Friday, December 30, 2016

In Spanish: El homenaje de la Patria (@Granma)

Photo: Granma

Detallan preparativos para el desfile militar en La Habana el próximo 2 de enero, en ocasión del 60 aniversario de la heroica sublevación en Santiago de Cuba y del Desembarco de los expedicionarios del Granma, Día de las Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias, en homenaje al Comandante en Jefe de la Revolución Cubana y a nuestra juventud

Two very important dates are coming up for Cuba

1) On January First, 2017, Cuba will celebrate the 58 Anniversary of the triumph of the Cuban Revolution.

2) On January Second, 2017, Cuba will stage a massive military parade to commemorate the 60 Anniversary of the Granma landing of December Second, 1956. It had to be postponed because the historical leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro passed away on November 25, 2016.

The parade will be transmitted live by CubaVision & CubaVision Internacional.

The military parade will start at 7:00 am, according to an article that was published this morning in Granma.

For more information, in Spanish, visit Granma.

If I find a signal that does not break up constantly, I will publish it here in Cuba Journal.

The People Defeated the Tsar, the People Defeated Batista, the People Will Defeat Trump

El Pueblo Unido Jamas Sera    Vencido.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Cuba Journal wishes to correct the record: at no time did Bernie Sanders insult the memory of Fidel Castro.

So much was happening on the 26 & 27 of November, 2016. One day earlier, former Cuban President Fidel Castro had died.

I was in a state of shock and so were so many people. 

The quotation that I had attributed to Bernie Sanders, in a Tweet, was never spoken by him. It was a URL of right-wing My mistake.

The words were spoken by a woman in CNN that goes by the name of Dana Bash.

She asked Senator Sanders the following question:

BASH: Let me start with Cuba. In President Obama’s statement on Fidel Castro’s death he said we offer condolences to Fidel Castro’s family and our thoughts and prayers are with the Cuban people. Is it appropriate for the leader of the free world to offer condolences for a brutal dictator that killed his own people as well as Americans.

She is the one that called Fidel Castro a brutal dictator.

She is a dumb BIMBO. Did you hear that lady? You are a dumb BIMBO.

Her "question" was picked up by the right-wing outfit Of course.

Here is the URL:

Bernie Sanders answered the question very correctly, like the decent human being that he has always been. The mistake was solely on the part of the publisher/editor of Cuba Journal

SANDERS: What we’ve seen in the last number of years is an improved relationship between the United States of America and Cuba. United States of America has relations with China, we’ve had relation with brutal dictatorships all over the world. The goal is now to improve our relationship with people of Cuba, to do what we can to improve their economy and to make sure that the younger generation does better than their older generation.

BASH: So, you’re OK with him offering condolences, if you were president would you have said something similar.

SANDERS: Yeah. Yes, I would have.

JG: My sincere apology to U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders for my mistake.

But I am still a little upset over his endorsement of dishonest and corrupt Hillary Clinton.

I blame the Democratic Party for what happened on November 8. The Dems had a very bad candidate for President of the United States. And the MSM, CNN, and Dana Bash, don't know shit. Bernie Sanders would have defeated Trump.

What the Americans still do not seem to understand is that the Cubans run the island, not a corrupt brutal dictator supported by American imperialism.

Cuba does not have a perfect government, but both Fidel & Raul were, and are, much better than Fulgencio Batista.

Warren Buffett made $12 billion in 2016 & thousands of Americans, including many children, have to sleep on the streets

What a great country is the USA!

Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's needs, but not every man's greed. - Mahatma Gandhi

Raúl Castro: No vamos ni iremos al capitalismo, eso está totalmente descartado

Así expresó el General de Ejército Raúl Castro Ruz, Presidente de los Consejos de Estado y de Ministros, al concluir el octavo periodo ordinario de sesiones de la octava legislatura de la Asamblea Nacional del Poder Popular

Monday, December 26, 2016

The Associated Press regional offices in the Caribbean are returning to Cuba.

The Associated Press is returning its Caribbean base of operations to Cuba.

Cuba, the largest country in the Caribbean, housed the news service's central offices for the region until 1961. The AP was forced to leave after the botched Bay of Pigs invasion. It reopened a Cuba office in 1999. (The Hill)

Andrea Rodriguez (AP) reports on the nuttiness of vulgar Donald Trump

"... a U.S. president-elect who has promised to undo Obama's normalization unless the Cuban government makes new concessions on civil rights. Resistance to pressure from Washington is a founding principle for the Cuban communist system, making domestic concessions in exchange for continued detente a virtual impossibility."

Complete article:

JG: I hope that Cuban President Raul Castro does not sell his soul to the Yankee imperialists.

#I_StandWith Cuba

As long as the Yankees keep the Cuba embargo in the law books of the United States, Cuba SHOULD NOT make any concessions to vulgar Donald Trump. 

Friday, December 23, 2016

End of the year 2016 World Baseball Rankings

U.N. Security Council demands end to Israeli settlements, U.S. abstains

By Michelle Nichols | UNITED NATIONS
The United States on Friday allowed the U.N. Security Council to adopt a resolution demanding an end to Israeli settlements, defying pressure from U.S. President-elect Donald Trump, Israel and some U.S. lawmakers who urged Washington to wield its veto.

An abstention by the United States paved the way for the 15-member council to approve the resolution, with 14 votes in favor, to a round of applause. (Reuters)

Jose Feliciano - Feliz Navidad

Felíz Noche Buena y Navidad #I_StandWithCuba

Felíz Noche Buena y Navidad

Cuba Sí, Yankees Nó!

Now, more than ever,  Cuba has to be in a total state of alert.

The Yankee imperialists have not given up on their evil design of  restoring corrupt US capitalism to the Pearl of the Caribbean.

Donald Trump will be much, much more dangerous than dingbat Barack Obama. He is vulgar and totally power motivated. As dangerous as Adolf Hitler in Germany.

Now, more than ever:

Patria o Muerte. VENCEREMOS!


Thursday, December 22, 2016

One part in the CalExit PDF that does not conform with actual US regulations or laws.

I spent sometime this morning reading the CalExit PDF.

On page 21 of the of the above PDF it states the following:

“The Social Security Administration says that U.S. citizens living outside the United States may continue to receive retirement payments “as long as you are eligible for payment and you are in a country where we can send payments.”

Not true.

I would like to return to live in the country where I was born, Cuba.

But, U.S. government regulations and/or laws state that if I go to live in China, Vietnam or Cuba, my Social Security pension is automatically confiscated by the U.S. Government, bloody bastards that they are. They hate communism as hard as the Nazis hated the Jews in Germany.

So, right now I am stuck living in a country I dislike.

Canada is too cold for me. Currently I am considering moving to Valencia, Spain, a city where my father was born. I would be able to collect my Social Security pension there.

So, if CalExit goes into effect, and the U.S. Congress passes a law saying that people living in the Republic of California are no longer eligible to collect SS benefits, the citizens of the Republic of California will be royally fucked by U.S. capitalists.   

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

#Calexit secession effort begins signature gathering to be on California ballot

Published time: 22 Nov, 2016 04:01

Supporters of Californian independence have taken the first real step towards secession from the US, submitting a ballot proposal to the state attorney general. Should the option garner enough support, 'Calexit' might become an issue.

A group called ‘Yes California Independence Campaign’ filed their proposal with the attorney general’s office, asking to “prepare a circulating title and summary of the enclosed ballot measure: "Calexit: The California Independence Plebiscite of 2019.” 
Secession supporters want to repeal the California Constitution’s wording as well as offer a “yes/no” question on California’s independence.
“In the Spring of 2019, Californians will go to the polls in a historic vote to decide by referendum if California should exit the Union, a #Calexit vote,” the group said on its website.
Before 2019, however, the idea must garner enough preliminary support via the November 2018 ballot. Under the group’s proposal, the Golden State would be cut loose if 50 percent of voters cast ballots and at least 55 percent of them support Calexit. In that case, they also want the “newly-independent Republic of California” to be able to join the United Nations.
For the separation vote to take place at all, the group first needs to make sure that the state’s constitution is changed.
As of now, Article III, Section 1 of the California Constitution reads that California is “an inseparable part” of the US, meaning that the so-called Calexit, a take-off of the British Brexit anti-EU vote, is illegal in the first place. This is what Yes California Independence Campaign wants to change and, thus, clear a path to independence.
Still, the group needs nearly a half-million signatures for the referendum to appear on the November 2018 gubernatorial ballot. It is now asking people to sign a petition for the vote be established.
(Source: RT News)

Ángel Bravo: Las calles siguen siendo de Fidel

Desde el Blog: Guajirita Soy

Miércoles, 21 de diciembre de 2016

Si hubiera que creer todo lo que la gran prensa dice respecto a Cuba, entonces hace varias décadas que la Revolución cubana habría sido liquidada por la “oposición” interna. Pero la realidad es completamente distinta. La historia de Cuba está llena de victorias, que el pueblo y sus dirigentes le han infringido al enemigo externo (el imperio) y a sus secuaces y lacayos internos.

Pero estos siguen sin entender de qué está constituida esta Revolución. Más les serviría conocer la historia, para que no se vuelvan a estrellar como tantos otros en el pasado. Pero me susurran al oído que le estoy pidiendo demasiado al nuevo inquilino de la Casa Blanca; un tipo ignorante, enemigo de los libros y de las letras.

Resulta que para muchos delincuentes de Miami y de la isla, la elección de Donald Trump y la partida física de Fidel, les hace creer falsamente que la hora de retornar al capitalismo en Cuba está cerca. Alrededor de esta fantasía hoy se levanta una total bacanal ideológica a través de los grandes medios de comunicación (prensa plana, radio, televisión, canales internacionales, etc.), que cualquier cosa que promuevan, por más irrisoria a intrascendente que sea, siempre la magnifican, como si se tratara de una gran campanada que anuncia la inminente implosión de la Revolución.

Como es sabido, durante los nueve días de las exequias del Fidel, jamás alguno de esos grandes medios pudo consignar siquiera una sola manifestación de júbilo por parte de los contra revolucionarios en la isla. No lo hicieron, sencillamente por cobardía, porque sabían que hubiera hecho falta policías para protegerlos, porque el pueblo no les hubiera perdonado el irrespeto.

Grandes astrólogos como Carlos Alberto Montaner y Andrés Oppenheimer se han pasado toda la vida anunciando que el día que Fidel muriera, el pueblo cubano se levantaría y derrotaría en pocas horas a quienes queden al frente del Gobierno; una vez más fracasaron en sus augurios. Ya han pasado más de tres semanas -desde el 25 de noviembre-, y la Revolución sigue su marcha indetenible; las multitudes que salieron a las calles, lo hicieron para rendir tributo al más grande revolucionario de todos los tiempos. Los publicistas del imperio volvieron a ser derrotados.

Pero resulta que monitoreados por la extrema derecha desde Miami, el pasado domingo 18 de diciembre, un grupúsculo de personas lumpen en la isla, a cambio de algunos dólares, quisieron prestarse para provocar la alteración del orden público. Estas son gentes que no tienen ninguna ascendencia social y menos aún política en la vida de Cuba; son personas completamente desconocidas hasta en sus propios barrios, y sin embargo aparecen en grande titulares y fotos en los portales mediáticos del imperio.

Como era de esperar, la policía impidió que estas provocaciones se dieran, y evitó por el bien de ellas mismas, que salieran de sus casas. Nadie debe tener duda, que la seguridad del Estado cubano conoce al detalle todos los movimientos de los enemigos de la patria. Y Cuba como cualquier Estado libre, tiene todo el derecho de defender su soberanía y autodeterminación. Podrán pasar tres semanas, tres meses, tres años o tres décadas de ese triste y doloroso 25 de noviembre, pero lo que nunca pasará es el amor y la defensa del pueblo cubano por defender su Revolución.

Si bien el pueblo cubano cumplirá con el pedido del Gigante, expresado por Raúl en la Plaza Mayor General Antonio Maceo Grajales, de Santiago de Cuba, el 3 de diciembre que, “su nombre y su figura nunca fueran utilizados para denominar instituciones, plazas, parques, avenidas, calles u otros sitios públicos, ni erigidos en su memoria monumentos, bustos, estatuas y otras formas similares de tributo”, sin embargo, el pueblo continuarán afirmando: “Esta calle es de Fidel”, “Esta calle es de Fidel.” (Pensando Américas)

Feb 1, 2016: Here is a Miami Herald 'prediction' or 'news' that never happened. (Total Garbage)

FEBRUARY 1, 2016 6:12 PM

PortMiami preparing for daily ferry service to Cuba

All they ever do is publish speculations and wishful thinking. The Miami Herald belongs in a huge garbage can. Applause for the Cuban government for not allowing them to open an office in Havana.


Read more here:

Total Garbage: What's Next for Cuba? (The Detroit News)

All they want you to do is click on their advertising links, so they can put a few extra dollars in their pockets.

I always skip this type of "headline." It is a total waste of time.

2 Enero 2017: desfile y revista militar en Cuba, homenaje a Fidel.

Durante el desfile, como en el ensayo de este martes, los más pequeños rendirán homenaje a las Fuerzas Armadas de Fidel.
Autor: Roberto Suárez
Juventud Rebelde

Estampillas de Correos: 50 Aniversario de Cubana de Aviación, 1929-1979

A bautiful morning to all of you. I am having a holiday breakfast with Turrones de España: Jijona & Alicante.

 Available at Serranos in Florida, Orlando & Kissimee. 

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Monday, December 19, 2016

Ramon Lanzot R.I.P.

Comunicado de la Red de Blog Comunistas por el fallecimiento de Fidel Castro

La Red de Blog Comunistas (RBC) rinde homenaje revolucionario a Fidel Castro Ruz, líder de la Revolución cubana y figura fundamental en la historia de la segunda mitad del siglo XX.

Con la muerte de Fidel Castro se pone fin simbólicamente al ciclo revolucionario iniciado en 1917.

No es éste el momento de entrar en valoraciones políticas sobre el papel de Fidel Castro en el devenir del Movimiento Comunista, de la lucha de clases a nivel internacional y de la construcción del socialismo en Cuba. Más pronto que tarde, un nuevo ciclo de revoluciones triunfantes sabrá aventar de su legado la paja del grano con que alumbrar un nuevo mundo sin explotación capitalista.

En todo caso, a los miembros de la RBC no nos cabe duda de que el espíritu internacionalista y la firmeza antiimperialista de Fidel Castro y de la Cuba revolucionaria que dirigió serán fuente inmarcesible de inspiración para todas las futuras revoluciones proletarias.


ETECSA en Cuba rebaja precios del servicio nauta y da a conocer nuevos servicios

Partido Socialista Verde (Republica Donminicana)

Partido Socialista Verde (PASOVE) es un partido político dominicano fundado en el año 2009 por Antolín Polanco y un conjunto de ciudadanos/as. De orientación humanista y ecologista, adoptando en sus principios la filosofía verde y la defensa del medio ambiente. Es un partido político emergente de la República Dominicana, y tiene una posición de centro.

Enlace a Wikipedia.

JG: A better world is possible. I encourage the readers of Cuba Journal to explore alternative political parties in the USA. Green Party, USA and Green Party of Florida & the Libertarian Party are good alternatives to the corruption of the Democratic & Republican Capitalist Parties.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

We will have one on January 20

It's the money stupid: White House blog makes it very clear that they are only interested in helping entrepreneurs in Cuba

JG: Money and 'El Bizneo' are the two most important things for a Yankee.
People? What people?

China warns the USA and the president elect

“If Trump and the American government dare to take actions to challenge the bottom line of China’s policy and core interests,” he said, “we must drop any expectations about him and give him a bloody nose.” (New York Times)

Juventud Rebelde: Seguimos palante, que nadie se haga ilusiones

De la decisión que tome Donald Trump dependerá la permanencia de la Directiva Presidencial política sobre Cuba que emitió el presidente Barack Obama, cuando apenas le quedaban unos cuatro meses en el cargo, la que en sentido general se consideró un paso significativo en el proceso hacia la mejoría de las relaciones entre la Isla y Estados Unidos

Enlace al articulo de Juventud Rebelde

JG: Message to Donald Trump: you are not the ruler of Cuba. The Cubans rule the island.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Fidel at bat: he always hit grand slams against the Yankee imperialists. Nunca le anotaron una carrera.

Photo: A.P.

Fidel, Sierra Maestra, July 1962

The BBC continues to editorialize in its headlines.

How sad. An outfit that used to be respected, the BBC, now editorializes in its headlines.

They are copying what capitalists do in the USA: sensationalize the news and convert it into entertainment.

Since this is a blog about Cuba, below is the URL to the BBC article that is Cuba related. You then can form your own opinion.

Garbage article from about Venezuela, but it has a good video from President Nicolas Maduro

The President of Venezuela dealt a severe blow to Colombian Mafias in the border with that country.

Cuba Journal supports the measures taken by him to protect the National Sovereignty and the currency of Venezuela.

The BBC, who used to be a respected journalistic organization also published a garbage article about Venezuela.

Capitalists in the USA and the United Kingdom  are not friends of Venezuela or Cuba, because the two countries have governments that defend and take good care of their citizens.

Patria y Fidel

Sobre el mapa de Cuba descansan fotos históricas de Fidel; algunas ubicadas en los sitios que visitó a lo largo de su vida; otras no. En medio del plano, se alza el grado de Co­man­dante en Jefe con los colores de la bandera del 26 de Julio, y en relieve, dos palabras indisolublemente ligadas: Patria y Fidel

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Great Tweet found @ Twitter today

F-E-A-R has two meanings:

1) Forget Everything And Run.

2) Face Everything And Rise.

Cuba Journal condemns the vile physical assault suffered by the Chancellor of Venezuela, Delcy Rodriguez, in Buenos Aires. Argentina has to apologize promptly.

Have Argentinians switched from dancing the tango to beating people?

Shame on President Macri.

Venezuela emite enérgica protesta por cobarde agresión del gobierno Argentino de Mauricio Macri contra Canciller Delcy Rodríguez

Por: Orlando Rodríguez

La Habana, 14 de diciembre de 2016.- El Presidente de la República Bolivariana de Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro Moros, anunció que Venezuela emitió una protesta formal contra el Gobierno de Muricio Macri por la agresión de la policía argentina a la Canciller Delcy Rodríguez en Buenos Aires, tras la insólita pretensión de evitar su ingreso a la reunión del Mercado Común del Sur (Mercosur) junto a su par boliviano David Choquehuanca.

Rhapsody on a Blue Fish

Jupiter Sunrise from JunoCam

This image of the sunlit part of Jupiter and its swirling atmosphere was created by a citizen scientist (Alex Mai) using data from Juno's JunoCam instrument.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Juventud Rebelde: Cuba Llama es una red telefónica de carácter ilegal

EU signs historic deal with Cuba on political dialogue, cooperation

12 December 2016

The European Union has signed a historic deal with Cuba on political dialogue and cooperation, according to the EU Council. Cuba was the only Latin American country to lack such an agreement with the 28-member bloc.

The deal was signed on Monday by the heads of EU member states, along with Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla.
"Economic links with Europe will continue to be a priority for Cuba as we build a socialist economy," Parrilla said on Monday, as quoted by AFP. He added that the agreement "demonstrates that with good will and respect it is possible to make progress and resolve differences.

My Fat Cuban Family Food Poster


Tampa: Teresita Cafeteria (Dinner)
Casselberry: Lo Mejor del Mundo (Lunch)

Catering Available

Definition of USA Organized Religion TV Channels

USA Organized Religion TV Channels = 1-800-SEND-ME-MONEY

For the Suckers Who Are Born Every Minute!

Sunday, December 11, 2016

One Man's Opinion

Vulgar Trump won the election, not because he is good person; he was elected because the Democratic Party nominated a dishonest and corrupt woman. She did not inspire trust.

2017 will be a very bad year for the USA.

Fall of Saigon, Exremely Rare Footage (1975 NBC film shot by Neil Davis,...

Give Peace A Chance (1969) - Official Video - John Lennon

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Klobuchar, Emmer urge Trump to keep Obama's Cuba policies

The Minnesotans are among congressional leaders hoping to forestall a reversal of progress in U.S.-Cuban relations over the last two years. 

– Sen. Amy Klobuchar and Rep. Tom Emmer beseeched President-elect Donald Trump this week to keep Obama administration initiatives relaxing trade and travel restrictions for Americans wanting to travel to and work with Cuba. 


Long Live Cuba and Fidel!

Abajo los fascistas de Miami.

The #1 Priority of the US Congress under a Trump administration is the REPEAL of the Cuba Embargo/Blockade

75% of Americans Demand That.


Friday, December 09, 2016

Cuba and Russia Sign New Defense Agreement

The deal is designed to help Cuba "respond to modern challenges” and extends the historical partnership between the two countries. 

Cuba and Russia signed a new defense technology agreement Thursday evening which will increase cooperation and help modernize Cuba’s armed forces until 2020.
The deal signed in Havana further adds to Russia's historical assistance of the socialist nation. The deal was signed at the Russian-Cuban intergovernmental commission in Havana by Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

José Martí: Los Niños Son la Esperanza del Mundo

Aprueban países de la UE acuerdo para normalizar relaciones con Cuba

Foto: Jose M. Correa

Los 28 países que integran la Unión Europea (UE) aprobaron el martes a nivel de sus embajadores la firma de un acuerdo político y de cooperación entre ese bloque y Cuba para normalizar sus relaciones

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Cuba Journal no longer supports U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders

He has sold his soul to the most corrupt of the two capitalist parties: The Democratic Party.

The old grouch has become totally irrelevant after being totally fucked by dishonest & corrupt Hillary Clinton.

Bernie Sanders shares some of the fault and blame for having vulgar and Nazi Donald Trump in the White House on January 20.

I wish Bernie Sanders the best of luck and fun when he vacations in the French Riviera with his Wall Street Democratic buddies.

Farewell Fidel

Right On Brother!

Fidel Castro Las grabaciones perdidas National Geographic HD

Assad defeats the US supported terrorists in Aleppo, Syria


The wishful thinking in the US imperialist press continues

They think that because they produce and print silly articles in their rag sheets that Cuban Socialism, now that Fidel has died, will collapse, is going to happen.

When the USSR and the socialist block collapsed, the same thing happened. There were thousands of predictions that Cuba would collapse


They have never heard the Cuban proverb: "El que vive de ilusiones, muere de desengaños."

The Cuban people support the Partido Comunista de Cuba.

Monday, December 05, 2016

Deposita Raul los restos de Fidel en el mausoleo del cementerio de Santa Yfigenia en Santiago de Cuba

El Presidente de los Consejos de Estado y de Ministros de la República de Cuba, General de Ejército Raúl Castro Ruz, deposita la urna con las cenizas del Comandante en Jefe Fidel Castro Ruz en su morada eterna del cementerio de Santa Ifigenia. 
Foto: Estudios Revolución

Juventud Rebelde: Fidel Sigue Siendo Vida

Happy Eleventh Birthday Cuba Journal

Long Live Cuba, Fidel & Raul.

Saturday, December 03, 2016

The World Must Learn From Cuba

"Cuba’s achievements expose the very limited, and often deplorable, nature of capitalist democracy."

Why has Cuba outperformed countless capitalist democracies in key ways despite fifty years of attack by a superpower?

Link to TeleSur Article

Another good link for Cuba TV

Revista Especial #HastaSiempreComandante (3 de diciembre 2016)

CubaTV Noticiero de la Televisión Cubana

Rifgt now it is coming in very clear in my laptop, without any breaks.

En toda Cuba, el pueblo tiene solamete una frase en sus labios; "YO SOY FIDEL."

No van a ver accentos en este post de Cuba Journal.

5:48 pm: Esta noche en Santiago de Cuba sera el ultimo acto multitudinario del pueblo de Cuba para decirle adios al Comandante Fidel.

Ya han llegados a Cuba grandes personalidades del mundo. Acabo de ver en CubaVision la llegada de Luis 'Lula' da Silva de Brazil y Dilma Roussef, quienes siempre han estado al lado de Cuba.

Tambien vi a Evo Morales, el Presidente de Bolivia, en su llegada a Santiago de Cuba.

5:54 pm: El acto empezara a las 7:00 pm.

7:00 pm. Raul Castro ha llegado. Se canta el Himno Nacional de Cuba.  El acto comienza.

El  gran Presidente de Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, esta sentado al lado del companero Raul Castro.

7:55 pm. Raul Castro empieza su alocucion.

Que discurso tan hitorico y tan bueno. Uno de sus mejores en su vida.

Himno del 26 de Julio. After 4-day funeral trek, Cuba is saying goodbye to Fidel Castro with mass rally in Santiago de Cuba

JG: the U.S. MSM is hereby totally banished from from my computer and from Cuba Journal. Son todos una partida de COMEMIERDAS.

Link to the article.

Hoy, acto político en Santiago de Cuba en homenaje póstumo al líder histórico de la Revolución Cubana

Después del conmovedor e inolvidable traslado de las cenizas del Co­man­dante en Jefe Fidel Castro Ruz, por el itinerario que rememoró el re­corrido de La Caravana de la Libertad en enero de 1959, el aguerrido pueblo santiaguero, junto a una representación de las provincias orientales le rendirán tributo

Enlace al artículo de Granma.

Gracias Fidel

… por derrocar al dicatador Fulgencio Batista en Cuba.

… por tu vida, por ser nuestro infatigable líder, por tu coraje, por tu ejemplo y por tus ideas.

… por la victoria en Playa Girón contra el imperialismo yankee.

Tu vida iluminará nuestros senderos en el futuro.

Tu vida iluminará a otros pueblos que luchan por la libertad y la liberación.

Hasta La Victoria Simepre, Comandante.

Vives en nuestros corazones, ahora y por siempre.

Thursday, December 01, 2016

NYT: William M. Leogrande: 1 December 2016 - What Trump Misses About Cuba

A parade for Fidel Castro in Havana, Cuba, in 1959, 
celebrated the fall of Fulgencio Batista.
Associated Press

Link to the New York Times Article

The American imperialists were never able to defeat Fidel Castro.

Hasta la Victoria Siempre Comandante.