Friday, February 28, 2014

A Russian warship has arrived in Havana

A Soviet-made Lada limousine passes by Russian warship Victor Leonov in Havana

Havana (AFP) - A Russian warship was docked in Havana Wednesday, without explanation from Communist Cuba or its state media.

The Viktor Leonov CCB-175 boat, measuring 91.5 meters (300 feet) long and 14.5 meters wide, was docked at the port of Havana's cruise ship area, near the Russian Orthodox Cathedral.

Neither Cuban authorities nor state media have mentioned the ship's visit, unlike on previous tours by Russian warships. (Yahoo News)

The working class is AWAKENING!

Kshama Sawant

I will bet you that you have not heard about this by reading it in the corporate-controlled capitalist main-stream news media, but on Election Day of November of 2013 an open Socialist was elected to the city council of Seattle. Her name is Kshama Sawant.

Before I tell you about her, I am sure that you already know that on that same day the voters of the city of SeaTac, south of Seattle, passed an initiative referendum that sets the minimum wage in that city as $15.00 per hour. That is a REAL LIVING WAGE!

If you want to read more about  Kshama Sawant, get yourself a printed copy of the March issue of The Progressive. It has an excellent article by John Nichols about the new Seattle progressive/liberal councilwoman. Or you can subscribe to that magazine for only $18.00 per year.

Here are some excerpts from the Nichols article:

In 1960, Milwaukee had a Socialist Party mayor, Frank Zeidler.

In the first year of Ronald Reagan, an independent socialist named Bernie Sanders was elected the Mayor of Burlington, Vermont. He was later elected a U.S. Representative and later on was also elected to represent the people of the state of Vermont in the U.S. Senate. He filibustered Barack Obama's extension of huge tax cuts to capitalist billionaires and millionaires.

[JG: There are some rumors that Mr. Sanders will run for the presidency in 2016, but some want him to do it as a Democratic Party member. That would be a huge mistake. Democrats and Republicans are prisoners to the greedy political/economic agenda of a failed American capitalism, which only benefits the very wealthy and the super-rich.]

Let us continue with what Ms. Sawant has to say:

“We Socialists fight differently. We recognize that the vast majority of working people are not going to be energized by a campaign that does not speak to them. The only kind of campaign and platform that will speak for them is one that is clearly advocating for their interests. And that is something that socialists bring to the table.”

Sawant has denounced “the gigantic casino of speculation created by the highway robbers of Wall Street.”

She also promised that “I will do my utmost to represent the disenfranchised and the excluded, the poor and the oppressed – by fighting for a $15 an hour minimum wage, affordable housing, and taxing the super-rich for a massive expansion of public transit and education. I wear the badge of a Socialist with honor.”

Sawant, in late January 2014 delivered a socialist response to President Obama's State of the Union address.

[JG: Last but not least, in the 1990's the voters of the city of Eugene, home to the University of Oregon, elected a member of CPUSA (Communist Party) to the City Council.]

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Cuban Hero Fernando Gonzalez is Released

The Cuban Five 

One of the most shameful episodes in U.S. history is drawing to a close for Fernando Gonzalez. In the USA of President Bill Clinton, if you were arrested for infiltrating anti-Cuba terrorist organizations in Miami, Florida, you are sent to jail for a long period of time.

It was a typical kangaroo trial in the bowels of Yankee imperialism. Jose Marti said it very well: "I have lived inside the monster and I know his entrails."

The message that the USA sent to the rest of the world was: if you are one of the terrorists working for our government you are an OK person. The trial was conducted in an atmosphere of total hate in the cesspool of the USA: Miami, Florida.

Anti-Cuba terrorist Luis Posada Carriles continues to walk the streets of Miami, thanks to the protection given to him by George W. Bush and Barack H. Obama.

BBC article.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Cuban-American right-wing extremist, Marco Rubio, launches verbal assault on fellow U.S. Senator

This garbage from Florida U.S. Senator Marco 'Fake Exile' Rubio is to be expected. He is running scared because he fears that in November 2016 he will become a one term U.S. Senator.

Mr. Rubio "gave a fiery speech on the Senate floor slamming Sen, Tom Harkin for praising Cuba," as reported by PJ Media.

63 percent of Floridians no longer support the continuation of the Cuba embargo, and he throws these temper tantrums regularly.

Poll: It’s Time to Normalize Relations With Cuba

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Religion should not be used to  conduct vendettas and pogroms against groups of people.

The Organization of American States will meet on Thursday to discuss the situation in Venezuela

The request was made by the government of Panama.

Many critics of the OAS call the organization an instrument of the foreign policy of the US government

(Ultimas Noticias, Caracas, Venezuela)

Monday, February 24, 2014

Buzz Words!

“If you buy my APP today you will have eternal happiness.”

It is very similar to the old “buy my miracle elixir now and say goodbye to what ails you.”

One of the biggest truisms of life is the very famous saying of P.T. Barnum: “There is a sucker born every minute.”

Since the creation of the Internet, capitalism's scams keep on growing and growing at an alarming rate. The housing bubble comes to mind. When the music stopped, a huge economic crash followed.

All you have to do is create a buzz word and you can probably make millions of dollars. Capitalists now call a place to sleep and eat a “luxury apartment.” I will buy a hundred of them and sell them to the suckers.

Starbucks, became a very successful capitalist company after they “invented” a buzz word and called it latte. It turned out that they had not invented anything new. A latte is the very old and reliable cafe con leche (espresso coffee mixed with steamed hot milk). I was drinking it before leaving for school in the morning, when I was seven or eight years old.

The buzz word of the day is APP. It is also nothing new. I was writing apps in the late 1960's. It is merely instructions for a computer, written by a software programmer. Now they call them engineers. It sounds classy and more important.

Last week, a capitalist company paid $19 billion dollars for a company called “Whats App” which only has 65 employees. The owner and his company could very well become the biggest suckers of the month.

I am very happily retired now, and enjoying the great sunny weather in Florida. I no longer have to write apps for a living. I am still drinking latte in the morning after I get up. I make it at home, and I do not have to pay Starbucks four bucks for it. Mine only costs me sixty five cents.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

A Cuban idiot has been rescued by the US Coastguard after four days. He was trying to "wind surf" to the USA (Reuters report)

There is always at least one in every crowd.

Cuba alleges that the Barack Obama administration has offered 20 million US dollars to non-governmental organizations inside the island

The money is for  the training inside the island of "dissidents" which the US government has always financed and directed since January First, 1959.


Thursday, February 20, 2014

Barack Obama is whining again!

Is the dark hand of Barack Obama's CIA involved in the recent disturbances in Venezuela? Only time will tell, but given the fact that Obama is the most prominent socialism-hater in the USA, I would not be surprised if he, and John Kerry, are secretly manufacturing a military coup d'etat in the South American country. Purpose: steal the oil resources of Venezuela.

There is a precedent. Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger did the same thing in 1973 in Chile.

These are the American capitalism elites that go on TV and make pompous speeches about how they are promoters of  "democracy." If you believe that, YOU ARE A FOOL!

Here is what Reuters reported today:

"Speaking in Mexico, U.S. President Barack Obama criticized Maduro's government for arresting protesters and urged it to focus on addressing the "legitimate grievances" of its people."

Does any one remember when US police violently repressed the Occupy Wall Street movement? You will never hear Barack Obama talk about that.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Tito: Good Book for History Buffs

Biography by Phyllis Auty 

Marshal Tito
President of Yugoslavia

The only communist who successfully defied Stalin

Two of Cuba's Great Boleros: Nosotros ~ Bésame Mucho

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Victor Mesa's scummy Matanzas baseball players launch physical attack against Villa Clara team members

Victor Mesa is a disgrace to Cuban Baseball. Google the following: "Cuban baseball player hit in face with bat."

Yankee imperialists, through USA Today, issue more of their usual garbage about Cuba and Cuban Americans

My recommendation is that you hold up your nose, and before you throw up, count very slowly to ten.

But if you are a member of the I Am Curious Yellow party, and want to end up with KAKA all over your nose and hands, click here.

There are great similarities today about the two presidents of the USA in the the XXI century. They are very much like the Nazis of the Third Reich in the 1930's. Back then, it was the Jews; now after 50+ years of failed Yankee imperialism policy toward Cuba, their favorite group to hate are the Cuban communists in the island.

Like that very popular folk song says:

"When they will ever learn?'  

Friday, February 14, 2014

U.S. bank M & T to close the account of Cuba's Interests Section in Washington D.C. effective March 1. Who is to blame? The Barack H. Obama administration!

The Obama administration loves those cash "donations" that the Miami anti-Castro fascists continue to make to his operatives. What is the quid pro quo?  We give you money and you continue enforcing the Cuba embargo!

When asked about his famous 'change you can believe in' promise of 2008, he responded: "Did I say that?"

Source: Banking deadline raises Cuba question: Still a terrorist state?
(The Tampa Tribune)

Update: Fri Feb 14, 2014 6:35pm EST

Cuba suspends consular services in the U.S. due to banking problem

Cuba suspended nearly all its consular services in the United States on Friday after it was unable to find a bank to handle the accounts of its diplomatic missions in Washington and New York, it said in a statement released to news organizations.

In a statement Cuba blamed the decision on U.S. economic sanctions against the communist-run island, saying consular services would remain closed indefinitely "until banking services are re-established." (Reuters)

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

European Union agrees to launch negotiations with Cuba

The European Union has agreed to launch negotiations with Cuba aimed at restoring full bilateral relations with the Communist-run island.

The talks, which could begin as soon as next month, will try to increase trade and investment, and include a dialogue on human rights, officials said. (BBC News)

JG: It happened that just today I got a letter from Barack Obama that says "could you send me a donation of $50." Go figure! Is he running for Prom Queen?

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Brazil Coat of Arms

In the U.S.A. what you have is the DICTATORSHIP of two corrupt capitalist parties, Democratic and Republican, who take turns in ruining and bankrupting the country. Anything goes as long as the one making tons of money are the capitalists. They believe the Goebbels dictum that repeating a lie constantly will miraculously convert it to the truth. What fools!

Go to Wikipedia (click here) to find about what a true democracy looks like.

Majority of Americans Favor Ties With Cuba, Poll Finds

The survey, released today, found that 56% of Americans and 63% of Floridians favor changing the U.S-Cuba policy.

Click here to go to the report.

The only ones that continue being deft and dumb are Barack Obama, Johhn Kerry, and the know-nothing and do-nothing U.S. Congress.

Sunday, February 09, 2014

Charlie Crist reverses self and asks for the end of the Cuba embargo

If Barack Obama and John Kerry were only as smart, they would stop pandering to the Miami anti-Castro fascists!

Orlando Sentinel article.

Saturday, February 08, 2014


Do not let the corporate fascists of the two major parties take over America

Friday, February 07, 2014

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders is in a delegation traveling to Cuba

Thursday, February 6, 2014

WASHINGTON, Feb. 6 – Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) departs today on a congressional delegation trip to Cuba.

The senators will discuss human rights, trade and health care issues in Havana and also travel to Guantánamo Bay Naval Base where the United States since 2002 has detained prisoners with suspected links to al Qaeda.

Sanders has supported President Barack Obama’s effort to close the military prison. “We should aggressively defend ourselves against terrorism, but we must do so in a way that is consistent with our nation’s core values,” he said. The prison at Guantánamo Bay has “significantly damaged the United States’ moral standing, undermined our foreign policy, and encouraged terrorism rather than effectively combated it.”

During the Havana leg of the trip, the delegation plans to meet with Alan Gross, an American arrested in 2009 while working as a subcontractor for the U.S. Agency for International Development to set up Internet access for Cubans.  Gross is serving a 15-year sentence. His case has become an obstacle to improving ties between the United States and Cuba, which have not had formal diplomatic relations since 1961.

Sanders supports normalized relations between the two nations. “American businesses are losing billions of dollars because of the economic embargo. Meanwhile, Canadians and Europeans are creating jobs through their investments in Cuba,” he said.  “My hope is that Cuba moves toward a more democratic society while, at the same time, the United States will respect the independence of the Cuban people.”

Source: Senator Sanders Office

JG: An American magazine, The Progressive, has published an article where it advocates that Bernie run for POTUS in 2016, as a Democrat. Why would he want to do that and join the most corrupt of the two capitalist U.S. parties? There is no difference between the Republican and Democratic Parties. Both George W. Bush and Barack H. Obama have continued the genocidal Cuba blockade/embargo.

The Daily Beast reports that two Cuban-Americans right-wing fascists, one a US Senator, the other a US Congresswoman, are trying to help a pair of Ecuadorian embezzlers

Here is what The Daily Beast is reporting today, or reported yesterday:

Sen. Robert Menendez is under federal investigation for his advocacy on behalf of two Ecuadorian bankers convicted of embezzlement. Turns out he wasn’t the only prominent lawmaker accepting donations and doing favors for the brothers.

Florida Republican Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, [also known in Cuban circles as La Loba Feroz, the fierce she-wolf], while she was Chairwoman of the  House Foreign Affairs Committee, sent a letter to federal agencies on behalf of two Ecuadorian bankers convicted of embezzlement who were seeking U.S. residency. She also advocated for their family members, who donated over $20,000 to her campaign.

JG: But wait, there are more people involved!

In addition to Menendez and Ros-Lehtinen, Isaias family members also contributed to the campaigns of Florida Sen. Bill Nelson, Florida Congresswoman and Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, and Florida Rep. Joe Garcia, all Democrats.

JG: I wonder how much cash the Senator and the Congresswoman got under the table?

These are things that Cuban politicians under dictator Fulgencio Batista did on a daily basis. Their understudies continue doing it while they are living in the land of "democracy."

JG: What is so interesting about this story is that Granma also reported it, but here is their headline:

Ros-Lehtinen involucrada con malversadores ecuatorianos

It leaves all the Democrats out of the headline. It is very understandable why they are doing that, since Fidel and Raul are trying to get monthly welfare checks from their buddy-buddy in Washington, D.C, Barack 'El Negrito' Obama.    

Thursday, February 06, 2014

Very, very sad! Cuba is eliminated from the finals of the Serie del Caribe!


Cuba was the only team that had an official team manager, and also a political commissar appointed by the Communist Party of Cuba, Victor Mesa (VM).

I guess that the political commissars appointed by the one-party state are now called "technical advisers" in the island. It is very similar to Obama calling his health care "affordable health care" when it is not. It is amazing the similarities between Cuba under Raul Castro and USA under Barack Obama.  

I blame the "technical adviser" for the disastrous baseball loss of Cuba in the 2014 Caribbean Series. It is similar to the five consecutive game losses of VM against a USA team of college players in North Carolina in the summer of 2013.

Last, but not least, Cuban baseball lately has been all hype and no productivity in the baseball diamond.

Political correctness and political ideology do not win baseball games.

Who is stalling "new" changes to Cuba policy? The guy who promised you 'change you can believe in'

He is as phony as a three dollar bill!

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Venezuela did the right thing in arresting the seven right-wing BUMS in Margarita island

Like the fascists in Miami, I would not be very surprised if they are financed and directed by Barack Obama's CIA.

The sad story of 2014 Cuban Baseball at Serie del Caribe

Cuba finished dead last in the 2014 edition of La Serie del Caribe. Three consecutive losses followed, at the end, by one lonely win. I do not know if this happened before between 1949 and 1961, the year in which the revolutionary government banned professional baseball in the island.

By fiat and decree of the then reigning political commissars, they established that baseball in Cuba from 1961 forward would only be amateur baseball. The current salary of a Cuban baseball player is $20.00 per month. Most players opted to leave the island to chase million dollar contracts in Yankee land. They were voting with their feet against the political baseball commissars of Fidel and Raul, who were very good revolutionaries, but were very poor civilian administrators. Decisions were made based on a failing Stalinist ideology. Cuban baseball went downhill, like the economy of the island.

Right now, the destiny of Team Cuba in the current Serie del Caribe depends on not how well they play, but how some other Caribbean team plays. It is being reported in the Internet that if Puerto Rico wins today, which is very doubtful, then Cuba may be able to squeeze-in to play in the semifinals.

If Puerto Rico wins today against the very powerful Venezuela team, Cuba will go home, with little to show for their effort. I predict that Venezuela will win. But don't take my word for it. I am not a baseball expert, just a fan. Cuba played with very little energy in the 2014 Serie del Caribe.

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Final: Cuba 2, Puerto Rico 1.

Photos of the game.

Cuba leads Puerto Rico 2-1, bottom of the 7th inning

Will they finally win one game?

Marco Rubio is the "Angry Bird" of the republican party when it comes to the Cuba issue

Marco Rubio

WAPO's Peter Wallsten reports today that Rubio is ‘surprised and disappointed’ by sugar tycoon’s position on Cuba.

If he doesn't like it he should go and sulk in a corner, wearing a dunce cap! You are going to be a one term politician, like our Florida governor.

Monday, February 03, 2014

Final: Republica Dominicana 9, Cuba 2

Will the last person to leave Cuba, please turn the lights out.

Great photos of the game.

Cuba scores two runs in the ninth inning, after Raul Castro asks for political asylum in Miami

Take me to McDonald's, Raul Castro asks. I WANT A BIG MAC!

Adding insult to injury!

La Republica Dominicana le da ocho ceros consecutivos a Cuba.

The communists first destroyed the Cuban economy. Now they are destroying Cuban Baseball.

Peter, Paul and Mary ~ Puff The Magic Dragon ~

De Colores ~ Joan Baez ~

WAPO: Sugar tycoon Alfonso Fanjul now open to investing in Cuba under ‘right circumstances’

The Washington Post

Manuel Roig-Franzia and Tom Hamburger. Published Feb 2, 2014.

Alfonso Fanjul fled Cuba as a young man, leaving behind his family’s mansions and vast sugar-cane fields as they were being wrested away by the communist Castro regime.

Now, contrary to what almost anyone could have imagined, the 76-year-old Fanjul has begun to reassess old grievances and tentatively eye Cuba as a place for him and other U.S. businessmen to expand their enterprises. Quietly, without fanfare, Fanjul has started visiting the island of his birth and having conversations with top Cuban officials.

Continue reading.


JG: There was a Fanjul in my class at Colegio De La Salle in el Vedado, but I do not remember his first name or the year. It must have been between January 1, 1959 and November 1961, when I left the island. I knew his family was very wealthy, but he was not in my circle of friends, many of whom became De La Salle Christian Brothers. Los curas tried to recruit me too, but I rejected them. There was also a Cantillo, who was a good and jolly kid. Jorge Batista, the son of the Cuban dictator, was also in La Salle. No one liked him, but it was not his fault that he had such a bad father. Las persiguidoras de la policia and SIM cars (Servicio de Inteligencia Militar) were always on the corner of 13th Street and B Avenue. The house on that corner would later on become the embassy of the Union of Socialist Soviet Republics.  

Venezuela defeats Cuba 8-5 at La Serie del Caribe

OMG! Has Cuban baseball entered a period of decline?

Great photos of the game.

Sunday, February 02, 2014

Nota de Prensa de Cuban Americans for Engagement (CAFÉ) a propósito de ataques de Radio Martí contra la congresista Cathy Castor

February 1, 2014

Cuban Americans for Engagement quiere expresar su indignación por el ataque lanzado contra la Congresista Kathy Castor (Demócrata-Tampa) por la Radio-Televisión Martí al servicio de los intereses de la derecha cubano-americana. Usando el pretexto de una visita a Tampa por el jefe de la Sección de Intereses de Cuba en los EE.UU, Radio-Televisión Martí, una entidad del gobierno de los EE.UU, pagada con los impuestos del contribuyente, se presta para cuestionar el juicio de la congresista Castor y especular sobre la existencia de fines ocultos asociados a una visita autorizada por el Departamento de Estado.

Continue reading.

Mexico defeats Cuba 9-4

Cuba added a lonely run on the top of their ninth inning.  It was too little, too late.

Saturday, February 01, 2014

Cuba 3, Mexico 9 after five complete innings.

Mexico scored five runs in their fifth inning. So far, they have proven that they are the better team. Good night everyone, I am going to  sleep. Only a miracle can save Cuba tonight.

Mexico scores one more run

Cuba 3, Mexico 4, after four and a half inning.


Home-run by Yuniet Flores. Cuba adds two runs.

Cuba 1, Mexico 4, after four complete innings.

Cuba's offense has to wake up. But it is still early in the game. They only have three hits. Mexico has eight.

Mexico scores the second run of this inning.

Freddy Asiel Alvarez has been removed as Cuba's starting pitcher. Ismel Jimenez comes in for Cuba as a reliever.

Mexico scores one more run.

Same score after three completed innings.

Cuba 1, Mexico 2, after two completed innings.

Alfredo Despaigne had his first home-run in Cuba's top of the second inning.

Cuba 1, Mexico 2, after one and a half innings.

Cuba 0, Mexico 2. at the end of the first inning.

The game will start in about 25 minutes

Hola a Todos los Buenos Amigos de Cuba Journal. Hello, Cuba Journal Friends!

Graphic is a courtesy of Radio Rebelde, La Habana, Cuba.
La foto es cortesia de Radio Rebelde, La Habana, Cuba.

Graphic is a courtesy of Radio Rebelde, La Habana, Cuba.
La foto es cortesia de Radio Rebelde, La Habana, Cuba

8:41 p.m.
Regresen para saber quien anota primero. / Return to find out who scores first.

PolitiFact: U.S. Senator Tom Harkin says Cuba has lower child mortality, longer life expectancy than U.S.

Children are seen on a corner street in Havana Cuba, in January 2014.

Sen. Tom Harkin, D-Iowa, recently spent three days in Cuba -- the longtime socialist adversary of the United States -- to learn more about the island nation’s health care system.

Continue reading.