Monday, September 26, 2016

Don't let the Talking Heads on TV and mal intentioned people tell you how to vote.

#Never Hillary


Trump wants to send your sons and daughters to fight in the Middle East.

The American people do not want that.

Major blunder on his part.

The only party that stands for PEACE is the Green Party of the USA.

So far, Hillary is losing the debate. Laughing is not an answer.

What city in the USA has a very high crime rate?


Who runs it?   The Democratic Party.

Hillary & Bill Clinton have been in politics more than 30 years.

They want you to reward them.

I say,  No way,  José!

Capitalists (Democrats & Republicans) have destroyed the USA.


Donald Trump is kicking her ass!

Hillary is part of the problem,  not part of the solution.  NAFTA,  started the destruction of the USA.

Occupy the Debates!

I trust my doctor and she says ...

Dr. Jill Stein
Candidate for President
Green Party, USA

Hip! Hip! HOORAY! Green Party, USA, issues call for "Occupy Debates" at Hofstra University, tonight.

Tonight is an historic moment in time. The two most wretched, ethically-challenged and unpopular candidates in history will be proposing their vision for America - and both will be ignoring issues that are critical to Americans.
According to USA TODAY, 76% of voters want 4-candidate debates. But the two establishment parties have conspired to exclude their competitors - something the League of Women Voters warned would be “perpetrating a fraud on the American voter.” Let that sink in -- the League of Women Voters is one of the most trusted, truly non-partisan organizations in the country, predicted this moment.
The media wants us focused on the two establishment candidates at Hofstra tonight…
But we want the world to be watching what’s going on outside the official arena. 
The 2,000 police will be heavily armed, the fences will be high and the barricades will block us - but we’re going to Occupy the Debates anyway!
And we will be using the open internet and social media to go around the corporate media to broadcast our voices.
We have decided to heed the words of Jello Biafra-- “Don’t hate the corporate media, become the media!” And we will do that outside the doors of Hofstra University tonight.
Deeper still, during the debate itself we will literally insert ourselves into the debate using Twitter/Periscope and Facebook Live.
We aim to have millions of people watching, listening and reading Jill actually participate live during the debate.
The Green Party will not be kept from participating in the Presidential Debates tonight, September 26!

Reminder: Dr. Jill Stein Rally in Ybor City on Wednesday

Click on the following link:

Attention Tampa Bay: New location for Dr. Jill Stein Rally on Wed, September 28th, 2016

You fuí una vícitima de la Operación Pedro Pan / I was a victim of Operation Peter Pan.

What EcuRed (Spanish, Cuba) and Wikipedia (English, USA) tell us about it.

JG: Now, the Yankee imperialists will steal my Social Security retirement pension if I decide to return to live my last years in Cuba.

Barack Obama & Cuba

Barack Obama has not done nearly enough to pressure the US Congress to repeal the failed and genocidal Cuba blockade/embargo.

On a scale of one to five, I give him a two on the Cuba issue.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Superb Photo from NASA of Jupiter's Icy Europa Moon

Bad News for Hillary from Nate Silver at 538

Nate Silver, the statistical guru who runs the FiveThirtyEight blog, now gives Trump a 48 percent chance of winning and is sounding the alarm to complacent Democrats. “Never seen otherwise-smart people in so much denial about something as they are about Trump’s chances,” he tweeted. “Same mistake as primaries, Brexit.”

JG: And don't forget the Bradley Effect. People sometimes do not tell the truth to pollsters or give them misleading information. 

No one expected the Brexit.

There is a lot of anger directed towards the Democratic Party. That is very bad news for Hillary Clinton.

The only poll that counts is the one conducted by the voters in their voting precincts. I will accept whatever is their verdict.

Attention Tampa Bay: New location for Dr. Jill Stein Rally on Wed, September 28th, 2016

NEW LOCATION: The Cuban Club, 2010 N. Avenida Republica de Cuba, Tampa, FL 33605. Hosted by: Green Party of Tampa (aka Green Party of Hillsborough County) Wednesday. Sept. 28th, 6:30pm-9:00pm

#VoteGreen2016 #NeverHillary #NeverTrump

Dr. Jill Stein Florida Tour Locations

New Brazilian President, Michael Temer, uses the same dishonest and corrupt practices (Pay to Play) that Hillary Clinton has used in the USA, reports the Voice of America

Brazilian Judge Authorizes Preliminary Probe of Allegations Pointing to [ New President Michael ] Temer


An honest President, Dilma Rousseff, Workers Party, was removed from office in a legislative coup de' etat and replaced with a vanilla flavor typically corrupt capitalist.

The Brazilian people have been totally SCREWED by world-wide capitalism.

And here in good ol USA, the people of the country will be totally screwed by the two vanilla flavor capitalist candidates of the very corrupt Democrats and Republicans.

I don't know if the Democrats & Republicans have a campaign slogan, but I suggest that both Donald and Hillary start using the following one: "We screw you better."


As the European Union proposes normalizing relations with Cuba, the Barack Obama normalization is stuck in NO GO, because of the continuation of the US Blockade/Embargo.

This blog states categorically that Barack Obama, and the U.S.A. are not worthy of trust.

They play in the same leagues as Hillary and Bill Clinton.

Barack Obama is a lame duck. Do not play any attention to what he has to say. He will be gone on 20 January 2017.

Cuba's Granma Newspaper: EU proposes normalization of relations with Cuba.

The Cuban people ought to say: "You want to trust the USA? Remember the Bay of Pigs!"

The publisher/editor of Cuba Journal trusts the Europeans. I do not trust the Yankees.

"Upper-tier [capitalist] executives keep finding ways to enrich themselves and each other while avoiding any adverse consequences of their own actions."

Dishonesty and corruption, thy name is Capitalism.

Jill Stein considers 'civil disobedience' during presidential debate