Thursday, October 01, 2015

Hurricane Joaquin could be a threat to the Northeast of the USA

So, the Federal Government stays "open" till December 11. What an irresponsible way to run a country!

The American people are very clear, when the various public opinion polls ask the key question: "the country is going in the wrong direction."

The U.S Congress has a 14% approval rating. Much worse than Obama.

We have self-servicing politicians who only care about themselves and their careers. The mountains of accumulated debts keep on growing, both for the government and for corporate America.

Kick the can down the road. Keep ignoring the mounting problems. Formula for disasters to come.

Benie Sanders is honest and nice, but aren't we forgetting something?

The Democratic Party is 100% capitalist. They will  never nominate someone who is a Socialist and who has good principles which would greatly help the working-class. Too much corruption in both Democrats and Republicans.

Bernie Sanders should have run as an independent socialist. The Democrats will never help him. In the end they will go into the minority ghettos and start buying votes, as they normally do.

USPS to issue Charlie Brown Xmas stamps today

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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Cuba to Obama: End embargo and close Gitmo

2:20 p.m. EDT September 29, 2015

Cuban leader Raul Castro again told President Obama that full normalized relations cannot be resumed until the United States lifts the economic embargo on his country and abandons its naval base at Guantanamo Bay, officials said Tuesday. (USA TODAY)

See also:

Cuba's Castro slams U.S. trade embargo at United Nations

Monday, September 28, 2015

When Barack Obama urges the lifting of the Cuba embargo, he should do it before a joint session of the U.S. Congress. CHICKEN!

Sept. 28, 2015

President Barack Obama has called for ending the decades-old US embargo on Cuba, in his address to the UN General Assembly [today].

JG: message to Barack Obama: for 22 years in a row the General Assembly has repudiated and condemned, by very high margins, including all the NATO countries, the genocidal Cuba embargo.

You are a "Johny-Come-Lately" to the issue, Barack Obama. Your piety is FAKE!

It is the Yankee imperialist government of the USA that created the Cuba embargo. Don't try to confuse the issue.

Barack Obama must think that all the people in the USA are stupid.

It was BHO's buddy, JFK, who created the Cuba embargo. He was from your party, and don't you forget it.

Barack Obama confirms that he is a WARMONGERING POTUS

Obama at the UN: I won't hesitate to use force

JG: How is he going to fiance his new war? Borrow money from China? In just seven short years he has destroyed a once prosperous country.

Our WARMONGERING President is at it again!

At U.N., Obama takes Russia to task for actions in Ukraine, Syria

JG: Talk is cheap with Barack Obama! He is as awful as Dubbya. He must not have liked the interview of Vladimir Putin by Charlie Rose @ 60 Minutes, last night at CBS.

Is a war with Russia just around the corner?

With a 20 Trillion National Debt and a 15 Trillion accumulated debt by Corporate America, the case can be made that BHO has effectively bankrupted the USA.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

PEOPLE POWER! Greedy pharma company rolls back unconscionable price hike

See Cuba Journal post of 9/21/2015 titled 'Capitalist Greed on Steroids.'

One man's opinion: what WILL NOT happen if there is another government shutdown

They will close parks, for sure, but the hundreds, maybe even thousands, of four star generals at the Pentagon, and at bases abroad, will continue shuffling "strategic plans" at their desks. FURLOUGH THEM & THE CONGRESS TOO!

Offshoring: destruction of the USA by capitalists

Offshoring is causing dire problems for the United States. I have suggested that one necessary reform is to break the connection between CEO pay and short-run profit performance. As long as CEOs can become rich in a few years by dumping their U.S. workforce, the trade deficit will continue to rise, and more college graduates will be employed as waitresses and bartenders.”

The Failure of Laissez Faire Capitalism
Paul Craig Roberts
Clarity Press, Atlanta, 2013

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

U.S., Cuba to hold talks on airline service Sept 28-29 - U.S. official

By Jeffrey Dastin and Arshad Mohammed
NEW YORK/WASHINGTON, Sept 22 (Reuters) - The United States and Cuba plan to hold talks in Havana next week on normalizing airline service, a U.S. official said on Tuesday, a step that could benefit U.S. carriers if the island becomes open to American tourism.
The talks will take place Sept. 28-29, the official said, as Washington and Havana inch toward normal relations after more than half a century of hostility that followed Cuba's 1959 revolution. The two nations restored diplomatic ties and reopened embassies this summer.
Next week's talks could be announced as early as Tuesday, the U.S. official said.

A graph that tells you how great life is in the USA today!

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You will pay for your crimes, USA!

Uncle Sam:

Voting to abstain at the October 27, 2015 session of the United Nations General Assembly will not make it possible for you to avoid culpability and liability for the genocidal crimes that your country has committed against the people of the Republic of Cuba and many other countries throughout the world.

You will pay for your genocide over Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Harry S. Truman

You will pay for your crimes at the Bay of Pigs, Dwight D. Eisenhower and John F. Kennedy.

You will pay for your crimes in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, Lyndon B. Johnson and Richard M. Nixon.

You will pay for having signed the Torricelli Act and the Helms Burton Act, William J. Clinton.

You will pay for crimes committed over Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen and Syria, George W. Bush and Barack H. Obama.

You will pay for the collective crimes and tortures of your CIA and your military.

You will pay for your acts of terrorism against the Republic of Cuba.

One day you will stand before a Higher Power and you will answer for your actions. You will not escape. And you will burn in Hell.

AP: U.S. weighs unprecedented abstention on U.N. vote condemning Cuba embargo.

Associated Press, Sept. 21, 2015 | 12:53 p.m. EDT


WASHINGTON (AP) — For the first time, the United States may accept a United Nations condemnation of the U.S. trade embargo against Cuba without a fight, The Associated Press has learned.

U.S. officials tell the AP that the Obama administration is weighing abstaining from the annual U.N. General Assembly vote on a Cuban-backed resolution demanding that the embargo be lifted. The vote could come next month.

No decision has yet been made, said four administration officials who weren't authorized to speak publicly on sensitive internal deliberations and demanded anonymity. But merely considering an abstention is unprecedented. Following through on the idea would send shock waves through both the United Nations and Congress.

It is unheard of for a U.N. member state not to oppose resolutions critical of its own laws.

JG: Beware Cuba of the schemes of Barack Obama! He is not worthy of trust.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Obama, Hillary and Bernie

In 2008, no one thought that Obama would beat Hillary. The rest is history.

Because Hillary comes across as person who is not very honest and has a sleazy husband, she is very vulnerable right now. But she is also the strong candidate of the Democratic establishment and they will spend billions of dollars to defeat Bernie.

All those who are registered as NPA's should consider changing their voting registration temporarily and voting for Bernie in the primaries. If there is a Trump vs Hillary in 2016, I will stay home.

Encuentro de Fidel Castro con Su Santidad Francisco (Pope Francis and Fidel meet)