Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Bill Maher: Ben Carson and his famous painting.

Donald Trump & Ben Carson are unfit to be President of the U.S.

God save the U.S.A. if one of these two fanatics reaches the White House.

Anyone can poll 25 percent in a survey. Getting to 51% on election day separates the kiddies from the men.

Donald Trump is a very dangerous man and so is Ben Carson. They both live in Fantasy Land.

El Donald earned Four Pinochios recently. These two nuts see "enemies" under every rock.

They both appeal to fringe elements within the country. Only the idiots who belong to the Know Nothing Party would vote for them.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Mr. Sanders Bring Us a Dream!

South Korea stuns the USA 8-0, and captures the Championship Trophy at the 2015 Premier 12 Baseball Tournament.

Game BoxScore

Cuba claims that Obama can do more to improve relations vis a vis Cuba

What Obama can do 

Despite the fact that Congress must take action to definitively end the blockade, President Obama has broad executive powers to substantially modify its implementation much more than he has thus far

Author: Granma International news staff | informacion@granma.cu november 13, 2015 13:11:09

Listed below are a number of steps he could take immediately.

1. Allow Cuba to use the dollar in international transactions.
2. Permit Cuban transactions in USD to be handled within the U.S. banking system.
3. Facilitate the opening of correspondence accounts by Cuban entities in U.S. banks.
4. Instruct U.S. representatives in international financial institutions to refrain from creating obstacles to the granting of credit to Cuba.
5. Halt the levying of fines on international banks for processing Cuban transactions.
6. Authorize Cuban aircraft and ships to transport passengers, cargo and mail between the two countries.
7. Authorize the direct export of U.S. products to Cuba.
8. Allow Cuba to import from other countries products which have more than 10% U.S. made components.
9. Permit imports to the U.S. of high demand Cuban goods and services such as cigars, rum and biotechnology products, including those manufactured in other countries using Cuban raw materials such as sugar and nickel.
10. Authorize U.S. companies to invest in Cuba.
11. End limitations of Cuban products which U.S. visitors to the country wish to import for their personal use.
12. Authorize U.S. citizens to receive medical treatment in Cuba.
13. Permit the granting of credit to Cuba for the purchase of products in the U.S. market, with the exception of agricultural products for which credit is prohibited by law.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Saldrá en Estados Unidos canal con contenido cubano


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Bernie Sanders Democratic Socialism Speech - George Town Univ - Nov 19, 2015

Bernie Sanders LIVE from Georgetown University

As long as the USA & France continue invading and bombing other countries they will be inviting attacks on their own territories by religion-based fanatics

A Donald Trump or Ben Carson presidency would greatly endanger constitutionally guaranteed civil liberties in the USA

JG: What if he is in the White House and he decided to order the NSA to start compiling lists of people with Islamic or Hispanic surnames? Shades of the Third Reich in the USA? If you think that it can't happen here, you are a fool!

The two guys are total nuts. They must be STOPPED from setting foot in the White House. By whatever means are necessary.

See the report that follows:

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, who has called for expanded surveillance of American Muslims, is refusing to rule out extreme measures that include warrantless searches or faith-based identification requirements(The Washington Post)

Is Wall Street ready for a huge stock market crash similar to the one in 1929?

The Dow Jones Industrial Average

Everything that goes up must come down.

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Graphic Source:

A better title name

A better title name for the new 2015 Robert B. Reich book would have been “Horror Stories About U.S. Capitalism.”

American capitalism does not need to be “saved.” It needs to be replaced with something that better serves an average citizen. Current U.S. capitalism only serves very well the millionaires, billionaires and extremely large corporations. Average citizens come last.

At the end of Part I, Robert B. Reich states “What I have described is not the same as corruption.” I couldn't disagree more. Current American capitalism is the most corrupt economic and political system ever devised by man during modern times.

In a recent 2015 city (where I live) election a “record” turnout was recorded by the county Registrar of Elections. The record was that only 14% of eligible voters bothered to participate in the election. Americans no longer care about the capitalist system that has been imposed on them by big money interests. They vote with their feet by staying away in droves. Only 11% of U.S. citizens say that the U.S. Congress is doing a very good job of governing the nation.

Cuba blames US for migrant crisis at Costa Rica border

Cuba has blamed US policy for a surge in migration from the island to the United States.

The Cuban foreign ministry said US laws dating back to the Cold War encouraged illegal emigration.

The statement was published as almost 2,000 Cuban migrants remained stranded on the border between Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

The Cuban migrants say they want to reach the US, but Nicaragua has so far denied them passage north.

Wet foot, dry foot

Under the 1966 Cuban Adjustment Act, Cuban nationals can become residents in the US much more easily than applicants from other countries.

Source: BBC

Monday, November 16, 2015

South Korea eliminates Cuba 7-2 in the quarter finals of the Premier 12 Baseball Tournament. The criollos have to go home empty handed

Premier 12: Sudcorea vs. Cuba

Sudcorea atacó temprano al pitcheo cubano con cinco carreras en el segundo inning y sentenciaron por completo el partido de cuartos de final del Premier 12, al imponerse 7-2. El plantel dirigido por Víctor Mesa se despide del torneo sin lograr el objetivo de incluirse entre los cuatro grandes. Las semifinales serán Japón-Sudcorea y México-Estados Unidos.

Aliet Arzola Lima, aliet@granma.cu


JG: I am sorry to see this result, but Cuba did not play very well in the tournament.

M.L.B. Picks Tampa Bay Rays to Play Possible Exhibition in Cuba

The New York Times


NOV. 13, 2015

If a major league baseball team plays a spring training game in Cuba next year, it will be the Tampa Bay Rays.

Commissioner Rob Manfred chose theRays by picking a ball out of a bin at Major League Baseball’s offices on Park Avenue in Manhattan on Friday afternoon. There were so many teams, including the Mets, the Yankees and the Los Angeles Dodgers, eager to play in Cuba, because of the extra visibility it would give their clubs that Manfred decided to hold a lottery.

The game would represent another significant moment in the continuing efforts by the United States and Cuba to normalize relations.

Cuba defeats Italy 2-1 and advances to the quarter finals of the 2015 Premier 12 Baseball Tournament


Cuba will play South Korea today at 18:30, local time.

In the first two games of the quarter finals, Mexico defeated Canada 4-3, and the Unitited States defeated The Netherlands 6-1.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Buscará Secretario de Agricultura de EE.UU. impulsar comercio con Cuba

Juventud Rebelde

digital@juventudrebelde.cu14 de Noviembre del 2015 0:21:47 CDT

Thomas Vilsack, secretario de Agricultura de los Estados Unidos, aseguró este viernes su compromiso de buscar un camino para eliminar las barreras que limitan el comercio entre Cuba y su país.
(Juventud Rebelde)