Latina y el Caribe están incluidos en esta concepción. El redespliegue de la IV Flota, el desarrollo de bases, fuerzas y medios militares para intervenir en cualquier punto de la región; el golpe de estado contra Venezuela del 2002 y luego el golpe petrolero; la sedición en Santa Cruz en Bolivia, el golpe militar en Honduras y el intento de golpe en Ecuador encajan perfectamente en la "nueva estrategia".

¿Pueden hoy dar garantías Estados Unidos y la OTAN de que el uso de la fuerza y este concepto de "cambio de régimen", no es aplicable en el caso de los países de la América Latina y el Caribe que no se sometan a sus intereses? ¿Puede decir algo al respecto la Unión Europea? ¿Qué harían las Naciones Unidas en esa eventual situación?

Señora Presidenta:

La debilidad de la economía global, en particular la de Estados Unidos y Europa, sigue mostrando que la crisis económica iniciada en el año 2008 no ha sido superada.

En los países desarrollados, el peso terrible de sus consecuencias se descarga sobre los trabajadores, los desempleados, los inmigrantes y los pobres, a quienes se reprime brutalmente cuando defienden pacíficamente sus derechos.

Los países del Sur, siempre expoliados, padecemos las distorsiones de un orden económico mundial que excluye nuestros intereses legítimos. Sufrimos el impacto terrible del proteccionismo y del sostenido incremento de los precios de los alimentos y los hidrocarburos. Las poblaciones de muchos países en desarrollo son víctimas del agotamiento del modelo económico neoliberal y de sus secuelas de saqueo y exclusión. Las consecuencias sociales y políticas se sienten en todos los continentes.

Señora Presidenta:

En las circunstancias de una crisis económica global y del agotamiento de los recursos naturales del planeta, ¿cuál será la respuesta de las fuerzas extremistas de derecha que están o lleguen al poder como resultado del castigo y la desesperanza de los electores?

Frente al creciente y universal peligro de la guerra, de un nuevo reparto del mundo y del cambio climático, ¿podremos actuar unidos los países del Sur como condición indispensable para salvarnos?

Ante tantos y serios peligros, América Latina y el Caribe, la de Bolívar y Martí, se integra, resuelta a hacer lo que ellos dejaron sin terminar. No se podrá dividirnos ni enfrentarnos. El ALBA es un pequeño pero moralmente poderoso haz de pueblos y la nueva Comunidad de Estados Latinoamericanos y Caribeños es un hecho. Toda la fuerza de los Andes se expresará pronto en una Cumbre que será un parto histórico en Caracas, el epicentro de la independencia americana, donde un pueblo bolivariano ha conquistado el poder y un líder continental, el Presidente Hugo Chávez Frías, se agiganta.

Más que nunca, hay que defender a las Naciones Unidas, pero el mayor desafío es convertirlas en una organización que sirva a los intereses legítimos de todos los Estados, en vez de a las arbitrariedades y abusos de unos pocos países ricos y poderosos. Hay que hacer prevalecer el Derecho Internacional y los Propósitos y Principios de la Carta ante la fuerza bruta que intenta barrerlos.

Es necesario restablecer el papel rector de esta Asamblea y refundar el Consejo de Seguridad.

Señora Presidenta:

La Asamblea General tiene la ineludible obligación moral, política y jurídica de garantizar el reconocimiento de un Estado palestino independiente, en las fronteras anteriores a 1967 y con capital en Jerusalén Oriental, como Miembro pleno de la Organización de las Naciones Unidas.

Debe hacerlo con o sin el Consejo de Seguridad, con veto norteamericano o sin él, con o sin nuevas negociaciones de paz.

Si se reconoce el derecho inalienable del pueblo palestino a la independencia, la soberanía y la autodeterminación; si se reconoce que hay que restablecer el ejercicio de los derechos humanos de los palestinos; si se acepta que el bloqueo a Gaza, la coerción económica, y la segregación que simboliza el infame muro, son crímenes; si el sometimiento de una nación a condiciones que amenazan su existencia tipifica como genocidio, si es que los Estados Miembros deben adoptar todas las medidas lícitas a su alcance para garantizar la protección de los civiles palestinos, la Asamblea General debe actuar ahora.

Cuba, de la que es parte una pequeña comunidad hebrea, condena asimismo la injusticia histórica del antisemitismo, el crimen contra la Humanidad que fue el Holocausto y reconoce también el derecho del Estado de Israel a su existencia. Nuestro pueblo sólo alberga sentimientos de fraternidad hacia el pueblo israelita también víctima de este conflicto.

Igual proclama que Estados Unidos tiene la obligación moral, política y jurídica de cesar el veto continuo a las resoluciones del Consejo de Seguridad destinadas a proteger a los civiles palestinos.

La Unión Europea debiera oponerse a ese veto y abstenerse de apoyar al imperio en la presión brutal que ejerce sobre los Miembros de esta Asamblea y del propio Consejo. Debiera Europa denunciar también, porque es cierto y justo, que esos crímenes no estarían ocurriendo sin el suministro militar, el sostén financiero y la impunidad que Estados Unidos garantiza al gobierno de Israel.

Señora Presidenta:

El 11 de septiembre del 2001, los cubanos compartimos el dolor del pueblo norteamericano ante aquellos atroces actos terroristas y le ofrecimos solidaridad, aliento y cooperación desinteresada. Como siempre, Cuba se expresó entonces, con meridiana claridad, contra el terrorismo y contra la guerra.

Diez años después, el mundo es aun más inseguro porque, en vez de convertir el consenso mundial contra el terrorismo en un sistema de cooperación internacional para hacerle frente, los Estados Unidos han invadido y ocupado a Iraq y Afganistán, provocado la muerte de cientos de miles de personas y el sufrimiento de decenas de millones.

No pudo ocultarse el uso del engaño, la tortura, los asesinatos o ejecuciones extrajudiciales, la desaparición de personas, las detenciones arbitrarias, los vuelos y las cárceles secretas de la CIA en Europa y otras regiones.

El gobierno de Estados Unidos ofende la memoria de las víctimas del 11 de septiembre, cuando mantiene en prolongado e inhumano encarcelamiento a los cinco luchadores antiterroristas cubanos, condenados injustamente a penas de máxima severidad, en procesos judiciales espurios, por buscar información sobre la actividad terrorista de grupos que han operado con absoluta impunidad, desde territorio norteamericano, contra Cuba y provocado la muerte o discapacidad de 5577 de nuestros ciudadanos.

Insto respetuosamente, una vez más, al Presidente Obama a que use sus facultades para ponerlos en libertad como acto de justicia o gesto humanitario que sería apreciado profundamente por sus hijos, esposas, madres, padres y por todo nuestro pueblo.

Señora Presidenta:

El gobierno cubano reitera su disposición e interés en avanzar hacia la normalización de relaciones con los Estados Unidos. Reitero hoy la propuesta de iniciar un diálogo dirigido a la solución de los problemas bilaterales, incluidos los asuntos humanitarios, igual que la oferta de negociar acuerdos de cooperación contra el narcotráfico, el terrorismo, el tráfico de personas, los desastres naturales y la protección del medio ambiente, incluso frente a derrames de petróleo como el ocurrido en la plataforma de la British Petroleum, en el Golfo de México.

Sabemos, sin embargo, que la carrera electoral ya ha comenzado en este país, mientras la economía se agrava.

El bloqueo económico, comercial y financiero contra Cuba se intensifica y alcanza ya daños acumulados por 975 miles de millones de dólares, al valor actual del oro. El intento de subvertir el orden constitucional elegido libremente por los cubanos se acentúa.

Aumenta la presión de la ultraderecha y de la mafia de origen cubano para revertir las mínimas acciones adoptadas por el gobierno norteamericano que favorecen, en alguna medida, los vínculos de la emigración cubana con su Nación y los intercambios entre ambos pueblos.

En Cuba, el presidente Raúl Castro Ruz ha reiterado que continuaremos cambiando, de manera soberana, todo lo que deba ser cambiado, para hacer más eficiente nuestra economía y mejor nuestro socialismo. Para "conquistar toda la justicia" y preservar plena toda nuestra independencia.

Como quería Martí, "antes que cejar en el empeño de hacer libre y próspera a la Patria, se unirá el mar del Sur al mar del Norte y nacerá una serpiente de un huevo de águila".

Muchas gracias.

Monday, September 26, 2011

The U.S. received more repudiation today on its genocidal Cuba blockade/embargo

Pretty soon the United States, and its President, Barack H. Obama will be all alone. Total isolation by the world community of nations. That is what the world gave to Germany's Third Reich in the 1930-40's and that is what the U.S. is receiving today, not only on the Cuba issue, but also on the request by the Palestinian Authority to be admitted as a new U.N. member state.

That is very sad, because the American people are good people. But they are governed by two alternating capitalist parties that are thoroughly corrupt and dishonest.

Today, at the United Nations General Assembly, the member states heard the speeches of dignitaries of two sovereign countries, Uruguay and Lesotho.

Danilo Astory, vice-president of Uruguay, said that the U.S. embargo against Cuba goes against the Charter of the United Nations.

Pakalitha Bethuel Mosisili, Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Lesotho, pronounced himself in favor of the elimination of the genocidal blockade of the U.S. against Cuba.

The new Emperor of the U.S. has been shown to have no clothes! Naked before the world!

The American people have to be patient. Obama's approval rating is an at all-time low and I am confident that his term will end on January 20, 2013. will transmit today "LIVE' the speech of Cuba's Foreign Minister at the United Nations

The speech will be transmitted between 4:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.

Cubavisión, Cubavisión Internacional, Radio Rebelde and Radio Habana Cuba will also carry the transmission LIVE.

Cuba Journal has a link to Cubavisión Internacional on the right column of our blog.

This promises to be a very important speech for Bruno Rodriguez. Yankee imperialism is trying to stop the admission of Palestine to the United Nations.

Lets meet here at the appointed time.



4:28 p.m. Bruno Rodriguez speech before the U.N. General Assembly has started.

Right now he is condemning the war that American imperialism and its NATO thugs have imposed on Libya.

He is now condemning the actions of Barack Obama.

4:36 p.m. He is now talking about the economic crisis in Europe and the United States.

4:37 p.m. This is a consequence of neo-liberal policies that do not work.

4:38 p.m. The countries of the South have to unite against these war-mongering policies of the U.S. and NATO.

4:30 p.m. He is now asking for the recognition of a new Palestinian nation.

4:42 p.m. He is now condemning the never ending vetoes of the U.S. at the U.N. Security Council.

4:43 p.m. Ten years after 9/11 the U.S has invaded and occupied Iraq and Afghanistan. Tortures, disappearances and secret prison are the norm now and are used constantly by the imperialist powers.

4:46 p.m. Obama has increased the blockade/embargo of Cuba.

4:47 p.m. Cuba will continue improving its system.

4:48 p.m. The speech ends.


It was short, sweet, and to the point. Obama is no different than Bush. He will get his due on November 2012.

As a Cuban-American, I condemn Barack Obama's thuggish policies. Not only is he incompetent, he is a consummate liar. On his watch the U.S, has continued to go downhill. The U.S. has few friends other that the criminal Zionists in Israel and the criminal drug cartels which practically control and run Colombia and Mexico.

Cuarto bate cubano augura triunfo en Mundial de béisbol

Alfredo Despaigne

Lunes, 26 de Septiembre de 2011 00:29

El cuarto bate del equipo Cuba de béisbol, Alfredo Despaigne, declaró hoy en exclusiva con Prensa Latina que es un honor ocupar ese turno en la alineación ofensiva y garantizó la conquista del título en la Copa Mundial Panamá-2011.

«Para todo pelotero es muy significativo estar aquí representando a Cuba, imagínate ser el cuarto bate, es algo único, una gran responsabilidad», exaltó el jardinero izquierdo, recordista absoluto de cuadrangulares en copas del orbe, con 11.

El equipo cubano debutará el próximo 2 de octubre ante Australia en la XXXIX Copa Mundial de béisbol, dispuesta a realizarse en varias ciudades panameñas.

Para Alfredo Despaigne «el objetivo principal es alcanzar el primer lugar, aquí no vinimos ni por el segundo ni por el tercero, estamos en Panamá bien enfocados para llevarnos el título y dedicárselo al pueblo cubano que tanto se lo merece».

«Tenemos la autoestima muy alta y la disposición para hacer grandes cosas», destacó el internacional cubano al término del entrenamiento, en el que los jugadores antillanos realizaron trabajo con pesas en la mañana y cumplieron con una exhaustiva preparación de bateo y fildeo en la tarde.

Despaigne dijo además que cada oportunidad ofensiva de este campeonato la afrontará con mayor madurez, aunque tendrá que mejorar su concentración en el plato y «sacar paciencia de donde no la haya».

«Estoy interiorizando el estudio de los lanzadores contrarios desde el primer pitcheo del partido, eso me ayudará en la lectura del juego, aunque la verdad soy muy agresivo en el home, hasta un poco desesperado», anunció el toletero antillano, integrante del equipo nacional al II Clásico Mundial.

Cuba comenzará mañana ante Panamá una serie de tres partidos de práctica de cara al inminente torneo. Un día después chocará frente a Venezuela y el miércoles enfrentará por segunda ocasión al conjunto canalero.

Fidel Castro criticizes Obama U.N. speech

Ex-Cuban leader Fidel Castro, seen here on April 19, 2011, has been largely silent in the last few months.

From: CNN

From: Granma (En Español)

English Translation

By Shasta Darlington, CNN
updated 10:29 AM EST, Mon September 26, 2011

Havana, Cuba (CNN) -- Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro ended a long writing hiatus Monday, penning a three-page essay printed in state media slamming U.S. President Barack Obama's speech to the United Nations last week.

"Who understands the gibberish of the President of the United States speaking before the United Nations?" Castro wrote in his so-called "Reflection."

He also accused NATO of "monstrous crimes" in Libya and wrote that in Syria, "Yankee aggression could lead to an even more terrifying massacre than in Libya."

It was Castro's first Reflection in almost three months. The 85-year-old former leader has been largely out of view and silent for the last couple of months.

Fidel Castro gave an interview to an anchor from Venezuelan state TV earlier this month, but only the audio was broadcast.

He said in the essay his writing would be continued tomorrow.

Hugo Chavez and Evo Morales in Havana

JG: Hillary and Obama probably are running to the drugstore to buy Maalox.

The Cuban People Reject the Provocations of a Group that Is Financed by the U.S.


24 September 2011 Last updated at 21:04 ET

Government supporters in Cuba have prevented the "Ladies in White" dissident group from holding a protest march in the capital, Havana.

Shouting insults and slogans, a crowd of hundreds massed outside the home of the group's leader, Laura Pollan.

JG: We all know who gives employ and juicy checks to these non-ladies.

Dissidents, my foot. They are mercenaries!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Cuba announces the final National Selection for the 2011 World Baseball Cup and the Pan American Games

La Habana, viernes 23 de septiembre de 2011. Año 15 / Número 266

Para el Mundial y los Panamericanos

El equipo Cuba ya está listo

Sigfredo Barros

La Federación Cubana de Béisbol
dio a conocer el equipo que nos representará en la XXXIX Copa Mundial y los XVI Juegos Panamericanos, el cual será abanderado en la mañana de hoy en el Memorial José Martí, en la Plaza de la Revolución.

Los jugadores son:

Receptores: Ariel Pestano, Frank Camilo Morejón y Yosvani Alarcón. Cuadro: José Dariel Abreu, Héctor Olivera, Yulieski Gourriel, Ediasbel Arruebarruena, Michel Enríquez y Rudy Reyes. Jardineros: Alexei Bell, Alfredo Despaigne, Frederich Cepeda, Giorvis Duvergel y Rusney Castillo. Lanzadores: Dalier Hinojosa, Freddy Asiel Álvarez, Miguel Alfredo González, Miguel Lahera, Yadier Pedroso, Norberto González, Jonder Martínez, Vicyohandri Odelín, Alberto Soto y Yulieski González.

Alfonso Urquiola es el director, con José Hernández, Roberto Medina, Víctor Mesa, Enrique Rojas y Hanoi Choong como auxiliares, Javier Gálvez y Ronny Aguiar en función de entrenadores de pitcheo, un cuerpo médico integrado por el doctor Andrés Cañarte, el fisioterapeuta José Barrizonte y el psicólogo Pablo Gutiérrez. Al frente de la delegación viajará Higinio Vélez, presidente de la Federación Cubana.

Source: Granma

The 'Ladies in White' would look 'Pretty in Pink'

Photo: Franklin Reyes / AP

Here we have a photo of one of the Yankee imperialist's favorite mercenary groups in Cuba, the so-called Ladies in White. Notice that one of them is waving an American flag. Is this a subliminal message to Barack Obama which states: "Thank you POTUS for the welfare checks that we get every month through the U.S. Interests Section in Havana."

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Obama's black shirts at OFAC

With an article date of June 24, 2011, the Havana Times reports that “OFAC has granted only a handful of people-to-people licenses [for Cuba travel] despite receiving at least 3,400 applications by the end of May,” in a statement attributed to John McAuliff, director of the Fund for Reconciliation and Development.

If you still believe that Obama wants or has a policy of a "new beginning" with Cuba, you are an extremely gullible person. Obama is merely a 'me too' carbon copy of George W. Bush.

It's the embargo, stupid!

Last but not least. Obama's favorite gangster group, OFAC, has raked in $88.3 million from their extortion hit last month on J.P. Morgan Chase. That should be enough to finance at least the next twelve vacations for POTUS.

Japanese-American art

In this photo taken Sept. 7, 2011, a watercolor painted on a cardboard box entitled "Portrait of a Woman with a Fan, 1943," by Ruby Matsuhiro, is displayed at the Butler Center for Arkansas Studies in Little Rock, Ark. Artwork made by Japanese-Americans at the Rohwer Relocation Center, an internment camp during World War II, will be on display through Nov. 26. (AP Photo/Danny Johnston)


JG: was the USA "protecting" the civil rights of Japanese-Americans?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Para que se conozca la verdad de René González Sehwerert y se haga justicia

21 de septiembre de 2011

En la sentencia que le impusieron a René incluyeron este requisito inaudito: “Como una condición especial adicional de la libertad supervisada se le prohíbe al acusado acercarse a/o visitar lugares específicos donde se sabe que están o frecuentan individuos o grupos terroristas”.

En una reciente entrevista a Ricardo Alarcón de Quesada, presidente de la Asamblea Nacional del Poder Popular, a Trabajadores, en ocasión de cumplirse 13 años del injusto encierro de los Cinco antiterroristas cubanos en cárceles de Estados Unidos, el periodista Rafael Hojas Martínez, le preguntó sobre la libertad supervisada que pretenden cumpla René González Sehwerert en el sur de la Florida y el enorme peligro que eso significa para su vida. Granma reproduce ese fragmento.

Ha trascendido que René González será liberado el próximo 7 de octubre si se aplica el beneficio por buena conducta y a partir de ese momento comenzaría el periodo de libertad supervisada. ¿Quién "supervisará" a los terroristas de Miami para que René no sea víctima de una acción criminal y pueda regresar sano y salvo a su patria? René corre un enorme peligro.

"Debo aclarar que René no deberá salir de la prisión el 7 de octubre por buena conducta o porque reciba algún beneficio. Esa es exactamente la fecha establecida en la injusta sentencia que le fue impuesta. Su abogado defensor ha solicitado a la jueza Lenard que le permita regresar a Cuba inmediatamente donde está su familia. Obligarlo a permanecer allá tres años más es prolongar un castigo inmerecido y por supuesto sería una situación muy riesgosa para él.

"La salida de René de la prisión coloca a la administración Obama en una situación, por decir lo menos, incómoda y lo mejor para los actuales gobernantes norteamericanos sería que René vuelva lo más rápido a nuestro país. Recuerda que por insistencia del régimen de W. Bush en la sentencia que le impusieron a René incluyeron este requisito inaudito: ‘Como una condición especial adicional de la libertad supervisada se le prohíbe al acusado acercarse a/o visitar lugares específicos donde se sabe que están o frecuentan individuos o grupos terroristas.’

"Esa prohibición es la prueba más escandalosa de la complicidad de aquel régimen con los peores terroristas que, por cierto, abundan en Miami. El presidente Obama tiene que decidir ahora si él también se va a ocupar de ‘proteger’ de René a los terroristas como quería W. Bush."

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cubadebate Strike Three: Yo también tengo mi equipo

Click here to read the Spanish Article

Don't let yourself be fooled by Mitt Romney, Rick Perry or Barack Obama

All three of them are 100% capitalists and therefore official and bona fide Cuba haters.

Here is what has been published by

Romney position on Cuba

• In December 2007 Mitt Romney commented on Castro's decision of not coming back to power saying even if Castro does not come back Cuba's government will still remain the same brutal regime it was for the past 49 years.

• He opined that Cuba's youth are still among the constantly harassed and are subjected to violence and are under the surveillance for demanding their political freedom. They comprise the many political prisoners in Cuba today.

• According to him Cuba's future should be shaped by its freedom loving youth and not Raul Castro or any of the Castro cronies.

• He said that the US should continue with its present policy towards Cuba until the country is free from the Castro regime and all political prisoners are freed and the country becomes a democracy initiating free and fair elections.

• During a speech in Miami Mitt Romney bungled the names of Cuban-American politicians and became the object of ridicule.

• He also went further to disappoint the crowd when he associated Castro's trademark speech ending slogan - 'Patria o muerte, venceremos!' with a free Cuba. Castro had in fact closed his speeches with the phrase in English for decades 'Father Land or death we shall overcome'.

• Romney's fumble was looked upon as potential snags for state and national politicians trying to navigate the Cuban American Community in South Florida.

• Mitt Romney stresses that hundreds of Americans fought and died for Cuba's freedom during President John F Kennedy's rule and criticized Obama from shrinking from defending liberty in the America's.


JG: On November 2012 I will write-in NOTA (none of the above) for President of the United States. Barack Obama has continued the Cuba embargo, and therefore does not get my vote. I do not subscribe to voting for the "lesser of two evils." Barack Obama is a carbon copy of George W. Bush on the Cuba issue.

University of Havana awards to Bolivian President Evo Morales a Doctor Honoris Causa in Politcal Science

by PL — last modified Sep 20, 2011 08:10 AM

Bolivian President Evo Morales received the title of Doctor Honoris Causa in Political Science from the University of Havana in recognition to his outstanding contributions to the discipline.

The resolution of the almost tercentenary house of higher studies, read by its rector, Gustavo Cobreiro, highlights the trajectory of the dignitary since his days as a union leader to the current responsibilities.

Morales was awarded because he has made great contributions to a New Political Science for the poor, for the ordinary people, the political South, and inclusive of indigenous people, says the text.

From that science it is recognized that indigenous peoples of Bolivia, Latin America and the world have emerged as subjects and protagonists.

It also stresses that the president has faced with political courage, and in a creative way, internal and external challenges threatening the new Plurinational State of Bolivia.

Morales' political practice, and his bioethical, environmentalist and political thinking qualify him as the leader of greatest political and social results in Bolivia's history.

This is not only Evo Morales' recognition, but of those who fight for equality in Latin America and the world, said the head of state after receiving the aforementioned title in the Aula Magna.

Later, the president, who pays an official visit to Cuba, spoke about the situation in Bolivia and the internal and external factors that affect the process of the South American nation; and criticized U.S. policies and capitalism.

Source: Escambray

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Direct Flights to Cuba from Fort Lauderdale Kick Off With a Party

Excited passengers celebrated the return of direct flights to Cuba from Fort Lauderdale Saturday morning

By Mary Beth Wilson

Saturday, Sep 17, 2011 | Updated 11:11 PM EDT

The atmosphere was lively at the Fort Lauderdale Hollywood-International Airport Saturday morning as eager passengers celebrated the return of direct flights to Cuba.

Travelers sported straw hats and danced to live music as they filled the JetBlue Airways terminal before boarding the first direct flight to Cuba in nearly 30 years.

Since direct flights ended in 1987, most travelers have had to fly to other countries before then traveling on to Cuba.

Complete Story


Obama to propose millionaire's tax to cut the deficit

The president will propose that those earning more than $1 million annually pay at least the same rate as middle-class earners. The idea is likely to be strongly opposed by the GOP.

Source: L.A. Times

JG: It is high time for the rich to start paying their fair share. Eliminate the Bush tax cuts for the super-rich. For the last ten years they have been PARASITES!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Washington Must Allow Rene Gonzalez to Return Home

Written by RHC

The most humane and reasonable solution is that Washington allows Rene Gonzalez, one of the five Cuban anti-terrorist fighters in US jails, to return to Cuba after he meets his prison sentence.

The coordinator of the US National Committee to Free the Five, Gloria La Riva called on Judge Joan Lenard to hear the petition by the defense attorney of Rene, Phil Horowitz, Prensa Latina news agency reported.

Gonzalez will meet a 15-year term in the Florida-based Mariana prison on October 7, but the US justice gave him a three-year probation, which is considered a sanction that adds to the already unjust process against the five Cubans.

Horowitz filed a motion for René to be allowed to serve his three years' probation in Cuba, but the US government has opposed that motion and is currently demanding that Rene serves his probation in Florida, where he has no family.

Rene Gonzalez, along Gerardo Hernandez, Ramon Labañino, Antonio Guerrero and Fernando Gonzalez were arrested in 1998 after they monitored Florida-based ultra-right organizations that have undertaken terrorist actions against Cuba. In 2001, these men, known as the Cuban Five were given extremely long sentences in a biased trial in the city of Miami.

Cuba Hits Back At Richardson Over Failed Visit


By The Associated Press

September 14, 2011, 09:15 pm ET

HAVANA (AP) — Cuba accused former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson of "blackmail" and slander on Wednesday, denying his claims that he was invited to the island to negotiate the release of a jailed American government subcontractor.

In an exclusive interview with the Associated Press, the Foreign Ministry's head of North American affairs, Josefina Vidal, said Cuba closed the door on Richardson's request to even see imprisoned Maryland-native Alan Gross only after the American politician described him as a "hostage," in an interview with AP.

"His request to see the prisoner ... became impossible due to his slanderous statements to the press in which he described Gross as a 'hostage' of the Cuban government," Vidal said. Richardson made the comment last Thursday after he said his demand to see Gross was rebuffed.

But Vidal said Cuba was already unhappy that word of Richardson's visit was leaked to the press even before it had begun.

"Even before he had met with a single Cuban official the media fallout and the speculation had begun," she said. Vidal insisted that no Cuban official ever led Richardson to believe he would leave the island with Gross.

"The release of the North American prisoner Alan Gross was never on the table," she said, adding that Cuba was caught by surprise when word of Richardson's visit was leaked amid news reports that he was coming to take Gross home.

An aide to Richardson who was with the governor on the trip took exception to Vidal's account, insisting that the American politician was indeed invited to discuss the Gross case.

"The Cubans are making flimsy excuses only after they personally invited Gov. Richardson to discuss the Alan Gross detention and only after they inexplicably stonewalled Governor Richardson," Gilbert Gallegos said in comments e-mailed to AP late Wednesday. He said Richardson would meet with State Department officials and recommend no softening of the U.S. position toward the island until Gross is released.

Gross was sentenced to 15 years in jail for crimes against the state after he was caught illegally bringing communications equipment onto the island while on a USAID-funded democracy building program. His final appeal was denied in August by the country's Supreme Court. Cuba says the programs aim to bring down the government; Gross contends he was only trying to help the island's tiny Jewish community get Internet access.

The case has crippled attempts to improve relations between Washington and Havana, and destroyed what had been a warm relationship between Richardson and Cuban leaders.

In the past, Richardson has been an outspoken proponent of improved relations between the Cold War enemies. But the Democratic politician said Tuesday that he was treated so poorly on his visit that he doubted he could ever return to the island as a friend.

The feeling appears to be mutual.

Vidal said the former governor's behavior amounted to a crude attempt to box the Cuban government into a corner.

"We explained to Mr. Richardson that Cuba is a sovereign country which does not accept blackmail, pressure or posturing," she said.

Richardson is a former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations with a long history of negotiating the release of prisoners around the world. While he stressed that he was here as a private citizen, he said he was in close contact with the U.S. State Department.

A department spokesman, Mark Toner, expressed regret Wednesday at Richardson's failure to even see Gross.

"We're disappointed that he was unable to visit him," Toner told reporters. "The fact that the Cuban government refused to permit any kind of contact between Gov. Richardson and Mr. Gross is unfortunate, and it stands in stark contrast to Gov. Richardson's good-faith effort."

Toner said the U.S. remained "very concerned" about Gross' welfare.

"We're going to continue to use every available diplomatic channel to try to press for his release," he said.

Asked whether Richardson brought with him any specific offer from the U.S. government of a quid pro quo, Vidal said only that discussions that Cuban officials had with Richardson were private and confidential. She also would not close the door on any future decision to release Gross on humanitarian grounds, though she said she had no knowledge whether one was imminent.

"This is how things work all over the world ... When a law is broken there is a legal process which must be respected and once the legal process ends it is normal that people wait to see if another process can start," she said.

Gross's final appeal was denied by Cuba's Supreme Court in August, and since then calls for his release on humanitarian grounds have grown louder.

Gross's elderly mother and adult daughter are both suffering from cancer, his family has had financial troubles since his incarceration, and those who have visited him in jail say the previously corpulent man has lost over 100 pounds and now appears gaunt and frail.

On Tuesday, his wife Judy, told the Cuban-related blog Cafe Fuerte that she was extremely worried about her husband.

"Every time I speak with him, he sounds increasingly depressed and anxious to be home," she was quoted as saying. "We are all very worried about both his mental and physical health. He sounds increasingly hopeless; his voice is weaker."

Vidal took exception to descriptions of Gross as seriously ill, saying his health is "normal, in accordance with his age and chronic ailments."

She said he received close medical attention, as well as regular consular visits.

Yankee imperialist propaganda says that Raul is a dictator

And of course, this Yankee propaganda comes to you courtesy of Juan Tamayo of El Nuevo 'Gusano' Herald.

Give me timpani, please!

Ta ra, ra, ra, Ta, ra!!!!!

An article in Foreign Policy magazine has ranked Cuba’s Raúl Castro as the world’s 4th worst dictator, and ...

Remember when the imperialists and the CIA said in 2006 that Fidel had but only a few days to live?

Well, El Caballo celebrated his 85th birthday last month.

Since they have not been able to "kill" Fidel, the imperialist are trying to "kill" Raul now, in the newspapers and magazines of the empire.


New Cohibas and Habano Cigars to France

Sep 16th, 2011

Cuban tobacco industry authorities announced Thursday the presence of new Cohibas and Havano cigars in the 25th edition of the TFWA World Exhibition Cannes in France.

The Cuban most famous tobacco Premium type brand will take its cigars to the 2011 Limited Edition, with interesting proposals for collectors and the most demanding cigar smokers in the world.

The note by Cuban Corporacion Habanos SA said this means a lot, because the Limited Editions are highly appreciated because of their high quality, since its cigars do not habitually appear in the brand portfolio.

Precisely, the announcement includes so-called Cohiba 1966, a cigar with a 52-milimeter diameter and a 166-milimeter length as part of the commemoration because of the 45 years of existence of the brand.

The Limited Editions bring a maturing of at least two years, coming from Pinar del Rio, west of Cuba.

Cohiba 1966 is a cigar with a presentation in a Cajon BN box, containing 10 units each.

Habano cigars will be included in the edition of the Tax Free World Association Exhibition in Cannes, France, together with nearly 500 companies from the entire world.

The meeting is scheduled to be held at the Palais des Festivals et des Congress (Festival and Congress Palace) in Cannes to be started on September 19, a compulsory calendar for the companies taking part in the Duty Free system.

These products have the relevance of being linked with airline operators, cruisers and airports.

The official Habanos SA note added Cuban cigars will be present in this prestigious event, with emblematic proposals.

Included in the list, there are new Partagas Serie E Number 2, Series D Number 5, H Upmann Half Corona, and H Upmann Royal Robusto.

Other brands belonging to the 2011 Limited Edition are: Short Hoyo Pirámides de Hoyo de Monterrey y Allones Extra by tobacco twister Ramón Allones, together to new special series Montecristo Number 2 Gran Reserva 2005.

(Prensa Latina)

Nota Consular de la Sección de Intereses de Cuba en Washington D.C.

Por la presente tenemos a bien poner en su conocimiento nuevamente la Convocatoria al II Encuentro Nacional con Jóvenes Cubanos Residentes en EE.UU., por la Identidad Nacional y la Soberanía, a celebrarse los próximos días 14 y 15 de octubre en nuestra Sección de Intereses de Cuba en Washington D.C, así como el resto de los documentos rectores del mismo, concretamente el programa de actividades y el formulario de acreditación, con vistas a que todo joven cubano o cubano-americano menor de 37 años que esté interesado en participar, nos haga llegar su solicitud al siguiente correo electrónico:

Bill Richardson throws a temper tantrum

Bill Richardson flew to Cuba this week to try to get U.S. covert agent Allan P. Gross out of jail. He did not like the reception that he got. He had to fly back empty handed.

The imperialists still do not understand the seriousness of the crime committed by the person they euphemistically call a "contractor," as if by parroting that word ad nauseum the serious crime is converted into an innocent affair.

The New York Times is right when they call Mr Gross complicit in being "part of a semi-covert program aimed at weakening the Cuban government."

I remember the first year of the Obama administration. They were singing constant praises of the new President in Havana. Fidel, in particular, had a crush on Mr. Obama. I said to myself: "I wonder what has been put in his Kool-Aid?"

Barack Obama is like Bill and Hillary Clinton. People that can not be trusted.

Welcome to the real world, Cuba!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What Barack Obama does not understand about Cuba!

What Barack Obama does not understand about Cuba is the fact that the Cuban people are not interested in transitioning-back to dog-eat-dog U.S. capitalism.

He is not intelligent enough to add 2 + 2.


Get it, Mr. President? Good luck to you in November 2012!

The Cuban Five Must be Unconditionally Freed

Translation by Machetera

Posted on September 13, 2011

Speech given by Ricardo Alarcón at the central event held at the Astral theatre in Havana during a day of solidarity for the Cuban Five, September 12, 2011.

I will be brief in order for the artists present to raise their voices in solidarity with Gerardo, Ramón, Antonio, Fernando and René.

Today marks the completion of thirteen years of an injustice that has gone on far too long for the Cuban Five. They have received the worst sentences and most cruel treatment, which among other things, has impeded their families from visiting them, and reached inhumane extremes with the prohibition against Adriana and Olga reuniting with Gerardo and René. They have also been punished by the total silence imposed by a media tyranny which aims to extinguish the solidarity that they deserve and hide the larger truth: the Cuban Five are in prison for opposing the terrorists who are enemies of Cuba and its people.

On a day just like today, Washington had them arrested and tried in a fraudulent and extremely arbitrary proceeding, for one reason alone: to protect and support the anti-Cuban terrorism that was created by the United States half a century ago and which has always relied on its active support or complicit tolerance.

Very soon, the current rulers will have to deal with the dilemma of whether or not to continue the immoral cynicism of their predecessors. On October 7th, René González Sehwerert will leave prison after having completed the very last minute of his unjust incarceration.

For René, this would open up a three year period of so called “supervised release” which constitutes a certain risk for him and an unjust additional punishment for him and his family. But it also signifies a challenge for the Obama administration, which one would hope it will face with wisdom and common sense. From that day forward, we will see one of the most revealing, and for that reason, one of the most silenced aspects of the sordid process to which our companions have been submitted.

I’ve said before that the case of the Cuban Five is irrefutable proof of Washington’s complicity with the terrorists. Believe me, I wasn’t exaggerating. It is proven in the trial record and other documents from the Miami trial. The prosecution urged that the harshest and most exaggerated sentences be imposed, but furthermore, it insisted that for Washington there was something just as important as a maximum prison sentence. This something, that they called “incapacitation,” consisted of taking measures so that after concluding their prison terms, none of the accused could ever be able to try do to anything to stop the terrorists or their plans.

In the sentence pronounced against René, this demand was expressed in these words: “As a special additional condition of supervised release, the accused is prohibited from associating with or visiting specific places where individuals or groups such as terrorists, members of organizations advocating violence, and organized crime figures are known to be or frequent.”

This was proclaimed by a U.S. federal court in December of 2001, scarcely three months after the abominable terrorist act of September 11th, and it was made at the formal and express request of the farceurs who unleashed a so-called “war on terrorism,” based on illegality and lies, that has caused the death and suffering of countless innocent people all over the world.

While it launched this effort – as cruel as it was hypocritical – the Bush regime recognized that in South Florida there are individuals and terrorist groups, whose location and activities are known. But instead of capturing them and putting them on trial, as was its duty, the regime shamelessly protected them and demanded that neither René nor anyone else bother them.

What will the current government do? Asking that it cancel this sanction against René and dare to send its agents to arrest the known terrorists in the places where they are “known to be or frequent” might be too much. The possibility remains, however, to avoid the problem by letting René return to Cuba now, to his home and his family. If René is forced to remain in the United States one single day after October 7th, President Obama will have to choose which side he is on in the struggle against terrorism.

Washington ought to answer for other things. The gross manipulation of the government’s supposed “proof” against Gerardo in order to accuse him of murder and later find itself obliged to acknowledge on May 30, 2001, that it was impossible to prove the accusation and ask for it to be withdrawn in what was called “an unprecedented action.”

The full dimension of the government’s conspiracy with the local media in Miami and with its fake “journalists” which it financed with federal money so they could lie and create an atmosphere of hatred against the Cuban Five, to convict them beforehand. The satellite imagery that it has hidden for fifteen years because it shows that the incident of February 24, 1996 took place over Cuban territory and therefore Washington had no jurisdiction or legal basis whatsoever to accuse anyone of anything. Its refusal to admit Gerardo’s Habeas Corpus petition or to grant him a hearing in which he might speak and where the government would have to openly discuss its false allegations. What is Washington afraid of?

The official U.S. attitude is essentially one of coverup. If the citizens of that country know little or nothing about the subject, they will not ask essential questions. When they understand the truth, they will be able to persuade President Obama to do what he must: free the Cuban Five, each and every one, unconditionally.

Breaking this wall of silence therefore, is of the utmost importance. We will attempt to do so by every means possible. Let song, poetry and love puncture that wall.

Machetera is a member of Tlaxcala, the international network of translators for linguistic diversity. This translation may be reprinted as long as the content remains unaltered, and the source, author, and translator are cited.


JG: The kangaroo trial in Miami against the the five Cuban heroes is a deep shame for the United States. Cuba has a right to defend itself against US-sponsored terrorists.

Many thanks for Machetera for making it possible for all north-americans to read about something that the imperialist controlled press rarely talks or reports.

2011 - PDF File (Spanish) “Necesidad de poner fin al bloqueo económico, comercial y financiero impuesto por los Estados Unidos de América contra Cuba"

Click here to download the file.

Cuba: U.S. embargo causes $1 trillion in losses

CBS News

September 14, 2011 1:50 PM

Related News (in Spanish):

Cuba afirma que las medidas de Obama son “insuficientes” y mantienen el bloqueo

Cuba blames the U.S. embargo for nearly a trillion dollars in losses to the island's economy since it was imposed by President Kennedy in 1962.

Vice Foreign Minister Abelardo Moreno said that at current prices a conservative estimate of economic damages to the island up until December 2010 would be more than $104 billion. However, he added, if you take into consideration the extreme devaluation of the dollar against the price of gold on the international financial market during 2010, they would add up to nearly a trillion dollars.

Cuba will be presenting a resolution at the current U.N. General Assembly on the "Necessity of ending the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States of America against Cuba."

This will be the 20th time the same resolution is put to a vote there. It has repeatedly been approved by the international community. Last year's vote was: 185 countries in favor to 2 -- the United States and Israel -- against.

Speaking to journalists in Havana, Moreno insisted the embargo violates international law and the U.N. Charter, and constitutes genocide according to the 1948 Geneva Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide.

Yesterday President Obama authorized the continuation of the embargo for another year under the Trading with the Enemy Act, stating that it is in "the national interest of the United States" to do so.

Moreno particularly attacked the extra-territoriality of the embargo listing various fines imposed by the U.S. on third country entities such as a $500 million fine against the Dutch Bank ABN Amro last year for "having carried out unauthorized financial transactions in which Cuba or Cuban Nationals had interests."

The vice foreign minister noted that in all from March 2010 to April 2011 there were several multimillion dollar fines levied against U.S. and foreign banking institutions for having conducted operations with Cuba.

He also noted the embargo interfered with Cuba's cooperation with international agencies giving the example of how in January 2011, the U.S. Government seized over $4.2 million of funding from the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria because they were earmarked for the implementation of cooperation projects with Cuba.

The Cuban Democracy Act of 1992 further codified the original embargo into law so as to maintain sanctions on Cuba until Havana takes steps toward "democratization and greater respect for human rights." The Helms-Burton Act passed by Congress in 1996 added yet further restrictions to prevent U.S. citizens from doing business in or with Cuba.

In 1999, President Bill Clinton expanded the embargo even more by prohibiting foreign subsidiaries of U.S. companies from trading with Cuba. This led among more serious moves to the removal of Cuban-made pajamas from shelves in Wal-Mart in Canada.

Clinton did authorize the sale of certain humanitarian products to Cuba in 2000 only on a cash basis with no credit permitted.

The policy has pitted pro-embargo Cuban-American exiles against many business leaders and agricultural producers who insist trade with Cuba would benefit American farmers, port workers and others. The U.S. Rice Federation has lobbied hard in Washington believing that Cuba could once again become the largest foreign market for American grown rice, a position currently held by Mexico.

At present the U.S. State Department says the biggest obstacle to improving relations between the two countries is the imprisonment of an American aid worker Alan Gross.

Gross was arrested in December 2009 and sentenced last March to 15 years in prison for bringing illegal communications equipment into Cuba as part of a program subcontracted to his employer by USAID. The Cubans say this program and others like it are intended to overthrow throw their government.

Moreno refused at this morning's press conference to respond to a question on Gross.

Former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson left Havana this morning after a week's efforts to see the American who is being held in a Havana military hospital. Yesterday Richardson told foreign journalists in Havana that the Cuban Government had rebuffed all his appeals.

Nevertheless, President Obama said yesterday in Washington that his administration's relaxation of the travel ban that now allows more Americans to visit Cuba on educational, religious, cultural or people-to-people group trips would remain in effect as would the loosening of restrictions on the amount and frequency with which Cubans in the U.S. could send money to relatives on the island.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Obama continues with his head stuck in the sand while three newspaper columns/editorials call for the end to the U.S. embargo against Cuba

Barack Obama continues to show that he lacks the leadership skills which are necessary to run a great nation.

U.S. embargo against Cuba? ME TOO! says this weak understudy of George W. Bush who is currently sitting in the Oval Office. The U.S. economy continues to go downhill? Everything is fine, he says.

Three different journalistic outfits have called today for an end to the Cuba embargo, which the Caribbean nation calls a blockade.

The Syndey Morning Herald in Australia says that "The ending of the embargo is long overdue and the economic crisis provides a useful rationale for doing so.

The Province of Canada reproduces the same column.

The Register Guard states in an editorial that "U.S. sanctions have failed to topple the Castro regime."

Apparently the 187-2 vote last year at the United Nations is not democratic enough. All the NATO allies rebuffed the U.S. That vote will most likely be replicated this year.

It took a Republican president to reverse the policies regarding China. Mitt Romney, did you hear that?

Arrogance, thy name is United States!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Libya: A new government installed by Western imperialists

I will not defend Moammar Qaddafi. That has to be done by the Libyan people themselves. But I suspect that what the Western imperialists are really concerned and crave are the big oil deposits of Libya.

NATO has become a gang of thugs doing the dirty work of the United States, Great Britain and France.

George W. Bush lied when he said that he went to Iraq looking for weapons of mass destruction. The U.S. now owns Iraq's oil. And the gullible crowd believed him.

Barack H. Obama lies when he says that his NATO friends went to Libya to "protect" civilians. It's the oil stupid!

Yankees are only concerned about one thing: MONEY!

Venezuela should be very alert and build up its defenses. Do not trust the pronouncements of Barack H. Obama, a person who is not worthy of trust. The U.S. is desperate for oil!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

USA Allocates Funds for Subversion in Cuba


by PL — last modified Sep 10, 2011 11:26 AM

Cables of the US Interest Section in Havana leaked by Wikileaks reveal that Washington supplies thousands of dollars daily to fabricate internal incidents in Cuba.

The cable 08HAVANA613 of July 31, 2008, addressed to the US State Department, shows that then Chief Jonathan Farrar requested 8,000 USD yearly to be given to Laura Pollan, one of the so-called Damas de Blanco (Ladies in White), and Roberto Miranda, of a so-called College of Teachers, informed Cubadebate website on Friday.

From that sum, 5,000 USD were received by Pollan and 3,000 by Miranda, who was also a recipient of other "aids from friendly embassies."

Farrar's cable says the money is "to support activities in defense of the human rights" of these two persons, though it even notes that Cuban laws punish with prison those who get funds from a foreign government to promote a change of regime in the country.

In this regard, the US diplomat suggests using clandestine channels to introduce the money in Cuba, as in other previous occasions, making people believe it is part of remittances sent by relatives in the US through the Western Union money transfer service.

Farrar carefully requested sending the money in euros or other currency but dollars to avoid the officially established taxation.

He also recalls that "humanitarian assistance to these persons is allowed by the Office of Foreign Assets Control of the US Treasury Department (OFAC) that regulates exports to Cuba, and requests 5,000 USD for Laura Pollan.

Cubadebate also refers to another cable, one of September 15, 2008, requesting 5,000 USD for a so-called "Transition Agenda", with information about Martha Beatriz Roque and Vladimiro Roca, besides mentioning Elizardo Sanchez.

Sanchez gave foreign press accredited in Cuba a list of alleged political prisoners that included Bolivian soccer players, an 18th Century painter and Peruvian volleyball players.

Cuban press has released evidence of money received by Roque and the "Ladies in White" from Miami-based terrorist groups, and a few weeks ago, receipts signed by Laura Pollan and Martha Beatriz Roque, on behalf of the "Ayuda Hispano Cubano" organization, were circulated on the Internet.


JG: Is this the "new beginning" that Obama promised with Cuba? No wonder that no one trusts him anymore. He has been inept and incompetent. He has merely continued most of the policies of George W. Bush regarding Cuba. There are those who say that he will be a one term president, just like Jimmy Carter. It is not enough to be decent or honest. You have to be competent. Obama is NOT!

Friday, September 09, 2011

Rumors disseminated by Miami gusanos: LIES!

The dreams and hopes of the Miami gusanos have crashed once again! They have been very busy during the last ten days saying that Fidel Castro had died.

Granma published today two fotos of Fidel talking to a Venezuelan journalist.


U.S. Interest Section chief in Havana requests more dollars for Damas de Blanco

Jonathan Farrar, rhe chief of the United States Interests Section in Havana, has rquested that the U.S. State Department transmit $8,000.00 to two of the empire's favorites "dissidents" inside Cuba, Luara Pollan, the leader of 'Ladies for Greenbacks,' and Roberto Miranda.

It is a well known fact that the United States government continues to finance and direct counter-revolutionary individuals and organizations inside the Caribbean island.

Source: Cubadebate

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Desmienten a las Damas de Blanco

The Damas de Blanco and the small "human rights" group of Elizardo Sanchez are totally discredited inside Cuba. The only ones who believe their lies are the US Interest Section (in Havana) and Barack Obama (in Washington, D.C.)

These people are "vive bien." They are only interested in receiving greenbacks from the United States government. They are professional "dissidents." They don't want to work. They are parasites.

IN SPANISH: Elizardo Sanchez acknowledges that there are fake names on the list of Cuban "political prisoners"

El contrarrevolucionario Elizardo Sánchez reconoció hoy a la agencia ANSA que en una lista que publicó sobre supuestos “presos políticos” en Cuba hay “nombres falsos”, pero expuso que los “infiltró la policía secreta”.

JG Translation: Cuban counter-revolutionary Elizardo Sánchez acknowledged today that in a list of alleged "political prisoners" published by the ANSA news agency there are fake names, but he stated that those names were placed there by Cuba's secret police."

JG: Que tipo más ridículo. What a ridiculous person! No wonder they call him "El Camaján" (The Chameleon). Always blaming someone else, except himself! I wonder when will he visit USIS in Havana to receive his next welfare check from Uncle Sam?

Read the complete article (in Spanish) at Cubadebate.

Palestina, hacia una gran victoria moral

Ángel Guerra Cabrera

La Jornada/Rebelión

Se acerca la fecha en la que Palestina recibirá en la Asamblea General (AG) de la ONU el reconocimiento que le corresponde como Estado independiente y soberano miembro de la organización con más de las dos terceras partes de los votos necesarios. No menos de 130 y probablemente entre 140 y 150 de los 193 países que la integran.

Sabiendo que este desenlace es inevitable, Obama y la señora Clinton han hecho cuanto ha estado a su alcance para disuadir a la Autoridad Nacional Palestina(ANP) de presentar la propuesta, incluyendo la amenaza de ejercer el veto si el tema se trasladara al Consejo de Seguridad (CS). Pero altos funcionarios estadunidenses confiesan en privado que la Casa Blanca quiere “evitar hacer campaña a favor del veto pues podría dejar solo a Estados Unidos en el intento”. En todo caso, la superpotencia y su ahijado sionista van a quedar en una inocultable posición de aislamiento internacional cuando el tema se discuta en la AG. Es muy gráfico un cable enviado a Tel Aviv por Ron Prosor, embajador de Israel en la ONU: “Lo máximo que podemos esperar conseguir es un grupo de Estados que se abstendrán o que estarán ausentes durante la votación”. “Sólo unos pocos países votarán en contra de la iniciativa palestina”, añade.

La Autoridad Nacional Palestina (ANP) se ha visto ante la única alternativa de llevar esta cuestión a la AG, aunque ha dejado muy claro que no abandona las negociaciones patrocinadas por el cuarteto (Estados Unidos, Unión Europea, Rusia y la ONU). Y es que 17 años después de los Acuerdos de Oslo la ANP no ha logrado una sola concesión del sionismo en la mesa de negociaciones.

Al contrario, su territorio continúa ocupado por Israel, que incumple sistemáticamente las obligaciones de potencia ocupante, continúa aumentando constantemente la ilegal construcción de asentamientos de colonos judíos en Cisjordania, al extremo que del mermado territorio que conservaba Palestina antes de la guerra de 1967 apenas quedan jirones. Israel mantiene a miles de palestinos, entre ellos niños y mujeres, en sus prisiones por reclamar los derechos de su pueblo. Sin contar el genocida bloqueo a Gaza, las operaciones de castigo estilo nazi como “Plomo Fundido” y los asesinatos, maltratos y despojos de sus bienes de que son objeto niños, mujeres, ancianos –toda la población civil palestina- por las fuerzas armadas israelíes, en un derroche de la tecnología militar más moderna proporcionada gratuitamente por Estados Unidos ser usada contra una población indefensa.

Es una broma de mal gusto que a estas alturas Obama se apresure a circular un proyecto para que por enésima vez palestinos e israelíes se sienten a conversar con tal de impedir que la ANP presente a la AG la propuesta de reconocimiento del Estado palestino. Sólo un enajenado no se daría cuenta de que si Israel ha podido burlarse hasta ahora de las resoluciones de la AG y el CS sobre Palestina y simular que negocia la paz mientras profundiza y amplía su política colonial y de agresión contra los pueblos árabes, es gracias al apoyo incondicional de Washington. Esto incluye, desde luego, el uso del antidemocrático veto en el CS para impedir la más leve medida contra la entidad sionista.

En nada cambiará la amarga situación del pueblo palestino la próxima votación en la AG, pero significará la reivindicación en ese cuerpo del derecho palestino a la libre determinación, también que la ANP tendrá un mayor acceso a las instancias de la ONU y el derecho a presentar temas ante el Tribunal Internacional de La Haya. Será también una victoria y un reconocimiento moral muy merecido para uno de los pueblos más ejemplares y tenaces de la lucha de liberación nacional.

Pero los vientos no soplan a favor de Washington y Tel Aviv en Medio Oriente, sino de los pueblos, como demuestran las rebeliones árabes. Israel ya no tiene un aliado fiel en Egipto como en tiempos de Mubarak. Se acabó el amigo con el que contaba en Ankara, que poco menos que ha roto sus relaciones con Tel Aviv debido, entre otras razones al asesinato de sus ciudadanos en la Flotilla de la Dignidad y la arrogancia posterior de Netanyahu. América Latina, por su parte, demostrará en la votación de la AG el grado de independencia de la política exterior de Washington a la que han llegado la inmensa mayoría de sus países. Solo Colombia ha anunciado su voto en contra. Se espera a México, que no ha revelado su postura.