Saturday, May 31, 2014

[5/31/2014] Yokohama Bay Stars: Yulieski Gurriel arrives in Japan

Yulieski #10
Yulieski Gurriel arrived in Japan today on an Air France flight from Cuba with a stopover in Paris.  It took him about twenty-one hours to get to Japan.

Frederich Cepeda Watch ~ May 31, 2014

The Yomiuri Giants defeated the Orix Buffaloes 1-0.

Frederich Cepeda went 3-0.

Yakyubaka Boxscore

NPB Boxscore

Thursday, May 29, 2014

VIDEO: Frederich Cepeda Grand Slam in Japan on 5/29/2014 with the Yomiuri Giants

Yulieski Gurriel is flying today to Japan

Yulieki Gurriel
Yokohama Baystars
Photo: Julio Batista / Progreso Semanal

Cuban website is reporting that Cuban baseball player Yulieski Gurriel will fly today to Japan.

He will be playing for the Yokohama Baystars in the Nipon Professional Baseball (NPB) League.

Frederich Cepeda hits his first Grand Salami in Japan ~ May 29, 2014

Frederich Cepeda has woken up from his slumber.

Today he connected his first Grand Salami in Japan's NPB.

Here is the report from The Japan Times:

"The Giants put runners on second and third with two away in the seventh, and the Eagles intentionally walked Hayato Sakamoto to get to Cepeda, who was hitting .167 prior to the at-bat. The Cuban star, who has struggled in his first two weeks in Japan, made Rakuten pay with a towering drive to left-center that just cleared the fence and tacked four more runs onto the lead."

JG: The .167 batting average is incorrect. Cepeda was batting .176 after 11 games, according to the NPB official page for Frederich Cepeda. 

The Yomiuri Giants defeated the Rakuten Eagles 6-0.

Frederich's batting average is now .189.

Report in Spanish:
Crono Deportes: Grand Slam de Frederich Cepeda en béisbol profesional japonés

Yakyubaka Boxscore

NPB Boxscore

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Jose Dariel Abreu is targeting his return to the lineup on Monday at Los Angeles

That is the report tonight by Scott Merkin at

Frederich Cepeda Watch ~ May 28, 2014

Pitcher Takahiro Norimoto, of the Rakuten Golden Eagles, totally dominated the Yomiuri Giants today for nine complete innings. The Kyojin only had three hits. Eagles 4, Giants 0. Norimoto had seven K's.

Frederich Cepeda went 3-0. His batting average continues to plummet. It is now  .176.

Yakyubaka Boxscore

NPB Boxscore

Monday, May 26, 2014

Frederich Cepeda Watch ~ May 26, 2014

Frederich went 3-0, as the Yomiuri Giants defeated the Hokkaido Fighters 4-3, with the winning run coming in the bottom of the ninth inning.

Cepeda's batting average is now down again to .194.

Yakyubaka Boxscore

NPB Boxscore

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Frederich Cepeda Watch ~ May 25, 2014

Frederich Cepeda went 4-1 today. One hit in the eighth inning. He also struck out twice.

The Yomiuri Giants defeated the Hokkaido Fighters 2-0.

His batting average is now .214.

The Kyojin will again play the Fighters tomorrow at 18:00.

Yakyubaka Boxscore

NPB Boxscore

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Yomiuri Giants Tomorrow Sunday

They play at 18:00 at the Tokyo Dome, against the Hokkaido Fighters.

They are back at home, after two losses on the road.

Frederich Cepeda Watch ~ May 24, 2014

Yomiuri Giants

Frederich Cepeda went 4-1.  One hit in the ninth inning.

He contributed one RBI to his team.

The Chiba Lotte Marines again defeated the Yomiuri Kyojin 6-2.

Cepeda's batting average is now .208.

Yakyubaka Boxscore

NPB Boxscore

The Yomiuri Giants are celebrating their 80th anniversary in 2014.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Statistics Links Have Been Added for ...

... Leslie Anderson, Frederich Cepeda, Jose Dariel Abreu.

Look under 'My Favorite Links' on the right side of the blog.

More will be added in the future as my time allows.


Frederich Cepeda Watch ~ May 23, 2014

Frederich went 4-1 today, a single in the ninth inning.

The Chiba Lotte Marines defeated the Yomiuri Giants 7-1.

Cepeda's batting average is now .200.

Yakyubaka Boxscore

NPB Boxscore

Leslie Anderson News


Right shoulder.  He did some light running and played catch at a distance of fifty meters, and took batting practice at Giants stadium on Thursday. (Nikkan Sports)

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Testing Jingle Bells for Next Christmas!

Frederich Cepeda Watch ~ Game 6 ~ May 21, 2014

The Yomiuri Giants defeated the Seibu Lions 4-3.

Comrade Frederich Cepeda went 1-0. He was walked four times. They are afraid of his bat.

His batting average is now .188.

Just Say NO! to Militarism and War!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

VIDEO: Second Home Run of Frederich Cepeda in Japan with the Kyojin. 05/20/2014.

Segundo home run de Frederich Cepeda con los Giants en la liga japonesa 2014 
Segundo home run de Frederich Cepeda con los Kyojin
Giant = 巨人 (Kyojin)

The Yomiuri Giants will play against the Seibu Lions again on Wed. May 21. 
Lets root for Homerun #3 by Frederich Cepeda.

EXTRA! EXTRA! Frederich Cepeda hits his second Home-Run in Japan (Fifth Game)

Cepeda is adjusting, little by little,
to the Japanese League.
(Photo: KYODO)

Cuban baseball website Universo Beisbol is reporting that Frederich Cepeda has hit his second Home-Run in Japan. He added two more RBI's to his statistics. In his fifth game since arriving in Japan, the Yomiuri Giants defeated the Saitama Seibu Lions 9-1 in the Seibu Dome. This was Frederich's first 'on-the-road' game.

The boxscore will be added to this post when they become available.

NPB Boxscore link is below:
Yomiuri Giants 9 – Saitama Seibu Lions 1 (May 20, 2014)
HR: Cepeda, Frederich (2, 8th inning off Nishiguchi, Fumiya, none on)

Article by Japan Times yesterday, May 19:
  No time to rest as Cepeda hits ground running in Japan

Monday, May 19, 2014

Cuban Leslie Anderson leads the Central League of Japan Baseball with a .370 batting average at the Yomiuri Giants

Current Statistics Page

A very impressive performance

Leslie Anderson Wikipedia Page

Alfredo Despaigne Declaration

Alfredo Despaigne Returns to Cuba
(Photo: Ricardo Lopez Hevia)

"Neither the Cuban Federation of Baseball nor myself have anything to do with what happened with the passport." (Granma)

JG: I see another dirty blag bag operation of the Yankee imperialists. They are pissed off that many Cuban baseball players are choosing to play in Japan or Mexico.

Universo Beisbol: Alfredo Despaigne de regreso en Cuba. (May 20, 2014)

Peter C. Bjarkman new book about Cuban Baseball is coming out in 2014

Jose Dariel Abreu makes smooth transition from Cuba to MLB

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Frederich Cepeda Watch ~ Game 4 ~ May 18

Hiroshima got very upset.

They defeated the Yomiuri Giants 10-3.

Frederich Cepeda went 3-0.

NPB Boxscore

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Watch Frederich Cepeda's First Home-Run with the Yomiuri Giants in this Japanese Video

Click Below:

VIDEO: Frederich Cepeda Hits First Home Run In Japan Off Kenta Maeda

The video is with Baseball America They do a very good job in reporting Cuba Baseball related items.

Or, you can watch it below:

Cuba's Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez makes his pitching debut with the Phillies Clearwater Threshers

Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez - Phillies
Photo: Gene J. Puskar / AP

Clearwater Threshers –  Class A - Advanced

Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez made his first professional start Thursday [5/15/2014] and lasted five innings. During his five innings, he surrendered three runs on six hits and walked two batters.

Complete Article

Topps 2009: Cuba Sets HR Mark in World Baseball Classic

Frederich Cepeda on the left
Yulieski Gourriel on the right

Frederich Cepeda Watch ~ May 17, 2014 ~ First Home-Run with the Yomiuri Giants

Giants slugger Frederich Cepeda hits a two-run home run in the third inning against the Carp on Saturday at Tokyo Dome. Yomiuri topped Hiroshima 5-1. | KYODO

In the third game of Frederich Cepeda with the Yomiuri Gioants he recuperated from a bad second game where he went 4-0. This happens to any baseball player. Cuban baseball website Universo Beisbol reports that in his third game, this one against the Hiroshima Toyo Carp, he connected his first home-run in Japan.

The Yomiuri Giants won that game 5-1.

The boxscore has not been posted yet. I will added it here when it is posted at NPB (Nippon Professional Baseball).

NPB Boxscore

Japan Times: Cepeda crushes first home run in NPB; Giants snap five-game slide


It allows MLB (Major League Baseball) and the Yankee imperialist government of Barack Obama to impose "rules" inside the sovereign territory of the Mexican nation.


To get their hands into a pocket-full of depreciated and stinking Yankee dollars.

Mexican baseball officials HAVE NO HONOR!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Frederich Cepeda learns his first Japanese word: Arigato Gozaimasu

Frederich Cepeda makes his game debut with the Yomiuri Giants and goes three for one with one RBI

Photo: Official Site of the Yomiuri Giants

Is the Internet the king or queen of wild speculation?

Alfredo Despaigne
Piratas de Campeche

Or is this one more blag bag operation on the part of the U.S. government of Barack Obama to try to discredit Socialist Cuba? I would not be surprised! Barack Obama seems to be NOT a very nice person.

Here is what ESPN is "reporting" about Cuban baseball slugger Alfredo Despaigne:

By Enrique Rojas

Cuban slugger Alfredo Despaigne, 28, a three-time MVP in Cuba's national league and heralded as a talent at the level of countrymates Yasel Puuig, Jose Abreu, and Yoennis Cespedes, has been playing his second Mexican League season with a falsified Dominican passport, Dominican authorities said Tuesday.

Despaigne -- 5-foot-8 and 225 pounds, and hitting .333 with 14 RBIs and five home runs through 18 games with the Piratas de Campeche this season -- is playing professionally in Mexico as part of a program between Cuban baseball and the Mexican leagues that allows Cuban prospects to gain experience outside the Caribbean island. The outfielder, who hit 36 home runs during the 2011-12 season, made no attempt to defect his first season and returned to Cuba after 33 games.

Complete ESPN Article

Cuban rookie Jose Abreu continues to lead MLB in the home-run category

Jose Dariel Abreu has 15 home-runs so far this year.

In the RBI category, Giancarlo Stanton leads with 42. Abreu has 41.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The New Yomiuri Giant, Frederich Cepeda

Peter C. Bjarkman: Dodger's Yasiel Puig used the "services" of a drug cartel and a Miami gangster in order to leave Cuba

Dodgers Yasiel Puig was born in Cuba
Photo: Ralph Freso/Reuters

Excerpt and lead-in to the story:

The baseball world has been stunned by reports [that] the Dodgers’ Yasiel Puig was smuggled from his homeland [Cuba] by a drug cartel, and a Miami gangster allegedly now owns 20% of his astronomical contract.

Read Peter's complete story at The Daily Beast.

First Photo of Frederich Cepeda as a Yomiury Giants Baseball Player

Photo: Universo Beisbol

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Yulieski Gourriel signs up with the Yokohama DeNa Baystars of the Nippon Professional Baseball League

According to Universo Beisbol, Yulieski, seen above, has signed a contract with the Yokohama Baystars of the Nippon Professional Baseball League. That site reports that the amount he has signed for is 100 million Japanese Yen and the contract duration is one year. His shirt will show #10. He is the second Cuban to sign a professional contract with a Japanese baseball team. Frederich Cepeda will play for the Yomiuri Giants.

See also:

[5/13/2014] Yokohama Bay Stars reportedly finalize deal with Yulieski Gourriel

Several covers of Japanese newspapers also briefed on the news of the hiring 
of Yulieski Gourriel.


Cuba Journal is transitioning to a new format. We will no longer cover politics or politicians.

We will devote our efforts to news, opinions and more about Cuba Baseball and its players.

I will be making changes to the heading of the blog as my time allows.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Frederich Cepeda has arrived in Japan. He is now a Yomiuri Giants baseball player.

Is Yulieski Gourriel next?

JG: Cuba Journal is considering changing, in the future, the format of the blog. We would eliminate stuff about politicians and would concentrate on Cuba Baseball and its players.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day to all the SUPER MOMS

Cuba Briefs U. S. Officials on Arrested Miami Residents

The U. S. Interest Section in Havana issued a statement confirming that they have met with representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Relations, MINREX. (ABC News)

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Cuban-American right-wing extremist U.S. Senator Marco Rubio "fell down in New Hampshire" and he can't get up

The report comes from the Saturday/Sunday printed edition of the Wall Street Journal. It reports that in New Hampshire, Mr. Rubio's support as a potential POTUS candidate in the presidential election of 2016 fell to 6% in April of 2014. 

In February of  2013 his support was 12%, according to the WMUR Granite State Poll.

Unconfirmed Internet chit-chat says that Mr. Rubio yelled:


Hotel De La Havana Historical Marker at Ybor City National Historic Landmark District

Hotel De La Havana

1887 – 1891

During the fabulous pioneer days of Ybor City, the famed Hotel De La Havana was located on this corner. The three story frame structure was the first hotel erected in the Latin Quarter. The proprietors were Jose Rubin and Jacinto Olavarria.

The hotel was the headquarters for newly arrived tobacco workers and Cuban political exiles. The building was destroyed during Ybor City's first great fire in November 1891.

Erected by Las Novedades Restaurant

JG: The hotel was located at present day North 15th Street and 7th Avenue.

Friday, May 09, 2014

Good News for Cuba Baseball Fans

Alfonso Urquiola is the new manager of Team Cuba.

He is the excellent manager who led the Pinar del Rio Pativerdes to the Championship trophy of the 53rd National Baseball Series of Cuba.

He will direct Team Cuba against Team USA on July 23rd to the 28th of this year.

He replaces disgraced super-loser Victor Mesa. He lost five games in a row against the National Collegiate Team of the USA in the summer of 2013.

Source: Universo Baseball.

Nicaragua and several countries joint issue postage stamps honoring the first anniversary of the death of Venezuela President Hugo Chavez Frias

El día 05 de Marzo del 2014, se llevó a cabo el Acto de lanzamiento de la Emisión de Sellos Postales en Homenaje al Líder Venezolano y amigo incondicional de nuestra bella Nicaragua quien paso a la vida eterna “Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías”, celebración que tuvo lugar en Telcor; ambos Representantes firmaron los sobres de primer día; finalmente el Lic. Castillo Castillo procedió a oficializar la emisión postal cancelando con el matasello dicha emisión. 
(Correos de Nicaragua)

I haven't read it, but I plan to. Why?

JG: Because capitalism is not only destroying the USA, it is also destroying the whole planet. What a genius Karl Marx was!

Bad News for Cuba Haters! (CRY! CRY! CRY! you Dummies!) Good News for Cuba Lovers!

We, Florida Voters will install Charlie Crist again
as our Governor this coming November.

The Cuba haters are mourning!


Click on the link below:

Thursday, May 08, 2014

Cuba: Terrorism is coming again from the North. (Article is in Spanish.)

Cuban-American terrorist Luis Posada Carriles (right)
has received refuge and protection in Miami, Florida,
from both George W. Bush and Barack H. Obama

Read Article

JG: I still keep receiving letters from Barack Obama asking for "donations" for his corrupt Democratic Party.

¿Habrase visto un individuo tan descarado?"

Translation to English: Informative note from Cuba's Ministry of the Interior

Click Here

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Bernie Sander's Speaks Out

Independent U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is running for re-election in November. Circumstances have propelled him to caucus with the Democratic majority in the U.S. Senate. I could never see Bernie Sanders caucusing with repugnant Republicans. He has been and remains now a very strong Independent socialist.

Many people, including myself, would not be very happy if he defects and registers as a member of the Democratic Party. Republicans and Democrats promote the agenda of capitalism. Bernie has to continue promoting the agenda of democratic socialism.

What I like about Bernie is that he is such a good spokesperson for promoting programs that push forward the rights of the working class. Only the working class produces products that have real value. The Democrats and Republicans gave us the housing bubble. When that bubble burst it gave our nation an economic super-crisis not seen since the Great Depression. It has taken eight years to recuperate from that capitalist “product.”

Bernie Sanders has charisma. Democrats and Republican are fake progressives and populists. Barack Obama is a super-fake, but I have to admit that it is better to have him in the White House than super-warmonger John McCain or close-to-fascism Mitt Romney, who both serve 100% the interests of billionaires and millionaires and hate the working class.

Recently Bernie has been communicating with his supporters and other people who like him a lot.

Here are some excerpts from what Bernie is saying:

“There are now three major political forces in this country. The Democratic Party, the Republican Party, and the Billionaire Party of the Koch Brothers and Sheldon Adelson. As a result of a disastrous Citizens United Supreme Court ruling which regards corporations as people and allows the super-rich to spend as much as they want on elections, the Billionaire Party, (aligned with the (Repugs, JG: my word)) is now the major political force in the country.”

“They are spending billions not only to win elections and legislative victories today, but to aggressively shape public consciousness to bring about the extreme right-wing society (JG: my underline) that they wish to see.”

“In the short term, they want to repeal or eviscerate every major piece of legislation passed in the last 80 years which protects the interests of working families, the elderly, the children, the sick, the poor. This means, among programs (JG:THEY WANT TO ELIMINATE) Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, public education, the right of workers to organize, worker safety, unemployment benefits, nutrition programs and the United States Postal Service. Incredibly, they not only oppose raising the minimum wage, they want to abolish the CONCEPT of the minimum wage so that employers can hire workers for $3.00 an hour. They also want to dismantle virtually all agencies of government which work to protect the environment and clean air, clean water and safe food. Needless to say, they also believe in a regressive tax system in which the wealthy and large corporations pay even less than the pay today.”

JG: my friends, this past paragraph represents the political agenda of the BILLIONAIRE'S FASCIST PARTY. Only Bernie can defeat them. Dems and Reps have ruined and almost bankrupted the United States. I hope that Bernie does not sell out.


The Allies of the USA in Vietman

"Dime con quien andas y te dire quien eres"

The People's Republic of China condemns the inclusion of Cuba in the U.S. State Department terrorism list

Click here to read the story in Spanish at Prensa Latina.

Shame on John Kerry & Barack Obama!

The Odessa Massacre: How the Corporate Media Whitewashes Ukraine

The Odessa Massacre: How the Corporate Media Whitewashes Ukraine

Monday, May 05, 2014

Cuba's Jose Dariel Abreu continues to hit the HR ball very well

He leads the major leagues with 12 home-runs and is closely followed by Pujols and Stanton who have 10 each.

The race to be Home Run King this year promises to be very exciting.

Religion-based fanatics are spreading their influence as the USA continues downhill

Supreme Court Allows Prayers at Town Meetings

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court on Monday ruled that a town in upstate New York did not violate the Constitution by starting its public meetings with a prayer from a “chaplain of the month” who was almost always Christian. (New York Times)

JG: Dubbya's appointees to SCOTUS have done great damage. Are we on our way to replacing secularism with theocracy?

Cuban President Raul Castro has a very elegant and distinctive signature

Source: Granma

Cuba por siempre: Yoani Sanchez continues showing her political ignorance

Everything seems to indicate that Yoani Sanchez, the blogger who was constructed in a hurry by the CIA, ate half of a poisoned apple during her training visits to the United States.

Continue reading in Spanish at Cuba Por Siempre.

The Cascading Orgy of Greed of Florida Governor Rick Scott

Florida Repug Governor Rick Scott

The State of Florida, under Repugnant and Republican Rick Scott has declared war on poor people. His administration rejected expanding the state Medicare program for those who have a medical need.


Because the money would have come from the Federal government and because he and his state GOP serve the interests of capitalist millionaires and billionaires. For him and his shameful party, money should flow to the top of the wealthy elites who bring never-ending-shame to what used to be the Great State of Florida.

You are a despicable character, Rick Scott! Thousands of poor people will die because of your misguided and shameful actions.

One day you will have to answer to a Higher Power, and you will be condemned, forever and ever, to the eternal flames of hell.

In the meantime, we the voters of the State of Florida, will make sure that this coming November you will become a ONE TERM GOERNOR.

We will send you a flying shoe which will be aimed for your ugly bald head.

Friday, May 02, 2014

Juan Formell, founder of Cuba's popular Los Van Van band, passes away

I was able to see him and his fantastic band perform at Portland's Crystal Ball Room, in the State of Oregon. It was a day I will never forget. I pretended that I knew how to dance and had a hell of a good time.

Cuba's daily Granma is reporting that today Friday, between 1:00 and 7:00 pm his cremated ashes will be on display at El Teatro Nacional de Cuba.

Rest in Peace, Juan Formell.

We will miss you a lot.

A “democracy” for capitalist millionaires and billionaires and multinational corporations

If you think that we live in a democracy, YOU ARE A FOOL!

Today’s USA is no longer a democracy. The classical definition of a democracy is “rule by the people.”

Today’s USA is an oligarchic plutocracy, or “rule by the very rich, and for the benefit of the very rich”.

If you vote for Democrats or Republicans you are HELPING the plutocrats stay in power.

Thursday, May 01, 2014

Will Barack Obama listen or will he continue with his head buried deep in the sand?

The politics have changed. Will Obama listen? Ads in DC Metro

President Raúl Castro attends May Day march in Havana

May 1st, 2014

Communist Party of Cuba Central Committee First Secretary and President of the Councils of State and Ministers, Raúl Castro, attended the national march commemorating International Workers Day, in Havana’s José Martí Plaza de la Revolución.

At 7:45 am, the health workers’ contingent kicked off the march, carrying a massive banner reading, Workers united in the construction of socialism.

Complete article

Atencion: Hermanos y Hermanas en la Isla de Cuba

Nota: No hay acentos en este post.

Como ustedes se han dado cuenta, Cuba Journal tiene en su columna derecha una lista y banderas de paises que visitan a Cuba Journal.

Puerto Rico: 1,7998

Cuba: 1,421

Quiero que me ayuden para que Cuba alcance a los visitantes de nuestro hermano pueblo en Puerto Rico.

Puedo contar con ustedes?

Millones de cubanos en Desfiles por el Primero de Mayo ( Fotos) | Cubadebate

Millones de cubanos en Desfiles por el Primero de Mayo ( Fotos) | Cubadebate

Un Desfile Masivo de la Clase Trabajadora en La Habana en Celebración del Dia Internacional de los Trabajadores (+Photos)

Translation of the post title: A massive march of the Working Class in Havana in celebration of the International Workers Day, (May Day).

Photo Cubahora
Twitter:  @CubaenNoticias

Foto: CubaDebate, Roberto Garaicoa Martinez

Many got up early to march in
International Workers Day 2014
Foto: CubaDebate, Roberto Garaicoa Martinez


Huge May Day march in Havana commemorates and celebrates International Workers Day

Karl Marx