Friday, August 31, 2018

Guantánamo derrota a los Industriales 6-4. BOXSCORE. Agosto 31, 2018.

Barbarito Diez - El Rey del Danzon

What Amazon's Jeff Bezos doesn't tell you about the wages that he pays his workers.

The average U.S. warehouse worker, at Amazon or anywhere else, earns a third more than a retail worker. The median hourly wage of a warehouse worker is $13.50, or about 30% more than the average U.S. retail worker's pay of $10.09, according to the Department of Labor, Jul 30, 2013.

Ask yourself: could I raise a family on $10.09 or $13.50 an hour?

Bezos became a capitalist multimillionaire by paying EXPLOITATION WAGES.

Cuba Journal does not patronize Amazon.

In 2017, Amazon reported nearly $178 billion in revenue. This success helped Bezos earn his title as the richest man of all time. According to Forbes, his net worth is $165.2 billion. (Vox)

Thursday, August 30, 2018

The U.S. has become a nation of uncivilized NASTINESS in the last two years. I bet they all go to church on Sunday.

Jesus would call them pharisees and hypocrites.

plural noun: Pharisees
  1. a member of an ancient Jewish sect, distinguished by strict observance of the traditional and written law, and commonly held to have pretensions to superior sanctity.
    • a self-righteous person; a hypocrite.

Cheapskate In Chief Stops Pay Raises for Federal Employees!

The USA is in a very bad financial condition, he says.

A few months ago he was tweeting that we were the envy of the world.

He wants to have his cake and eat it too.

"In light of our Nation's fiscal situation, Federal employee pay must be performance-based, and aligned strategically toward recruiting, retaining, and rewarding high-performing Federal employees and those with critical skill sets," Trump wrote in a letter to the Speaker of the House and the president of the Senate. (The Hill).


You lost millions of votes today.

The Internet & Cell Phones are the same. Some capitalist trying to sell you MIERDA (junk).

Capitalist Macri causes the Argentine peso to crash. This would not happen if Argentina had a Socialist government.

Argentina raises interest rate to 60%

Are high-tech cell phones better?

It depends.

If you are a salesman that needs to be in constant contact with your customers, yes.

But that high-tech cell phone will be more expensive. You will pay a lot more than when you had a regular land line phone.

If you are an older person that is now retired, you do not need a cell phone.

Cost of my service for my old land-line phone? $9.00 a month.

Cost of my service for my current cell phone? $27.00-28.00 a month.

If you have a car and you drive a lot, a cell phone may be good to have on a car emergency.

If you do not have a car, you do not need the high cost of carrying around a cell phone.

The way I see it, I do not need to have a cell phone constantly attached to my ear.

The capitalists will always give you new stuff for which they will charge you more money.

Be your own man and make your own decisions. It will make you feel better.

Is commercial advertising destroying the Internet?

I will mention no names. I tried to reach one source. 66 adds made the web browser crash.

I ran it again, and this time it had 82 adds. It ran the second time.

Has the Internet outlived it usefulness?

We may have to go back to paper newspapers.

Do not forget that many have said that "high tech societies usually self-destroy."

Today, Tomorrow, Saturday.

30 August (today), 31 August (tomorrow), 1 September. (Saturday).

Guantanamo vs Industriales.

Based on some of the strange scores that I have seen lately, I will not make any predictions.

In normal times I would call these games easy for the Industriales.

Anything can happen in baseball. One error or a Home Run can ruin a game.

WAPO Opinion: The fate of the Trump presidency is uncertain


My apologies to Cuba Journal readers, but the spell checker at Blogger has stopped working.

I will correct any mistakes as soon as I catch them. Sorry.

Industriales add one more win against Santiago de Cuba (BOXSCORE)

Game of Miercoles  29 de Agosto, 2018

The Blue Lions are secure in second place.
Nine wins and five losses. 
.643 Average


Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Labor Notes for next Monday: When Soviets (Workers Councils) came to the USA during 1936-1937


Capitalism is unsustainable in the USA because it is based on greed, corruption and working class exploitation. In the end, socialism/communism will win. 

The Office of News-Conversion-Into-Entertainment Has Issued the Following ALERT.

Make sure that you have plenty of Margaritas & Nachos ready.

The First Advisory Will Be Issued Tonight at 7:00 p.m.

Donald Trump says he believes it is

Donald Trump is promising violence if the Republicans lose control of Congress

What are you waiting for?

Write to your Congressman and ask him/her to support starting impeachment procedures IMMEDIATELY.

People Power can defeat Money Power

“My opponents have spent, together, over $90 million in this race. We have spent four [million],” Gillum told supporters at an event on Saturday. “Money doesn’t vote. People do.”

The people united will never be defeated is the truth, not just a slogan.

I congratulate Andrew Gillum. He had the people with him.

Bernie Sanders to introduce ‘Bezos Bill’ next month

By Kit Norton  Aug 28 2018, 3:40 PM

Sen. Bernie Sanders plans to introduce legislation next month to give large employers like Amazon and Walmart the choice to either pay workers a higher wage or to pay taxes equal to the total cost of federal assistance programs their workers use.

The proposal aims to raise taxes from large corporations equal to the amount that the company’s low-wage employees use in federal benefit programs each year. If an Amazon employee uses $100 in food stamps, Amazon would be taxed $100.

Sanders’ bill comes after the senator circulated a petition last week calling on Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos to pay all workers a living wage and to improve working conditions at the company’s warehouses.

El controversial artículo 68 en la propuesta nueva Constitución de Cuba

I have always been in favor of 'Live & Let Live.'

To me, marriage is a union between a man and a woman.

Porqué la administaración de Donald Trump odia a los niños Cubanos que tienen tumores en el cerebro?

La política que viola los derechos humanos en Cuba y no lo oculta


Agosto 28, 2018. Holguin vs Artemisa. 17-10. Que tipo de juego fue ese?

No he visto ningun reporte todavia,

He leido articulos en donde se dice que hay juegos de pelota en la Serie 58 que han durado cinco horas.


Juego de Charlie Brown?

Reporte de Ahora, newspaper of Holguin, Cuba.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

I love pastel colors Havana photos. Here is another one.

Photo: Getty Images

There is a big difference between Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren

"Even on economic policy—their bread and butter—Warren and Sanders disagree on some of the fundamentals. Sanders has famously decried capitalism, describing it in a 2016 primary debate as “a process by which so few have so much and so many have so little.” Despite her fiery anti-corporate rhetoric, Warren remains a capitalist; in a recent MSNBC appearance, she said, “I believe in markets right down to my toes.”

JG: Bernie has defended the working class all his life. Warren is a corporate Democrat.

The 'Paranoid in Chief' Strikes Again

We are going to give you the same treatment that the Italians
gave Mussolini:

"Hanging from a lamp post!

The most popular word in the USA today

Cover-up. It is everywhere. Lots of people trying to cover up their kaka or their crimes.

Letter Accusing Pope Leaves U.S. Catholics in Conflict

August 27, 2918

WASHINGTON — In a remarkable break from the usual decorum among the bishops, American Catholic leaders are in open conflict over the explosive allegations from a former Vatican diplomat that Pope Francis knew about, and ignored, accusations of sexual abuse against a now-disgraced American cleric.

The scandal around sexual abuse has escalated into the biggest test yet of Francis’ papacy, and the resolution will determine the future of the church in the United States.

JG: I used to have a good opinion of Pope Francis. Not anymore. He has ignored the huge problem. His reputation is in tatters.

Serie 58 de Beisbol de Cuba.

Santiago de Cuba has lost three in a row. They are now in 11th place.

#1 Ciego de Avila. 10 wins, 4 losses.

#2 Industriales.  8 wins, 5 losses.

#3 Villa Clara. 7 wins, 5 losses.

The Democratic People's Republic of Korea warns Pompeo denuclearization talks are 'at stake,' sources say

Top North Korean officials warned the United States in a letter that denuclearization talks are "again at stake and may fall apart," sources familiar with the process told CNN.

The letter was delivered to US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, whose fourth trip to Pyongyang was abruptly canceled, hours before he was scheduled to depart with his new special envoy Stephen Biegun on Friday, sources said.

The CNN report had 84 commercial advertising which were blocked by Add Block Plus. I highly recommended it, if you want to stop all the commercial garbage that is destroying the Internet and American TV.

'Genocidal' US Blockade Has Cost Cuba US$134 Billion

In a report detailing the impact of Washington's ongoing policy, Cuba's Foreign Ministry branded the blockade "the most unfair, severe and prolonged" in the world. 

The U.S. blockade on Cuba, imposed for more than 60 years, cost the tiny Caribbean island US$4.2 billion between April 2017 and March 2018, bringing Cuba's total losses over six decades to US$134.5 billion.

Note from Jorge R. Gonzalez, publisher/editor of Cuba Journal: The USA government does not have any morals or ethics.

The USA, like Nazi Germany, will pay one day.

Industriales convocan a sus aficionados y proclaman: SEREMOS CAMPEONES

Industriales Avanzan a Segundo Lugar

Cieggo de Avila seguro en al Primer Lugar.

Monday, August 27, 2018

Villa Clara ha perdido dos juegos consecutivos

Ha pasado a quarto lugar. Industriales en tercer lugar.

NYT has become the king of pop-up adds with 47 in their NAFTA article. Bad for them.

Short lived! CBS News just surpassed NYT with an article with 88 adds. Greedy for $$$$$.

Thank you Add Block Plus!

El Neoliberalismo Mata

No se trata de descalificar al enemigo, sino de proponer una alternativa

Santiago de Cuba vs Industriales, el clásico de la pelota cubana

Correo de Cuba (PDF)


El principal  obstáculo  para  el  desarrollo  de  todas  las  potencialidades  de  la  economía  cubana no se relaciona con la naturaleza y sí con una forma inmoral de hacer política: el  bloqueo económico,  comercial  y financiero  impuesto  por  Estados  Unidos  contra  Cuba


Jorge R. Gonzalez
Winter Haven

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Santiago de Cuba vs Industriales (BOXSCORE) Game 1

Japan Baseball: Cuba-Born Yurisbel Gracial grand slam moves Hawks closer to PL-leading Lions

August 26, 2018

Yurisbel Gracial hit the second grand slam of the game in the 12th inning Sunday to help the Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks earn a 12-8 walk-off win against the Seibu Lions and a series sweep to move within five games of the Pacific League leaders.

NPB Current Positions

Yurisbel Gracial

Orange Tuesday: Real Time with Bill Maher

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez


Is the USA a nation of racists?

Activists retrace 1968 protests in Chicago: 'It's hard to imagine that we are still doing this 50 years later'

Those Catholic priests who sexually abused children do not belong in a church, they belong behind bars. Pope Francis is failing his church.

Granma is having a very tough season, and the fact that Alfredo is playing in Japan does not help them.

I hope that they can recover. The season is still very young.

I will enjoy Santiago de Cuba vs Industriales at 2:00 p.m. today.

Saturday, August 25, 2018

The difference between socialism and reformism

Americans have beeen so thoroughly brainwashed by the greedy capitalists,
and the fact that most of them want to become millionaires,
make it very difficult that the Socialism of Marx and Lenin
will ever be accomplished in the USA.

But that is the goal! Cuba did it.

So, Bernie Sanders is the best alternative, for now.
I will take Bernie's Scandinavian proposals and ideas.
He is better than Trump's capitalist exploitation and hate.

Democrats and Republicans are the SAME OLD SHIT.

Nueve equips del beisbol Cubano tienen un average de ganados/perdidos por arriba del .500 average

Serie 58 del Beisbol de Cuba


La Cuba de Fulgencio Batista era una nacion de politequeria corrupta durantes las "elecciones"

Dysfunctional USA Government

Donald Trump launches new attacks on his own Attorney General

Mr. Trump is directly undermining the people and processes that are the foundation of the nation’s administration of justice.

Is the USA now, or will it become in the future, a nation of lawless gangsters?

Where will it end?

Friday, August 24, 2018

US to cut $200m aid to Gaza and West Bank. Que se vaya a limpiar su culo sucio y apestoso con sus millones

Donald Trump es un besa-culo de los Judios.

FINALLY! Industriales is leading Sancti Spiritus 15-3 in today's game. [+ BOXSCORE]

How computers and their associated programmers f*ck you up every time that you use one of them, specially at eBay?

The tech world is beginning to outlive its usefulness. I will no longer use eBay. Same goes for Amazon.

You should see the reaction at McDonald's when I tell them "I am not using a computer to enter my order." I just walk out.

If you are stupid enough to click on this Miami Herald link, you deserve the garbage that the Miami Fascists will give you for dinner, with no dessert

Cuba’s proposed new Constitution is a ‘fraud,’ dissidents say.

It is being brought to you by Mr. Maga and his gangsters.

I say: "The real fraud is called "American capitalism."

Historia de los Vascos en 10 minutos

Lucy in the sky with diamonds - The Beatles [Original]

Protect your right to be a Non-Believer

URGENT: Why we must immediately oppose the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the United States Supreme Court

Donald Trump is trying to make excuses for his criminal buddies

In the two days following the convictions of his campaign manager, Paul Manafort, and his personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, President Trump has repeatedly dismissed the importance of the rule of law and has indicated that the numerous fraud crimes for which his friends were convicted are things that most people do.


Donald Trump told 'the countdown to impeachment has already started'

U.S. State Department softens travel advisory on Cuba

August 23, 2018

HAVANA (Reuters) - The United States on Thursday revised its travel advisory on Cuba to “exercise increased caution,” from “reconsider travel,” a move that some in the tourism sector hope could help reverse a decline in American visitors to the Caribbean island.

Continue reading.

I would not worry. Cuba gets most of its tourist from the world at large. Americans are a tiny minority.

BOXSCORE: Industriales continue to fail in converting hits into runs. They fell again.


11 hits, only two runs. Another lost game to Sancti Spiritus.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

¡Viva La Vida!

The beginning of the end for Donald Trump?

The criminal conviction of Paul Manafort and the guilty pleas of Michael Cohen could very well be the signals that the beginning of the the end for the most criminal President that the US has ever had may very well be at hand.

Trump is the biggest criminal to ever occupy the White House. I hope we can get rid of him quickly. The sooner the better.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

United Nations Human Rights Council demands that Lula be allowed to participate in Brazil's Election

The sinister hands and intentions of Yankee imperialism can  be seen behind the scenes.



Donald Trump is the biggest piece of trash and scum to have occupied the White House. He will insult you and then try to f*ck you without using Vaseline.

I agree with John Dean's opinion of Trump: "He thrives on insulting people in situations. So this is typical Trump.”

Trump will end up like Nixon, resigning after he is indicted or before he is impeached.

ALERT! This is not a test.

Do not be surprised if you wake up one morning to find out that Donald Trump has published the following Tweet:

"I have issued an executive order this morning suspending the Constitution of the United States, effective immediately."

Fulgencio Batista used to do it in Cuba every 45 days. IT CAN HAPPEN HERE!

This is where we are headed. Donald Trump believes that the Constitution does not apply to him.

CNN: Trump: "I could run the Mueller probe."

I en eso llegó Fidel.

Are Americans sheep? Sadly, yes!

Boxcore #2 for August 20, 2018

August 07, 1789: The Establishment of the Department of War

USA Spreads War, Death & Suffering Throughout The Planet.

The USA is Part of the Problem, Not the Solution.

¿Por qué Estados Unidos es la principal amenaza para que América Latina y el Caribe sea una zona de paz?

En el 2018 la administración norteamericana arreció su intervencionismo en Latinoamérica y el Caribe. Para el 2019, Trump aprobó un presupuesto récord de 716 000 millones de dólares para Defensa

Enlace al artículo de Granma

Cuba Journal Condemns the Warmongering Policies of Donald Trump

We Say:


Monday, August 20, 2018

BOXSCORE: August 20, 2018, Industriales: 6. Cienfuegos; 5.

Trincheras de ideas valen más que trincheras de piedra. José Martí - 1891.

BOLERO Ravel レーベルボレロ Orquesta Joven de la Sinfónica de Galicia ガリシア D: Vicente Alberola. Dvořák nº 8

This time Donald Trump insults a Border Patrol Agent.

“Speaks perfect English”: Trump’s offensive praise of a Latino Border Patrol Agent. (VOX)

What is his IQ? Propably the agent's IQ is higher than Trump's.

Venezuela's massive currency devaluation is a 'scam' — and does 'nothing' to ease its economic crisis, [yanki imperialist] analysts say.

Venezuela has the largest petroleum reserves in the world.

USA has monopoly phony money for a currency.

In 1970 I bought a home with $16,000. Today, I would need $300,000.00.

Who is fooling who?


Gana Industriales 6-5. (FINAL).

El segundo juego fue sellado. Este es el tercer juego.

30 minutos despues que termine este juego, empieza el segundo juego.

Pope Francis Pens Scathing Response To Clergy Sexual Abuse Scandal

The Catholic Church in the USA is totally rotten. Throw it away and start over again. Pedophiles everywhere!

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Havana Carnival held in Cuba

Havana Carnival held in Cuba

Cuba's Havana Carnival kicked off Friday with music, dances, floats as well as food and drinks, with an expanded program to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the city's founding in 2019.

Source: Xinhua| 2018-08-19 18:58:41|Editor: xuxin

In my opinion, the Taliban insurgency has totally defeated the Afghanistan government.

As Taliban Start Charm Offensive, Afghan President Calls for Cease-Fire

In the past week alone, the Taliban have overrun a city, burned down government facilities, hidden in civilians’ homes and killed hundreds of their opponents.

At the same time, the group has been actively seeking for weeks to court Afghan civilians, promising last month to halt suicide bombings in civilian areas, and announcing on Twitter and other social networks that those who surrendered would not be harmed.

Taliban Flag.

A very pleasant and mild 73 Degrees, Fahrenheit, in Winter Haven, Florida.

I still remember this photo of Colegio de La Salle en El Vedado

In the neighborhood of Vedado, shaded by tree-lined streets and tucked within a small metropolis of guarded foreign embassies, sits a polytechnic school.

Instituto Politecnico José Ramón Rodríguez Lopez.

Over fifty years ago it was an all boys Catholic school, run by the Christian Brothers.

Colegio de La Salle Vedado.

After the Bay of Pigs - Playa Giron, it was nationalised by the Cuban Revolutionary Goverment of Fidel Castro.

It was my last school in Cuba after 1 January, 1959

Calle 13 entre B y C.

I will never forget my 10 cent Fritas Cubanas and Tropi-Creams when I was 12-15 years old.

Above is one my favorite snacks when I was a teenager. I lived close to 23 y 12 en El Vedado.

I had a cousin who worked at the "Atlantic" movie house. It meant that the whole family had free tickets. It was half a block from another popular movie house, "El 23 y 12." Only 40 cents per ticket.

It was a very popular Vedado corner and there was a guy who made "Fritas Cubanas." They were only 10 cents each, and they were super good and very tasty. I would buy three at a time.

Walking one block to the south on 12 y 21 there was a Tropi-Cream. Like the fritas, they were only 10 cents each.

There was a midget nick-named "El Cojo" who sold, during the day time, old comic books also for  10 cents. The dime was our favorite coin back then.

Those were good times for kids back them. One Coke was a bargain. Five cents. And the bus was 8 cents. Adding a transfer was 2 cents.

Related: Historia de la frita cubana. Receta.


Another software term that you should know what it does.

Esteban Bellan - Fordham University Libraries

Two programs that should not be in your computer

Read, and then make your own decision.

Scammers are a dime a dozen in capitalist USA.

And remember: 
the more apps that you place in your PC or your cell phone
the more of your privacy that you will surrender voluntarily to
potential SCAMMERS.

After I allowed a third party to install a search bar called ASK,
126 pup's were placed in my PC.
I removed them very promptly.

I recommend that you run Malwarebytes once or twice a day.
Specially after you install software coming from
unknown sources.

Never install software from porn websites.
They are crawling with pup's.

Joke of the Day #2

Question: What does the 'A' in USA stands for?

Answer: 'Advertising' 24 hours a day. It Never Stops! Some people call it 'El Bizneo.' (Spanglish Version)

El Juego de Hoy en el Latinoamericano

Cienfuegos vs Industriales.

Les traigo solamente noticias que sean buenas.

Arriba Los Leones Azules.


Cienfuegos 0, Industriales 1.

2:52 pm el juego ha sido parado o suspendido por las descargas electricas.

Chiste del dia:

Los dos principales oficios en Cuba:

1) Vivir del cuento.
2) Vivir del dinero que viene de la Yuma; el cual se lo roban.

BEWARE! BEWARE! BEWARE! What has been predicted for many, many years is beginning to happen now very RAPIDLY and FREQUENTLY.

I am sure that you have heard the following statement at one time or another in the recent past:

"High Technology societies end up self-destructing themselves"

Albert Einstein let the nuclear genie out of the bottle.

The USA is on its way to destroying the country, and maybe even the planet altogether in one package.

Hardly a day goes back that I don't hear or read about Company X, Y, or Z having had their computers maliciously hacked.

Some time, the computers of the US government have been hacked by mal-intentioned criminals or foreign governments.

Is homo sapiens at the end of its road? I say there is a high probability of that.

It appears to me that way.


Recently I purchased a newer laptop. It has the latest software, Windows 10. I do not have a very high opinion of it. It is slower than molasses.

I have had previous computers infected with malware before. 3 to 5 files, at the most.

There are two pieces of free software that everyone should have in their computers: CC (crap cleaner) and Malwarebytes.

I ran the second one today and found 146 possibly infected files. I put them in 'quarantine' and then proceeded to delete them.

I looked at the 'report' and to me it is like trying to read Chinese.


Everyone is trying too sell me extra junk.

If you can help, it will be greatly appreciated.

I say that the USA has the highest number of criminals on Earth!

Bye! I am heading now to the Mawarebytes Use Forum.




La Nueva Pantalla del Latinoamerciano

Los Seis Equipos en la Cima de la Serie Nacional 58 del Beisbol Cubano

1 - Villa Clara, 4 Ganados, 1 Perdido, Average .800

2 - Ciego de Avila, 5 Ganados, 2 Perdidos, Average .714

3 - Industriales, 5 Ganados, 2 Perdididos, Average .714

4 - Artemisa, 4 Ganados, 2 Perdidos, Average .667

5 - Granma, 5 Ganados, 3 Perdidos, Average .625

6 - Camaguey, 3 Ganados, 2 Perdidos, Average .600

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Industriales is defeating Cienfuegos 6-0 in the bottom of the 4th inning @ Latinoamericano Stadium in La Habana, 8/18/2018

At 7:03 p.m. Industriales 8, Cienfuegos 2, and the Lions have the bases loaded.

Final Score: 9-2 Industriales.


Trust is Collapsing in America

When truth itself feels uncertain, how can a democracy be sustained?

Only a third of Americans now trust their government “to do what is right”—a decline of 14 percentage points from last year,

JG: Everyone is trying to empty your pockets in the USA.

Continue reading at the link below.

Trust is Collapsing in America

VIDEO: Jonronazo de Federico Cepeda con los Toros de Tijuana

Frederich Cepeda se estrena con jonronazo en los Toros de Tijuana

Friday, August 17, 2018

Ilyushin IL-62 The last IL62 Freighter Worldwide - Landing and Departing

Hey Donald Trump! Did the 'sanctions' against Cuba ever worked?

People around the world don't like you much. U gonna be a one term POTUS. 

Tabla de Posiciones de los Equipos - Serie #58 - Todos Contra Todos

A Message from CPUSA

Remember Trump's $2 trillion tax giveaway to the rich? Well, now he's trying to pay for it by cutting Medicaid, Medicare and Obamacare.

This cannot pass! And it won't if we get busy. Can you sign and circulate a petition to Congress demanding these life saving programs not be cut?  Healthcare for 120 million people is at stake. 

The truth be told, these programs ought to be strengthened instead of being slashed. If you agree sign here. 

In a few months the mid-term elections will be held. Every action between now and November, including petitioning is crucial. 


Joe Sims

Alfredo Despaigne had his best year, 2017, in Japan in Home Runs, 35

2017, 35 HR's
He is at 25 already in 2018.

Japan Stats

2013 Topps Tribute WBC Team Cuba Baseball Card #87 Alfredo Despaigne
The above card is still available at eBay for $2.50.
Get it while it is inexpensive.

Where do you always find corruption and greed?

Washington D.C. and Miami, FL.

Soberanía del Poder Popular

People First Always!

Blue bats fell silent yesterday as Hurricanes blanked the Lions 7-0 (Boxscore)

Un Pueblo, Un Partido

Thursday, August 16, 2018

The type of persons that Trump surrounded himself with ...

... tells you a lot about his personality.

We already know that he is narcissistic and megalomaniac, and that he is an extremely vulgar person.

We also know that he is a hyper racist. The colors black and brown do not exist in his color palette.

He has done tremendous damage to the name United States.

After he is gone, we need a President who represents the interests of the working class, who are the only people who create true value in the USA.

Capitalists like Trump are merely parasites and exploiters.

He has so much hatred for Barack Obama because #44 has characteristics that Trump will never have.

Follow the Money Trail. Capitalist Politicians are solely motivated by money, ALWAYS! The USA is a truly sick society .!

Manafort? GUILTY!

John Brennan: President Trump’s Claims of No Collusion Are Hogwash

"That’s why the president revoked my security clearance: to try to silence anyone who would dare challenge him."

JG: Donald Trump can not be trusted because Capitalism is based on dishonesty. He lies all the time. I wonder how many "loans" he has received from Putin under the table.

Todo Cuba Online is no longer a reliable website to watch LIVE Cuban Beisbol Games


El que se acuesta con niños cagado amanece.

But TeleRebelde always does an excellent job in their transmission of the games.

But Todo Cuba Online always does a POOR JOB of identifying what game you are watching.

PT registra candidatura de Lula a la presidencia

Casa Natalicia de Fidel Castro en Birán

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

If politicians are involved, USA or Cuba, they will f*ck things up. - I am done with them.


1984 now rules the USA and the world.

Big Brother Salutes You!

How come I don't feel safe in the USA?

And on top of that, we now have a clown in the White House.

Don't forget to take your ABC News Verzenio!

EcuRed: Industriales (Equipo de Béisbol)

NYT: Catholic Priests Abused 1,000 Children in Pennsylvania, Report Says

August 14, 2018

Bishops and other leaders of the Roman Catholic Church in Pennsylvania covered up child sexual abuse by more than 300 priests over a period of 70 years, persuading victims not to report the abuse and law enforcement not to investigate it, according to a searing report issued by a grand jury on Tuesday.

JG: In the USA, people at the highest levels get away with high crimes and misdemeanors. We have a perfect example sitting at the White House right now.

This grand-jury report is 1,700+ pages long. It will be shoved into a drawer and the criminals who committed horrendous crimes against children will get away free.

The land of the brave and the home of the free is not a good place to live.

En Todo Brasil se Olle: Con Lula Siempre

Luis Inácio Lula da Silva, por el Partido de los Trabajadores (PT) y esperanza de los movimientos sociales y populares del gigante sudamericano, aparece como favorito en las encuestas con el 32,4 % de intención de voto. En segundo lugar, con un 19 % de los apoyos, está Jair Bolsonaro, un militar de reserva que suele elogiar la tortura y la última dictadura brasileña (1964-1985). (Granma)

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Juego del Dia. Serie Nacional 58 de Béisbol de Cuba: Mayabeque vs Industriales: Augut 14, 2018, 7:15 p.m.

El Estadio LatinoAmericano esta practicamente vacio. Por que? Dia de trabajo?

Varios Cubanos estaban enojados por que ETECSA, Compañia de Telefonos de Cuba, quiere cobrar 720 cuc por el Internet a través de telefono celular. Me parace una barbaridad. Los cuc son la GRAN ESTAFA del gobierno cubano.

Yo pago nada ( $0.00) en USA a través del WIFI. I aquí en los EE.UU. las estafas están a la ordén del dia.

JG: Very good game compared to the slow one last night. Huracanes:  6, Industriales: 7.

Final Score: Huracanes: 6. Industriales: 9.

Nota: la fecha en el URL de TodoCubaOnline no era una fecha correcta. Ayer fue dia 14 de Agosto.


Bernie vs The Munchin

Bernie Sanders DESTROYS Trump &  His Lackey for Their Lies and Hypocrisy

Is there any other President that had such low level of vulgarity before Trump?

In case you didn't already know

In Cuba, a corporation may not own a Baseball team. It is not a for profit endeavor.

Cuba is a Socialist Nation.

The teams are owned by the Cuban people.

This past March, the World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC), revealed the 2020 Olympic Qualifiers for Baseball, Softball


Frederico Cepeda va a jugar con los Toros de Tijuana

Frederico Cepeda

I started following Cepeda in 2006 
at the First World Baseball Classic.
He is one of my favorite Cuban players.