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El bloqueo es agresivamente extraterritorial y una violación del Derecho Internacional

Cuban Chancellor Bruno Rodriguez
United Nations General Assembly
October 29, 2013
Link to the speech (in Spanish)

Excerpt: Durante el gobierno del presidente Obama, el bloqueo ha sido recrudecido, en particular en el sector financiero.

Translation: During the administration of President Obama, the blockade has been intensified, particularly in the financial sector.

Cuba Journal will bring you the English translation of the speech when it is published by Granma International.

Update: The English translation link appears on the Oct 31, 2013 Cuba Journal Post.

How the Barack Obama administration continues to bully and harass Cuba with its application of the illegal & genocidal U.S. blockade against the Caribbean island

The following is taken from the PDF file (Spanish, English and French) published by the government of the Republic of Cuba, which is available on the Internet.

Abbreviations used in the document:
OFAC: Office of Foreign Assets Control
NGO: Non-Governmental Organization
USD: US Dollar

Principal measures taken by the US government and proposals made showing the continuance of the blockade and the attempts to tighten it. There are many varied examples ratifying the continuity of the blockade. According to an editorial published on March 3, 2013 by the Bloomberg business and finance agency, between 2000 and 2006 the United States government opened 11,000 investigation processes on presumed violations of the sanctions regime against Cuba. The same source indicates that 7,000 investigations about other countries were carried out. All this is taking place in a context where Cuba poses no threat to US national security, a fact admitted to by the US authorities themselves. The irrational acts against Cuba are also evidenced by the following examples:

- On May 9, 2013, OFAC fined The American Steamship Owners Mutual Protection and Indemnity Association, Inc. for a total of USD 348,000 for violating the bans defined in the Regulations for the Control of Cuban Assets and other sanction regimes against other countries. OFAC alleged that the company cleared three claims in favor of Cuba amounting to USD 40,584.

- On April, 2013, Cuba Solidarity Campaign (CSC), a British NGO, decided to buy 100 copies of the book The Economic War against Cuba. A Historical and Legal Perspective on the U.S. Blockade, by Salim Lamrani, published in March 2013 by the Monthly Review Press, a New York-based publishing house. However, the transaction between the NGO ́s bank, the Cooperative, and the account of the Monthly Review with the Chase Bank could not be completed because OFAC blocked the funds and demanded explanations from CSC about its relations with Cuba. CSC director Rob Millar expressed his amazement:

“They are using an extraterritorial legislation on economic sanctions against Cuba to prevent the sale in the United Kingdom of a book which describes the scope of the blockade against Cuba [...]. The ridiculousness of the US blockade is illustrated yet again by this case in which they try to prevent British readers from reading a book published by an American press”.

- On April 14, 2013, the Trademark Appeals Bureau, attached to the US Trademark and Patent Office, rejected the petition of the Cuban CUBATABACO company to cancel registration of the Cohíba brand name by the GENERAL CIGAR enterprise. The decision was based entirely on arguments given by US Courts ratifying that the Regulations for the Control of Cuban Assets prevent recognition of the prestigious Cuban brand.

- On March 5, 2013, OFAC fined US company Eagle Global Logistics (EGL) of Houston, Texas, associated to British transnational company CEVA LOGISTICS, with USD 139,000 for allowing its subsidiaries in other countries to provide cargo transport services to and from Cuba. - On February 22, 2013, OFAC imposed a USD 43,875 fine on the US affiliate of the Chinese enterprise Tung Tai Group, headquartered in San José. California, for signing sales contracts for Cuban scrap.

- On July 25, 2012, OFAC fined US citizen Zachary Sanders with USD 6,500 for traveling to Cuba in 1998 without a Treasury Department permit.

- On July 10, 2012, OFAC announced the imposition of a fine of USD 1,347,750 on the Great Western Malting Co. for facilitating the sale to Cuba of malt barley not originated in the US, by one of its foreign branches between August of 2006 March of 2009.

- On June 29, 2012, Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL) presented Draft Law H.R.6067, “The Law for Cooperation for Security in the Western Hemisphere” which, among other aspects, amends the Helms-Burton Act to prevent foreign investment in the Cuban oil sector. It also authorizes the President to impose sanctions on any country in the Western hemisphere that has military cooperation with countries sponsoring terrorism.

- On June 26, 2012, that same US House Representative presented Draft Law H.R.6018, “The Law for Authorization of Expenses for Foreign Relations” that would prohibit granting export permits to Cuba and other countries for the transfer of commercial satellites or other components or technologies listed as articles controlled by the Department of Commerce.


 JG: See also Cuba Journal's post of October, 29, 2013.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The vote: 188-2. USA arrogance results in a humiliating defeat at the United Nations.

The countries of the world heaped scorn upon scorn on the shoulders of the Yankees, even though they were using polite diplomatic language and measured voices. The USA is totally alone. Only its dutiful water-carrier, the Israeli Zionists, sided with the Yankee imperialists.

On the Cuba issue, the community of civilized nations views the USA as an arrogant bully!

Friday, October 25, 2013

How Democratic & Republican administrations use the Cuba embargo as a very lucrative extortion tool!

Cuba's Ministry of External Relations (MINREX) reported today in a top front page article in Granma that during the last ten years, eight very big American and foreign companies have had to pay eight million dollars in extortion payments to the administrations of George Bush and Barack Obama for having "violated" their favorite extortion mechanism, which they eufemistically call the Cuba embargo. The Italian-American mafia are cub scouts compared to the enforcers of the Democratic and Republican parties.

Dubbya & Big Black Ears don't have to worry about the popular Cops tune: "Watcha gonna do when they come looking for you."

Coming Up On Tuesday at the United Nations

2012: General Assembly votes on resolution calling for an end to the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States against Cuba. UN Photo

On Tuesday, October 29, 2013, the United Nations General Assembly will vote again on a resolution presented by Cuba which will condemn the U.S. embargo of the island imposed by American imperialism.

Cuba Journal will report on the vote as soon it is announced and published.

Historical Photo: Fidel Castro, July 15, 1959

From left: Raul Roa, Fidel Castro, Captain Antonio Núñez Jiménez

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Critics worry Cuba is embracing a failed economic model in a bid to bolster foreign investment

Aljazeera, 24 October 2013

Chris Arsenault

Cuba is the latest country to plan a "Special Economic Zone", part of an economic model blasted by critics for creating a "race to the bottom" on wages and corporate taxes.

Raul Castro, Cuba's president, signed law 313 in September creating a special development zone in the port of Mariel, 45km west of the capital, Havana, where foreign companies will be able to transfer their profits abroad without paying the usual taxes or tariffs.

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JG: Cuba's failed economic system is in such a disarray that the island nation may be ready to sell its national sovereignty to the highest bidder. Very sad indeed! The Cuban people continue to vote with their feet, and in record numbers they are leaving the impoverished island. Cuban leaders may have been excellent revolutionaries, but they are very poor economic administrators.

Christening of the future King of the United Kingdom, Prince George, third in the line of succession

The official portrait for the christening of Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge, photographed in The Morning Room at Clarence House in London on October 23rd 2013. PICTURED: (back row, left-right) HRH The Duke of Edinburgh, HRH The Prince of Wales, HRH The Duchess of Cornwall, HRH Prince Harry of Wales, Pippa Middleton, James Middleton, Carole Middleton and Michael Middleton. (front row, left-right) HM Queen Elizabeth II, HRH Duchess of Cambridge carrying HRH Prince George and HRH Duke of Cambridge. Prince George is wearing an outfit made of delicate Honiton lace and white satin by Angela Kelly, an exact replica of the one worn before him by every baby born to the British Royal family since 1841. The Duchess is wearing Alexander McQueen dress and a Jane Taylor hat. (Jason Bell/Camera Press via Redux)

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

US drone strikes could be classed as war crimes, says Amnesty International

U.S. Predator

Joint report with Human Rights Watch judges US attacks in Yemen and Pakistan to have broken international human rights law

The Guardian

Jon Boone in Islamabad

Monday 21 October 2013

US officials responsible for the secret CIA drone campaign against suspected terrorists in Pakistan may have committed war crimes and should stand trial, a report by a leading human rights group warns. Amnesty International has highlighted the case of a grandmother who was killed while she was picking vegetables and other incidents which could have broken international laws designed to protect civilians.

The report is issued in conjunction with an investigation by Human Rights Watch detailing missile attacks in Yemen which the group believes could contravene the laws of armed conflict, international human rights law and Barack Obama's own guidelines on drones.

The reports are being published while Nawaz Sharif, Pakistan's prime minister, is in Washington. Sharif has promised to tell Obama that the drone strikes – which have caused outrage in Pakistan – must end.

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Cuba plans to scrap two-currency system. Little details are given.

(For sucker tourists)

One Peso
(National Currency)

Coverage in Spanish: Nota Oficial

Coverage in English: British Broadcasting Corp

JG: The official note of the Cuban government is heavily loaded with a lot of empty talk and very few details, except for the ubiquitous references to objective and subjective factors. Those two words are favorite words in Cuba's failed Marxist system.

Those who accept CUC's (Convertible Unit of Currency) I call them "the suckers," usually tourists. That invention is only worth one dollar in the fertile and imaginative minds of failed politicians inside the island.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Barack Obama will face a huge revolt from progresives and leftists over Social Security and his proposed Chained CPI.

Google the following: "Budget Discord Simmers Among Democrats"

By the way, it has been said that the CPI stands for "Cut People's Income." George W. Bush and Barack H. Obama are two failed presidents. And we will go from bad to worse with the next Democrat or Republican POTUS.

Boston Barbudos (Bearded Ones) Become the 2013 ALCS Champions

Shane Victorino drives a grand slam over the Green Monster
to give the Red Sox the 2013 American League Championship
on the sixth game, Sunday, Oct. 19, 2013.
(Photo: Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports)

ALCS Game 6
Shane Victorino Hits A Grand Slam In The Bottom Of The 7th Inning.
Oct 19th 2013

BBC: France summons US ambassador over newspaper claims that the US spied on millions of phone calls in France

Le Monde says the data, based on leaks from ex-intelligence analyst Edward Snowden, suggest the US NSA agency monitored businesses and officials as well as terrorism suspects.

The intercepts were apparently triggered by certain key words.

The paper says the National Security Agency (NSA) spied on 70.3 million phone calls in France in just 30 days between December 10 last year and January 8, 2013.

Rally against NSA spying, October 26, 2013

Embassy of Cuba in New Zealand with concurrent accreditations to the Republic of Fiji, Cook Islands, Independent State of Samoa, Kingdom of Tonga, Tuvalu, Republic of Kiribati




Press release

20 October 2013

For the twenty-second consecutive occasion, next October 29th, 2013, Cuba will submit to the consideration of the UN General Assembly the draft resolution entitled “Necessity of ending the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States of America against Cuba”.

Last year, 188 member states voted in favor of this resolution, which is an irrefutable proof that the battle for the lifting of the blockade has the recognition and support of the vast majority of the International Community.

For 53 years now, the cruel policy of economic strangulation against Cuba has been guided by the rationale of a memorandum submitted by Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Lester Mallory dated April 6, 1960, the text of which states:

“The majority of Cubans support Castro […] There is no effective political opposition. […] The only foreseeable means of alienating internal support is through disenchantment and disaffection based on economic dissatisfaction and hardship. […] every possible means should be undertaken promptly to weaken the economic life of Cuba. […] denying money and supplies to Cuba, to decrease monetary and real wages, to bring about hunger, desperation and overthrow of government.”

The blockade has been and is a flagrant violation of International Law, is contrary to the principles and purposes of the United Nations Charter and constitutes a violation of the right to peace, development and security of a sovereign State.

At the beginning of his Administration in 2009, President Obama announced a fresh start with Cuba and expressed his conviction that relations between Cuba and the United States could follow a new direction. Five years later, all we have seen is a reinforcement of the extraterritorial nature of the blockade and an intensified persecution of Cuba’s international financial transactions.

The blockade has proven to be the main obstacle for Cuban economic and social development, the largest hindrance for expanding Cuba’s commercial ties with the rest of the world, and has become a serious restraint for the international cooperation that the country both provides and receives.

The Cuban people endures severe economic losses, which till April 2013 –after five decades of blockade- amount to 1 157 327 000 000 US Dollars, if depreciation of the dollar against gold value in the international market is taken into consideration.

Cuba cannot freely export and import goods and services to and from the United States, nor uses the dollar in its international financial transactions or open accounts in that currency in third-country banks.

Assistance provided by international financial institutions is also prohibited for Cuba.

The obsessive persecution of and harassment against those establishing or trying to establish normal relations with Cuba by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) of the Treasury Department, is an outstanding feature of the extraterritorial scope of the blockade.

From January, 2009 to September, 9, 2013, the Obama Administration had forced 30 American and foreign entities to pay over 2.4 billion dollars for having relations with Cuba and other countries under sanction.

An editorial published on March 3, 2013 by the Bloomberg agency revealed that between 2000 and 2006 alone, the US Administration had filed 11,000 investigation proceedings for alleged infringement of sanctions against Cuba. The same information also indicated that 7,000 investigation proceedings had been filed for the remaining countries.

All this in a context in which US authorities themselves have acknowledged that Cuba poses no threat to the national security of that country, still they insist in including it in the infamous list of countries sponsoring terrorism to justify the fierce persecution of Cuba’s financial transactions and the reinforcement of the blockade.

The blockade against Cuba remains the most unjust, far-reaching, severe and prolonged system of unilateral coercive sanctions ever applied to any country in the world for half a century.

It is a massive, flagrant and systematic violation of the human rights of a whole people. It causes shortages and needless suffering to the Cuban population, limits and restrains the development of the country and seriously damages the Cuban economy.

The major effects of the blockade are felt in the most sensitive areas of Cuban people’s life. The decision by the Zurich Canton Bank to suspend, under US pressure, all transfers to Cuba, affected the cooperation that MediCuba-Suisse –a non-governmental organization- has maintained with Cuban public health authorities in such areas as fighting cancer, pediatrics, and HIV/AIDS prevention.

In an unprecedented event in the work carried out by the office of the World Health Organization/Pan-American Health Organization in Cuba, a Canadian Bank –also under US pressure—withhold the funds for the purchase of influenza vaccines intended for the immunization program for the elderly.

The blockade policy is increasingly rejected both within the United States and by the international community. The United States must lift it immediately and unconditionally.

Lift embargo on Cuba, Ghana tells U.S

Filed under: Africa |

Ghana has called on the U.S. to lift the embargo placed on Cuba in 1960, describing it as outdated and unnecessary, a government statement has said.

The statement quoted Ghana’s Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister, Mr Thomas Quartey, as making the call during a meeting with Mrs Teresita Fraga, Cuban Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister in Accra. The U.S. placed a partial economic and financial ban on Cuba in Oct. 1960, about two years after the regime of General Fulgencio Batista was deposed by the Cuban Revolution, which was led by its maximum leader, Fidel Castro, Ernesto 'Che' Guevara and other prominent Cuban patriots.


Chicago White Sox to sign Jose Dariel Abreu to six-year, $68 million deal

By on Oct 18 2013, 8:00 am

The Chicgo White Sox have agreed to a six-year, $68 million contract with Cuban first baseman Jose Dariel Abreu, according to Jesse Sanchez of The deal is pending a physical, and should be finalized within the next few days.


Saturday, October 19, 2013

Americans traveling to Cuba in record numbers

Tourists ride a U.S.-made 1957 Chevrolet Bel-Air convertible car on Havana's seafront boulevard 'El Malecon' May 21, 2013. Credit: Reuters/Desmond Boylan

HAVANA | Fri Oct 18, 2013 11:50am EDT
(Reuters) - Americans are visiting Cuba in record numbers despite strict travel restrictions, joining the hundreds of thousands of Cuban Americans who travel home each year, according to Cuban government figures published on Friday.

Just over 98,000 U.S. citizens visited Cuba in 2012, up from 73,500 in 2011 and twice the number compared with five years ago, according to an online report by the National Statistics Office (

The numbers do not include more than 350,000 Cuban Americans estimated by travel agents and U.S. diplomats to have visited the island last year. Because Cuba considers them nationals, they are not listed in its tourism statistics.

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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Is Cuba trying to imitate the USA to curry favors from Barack Obama?

In the USA, under the misnamed Patriot Act, you could be held in jail indefinitely without being charged.

Read the following from

Canadian entrepreneur jailed in Cuba two years still not charged

Two years after his arrest and with no charges laid, a Canadian entrepreneur remains imprisoned in Cuba — a situation his Member of Parliament says is worrying and could impact the international business community working on the island.

The GOP Today!

Monday, October 14, 2013

General Giap is Buried

Vietnamese General Vo Nguyen Giap buried in Quang Binh


Tick! Tick! Tick! Tick! Tick! Tick! Tick! Tick!

Are U.S. capitalists in the Republican and Democratic parties playing brinkmanship games?

On October 17, less than 72 hours away, the U.S. will no longer have statutory authority to pay its bills.

One of the first things they did was to curtail WIC (Women, Infants and Children nutrition programs), but the government continues to pay the military. Our priorities are upside down!

Will they wait until 11:45 p.m. on Wednesday to announce an agreement?

In one of the latest polls, 60% of Americans say that the U.S. Congress should be FIRED!

What a bunch of incompetents! U.S. Senators and Congressmen have not been furloughed; they continue to receive their paychecks!

How greedy U.S. capitalists demonize the word “entitlement”

Social Security and Medicare are trust funds. They are also perfect examples of 'people helping people' programs, which are the foundation of democratic socialism.

Any program that has a socialistic foundation is going to be strongly opposed by the greedy U.S. capitalists, who do not know what 'working for a living' consists of. That explains their constant behavior.

If you are a lazy person or a parasite, do not work for a living and do not make contributions to those two trust funds you do not collect the benefits that you built through a life of work.

Greedy capitalists believe that people are born to be exploited. The perfect example was slavery. The capitalists loved that peculiar institution so much that they started a civil war to keep it in the books. They were defeated by progressives and libertarians, who see the world through different perspectives.

Capitalist think that 'working' consists of showing at 10:30 a.m at the office and leaving at 3:00 p.m. to discuss 'investments' at the local golf course or country club.

Do not let capitalists destroy programs that help people.

What sad lives those capitalists live! They live behind gated and walled compounds, fearful throughout their lives that mobs of people will break in and steal the greenbacks that they acquired by exploiting other people.

Update: 10:19 a.m.

The Obama administration has a plan to weaken Social Security and Medicare. You will never see him proposing cuts to the "entitlements" of big capitalist corporations.

Read on.....

"Schumer noted that House Republicans had already offered to roll back the sequester cuts in a proposal that the White House rejected Friday. That plan would have immediately suspended enforcement of the debt limit and reopened the government in exchange for a plan to replace sequester savings in 2014 (and perhaps longer) with reductions to Social Security and Medicare proposed in Obama’s budget." (Washington Post)

Brack Obama wants to solve the debt problems of the U.S. on the back of Seniors!

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

The striking resemblance between General El Sisi & General Batista

 El Sisi (Egypt)

Batista (Cuba)

They both came to power via coup d'etat and received aid from the United States. 

Miami gusana undulates her hips in front of POTUS

Gloria Estefan, prominent Cuban-American right-winger and U.S. embargo promoter, made a spectacle of herself last night in front of the President of the United States. Watch out Miley Cirus!

The PBS TV program, which celebrated Latin music, was very short on talent, other than Jose Feliciano and Tito Puente.

Since the GOP right-wingers in the U.S. House of Representatives shut down the federal government on October 1st, I wonder if she will get paid, since she doesn't perform for free.

Maybe Speaker Boehner can invite her to his house. Mr. Speaker, throw her a bone!

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Dem Bums Advance to the 2013 NLCS

Cuba once more seeks U.N. condemnation of U.S. embargo

By Marc Frank 

HAVANA - Mon Oct 7, 2013 5:47pm EDT

(Reuters) - For the 22nd consecutive year, Cuba will ask the United Nations to condemn the United States economic embargo against the island, a top Cuban official announced on Monday, accusing Washington of tightening sanctions in place for more than half a century. U.S. President Barack Obama, who stated before taking office that he wanted to recast long-hostile U.S.-Cuba relations, has been a disappointment to the Cuban government, which expected him to do more to dismantle the embargo.

The embargo, fully in place since 1962, has done "astronomical" economic harm, Deputy Foreign Minister Abelardo Moreno said during a news conference to present Cuba's annual report on the damage wrought on the Communist-run Caribbean island by U.S. sanctions.

Last year the vote at the U.N. General Assembly was overwhelming, with 188 nations - including most of Washington's closest allies - condemning the embargo. Only the United States, Israel and the tiny Pacific state of Palau supported it.

This year the debate and vote is scheduled for October 29.

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Monday, October 07, 2013

Washington Post: The Cuban Five were fighting terrorism. Why did we put them in jail?

A card with pictures of five Cubans convicted in 2001 of spying on the United States for the Cuban government.

By Stephen Kimber, Published: October 4

Stephen Kimber teaches journalism at the University of King’s College in Halifax, Canada, and is the author of “What Lies Across the Water: The Real Story of the Cuban Five.”

Consider for a moment what would happen if American intelligence agents on the ground in a foreign country uncovered a major terrorist plot, with enough time to prevent it. And then consider how Americans would react if authorities in that country, rather than cooperate with us, arrested and imprisoned the U.S. agents for operating on their soil.

Those agents would be American heroes. The U.S. government would move heaven and Earth to get them back.

This sort of scenario has occurred, except that, in the real-life version, which unfolded 15 years ago last month, the Americans play the role of the foreign government, and Cuba — yes, Fidel Castro’s Cuba — plays the role of the aggrieved United States.

In the early 1990s, after the demise of the Soviet Union made the collapse of Cuba’s communist government seem inevitable, Miami’s militant Cuban exile groups ratcheted up their efforts to overthrow Castro by any means possible, including terrorist attacks. In 1994, for example, Rodolfo Frometa, the leader of an exile group, was nabbed in an FBI sting trying to buy a Stinger missile, a grenade launcher and anti-tank rockets that he said he planned to use to attack Cuba. In 1995, Cuban police arrested two Cuban Americans after they tried to plant a bomb at a resort in Varadero.

Those actions clearly violated U.S. neutrality laws, but America’s justice system mostly looked the other way. Although Frometa was charged, convicted and sentenced to almost four years in jail, law enforcement agencies rarely investigated allegations involving exile militants, and if they did, prosecutors rarely pursued charges. Too often, Florida’s politicians served as apologists for the exile community’s hard-line elements.

But the Cubans had their own agents on the ground in Florida. An intelligence network known as La Red Avispa was dispatched in the early 1990s to infiltrate militant exile groups. It had some successes. Agents thwarted a 1994 plan to set off bombs at the iconic Tropicana nightclub, a tourist hot spot in Havana. And they short-circuited a 1998 scheme to send a boat filled with explosives from the Miami River to the Dominican Republic to be used in an assassination attempt against Castro.

In the spring of 1998, Cuban agents uncovered a plot to blow up an airplane filled with beach-bound tourists from Europe or Latin America. The plot resonated: Before 2001, the most deadly act of air terrorism in the Americas had been the 1976 midair bombing of Cubana Airlines Flight 455, which killed all 73 passengers and crew members.

Castro enlisted his friend, Nobel Prize-winning novelist Gabriel Garcia Marquez, to carry a secret message about the plot to President Bill Clinton. The White House took the threat seriously enough that the Federal Aviation Administration warned airlines.

In June of that year, FBI agents flew to Havana to meet with their Cuban counterparts. During three days in a safe house, the Cubans provided the FBI with evidence their agents had gathered on various plots, including the planned airplane attack and an ongoing campaign of bombings at Havana hotels that had taken the life of an Italian Canadian businessman.

Continue reading at the Washington Post.

JG: The case of the Cuban Five is a typical case of Yankee imperialism arrogance. Neither Bill Clinton and his wife or Barack Obama are people worthy of trust.

Orquesta Aragón - Espíritu Burlón

This song was very popular in Cuba when I was a kid.

Friday, October 04, 2013

The First Seven Days at the 68th Session of the U.N. General Assambly

The 68th session of the United Nations General Assembly has completed seven days of deliberations. Representatives of 40 countries have spoken against the continuation of the U.S. blockade/embargo against Cuba, using words like 'genocide,' 'illegal' and 'relic of the cold war.'

Barack Obama's "new beginning" with Cuba was nothing but a HUGE SCAM. The guy has no credibility whatsoever. People call him a liar regularly.

GranmaMás de 40 países demandaron en la ONU cese del bloqueo contra Cuba

General Vo Nguyen Giap Passes Away

General Vo Nguyen Giap

(CNN)-- General Vo Nguyen Giap, a man credited with major victories against the French and the American military, has died, according to local media reports. Giap was 102.

Giap is credited with the Tet offensive against U.S. military forces and the siege of Dien Bien Phu against the French.

JG: He is, without a doubt, one  of the great military strategists of the 20th century. To defeat the French and American imperialists was no easy task. Vietnam loses a giant.

 Envía Raúl mensaje de condolencias por fallecimiento del General de Ejército Vo Nguyen Giap

Thursday, October 03, 2013

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Inefficiency in the distribution and sale of light bulbs in Cuba

If you were living in Cuba, would you pay 40.00 or 50.00 (CUP), Cuban pesos, for a 14 watts or 18 watts light bulb?

The situation in the Convertible Unit of Currency is even worse. 3.00 CUC for one light bulb. That is equivalent to 75 Cuban Pesos.

All I can say is that the Cuban leadership were very good revolutionaries, but in  today's world they are very poor economic administrators. More common sense and less ideology is needed in the island.

The prices that I am quoting above were taken from today's Granma, Oct 1, 2013.

I recently bought at a retail store 4 sixty watts light bulbs for US $1.50, or 38 cents per light bulb.