Thursday, January 31, 2019

It appears that Canada may have joined the hysteria against Cuba invented by the Yankee imperialist State Department, which is headed by Pompous Pompeo

Mystery illness sees Canada halve its Cuba embassy staff

Did money change hands under the table?

Leñadores debuta contra Charros en Serie del Caribe

Será durante la segunda fecha del certamen que comienza el 4 de febrero.

What a joke the USA has become

Shutdown 2.0 is coming. There is no capitalist that can be trusted in the USA.

If the Polar Vortex does not destroy the nation, the politicians will, with their childish and stupid schemes.

What a way to run a country!

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

A Darn Good GC Article about Bernie Sanders

Link to: The Unfinished Business of Bernie Sanders

The Democratic Party needs more AOC's.

Howard Schultz has been TOTALLY REPUDIATED by rank and file Democrats.

I hope he joins Trump and they spend time together counting their billions.

JOB # 1 is getting rid of Nasty Donald Trump in November 2020, not helping him.


With the world headed toward WWIII, 'news' has died in the US and the people are being fed BS.

Also known as the Bull Shit Treatment.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro tells Russian TV Trump ordered his assassination

I would not be very surprised at all. The Yankee imperialists tried many, many times to assassinate Cuba's Fidel Castro and they failed every time.




Donald 'The Thief' Trump is desperately trying to steal the petroleum assets of Venezuelans

81% of Venezuelans do not know who is the COMEMIERDA Guaidó.

The people of Venezuela will defeat the Yankee imperialists.

Brutal Temperatures and Wind Chills in Northern USA today. BUNDLE UP NOW!

 Wear clothing in layers. Protect yourself and your family.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Georgia’s Stacey Abrams to Deliver State of the Union Response for Democrats

Trump’s résumé is rife with mob connections

I am not surprised at all. Like in Cuba during the Fulgencio Batista regime, organized crime was the biggest business of them all.

Link to WAPO article of August 10, 2018.

How Popular is Donald Trump today?

55.38% disapprove his policies.

39.80% approve his policies.

If the election were to be held today, he would be defeated. That is good news for the Democratic Party.

LIVE TEMPERATURES: Chicago Weather: Polar vortex brings brutal cold, Wind Chill Advisory in effect

Enlace al reporte de ABC News

JG: 58 Degrees Fahrenheit in my city in Central Florida.

Tonight's temperature in Chicago could go as low as 35-65 below zero, a new record.

Buena Fe y Silvio Rodríguez - La tempestad

Serie del Caribe, en Panamá con seis equipos


La Habana.- LA CONFEDERACIÓN de Béisbol Profesional del Caribe (CBPC) oficializó hoy que la Serie del Caribe se jugará en el estadio Nacional Rod Carew de Ciudad Panamá, con inicio el 4 de febrero.

Monday, January 28, 2019

Megalomaniac Donald Trump damaged the USA economy to the tune of 11 Billion Dollars, Congressional Budget Office Says

He doesn't care. All he is interested in is having his face shown on National TV every night.

He is the most DISLIKED President ever!

Only the MAGA nuts will vote for him in 2020. He only has 35% support right now, after his disastrous WALL  government shutdown.

75 Aniversario: Rusia recuerda el feroz sitio de Leningrado

Facebook Photo: Tornado Hits Havana

Don't Do It, Mr. Schultz!

You would help Nasty Donald Trump to get re-elected in November 2020.

We have to STOP the current Hate Monger who occupies the White House.

Democrats urge ex-Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz to ditch independent 2020 run

Rumores con respecto a la Serie del Caribe 2019

Rumores apuntan a que Jalisco y Obregón pudieran ser sede de la Serie del Caribe 2019


La Serie del Caribe 2019 podría llevarse a cabo en Jalisco o Ciudad Obregón, según información de la cadena televisiva ESPN a través de sus periodistas Enrique Rojas y Eitán Benezra.

Solicitará Cuba organizar Serie del Caribe 2020 o 2021

La Mayor de las Antillas solicitará la sede de la Serie del Caribe de 2020 o 2021, aseguró este sábado el presidente de la Federación Cubana de Béisbol, Higinio Vélez.

Cuba tornado: Three killed and more than 170 injured in Havana as deadly cyclone hits capital

Link to

Reporte de Granma

Donald Trump's Attempted Coup d'tat in Venezuela has FAILED.

Report from Reuters

Both Russia and China have re-affirmed their support for Nicolas Maduro.

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Neither of the two great imperialist powers, the USA or the European Union run Venezuela.

Nicolas Maduro is the legitimate constitutional president of Venezuela.

The so-called Guaidó is a paid agent of the two great imperialist powers. (USA & EU).

Dummy of The Week

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross on Thursday said he doesn’t understand why federal workers are visiting food banks during the partial government shutdown, saying they should instead seek low-interest loans from banks and credit unions to supplement their lost wages. (WAPO)

JG: Another capitalist millionaire who doesn't know SHIT.

Friday, January 25, 2019

Save The Monarch Butterfly

Haleigh Mun

Donald Trump is not a person worthy of trust.

He does not believe in democracy, he only believes in autocracy. (My way or the highway.)

He pulled his stunt for 35 days. In the end, he caved in.

He will try his power stunts and temper tantrums again in the future.

A very courageous Speaker of the House, and a unified Democratic Party defeated his BIG EGO WALL TRIP.

This is my opinion. Dissenters are welcome to leave a disagreeing opinion in any post..

I personally feel that he should be impeached ASAP.

Where are the 'cojones' of the AFL-CIO? It is time to call a General Strike to EVICT Donald Trump from the White House!

Trump is an incompetent POTUS who is destroying the USA. Is Trump working for PUTIN? It looks that way to me.

Breaking News: CNN is reporting that Roger Stone, personal adviser to Donald Trump, has been arrested by the FBI.

Adviser to Donald Trump indicted on seven counts.

  • WASHINGTON — Roger J. Stone Jr., a longtime informal adviser to President Trump who has spent decades plying the dark arts of scandal-mongering and dirty tricks to help influence American political campaigns, was indicted Friday in the special counsel investigation.
Mr. Stone was charged with seven counts, including obstruction of an official proceeding, making false statements and witness tampering, according to the special counsel’s office.

JG: The indictment or impeachment of Donald Trump is getting closer to him.

He will be gone by the end of 2019.

Cuban Pioneers Laughing At Donald Trump

The W stands for WORSE.

Mr. Corn Hair.
Isn't He Cute?

Entrevista: Danel Castro no está "acabado"


Danel Castro

Foto: Calixto N. Llanes

The government of Venezuela struck back against its opponents on Thursday, winning strong support from the country’s armed forces and the solid backing of Russia, which warned the United States not to intervene. (NYT)

El primer juego de la Serie del Caribe va a ser entre Cuba y la República Dominicana, 2 de Febrero del 2019.

Hora del juego: 14:45
La República Dominicana van a ser los visitantes y Cuba va a ser el home club (equipo local). 

Hasta estos momentos no se sabe si alguna organizacion va a tener LIVE TV Stream en el Internet.

Los resultados de ese juego serán publicados en: 

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Donald Trump's MAGA has been converted into MAWA (Make America Worse Again).

What a Con Man he is. He told those who listened to him that Mexico was going to pay for his "wall."

Now, he is trying to stiff the taxpayers with the total cost.

The guy needs to be IMPEACHED. He continues to spew his HATE.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019


Enlace al Reportage:

The Cuban People Give the Middle Finger to Donald Trump


Cuba is a Free and Sovereign Nation

Dan a conocer equipo Las Tunas a Serie del Caribe

Redacción de JIT

miércoles, 23 de enero de 2019 02:22 PM

La Habana.-

PAR DE receptores, siete jugadores de cuadro, seis jardineros y 13 lanzadores defenderán los colores de Cuba bajo la bandera de Leñadores de Las Tunas en la Serie del Caribe que comienza el 2 de febrero en Barquisimeto, Venezuela. 

Aquí la nómina informada hoy por su director Pablo Civil:

Receptores: Yosvany Alarcón Tardío y Oscar Valdés Nogueira.

Jugadores de cuadro: Yordanis Samón Matamoros, Carlos Benítez Pérez, Jorge Enrique Alomá Herrera, Alexander Ayala García, Yurisbel Gracial García, Yordan Manduley Escalona y Danel Castro Muñagorri.

Jardineros: Jorge Antonio Johnson Dixon, Frederich Cepeda Cruz, Alfredo Despaigne Rodríguez, Yurién Vizcaíno Rodríguez, Yunieski Larduet Domínguez y Andrés Quiala Herrera.

Lanzadores: Lázaro Blanco Matos, Yoalkis Cruz Rondón, Yoannis Yera Montalvo, Raidel Martínez Pérez, Yudiel Rodríguez León, Liván Moinelo Pita, Dariel Góngora de la Torre, Yariel Rodríguez Yordi, Vladimir García Escalante, Yosbel Alarcón Tardío, Alberto Pablo Civil Hidalgo, Freddy Asiel Álvarez Sáez y Yadián Martínez Pérez.

Colectivo técnico: Director: Pablo Civil Espinosa.

Auxiliares: Jorge Hierrezuelo Tamayo y Abeisy Pantoja Díaz.

Entrenadores de pitcheo: Juan De Dios Peña Malibrán y Rodolfo Correa Lobaina.

Preparador físico: Leonardo Goire Prada

Médico: Blas Manuel Hernández Almaguer

Psicólogo: Ruperto Morales Blanco

Béisbol cubano rumbo a Tokio 2020

Cuba tendrá tres opciones de clasificación olímpica.
Por: Duanys Hernández Torres(
lunes, 21 de enero de 2019 06:59 PM

Enlace al artículo de

Las imágenes del éxito

Las imágenes del éxito

Juventud Rebelde

Serie del Caribe 2019

Monday, January 21, 2019

Why Infants May Be More Likely to Die in America Than Cuba

Many Americans would welcome some traits of the island’s free, universal health care system.

Link to the article.

In addition to the many things mentioned in the article, Cuba is not a high crime country like the USA.

There’s a Cuban saying: “We live like poor people, but we die like rich people.”

Cuba has a better health care system because greed is taken out of the equation. In the USA, greed is everywhere.

Thursday, January 17, 2019


Las Tunas derrota a Villa Clara 8-4. Home Run the Jorge Johnson with two on base.

Cuba Journal is proud to support Tacos for Teachers in Los Angeles


Quinto Juego: LIVE: Cuba TV - TELE REBELDE.

Estaremos desde las 19:00 (Hora de Cuba) en vivo con el 5to partido de las Final entre Las Tunas vs Villa Clara.


Quinto Juego.

"El día más largo", un documental de Rebeca Chavez

Entrada de Fidel Castro en la Habana

January 8th, 1959: Fidel Arrives in Havana

Las Tunas en busca de su primera corona

Jueves, 17 de Enero de 2019 11:59 AM

Santa Clara.- ESTA noche pudiera resultar histórica para Las Tunas, una provincia con pobres resultados hace dos décadas, y que está a punto de coronarse por primera vez en series nacionales.

Enlace a Jit

Resultados del día 16 de enero de 2019: Las Tunas 7, Villa Clara 5.


Cuba Denounces New US Threats to Intensify the Blockade. [Which is called an enbargo by the Yankee Imperialists.]

Whether it is immigrant children or communist Cuba, the trademark of Donald Trump is HATE.


Inspector General: The Trump administration separated thousands more migrant children from their parents at the U.S. border than has previously been made public, according to an investigative report released Thursday. (WAPO)


Donald Trump is the most racist POTUS the nation has ever had.

We will remember in November of 2020.

More from the Beware Department: Stay away from people who are constantly promoting themselves


Wall Street Journal: Michael Cohen paid thousands to rig polls in Trump's favor

Result: we ended up with a very DISHONEST POTUS.

Beware of Four Letters


The more apps you have in your computer or cell phone, the more you are compromising your privacy.

Apps are the electronic equivalent of JUNK MAIL.

Roxangel Obregón se queda sola en su lucha por la corona femenina del Ajedrez de Cuba

Roxangel Obregón
Foto: Jit

Removed by post author, who is the publisher and editor

We all make mistakes.

Cuba rechaza enérgicamente la amenaza de activación del Título III de la Ley Helms Burton

Cuba no se arrodilla ante ningun imperio.


Patria o Muerte.


Las Tunas (3-1) solamente necesita un triunfo más. Hoy podría ser el dia en que se corona campeón de la Serie 58.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Estaremos desde las 19:00 (Hora de Cuba) en vivo con el 4to partido de las Final entre Las Tunas vs Villa Clara.


Juego #4 comienza a las 7:15 p.m. esta noche. Los Leopardos van a morder a los Azucareros.

Se los garantizo YO. 

Nancy Pelosi is 100% Correct

No in-person State of the Union address from POTUS until the federal government reopens and the 800,000 federal employees start receiving their due wages that have been retained by Trump and his gangsters.

Donald Trump is making the USA the laughingstock of the World.

Make throwing constant temper tantrums an impeachable offense. 

Nancy Pelosi to Trump: Reschedule State of the Union address or just submit it in writing to Congress because of shutdown (CNBC)

Who wants to hear that idiot?

A narrow majority of voters oppose President Donald Trump’s declaring a national emergency to fund construction of a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, and just over half say circumventing a Congress that won’t provide the money would be an abuse of power, according to a new POLITICO/Morning Consult poll.


Indict or Impeach.

Every place you look you see a USA that is very clearly on a declining slope.

A Republican Party that can not govern the nation, even though it controls the White House and the U.S. Senate.

Persistent rumors, unconfirmed yet, that Donald Trump was working for the Russians during the 2016 Presidential Election.

Donald Trump shutting down the federal government. More whining about a silly wall. 

800,000 federal employees not being paid their salaries and being unable to pay their bills.

A massive strike by the Los Angeles teachers. Please donate what you can for "Tacos for Teachers" at GoFundMe.

More rumors that Trump will be either indicted or impeached after Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller releases his final report on February 24, 2019.


Villa Clara has its back against the wall.

They have to win three games in a row to prevail in the finals of the 58th National Baseball Series.

Very rarely Villa Clara scores nine runs in a baseball game.

Last night was a very rare night. It is doubtful that it will be repeated again.


Tonight's game starts at 7:15 p.m again.

The mistery remains about why TodoCuba Online is not transmitting the games on the TV Internet stream like it used to do before. Was its contract cutoff by the Cuban Goverment?

Play Off 2019: Freddy Asiel y Guillén atascaron la maquinaria tunera.

Villa Clara gana el tercer juego contra Las Tunas, 9-4. It ain't over till it's over.


Freddy cumplió, Guillén se excedió y Villa Clara vive

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Villa Clara anota dos carreras mas. Villla Clara 8, Las Tunas 4.

Todo parece indicar que Villa Clara va a ganar este juego.

Los veo 'in the morning' con el FINAL SCORE.

Buenas Noches.

Villa Clara ha anotado cuatro carreras en el sexto inning y se va arriba en numero de carreras

Villla Clara toma la ventaja 5-4 ante Las Tunas (Cuba Journal)

Empatado 4-4 el juego entre Las Tunas y Villa Clara en el sexto inning. (CubaJournal)

(CNN) A GoFundMe campaign called "Tacos for Teachers" is sending taco trucks to schools across Los Angeles to feed staffers striking for higher salaries and smaller class sizes.

Democrats boycott White House border security meeting (F*ck Donald Trump)

Los Leopardos de Las Tunas mantiene su ventaja de 4-3 en la parte baja del sexto inning.

Cuatro Carreras en los dos primeros innings del tercer juego. LOS LEOPARDOS DE LAS TUNAS, CAMPEONES!

Jorge Alomá tiene de average .540 en estos momentos.

Estoy Tratando la Emisora Tiempo21 - Pizarra de Carreras: Las Tunas 4, Villa Clara 9. (FINAL SCORE)

Himno Nacional.

Se oye bien el juego.

Las Tunas da un hit en el primer inning.

Benitez conecta tubey y despues llega a la tercera base.

Termina el primer inning: 0-0.

Cominza el segundo inning.

Las Tunas anota su primera carrera.

Las Tunas anota dos carreras mas.

Las Tunas anota ina carrera mas.

Con cinco hits, Las Tunas ha manufacturado 5 carreras.

Termina el segundo inning. 4-0 a favor de Los Tuneros. (Leopardos).

Termina el tercer inning. El mismo score.

Estamos ahora en el cuarto inning.

Empezando el sexto inning.

3er Juego: No parace que vaya a haber LIVE TV esta noche.

British Parliament crushes BREXIT deal. The Labour Party calls for a vote of NO CONFIDENCE.

The Left:  432 Votes
The Right 202 Votes

New elections will probably be called.

The British Parliamentary System is much better than the corrupt monstrosity that we have in the USA.

House Republican leaders removed Representative Steve King of Iowa from the Judiciary and Agriculture Committees on Monday night as party officials scrambled to appear tough on racism and contain damage from comments Mr. King made to The New York Times questioning why white supremacy is considered offensive. (NYT)

Why Hasn't President Trump condemned him too?

You and I know the answer to that. "Birds of the Same Feathers."

Racism continues to be the weak point of the USA.

A high school student has been cast as Maria in Steven Spielberg's West Side Story remake.

There has been criticism of the 1961 film for casting non-Hispanic actors, 
such as Natalie Wood

Rachel Zegler, 17, was chosen from 30,000 applicants after responding to a casting call for Latino and Latina actors in January 2018.

Hoy a las 7:15 p.m.

Freddy Asiel al rescate de Villa Clara en final de béisbol cubano

En el juego #3 tonight.

Reporte de Radio Coco about game #2.

Monday, January 14, 2019

The question that everyone is asking himself or herself about February 24, 2019?

1) Donald Trump was under the total or partial control of Russian Operatives/Agents. If this was the case, a U.S. Federal Court criminal indictment may accompany the report shortly thereafter. The president is not above the law.

2) Congress impeachment procedures may start when the Mueller report is released.

3) There was no collusion with the Russians.

4) Donald Trump resigns, and Pence takes over and issues an executive pardon for Donald Trump?

What is your opinion, if you have one?

Cuba Journal Supports

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Economic boom is not helping all Americans


$7.25 is a starvation wage.

Run, Bernie, run! You are the Best Qualified!

Bernie Sanders picks a new fight
over a $15 minimum wage
as he explores
running for president in 2020


I hope that he will pick U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren as a running mate.
Imagine! A very progressive ticket.

"Trump's 'wall' comes with a heavy dose of xenophobia that looks to many like good old time racism." JUST SAY NO TO IT!

Nixon: "I am not a crook"; "Trump: I am not a Russian Agent"

Would you buy a used car from either of the two?

Treason deserves a firing squad.

Let Trump live, but kicking him out of the White House. IMPEACH!

Tweeting is not the same as governing the USA

Message to Donald Trump: your very irresponsible SHUTDOWN of the USA is hurting 800,000 Federal Workers.


You own that policy. Shame on you.

No hay juegos en la 58 hoy. Have Fun!

Leñadores y Jorge

Jorge: un nombre temido si se habla de la ofensiva tunera

Solo les faltan dos triunfos más. Los Leñadores de Las Tunas, jugando mejor a la pelota, apelando a todo, desde un cuadrangular hasta un squeeze play, volvieron a derrotar este domingo a los Leopardos de Villa Clara y se colocaron a dos triunfos más de ser, por primera vez, los campeones del béisbol cubano

Jorge Alomá (izquierda) y Jorge Jhonson (derecha). 
Foto: Ricardo López Hevia


Sunday, January 13, 2019

Las Tunas will be the next Champion of Cuba's 58th National Baseball Series,

Villa Clara is  a low scoring team. They are over-matched.

They would have to win four out of the next five games.

It is mathematically possible, but the Azucareros will not be able to do it.

Last result for Las Tunas: 8-4, 8th inning.

Otra carrera para Villa Clara. 6-4 en favor de Las Tunas. 5:09 p.m. (7mo Inning).

Live video not available any more.

Las Tunas anota dos carreras mas. 6-3.

El juego sigue 4-3 a favor de Las Tunas, reporta (en el sexto inning)

Live-stream Offline.

Technical difficulties. The game has 'reset' to the beginning.

LIVE: Segundo Juego: Pizarra de Carreras: VCL 4, LTU 8. (FINAL SCORE)

WASHINGTON — So it has come to this: The president of the United States was asked over the weekend whether he is a Russian agent. And he refused to directly answer. (WAPO)

We Need a Castro in the USA

Welcome Julian Castro, as you and others seek to drain the Trump Swamp in Washington, D.C.

Today, Sunday, 13 December 2019, Trump is at 35% support.

Conjunto Casino -- A La Pelota Con Carlota (

Me voy pa' La Pelota, con Carlota

"Mi mamá no quiere que yo vaya a la Pelota, con Carlota"

A la Pelota, a la Pelota, con Carlota."

Que alguien me diga cómo... se le gana a Las Tunas

Los Leñadores dieron su primer hachazo en pos del título cubano de béisbol al vencer en el estreno de la final a Villa Clara. Despaigne dio su disposición para jugar, si lo llaman

Saturday, January 12, 2019

El juego del Domingo.

2:00 p.m. Juego #2.

Los Medias Blancas de Chicago y su jugador franquicia, el cubano José Abreu, acordaron evitar el arbitraje salarial y el inicialista ganará 16 millones de dólares en 2019.

Reports Ciber Cuba:

And millions of people are starving in our planet.

Unconfirmed: Alfredo Despaigne may join Villa Clara in the Finals.

Primer Juego: Pizarra de Carreras: VCL 6, LTU 13. (FINAL SCORE)

Knock Out?

Danel Castro tiene 4 de las 9 carreras.

7:30 P.M.
Las Tunas: 12 hits, 12 runs.

Tienen un equipo MUY BUENO.



To Whom It May Concern

I refuse to pay $800.00-900.00 USA dollars to the criminal capitalist rackets who control the manufacture, sale and distribution of cell phones.

You want to get in touch with me? Use USPS or email.

There! I feel better already.

Trinidad Cumple 505 Años

La ciudad de Trinidad arriba este sábado a sus 505 años de su fundación, con el atractivo de ser una de las villas donde mejor se conserva la arquitectura colonial en Cuba, informó la agencia Prensa Latina.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Donald Trump should go to the the shrink to treat his paranoia. He may get better if he RESIGNS.

Florida Local News?

CRIME, CRIME AND MORE CRIME! The signature of American Capitalism!

The Trump created 'shutdown' is a very clear sign of the Political Dysfunction of the USA.

The USA keeps going down, down, down. What a way to run a country. The world must be laughing at us.

Desde el sábado duelo por la corona de la pelota cubana

Enlace a Granma

Leñadores de Las Tunas y Azucareros de Villa Clara cumplieron con sobrada efectividad los vaticinios de la mayoría y el sábado, en tierras tuneras, comienzan a disputar el título más ansiado del deporte en el país

Tuesday, January 08, 2019

The majority of Americans are against Trump on the wall and the shutdown

4to Juego Scoreboard: SSP 3, VCL 1 (FINAL)

Mascota El Leopardo - Villa Clara



The reason for Donald Trump low poll numbers is ...


I am sure that he will be a one term POTUS.

He is in the White House today because he got big help from equally nasty Vladimir Putin.

Nasty people run the Capitalist World. 

I do not trust a capitalist. They are all greedy people. 

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is correct. I say: Hoorah for the Radicals!

Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves.

Franklin D. Roosevelt established Social Security.

Los Juegos de Hoy

5:00 p.m. SSP vs VCL

9:00 p.m. LTU vs CAV

Espero que TELE Rebelde TV los transmita EN VIVO hoy. Sus transmisiones son EXCELENTES.

Leñadores y Azucareros dictan sentencia en la postemporada del la 58 Serie del Béisbol de Cuba

Con Todos y Para el Bien de Todos

8 de Enero del 1959: Fidel, Camilo y el Ejército Rebelde Entran en La Habana

La Cuba que encontró la Caravana de la Libertad, 60 años después

Villa Clara 5, Santi Spiritus 1, en el juego de las 9:00 p.m. del Lunes 7

Monday, January 07, 2019

Gracias a Tele Rebelde TV y Todo Cuba Online por traernos La Pelota Cubana.

Gracias does not carry an accent on the letter i
in the Spanish language.


En vivo el tercer enfrentamiento SANTI SPIRITUS VS VILLA CLARA desde el estadio Augusto César Sandino de Santa Clara. La designación de Villa Clara debe recaer en el zurdo Misael Villa y por Santi Spiritus el derecho Yuen Socarrás.

Todo parece indicar que Las Tunas va a ser CAMPEON de la Serie 58.

Juegan muy bien.

A las 9:00 p.m. Tele Rebelde va a transmitir el juego de Villa Clara vs Sancti Spiritus.

TELE REBELDE EN VIVO: Tercer Juego entre Las Tunas y Ciego de Avila


Gracias Tele Rebelde.

El Juego de Hoy, @ 5:00 p.m. Las Tunas 6, Ciego de Avila 3. (FINAL)

El juego esta siendo transmitido por Radio Surco en Ciego de Avila.

Tambien está EN VIVO, por Tele Rebelde TV.

Donald Trump's FAKE National Emergency declaration is likely to be challenged in the Courts of the USA

Link to Reuters

A court test would likely focus on whether an emergency actually exists on the southern border and on the limits of presidential power over taxpayer funds.

Only Congress can appropriate taxpayer funds through legislation,

and Trump does not control the House of Representatives.

Better luck in next election in 2020.

He was defeated in Nov 6, 2018.

Cuba gave Chess one of its top World Champions: Jose Raúl Capablanca

José Raúl Capablanca


Cell Phones

They are a huge, and typically dishonest, capitalist racket.

I am rethinking whether I will continue using them.

They are not a necessity of life.

Greed is everywhere in the USA.

Cartoon of Nazi Bolsonaro

Donald Trump's Fake National Emergency

He is just trying to pass taxpayer money to his buddies. What a corrupt man he is. IMPEACH!

Link to Euro News

Radio Habana Cuba

Disponible el PDF file de la Nueva Constitución de Cuba

El amor de los niños por La Pelota en Cuba

Foto: Radio Coco, Cuba

El Gallego Fernandez passes away

A Former Cuban Vice President and Bay of Pigs Commander Has Died at 95

Hero of the Republic of Cuba.

He lead the defeat of the Miami CIA mercenaries.

Crickets bring the USA to its knees in Havana

‘Sonic attacks’ at US embassy in Cuba may have just been crickets


And super intelligent capitalist Donald Trump wanted to break diplomatic relations with Cuba.

What a FOOL!

Los pobres son los que siempre sufren en las 'crisis' del Millonario Capitalista Donald Trump. SHAME ON HIM! IMPEACH!


Juegos de hoy para los Semifinales de la 58 Serie Nacional del Baseball de Cuba

5:00 p.m. LTU vs CAV

8:00 p.m. SSP vs VCL

Puede seguir estos dos juegos por la Radio de Cuba en:

Las Tunas y Willa Clara ganaron sus dos primeros juegos.

Sunday, January 06, 2019


GOP Sen. Cruz, Rep. Rooney introduce constitutional amendment to impose term limits on Congress

All the current politicians should RESIGN immediately.

Current Politicians SUCK! Get rid of all the motherf***ers. 

El problema real qe los EE.UU. tienen HOY

No es verdad que haya una emergencia nacional. Eso es una mentira del racista y fascista que tenemos en la Casa Blanca.

El problema REAL que los EE.UU. tienen es que los politicos todos son muy corruptos y tratan de hacerse millonarios sirviendo los intereses de la grandes corporaciones.


I will no longer send any money contributions to all the wannabee politicians.

When I came to the USA I could buy a house with $16,000. Today it costs a quarter of a million USA dollars.

The politicians of the two major capitalist parties have destroyed the USA.


As of now, I will not vote in 2020. A pox on all the politicians.


Hoy no hay juegos de pelota en la 58 Serie Nacional del Beisbol de Cuba

Saturday, January 05, 2019

Arriba la Universidad de La Habana a su aniversario 291 (+Fotos)

Mi hermano, Carlos Manuel, se graduó como Ingeniero Eléctrico de La Universidad de La Habana.

Enlace al artículo de Radio Coco.

Excelente Victoria para Las Tunas: 9-2

El Lunes a las 5 de la tarde es el próximo juego.

10 Minutos para las Diez de La Noche

El Café Pilón que me tomé, me ha mantenido despierto.


A las 7:00 p.m. hoy: Ciego de Avila vs Las Tunas - (CAV 2, LTU 9) - (FINAL).

Espero no quedarme dormido.

Que se sepa, yo soy de los Industriales, pero esta noche yo soy de Las Tunas.

A las 8:58 p.m las cosas van bien para los Leñadores de Las Tunas. Que Bueno.

Juego de Hoy, 3:00 p.m. Pizarra de Carreras: VCL 8, SSP 1 (FINAL)

Good Game.

The French Postal Administration, La Poste, hits a Philatelic Grand Slam with their new definitive series of stamps 'Marianne the Engaged'

Engraved Stamps Are The Best

A new portrait of Marianne, France’s famous representation of liberty, has been created for that country’s newest definitive stamp series. The design is based on a portrait by street artist YZ, and line-engraved by Elsa Catelin.


Semifinales / 58 Serie Nacional de Béisbol 2018-2019

Las Tunas derrota a Ciego de Avila 5-4 en 14 innings.

Villa Clara derrota a Sancti Spiritus 4-0.

Enlace a los resultados del Dia

Juego #1
58 SNB: Leñadores dan primero en partido épico

Juego #2
58 SNB: Protagonismo de Fredy Asiel Álvarez

Friday, January 04, 2019

Las Tunas amenaza con un hit.

Se me cierran los ojos, y me voy a dormir.

Va a empezar el Inning #13.

Eate juego va para cinco horas.

Empieza el Inning #12. El score es 4-4.

Empieza el Inning #11

El primer juego de las Tunas vs Ciego de Avila, se va para extra innings. Inning 10.

En el octavo inning, Las Tunas y Ciego de Avila estan empatados 4-4

Enlace a las Estaciones de Radio en Cuba para escuchar La Pelota Cubana EN VIVO.


En el sexto inning del primer juego, Las Tunas esta ganando 4-1

Enlace a la Pizarra de Carreras:

Enough about Trump, tomorrow I go back to talking about Cuba's 58th National Baseball Series playoffs.

I will be rooting for Las Tunas. They have what it takes to be the new CAMPEONES.

Please Mr. Mueller, please hurry up!

Trump confirms that he is out to destroy the Federal government and destroy the USA

Trump confirms he said he could keep shutdown going for months or years

Trump is a thoroughly evil and nasty person. He is as bad as Hitler and Putin combined.

He wants to inflict pain on the American people.

What more proof do you need for a judicial indictment or starting impeachment procedures?

The only march that the people should start is one that will evict him from the White House.

Regicide is an acceptable option.

Cuba Journal agrees with the word that a U.S. House Representative used to describe Donald Trump.

Very well said.

I will go beyond that: Donald Trump is the First Nazi President of Fascist USA.

Donald Trump and his hatred toward Working Class people

Government Shutdown Leaves Workers Reeling: ‘We Seem to Be Pawns’

By Saturday, the federal government will have been shut down for two weeks, a full pay cycle for federal workers. If the shutdown lasts through Monday, it will surpass the one of 2013, and if it lasts beyond the following Saturday, it will be the longest shutdown in United States history. 

Capitalist USA First Commandment is "F*ck the Workers"

When it comes to morals & ethics, capitalist USA is going DOWNHILL!



January 4, 2019: the playoffs for Cuba's 58th National Baseball Series start tonight.

Reports when they are published in the morning, tomorrow.

House Democrats vote to reopen government, reject Trump's demand for wall funding

Donald Trump = Lying & Dishonest Person.

President Trump hasn’t publicly mentioned the 800,000 federal workers who aren’t being paid.

Shame on him! 


He is destroying the USA.

No difference between El Chapo and El Cheapo; both are criminals.

Wednesday, January 02, 2019

The Top 5 Democrats at the Iowa Caucuses Poll

Among likely Democratic Caucus Goers

First Choice

Joe Biden 32
Bernie Sanders 19
Beto O’Rourke 11
Elizabeth Warren 8
Kamala Harris 5

Link to Complete PDF:

Study # 1835

12th Day of Dishonest and Lying Donald Trump 'gimme a wall' Government Shutdown.

The guy has no Morals or Ethics. He should talk to his good buddy, Vladimir Putin, and ask him for a loan since Mexico is not going to pay tor his huge Scam/Fraud.

Why is Muller not rushing with his report, indictment?

Politicians are people that should never be trusted.

Don't Forget

USA is the Master Heaven for Frauds and  Scams.

Beware of websites that offer you free accounts to play games

Their software has built-in gimmicks that force you to become a paying customer.

Remember: When you deal with a capitalist, the first question that you should ask him/her is:


The Internet is full of scams, frauds and gimmicks.  All of them manufactured by capitalists.

What Donald Trump promotes in the border with Mexico is HATE.

Take the word Jew and substitute it with Migrant.

Donald Trump and the guy with the funny mustache in Germany in the 1930's are very similar.

U.S. Agents Fire Tear Gas At Migrants Trying To Cross Mexico Border

Healthcare in Cuba

A poor person living in Cuba gets better healthcare.

In 2016, the World Health Organisation reported the average life expectancy at birth for Cubans as being 77 years for males and 81 for females, which is higher than that of the United States.

Bernie Sanders on the Life and Legacy of Late Cuban Revolutionary Fidel Castro.

The legacy of Fidel Castro is a positive one. I will take one Fidel Castro over ten Fulgencio Batista's, puppet of the Yankee Imperialists.

I will be always 100% Fidelista, until the day that I die.

The Working Class of the USA DO NOT WANT to buy a silly wall from Donald Trump.

We want a Progressive and Positive Political Agenda.

Open up the government so it may serve ALL THE PEOPLE, and not only the millionaire class that Trump represents.

NASA’s New Horizons Takes Photos of Ultima Thule, 4 Billion Miles Away (Excellent Animated Video)

BRAVO! Cubas's Castro blasts United States on 60th anniversary of Revolution

Let it be known to one and to all that, on 1 January 1959,
Cuba became a free and sovereign country.

The Cuban people will not accept dictates from ANYONE.

Patria O Muerte.

Gracias Fidel!