Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Cuba alledgedly detains promoters of Obama's Crony Capitalism in Havana

Yoani Sanchez, the main Yankee mercenary inside Cuba, said police detained her husband Reinaldo Escobar, who is also known by the sobriquet of Triple Feo.

Escobar is editor-in-chief of the "dissident" news and opinion website All are paid with Yankee funds brought in to the island in diplomatic pouches which come  from Miami and Washington D.C.

Fidel's legendary 1959 New Year's Eve celebration at the Havana Hilton

The dinner held New Year's Eve, 1959, in the former Havana Hilton 
- now the Habana Libre - 
was a tribute to Cuba's solidarity with the world's peoples.

Cuba Journal files FOIA request with the U.S. CIA, RE: Operation Peter Pan

December 31, 2014

United States Central Intelligence Office
Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Officer
Office of Public Affairs
Washington, D.C.  20505


In exercise of my rights under the Federal Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA), I am requesting that you send to me all the important records, unclassified or classified, in regard to the infamous CIA activities named Operation Peter Pan which your agency initiated during the early years of the 1960's.

Such CIA activities/operation spread the falsehood that the the Cuban Revolutionary Government, which came to power on January First, 1969, was going to round-up Cuban children and send them to the then existing Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

Myself and my parents were the victims of your agency's evil and deceitful plans.

If you refuse and/or ignore my request, I will spend all the meager funds that I have to take you to the appropriate U.S. Federal Court to exercise my FOIA rights.


Jorge R. Gonzalez
Publisher/Editor of Cuba Journal
[Redacted], Florida 

Sent by USPS first class certified mail, return receipt requested, on the date of this letter.

Monday, December 29, 2014

You heard it here first: SYRIZA WILL COME TO POWER IN GREECE!

Coalition of the Radical Left

Alexis Tsipras
Syriza's Leader

Greece faces early election after Prime Minister loses vote on president


ATHENS (Reuters) - Greece heads to an early general election [on January 25] after parliament rejected Prime Minister Antonis Samaras's nominee for president on Monday, throwing the country into a new period of political turmoil just as it emerges from economic crisis.

If Syriza is elected, it would be the first time an anti-bailout party determined to overturn the austerity approach prescribed since the start of the euro zone crisis comes to power in Europe.

Complete Article

What is next for Cuban Baseball? Serie del Caribe 2015

The Caribbean Series 2015 is a professional baseball sporting event, to be held at Hiram Bithorn Stadium in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

This series will bring together teams of professional baseball tournament champions in the countries of the Caribbean Confederation; such as Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Cuba and possibly Panama. It will be held between 1 and 8 February 2015.

It will be the 57th edition of the Caribbean classic.

Bugsy Gonzalez-McGirr

Cutest & Friendliest PUG in the World!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

No necesito decir mas nada...

Cuba Journal les desea una Feliz Navidad!

Poll: Support increases for lifting Cuba embargo, travel restrictions


A large majority of Americans support establishing diplomatic ties with Cuba, and even larger -- and growing -- majorities support an end to trade and travel bans to the country, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.

The national survey finds little erosion in public support after President Obama announced sweeping changes in U.S.-Cuba policy, despite his weak approval ratings nationally. Sixty-four percent support establishing ties with Cuba, similar to 66 percent in a  2009 poll asking whether the United States should do so.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Cuba's Granma Internet signal blocked in Central Florida. / La señal de Internet de Granma está siendo bloqueada en el centro de La Florida.

Monday, December 22, 2014

In Central Florida, two prominent American churches, and their property management company, are blocking the Internet signal of Cuba's Granma daily newspaper.

The building is owned by the Episcopal and Catholic churches and is managed by a company named SPM. They have two computers in the building library, with Internet connection, for the use of all the building residents.

The IT department of SPM alleges that Granma is spreading “malware” from their website in Havana.

I talked to the #1 person (the building manager) and the #2 person (the service coordinator) of SPM, 45 days ago. Nothing has been done since then. I told the #2 person that what she was telling me was a lot of BS. It would be very stupid for Granma to spread malware. I do not believe they are doing it. #2 did not offer any proof about of what she was saying.

Translation to Spanish of the above post:

La señal de Internet de Granma está siendo bloqueada en el centro de La Florida.

Lunes, 22 de Diciembre del 2014

En la Florida Central, dos iglesias prominentes de los Estados Unidos y su compañia de manejo de propiedades, están bloqueando la señal del Internet del periódico Granma.

El edificio de apartamentos es la propiedad de dos iglesias prominentes de los Estados Unidos, la iglesia Episcopal y la iglesia Católica. El edificio es manjado por una compañia de manejo de propiedades que se llama SPM. Ellos tienen dos computadoras en la biblioteca del edificio que tienen conección al Internet. Las dos computadoras son usadas por los residentes del edificio.

El departamento de IT (tecnología de informacion) de SPM alega que Granma está diseminando “malware” (programas para infectar computadoras) desde su sitio en La Habana.

Yo hablé con la persona #1 del edificio (la persona que maneja la propiedad) y también hablé con la persona #2 (la coordinadora de servicios del edificio). Esto sucedió unos 45 dias atrás. No han hecho nada.

Yo le dije a la persona #2 que lo que ella me decía era una gran cantidad de basura. Sería muy estúpido que Granma tratara de infectar a otras computadoras en el extranjero. Yo no creo que Granma está haciendo eso. La persona #2 no ofreció ninguna prueba de lo que ella me decía.

Friday, December 19, 2014

The Hate Brigades of Babalu Blog in Miami

The cartoon was published by the right-wingers @ Babalu Blog in Miami. They are furious! Maybe Obama is doing what is correct after 54 years of a failed Cuba policy. The Cuba embargo is now a stinking corpse! The U.S. Congress should bury it fast!

Cartoon caption translation: "Democrats for Communism, we will be like Che!"

The Babalusians are to the right of Nazis. Message to them: "Take two aspirins and call your shrink at noon!"

The first thing that you encounter when you visit Babalu or CPUSA websites is a "donate" button. They both are 100% about MONEY!


Two Kings, John Kerry & Barack Obama, will be the ones who will come to Cuba on January 6th or afterwards.

They are 100% capitalists, and are sworn enemies of Cuban Socialism.

The Cuban government should continue defending Cuba's national sovereignty at all costs.

Verify before you trust.

New York Times identifies the American spy arrested in Cuba during the Cold War

Rolando Sarraff Trujillo

Cuban authorities arrested him and threw him in prison for nearly two decades.

He has now been released from prison and flown out of Cuba as part of the swap for three Cuban anti-terrorism fighters imprisoned in the United States that President Obama announced on Wednesday. (New York Times)


Thursday, December 18, 2014

Cuba: Granma Newspaper: December 18, 2014

Click to enlarge

Es hora para un almuerzo Cubano: Croquetas, Platanitos Maduros y Cafe Cubano

Comunicado de la Secretaría de Estado del Vaticano

Papa Francisco
 Foto: El País

17 de diciembre de 2014 18:12:36

El Santo Padre se complace vivamente por la histórica decisión de los Gobiernos de los Estados Unidos de América y de Cuba de establecer relaciones diplomáticas, con el fin de superar, por el interés de los respectivos ciudadanos, las dificultades que han marcado su historia reciente.

En el curso de los últimos meses, el Santo Padre Francisco ha escrito al Presidente de la República de Cuba, el Excelentísimo Señor Raúl Castro, y al Presidente de los Estados Unidos, el Excelentísimo Señor Barack H. Obama, invitándoles a resolver cuestiones humanitarias de común interés, como la situación de algunos detenidos, para dar inicio a una nueva fase de las relaciones entre las dos Partes.

La Santa Sede, acogiendo en el Vaticano, el pasado mes de octubre, a las Delegaciones de los dos Países, ha querido ofrecer sus buenos oficios para favorecer un diálogo constructivo sobre temas delicados, del que han surgido soluciones satisfactorias para ambas Partes.

La Santa Sede continuará apoyando las iniciativas que las dos Naciones emprenderán para acrecentar sus relaciones bilaterales y favorecer el bienestar de sus respectivos ciudadanos.

Vaticano, 17 de diciembre de 2014

This right-wing NUT works for Faux News

Fox Business host Melissa Francis (Fox News/screen grab)

Fox host: ‘Without question, Elizabeth Warren is the devil’ and Wall Street will defeat her

Fox Business host Melissa Francis predicted this week that Wall Street would devote their resources to defeating Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) if she decided to run for president because bankers and traders believed that she was “actually the devil.” (Raw Story)

Message to the NYT: The Miami Gusanos DO NOT run the Republic of Cuba, neither does the United States

NYT: In Miami, Astonishment Over Action and Disagreement Over Cuba News

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

NYT: Slide Show | 17 Photos: A Decades-Long Thaw in U.S.-Cuba Relations

The anti-Cuba NUTS in Miami continue doing what they do best: being extremely nutty, and farther to the right than the Nazis

Nut #1
Eats Nuttella for Breakfast

La Loba Feroz
 Nut #2
After the Obama speech today:

"In Miami's Little Havana neighborhood, occupants of passing cars screamed "Obama traitor" in Spanish. Other people on a sidewalk shouted "Obama comunista." (Reuters)

Los Cinco Cubanos ya son LIBRES / The Cuban Five are finally FREE

Granma, 18 Diciembre 2014

Cubadebate: Alocución del Presidente cubano: Los Cinco ya están en Cuba

17 diciembre 2014


Desde mi elección como Presidente de los Consejos de Estado y de Ministros, he reiterado en múltiples ocasiones, nuestra disposición a sostener con el gobierno de los Estados Unidos un diálogo respetuoso, basado en la igualdad soberana, para tratar los más diversos temas de forma recíproca, sin menoscabo a la independencia nacional y la autodeterminación de nuestro pueblo.

Esta es una posición que fue expresada al Gobierno de Estados Unidos, de forma pública y privada, por el compañero Fidel en diferentes momentos de nuestra larga lucha, con el planteamiento de discutir y resolver las diferencias mediante negociaciones, sin renunciar a uno solo de nuestros principios.

El heroico pueblo cubano ha demostrado, frente a grandes peligros, agresiones, adversidades y sacrificios, que es y será fiel a nuestros ideales de independencia y justicia social. Estrechamente unidos en estos 56 años de Revolución, hemos guardado profunda lealtad a los que cayeron defendiendo esos principios desde el inicio de nuestras guerras de independencia en 1868.

Ahora, llevamos adelante, pese a las dificultades, la actualización de nuestro modelo económico para construir un socialismo próspero e sostenible.

Resultado de un diálogo al más alto nivel, que incluyó una conversación telefónica que sostuve ayer con el Presidente Barack Obama, se ha podido avanzar en la solución de algunos temas de interés para ambas naciones.

Como prometió Fidel, en junio del 2001, cuando dijo: ¡Volverán!, arribaron hoy a nuestra Patria, Gerardo, Ramón y Antonio.

La enorme alegría de sus familiares y de todo nuestro pueblo, que se movilizó infatigablemente con ese objetivo, se extiende entre los cientos de comités y grupos de solidaridad; los gobiernos, parlamentos, organizaciones, instituciones y personalidades que durante estos 16 años reclamaron e hicieron denodados esfuerzos por su liberación. A todos ellos expresamos la más profunda gratitud y compromiso.

Esta decisión del Presidente Obama, merece el respeto y reconocimiento de nuestro pueblo.

Quiero agradecer y reconocer el apoyo del Vaticano, y especialmente, del Papa Francisco, al mejoramiento de las relaciones entre Cuba y Estados Unidos. Igualmente, al Gobierno de Canadá por las facilidades creadas para la realización del diálogo de alto nivel entre los dos países.

A su vez, decidimos excarcelar y enviar a Estados Unidos a un espía de origen cubano que estuvo al servicio de esa nación.

Por otra parte, basados en razones humanitarias, hoy también fue devuelto a su país el ciudadano norteamericano Alan Gross.

De manera unilateral, como es nuestra práctica y en estricto apego a nuestro ordenamiento legal, han recibido beneficios penales los reclusos correspondientes, incluida la excarcelación de personas sobre las que el Gobierno de los Estados Unidos había mostrado interés.

Igualmente, hemos acordado el restablecimiento de las relaciones diplomáticas.

Esto no quiere decir que lo principal se haya resuelto. El bloqueo económico, comercial y financiero que provoca enormes daños humanos y económicos a nuestro país debe cesar.

Aunque las medidas del bloqueo han sido convertidas en Ley, el Presidente de los Estados Unidos puede modificar su aplicación en uso de sus facultades ejecutivas.

Proponemos al Gobierno de los Estados Unidos adoptar medidas mutuas para mejorar el clima bilateral y avanzar hacia la normalización de los vínculos entre nuestros países, basados en los principios del Derecho Internacional y la Carta de las Naciones Unidas.

Cuba reitera su disposición a sostener cooperación en los organismos multilaterales, como la Organización de Naciones Unidas.

Al reconocer que tenemos profundas diferencias, fundamentalmente en materia de soberanía nacional, democracia, derechos humanos y política exterior, reafirmo nuestra voluntad de dialogar sobre todos esos temas.

Exhorto al Gobierno de los Estados Unidos a remover los obstáculos que impiden o restringen los vínculos entre nuestros pueblos, las familias y los ciudadanos de ambos países, en particular los relativos a los viajes, el correo postal directo y las telecomunicaciones.

Los progresos alcanzados en los intercambios sostenidos demuestran que es posible encontrar solución a muchos problemas.

Como hemos repetido, debemos aprender el arte de convivir, de forma civilizada, con nuestras diferencias.

Sobre estos importantes temas volveremos a hablar más adelante.

Muchas gracias.


Raúl Castro anuncia victoria para Cuba: Se abren relaciones con EEUU

Raul Castro: Cuba and US to Re-Establish Diplomatic Relations

Cuban President Raul Castro announces the reset of Cuba-U.S. relations
Photo: teleSUR

On his special address, the Cuban head of state Raul Castro said relations between governments will be relaunched.

Cuban President Raul Castro gave a speech Wednesday to say that relations between both governments will be reset.

“We have agreed to re-establish diplomatic relations, but this does not mean that the main issue has been resolved, the blockade that generates economic losses and humanitarian problems in our country must stop,” he said.

In his speech he said, “Cubans have courageously shown that, despite the adversities, the Cuban people is committed to the Revolution,” he said.

“We should take mutual steps to advance towards the normalization of the relationship between both countries” he said.

He called on President Obama to lift the half-century blockade saying, “The President could modify its implementation (of the blockade) by using his executive powers,”  and in a sign of the improved relations added, “We will continue discussing these issues in the future.”

​Negotiations between Cuba and the United States began 18 months ago, with the encouragement of Pope Francis. The secret talks were hosted in Canada, and a final meeting took place in the Vatican.
During the negotiations, both U.S. President Barack Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro spoke over the phone and agreed to restart relations between both countries.

Earlier on Wednesday, Cuba released US spy Alan Gross and the United States freed the Cuban Five, held in US prisons since 1998.

Cuba arrested Gross, now 65, on Dec. 3, 2009, and later convicted the USAID subcontractor to 15 years in prison for trying to establish clandestine internet service. Gross was subcontracted by private firm Development Alternatives, Inc., which was subcontracted by USAID to provide "humanitarian assistance.”

USAID has long tried to infiltrate Cuba via various programs in order to affect soft change on the island. The United States has spent US$264 million over the last 18 years, in successive efforts to oust the Cuban government.

The U.S. more overt economic blockade on Cuba, harshly criticized by the international community for many years, has been in situ since the early days of the Cold War, when U.S. anti-communist hysteria was at its peak.

There has been growing pressure from within the United States to end the blockade. Ahead of the speech, both Republican Senator Marco Rubio and Democrat Senator Richard Durbin both announced, through separate statements, that both countries could normalize trade relations.

President Obama Cuba FULL Speech. 12/17/14. Obama: Isolating Cuba Hasn't Worked

A win-win policy for both the U.S. and Cuba

I just finished listening on the TV to the statement by President Barack Obama on U.S.-Cuba relations. They days of the embargo are numbered. The USA will benefit and Cuba will benefit. We are neighbors, and we have to learn to live with each other.

The big losers will be the Hate Brigades of the Miami extremists.

When Obama's statement is placed on You Tube, I will put in Cuba Journal. I will do the same with the statement by Cuban President, Raul Castro.

Today, is a very historical day.

Yahoo News: After Alan Gross release, Obama seeks to resume full diplomatic ties with Cuba

A history-making change to a Cold War conflict

Olivier Knox
Yahoo News
In a move to wipe away one of the Cold War's last vestiges, President Barack Obama will launch negotiations with Cuba on resuming full diplomatic relations five decades after they broke off, a U.S. official told Yahoo News on Wednesday. Obama's decision comes after Cuba freed U.S. aid contractor Alan Gross.

The official, who did not set a timetable for when embassies might open in Washington and Havana, said Obama would announce his plans in a midday speech at the White House. The president was reportedly also set to announce changes to U.S. economic sanctions imposed on Cuba at the height of the Cold War follwing Fidel Castro's revolution, and to order a review of Cuba's place on the U.S. list of state sponsors of terrorism.

The scope of the policy shift was a surprise, but the Obama Administration had previewed the potential change when longtime Obama foreign policy aide Antony Blinken testified in a Senate hearing in November on his confirmation to the number-two job at the State Department. Blinken was confirmed Tuesday.

Gross had been sentenced in 2011 to 15 years in prison in connection with an effort to create a communications network outside Cuban government control. Cuba freed him on humanitarian grounds as part of a broader deal that saw each side free intelligence assets.

The United States and Cuba have had no embassies -- or ambassadors -- since 1961. Each side has an "interests section" housed in another country's embassy.

Engament is more important than hate! Cuban cigars in the USA?

What you all wanted to know: Cuban cigars now allowed into #US (albeit in small quantities)

Associated Press: USA to open embassy in Havana, Cuba

WASHINGTON (AP) — The United States and Cuba will start talks on normalizing full diplomatic relations, marking the most significant shift in U.S. policy toward the communist island in decades, American officials said Wednesday. The announcement comes amid a series of new confidence-building measures between the longtime foes, including the release of American Alan Gross and the freeing of three Cubans jailed in the U.S.

President Barack Obama was to announce the policy changes from the White House at noon Wednesday.

Associated Press writers Jessica Gresko, Jack Gillum and Ken Dilanian contributed to this report.


Cuba & US exchange prisoners, Obama to announce major changes in Cuban policy. [HIP, HIP, HOORAY!]

Published time: December 17, 2014 14:24

Cuba has exchanged American citizen Alan Gross for three Cubans jailed in the United States. The prisoner swap is set to be the first step in a major overhaul of US-Cuba relations.

US officials said Gross was transported on a government plane Wednesday morning after being released on humanitarian grounds, which followed a request from the White House. Gross, who had been imprisoned for five years, was viewed as a stumbling block towards improving relations between Havana and Washington.

US President Barack Obama is scheduled make a statement 1700 GMT on Cuba, the White House said, where he is expected to announce a shift in its Cuban policy. Cuban President Raul Castro, in turn, is scheduled to address his nation at the same time.

According to US officials, Washington will begin talks on normalizing diplomatic relations with Cuba and opening an embassy in the country, AP reports.

Gross was handed over for three Cubans who were part of the so-called ‘Cuban Five.’ The group was allegedly sent by former Cuban President Fidel Castro to carry out espionage in South Florida. The men, who were convicted by a court in Miami in 2001 on charges including conspiracy and failure to register as foreign agents, are widely lauded back home.

The United States severed diplomatic relations with Cuba over 50 years ago due to the Castro's socialist reforms and increased cooperation with the Soviet Union.


Source: RT News

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Vatican defrocks former papal envoy accused of child sex abuse

The former Vatican ambassador to the Dominican Republic, accused of having sexually abused boys in Santo Domingo, has been defrocked by a Vatican tribunal, Catholic Church officials here said Friday.

Archbishop Jozef Wesolowski of Poland was convicted by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith — the church’s doctrinal watchdog — and ordered ejected from the Roman Catholic Church. As a Vatican citizen, he could  face trial by the Vatican’s criminal court and be sentenced to prison.

Source: The Los Angeles Times

The millions and thousands of dollars which right wing-organizations, foundations and businesses are giving to the three most Corrupt American Politicians (CAPO’s)

Will you chose CAPO #1, CAPO #2 or CAPO #3? Are you dumb enough to give any of these three your $$$$$$ and your vote?

TO: Governor Chris Christie, CAPO#1:

1.     Robert & Patricia Kern, The Kern Foundation, $550,000.00
2.     General Electric and GE Foundation, $1,300,000.00
3.     Jim Walton, The Walton Family, $2,500.000.00
4.     The Three Major Education Reform Foundations, (Bill and Melinda Gates + The Walton Family + One More Unnamed Foundation), $575,000.00
5.     Michael Grebe, The Bradley Foundation, $125,000.00
6.     Robert Murdoch, Joe Klein, News Corp, $1.500,000.00
7.     Paul Singer, The Singer Foundation, $3,700,000.00
8.     Charles and David Koch, Americans for Prosperity, $7,200,000.00
9.     XXX (Will be continued in the morning)
10.  XXX (Will be continued in the morning)
11.  XXX (Will be continued in the morning)

TO: Former Governor Jeb Bush CAPO#2:

1.     Robert & Patricia Kern, The Kern Foundation, $50,000.00
2.     General Electric and GE Foundation, $2,000,000.00
3.     Jim Walton, The Walton Family, $1,000.000.00
4.     The Three Major Education Reform Foundations, (Bill and Melinda Gates + The Walton Family + One More Unnamed Foundation), $5,000,000.00
5.     Michael Grebe, The Bradley Foundation, $50,000.00
6.     Bruce Kovner, The Kovner Foundation, $200,000.00
7.     Education Reform Corporations, $3,700,000.00
8.     Robert Murdoch, Joe Klein, News Corp, $500,000.00
9.     Dick & Betsy DeVos, American Federation for Children, $125,000.00
10.  XXX (Will be continued in the morning)

TO: Governor Scott Walker, CAPO#3:

1.     Robert & Patricia Kern, The Kern Foundation, $234,000.00
2.     General Electric and GE Foundation, $135,000.00
3.     Jim Walton, The Walton Family, $90.000.00
4.     Michael Grebe, The Bradley Foundation, $31,000.00
5.     Paul Singer, The Singer Foundation, $800,000.00
6.     Bruce Kovner, The Kovner Foundation, $320,000.00
7.     Dick & Betsy DeVos, American Federation for Children, $4.200,000.00
8.     Charles and David Koch, Americans for Prosperity, $350,000.00

Source: The Progressive Magazine, December 2014/January 2015 issue.

Gee! I wonder how much the two NUTS, (Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio) are getting!