Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Jose Dariel Abreu is nominated for the Hank Aaron Award


The Hank Aaron Award is given annually to the Major League Baseball (MLB) players selected as the top hitter in each league, as voted on by baseball fans and members of the media. It was introduced in 1999 to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Hank Aaron 's surpassing of Babe Ruth's career home run  mark of 714 home runs. The award was the first major award to be introduced by Major League Baseball in 19 years. (Wikipedia)

Cuban Play: Abreu nominado al Premio Hank Aaron

Monday, September 29, 2014

Industriales Mascot

Industriales Mascot

A very historical photo of the Industriales Baseball Team in the II Serie Nacional de Cuba of 1963 (Archive of BaseballdeCuba.com)

Photo: Archive of BaseballdeCuba.com

JG: my thanks to BaseballdeCuba.com for letting me "borrow" this great photo.

Industriales is the only invictus team (6-0) in Cuba's 54th National Baseball Series

And in second place, with equal 4-2 records, are Matanzas, Sancti Spiritus, Ciego de Avila and Las Tunas, Granma.

Lourdes Y. Gourriel
Industriales Blue Lions
Photo: Ricardo López Hevia 

Yulieski Gourriel's younger brother, Lourdes Y. Gourriel is batting .421 with two Home Runs and 5 RBI's in the first six games. Good way to start the new season.

Yulieski is currently playing with the Yokohama Bay Stars in Japan, and will join the Industriales after the NPB season is over.

BaseballdeCuba.com ~

The 2014 Club 100/30 was very small. Only seven players.

To be a member of this very select club, you truly have to be an outstanding baseball player. Babe Ruth did it twelve times. The Dope Heads of the 1980's did it by using performance enhancement substances, so they do not qualify for membership, at least in MY book.

By order of entrance into the 2014 Club.

Name, Team, RBI's, HR's

Stanton Giancarlo, MIA, 105, 37
Cruz Nelson, BAL, 108, 40
Trout Mike, LAA, 111, 36
Abreu Jose, CHW, 107, 36
Ortiz David, BOS, 104, 35
Bautista Jose, TOR, 103, 35
Martinez Victor, DET, 103, 32

Diego Rivera Mural

The deepening crisis of American capitalism keeps growing and growing

Since the ascension to the White House of POTUS #43 & POTUS#44 the crisis of American capitalism has continued to deepen. It keeps getting worse.

The USA is almost bankrupt. Since Obama went to the Oval Office in January of 2009, the National Debt has skyrocketed to almost 20 Trillion U.S. Dollars. Who is going to pay for that humongous debt? Capitalist millionaires and billionaires are not going to contribute one dollar. Your sons and daughters and grandchildren will have to pay it.

Dubbya and El Negrito have practically destroyed the USA, once a strong and prosperous country.

Let's review:

President George W. Bush - President Bush added the second greatest amount to the debt, at $5.849 trillion. This more than doubled the debt, which was $5.8 trillion on September 30, 2001 -- the end of FY 2001, which was President Clinton's last budget. Bush responded to the 9/11 attacks by launching the War on Terror. This drove military spending to record levels,  $600-$800 billion a year. This included the Iraq War, which cost $807.5 billion. He approved a $700 billion bailout package for banks to combat the 2008 global financial crisis [a.k.a. the bursting of the capitalist housing bubble.] Not a single capitalist has gone to jail for it. It was pure speculation gone wild.

President Barack Obama - The debt grew the most dollar-wise during President Obama's term. He added $6.103 trillion, a 52% increase, in six years. Obama's budgets included the economic stimulus package, which added $787 billion by cutting taxes, extending unemployment benefits, and funding job-creating public works projects. The Obama tax cuts added $858 billion to the debt over two years. Obama's budget included increased defense spending to around $800 billion a year.

See: U.S. Debt by President.

Barack Obama is a huge liar. He promotes WAR, not peace. And the U.S. Congress has an even worse record. They are part of the problem, as much as #43 & #44 are.

The Bombing of Syria and unending [perpetual] US war

By Bill Van Auken, World Socialist Web Site, 24 September 2014

Once again, the US military machine has fired cruise missiles and dropped bombs upon a defenseless country in the Middle East--this time Syria. As with "shock and awe" against Iraq in 2003 and the "humanitarian" war for regime-change in Libya in 2011, Washington is hurling the American people into a war of aggression based upon lies. [JG: bold and underline are mine.]

What perhaps distinguishes this latest eruption of American militarism most strikingly is the absolutely perfunctory manner in which the president of the United States announced that Washington had attacked yet another country.

Barack Obama spoke for barely three minutes Tuesday before he boarded a helicopter on the White House lawn. His cursory remarks, beginning with praise for "the finest military that the world has ever known," made it clear that the American ruling class no longer feels obliged to even explain, much less defend, its military interventions. The public is simply expected to accept them as a permanent fact of life.

As for Congress, it scurried out of town for a five-week pre-election recess, getting well away before the bombs started falling. It has effectively renounced its constitutional power [JG: bold and underline are mine.] regarding the waging of war while working to prevent this most vital question from becoming an issue at the ballot box.

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The 2014 MLB Season is finished. And now, the icing on the cake...

All 162 games have been played. Let us enjoy the playoff's. Here are the participants:

American League:

East Division Champions: Baltimore Orioles (96-66)
Central Division Champions: Detroit Tigers (90-72)
West Division Champions: Los Angeles Angels (98-64) Best record in the league.
Wild Card: Kansas City Royals (89-73)
Wild Card: Oakland A's (88-74)

National League:

East Division Champions: Washington Nationals (96-66) Best record in the league.

Central Division Champions: St. Louis Cardinals (90-72)
West Division Champions: Los Angeles Dodgers (94-68)
Wild Card: Pittsburgh Pirates (88-74)
Wild Card: San Francisco Giants (88-74)

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Barack Obama has continued the Yankee Imperialism's Blockade of Cuba

The "fines" (multas) have become a very lucrative capitalist enterprise for Uncle Sam.
Do the fines end up in the pockets of 
El Negrito de la Casa Blanca?

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Einstein was right!

Cell Phone Zombies

The 'countries' that joined Obama's Bombing Sexual Orgasm in Syria are traditional ass-kissers of the USA. GOOD DOGS!

Saudi Arabia, Jordan, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Bahrain.

Obama's fighting song against terrorism:

Washington D.C. Turd Liberation Front

Peter C. Bjarkman's All Time List of Best Cuban Baseball Players

Catchers: (2) Ariel Pestano, Juan Castro.

First Base: (2) José Abreu, Rafael Palmeiro.

Second Base: (2) Yulieski Gourriel, Alexei Ramírez.

Third Base: (2) Omar Linares, Yulieski Gourriel.

Shortstop: (2) Germán Mesa, Eduardo Paret.

Outfielders: (6) Tony Oliva, Orestes Miñoso, Yoenis Céspedes, Alfredo Despaigne, José Canseco, Yasiel Puig.

Pitchers: (6) Adolfo Luque, Luis Tiant Jr., El Duque Hernández, Pedro Luis Lazo, Miguel Cuéllar, Norge Luis Vera.

Designated Hitters: (2) Freddie Cepeda, Osmani Urrutia.

Source: E-mail interview of Bjarkman by Universo Beisbol (In Spanish)

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Monday, September 22, 2014

Is capitalist billionaire George Soros a buitre, i.e. vulture? The President of Argentina, Cristina Fernadez, is meeting with him today.

Beware of Capitalist Buitres (Vultures)

JG: She better be careful. People like Soros only care about one thing: MONEY! She should continue protecting Argentina against the capitalist buitres.

Link to the article by Reuters


(Reuters) - Argentine President Cristina Fernandez on Monday will meet bondholder and billionaire financier George Soros. 

Fernandez is in the United States ahead of the United Nations General Assembly, as relations between Buenos Aires and Washington sour over the role a U.S. court played in Argentina's debt saga.


Billionaires, reflections on the upper crust

Two more Wild Card spots are yet to be decided in the 2014 MLB playoffs

In a Postseason Picture Web Page provided by MLB, it shows that there are two more spots yet to be decided.

Will it be the Kansas City Royals (84-70) or the Oakland A's (85-70)
The San Francisco Giants (84-71) or the Pittsburgh Pirates (84-71)?

The American League games will be shown on television by TBS and the National League Games will be on FOX.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Matanzas defeats Pinar del Rio 5-1 in the Inaugural Game of the 54th National Baseball Series of Cuba

Yoanni Yera Montalvo
Matanzas Crocodiles
Photo: Marcelino Vazquez

For the first five innings of the game, Yoanni Yera only allowed one Pativerde to reach first base. He ended up pitchen seven innings. There was no doubt about who was going to be the winner of the game.

Yosvani Torres was the loser of the game. Ariel Sanchez went three for five. No home-runs in the game.


Game review at FCBA

She Sells Sea Shells by the Sea Shore

Click the photo to enlarge

As expected ...

... there is no live Cuba Beisbol on the Internet. The URL did not deliver on what they promised.

Most stuff on the Internet is either a SCAM, or it does not work as promised.

However, you can look at the Boxscore at the Federacion Cubana de Beisbol Aficionado as the game progresses:

Here is the link:


I will come back in three hours to see who won. C' YA!




Yomiuri Giants Clinch Playoff Berth

Yomiuri Giants
  • The Giants became the first team to clinch a play-off spot in the Central League on Saturday. Source: Daily Sports 9/20/2014
Source: Yakyubaka.com

Yankee Imperialism, UNLOVED & DESPISED throughout the world

The monster does not have any friends, other than the genocidal Israeli Jews.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Masterpieces of Czeslaw Slania, the greatest Master Engraver that ever lived

Courageous 156

A historical vote took place this past Wednesday, September 17, in the U.S. House of Representatives.

35.8% of the members of the House said NAY to Barack Obama's new military adventure in the Middle East.

Did he expect that he can bomb and invade countries without any retaliation from the people in those countries?

If you want to know how your Representative voted, go to page H7680 of the Congressional Record, which is available at Thomas Library of Congress, on the Internet.

Cuban Beisbol Television, Live, Tomorrow?


This outfit says so. I am a born skeptic, so we will see tomorrow!

Pelota cubana en vivo por telerebelde online (ustream.tv)


Sunday, 9/21/2014, 2:37 p.m.

I didn't expect it work. Most stuff in the Internet are either scams, or they do not work as advertised. Be a skeptic and don't be GULLIBLE!

Yosvani Torres is the possible starter for the Pativerdes on the inaugural day of Cuba's 54th National Baseball Series

Possible starters: Yosvani Torres for the Pativerdes vs Yoanni Yera for the Crocodiles

The game is scheduled for 2:15 p.m. September 21st at the Capitán San Luis stadium in Pinar del Rio.

Palmar de Junco, Salon de la Fama del Beisbol Cubano

Victor Martinez and Jose Bautista are the # 6 & #7 new members of the 2014 Club 100/30

 Victor Martinez
Detroit Tigers

Jose Bautista
Toronto Blue Jays

Friday, September 19, 2014

David 'Big Papi' Ortiz is member #5 of the 2014 100/30 Club

Big Papi

His 100 RBI and 33rd HR came tonight in a game against the Baltimore Orioles.
The Red Sox lead the Orioles 3-1 in the bottom of the sixth.
Update 9/20: The Red Sox won the game 5-3.

At the age of 38, Ortiz is the oldest player to have a 30/100 season since Frank Thomas did it at the age of 39 in 2006.

Papi passes Williams for most 30/100 seasons with Red Sox

Ortiz launches 33rd homer on Friday to touch century mark in RBIs

A tribute to Ichiro Suzuki, one of my favorite baseball players

Ichiro Suzuki
Born: Oct 22, 1973
Kasugi Japan

Ichiro made his Pacific League debut, in Japan in 1992 at the age of 18.  He played nine years for the  Orix Blue Wave in Japan's Pacific League.

54th National Baseball Series of Cuba Starts in Three Days

Why are very dark clouds descending over so-called American democracy?

Arrogance is the name of the game in the USA since the XXI Century opened up.

Only fools believe that we have a democracy in the USA. What we really have is the dictatorship of Big Capital, Millionaires, Billionaires and behemoth corporations. We are approaching a truly fascist state very, very fast.

Look at India and Brazil. They have more than 20 political parties. Those are true democracies.

There is not one iota of difference in the USA between the Democratic party and the Republican party. In the USA, when there is an “election” everyone knows who is going to win: THE CAPITALISTS!

I will give you very clear and very recent example:

Florida will hold a gubernatorial election on the first Tuesday in November of this year. The ruling capitalist elites told the people in last night’s local news that the candidate of the Libertarian Party will NOT BE ALLOWED to participate in the “debate” between

Tweedledee Republican Candidate
Tweedledum Democrat Candidate

Capitalists win, the people loose!

I will no longer participate in these biennial farces.

General Augusto Pinochet, Chile

Above is the type of "leader" that USA capitalists put in power and love. Richard Nixon and his Jew Boy Kissinger made sure of that.