Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Cuba Journal's Inspector Clouseau Investigates

Q: Is it a scam? Is it fraud?

Q: What the hell are you talking about?

A: The four days to Havana from Port Canaveral, Florida, mini-cruise being now "offered" by Norwegian Cruise Lines in the Summer of 2018.

CJ's Clouseau started to investigate with the following link:

Click on the above link.

You will see one cruise beign 'touted' for $549 USD with the following label:

4-Day Cuba and Key West from Orlando (Port Canaveral.)

Notice the link that says: Show Me This Price and also the link button that says Details.

Plese come back to this post in 30 minutes to an hour. I gotta go have dinner. I am starving.

Part II

I clicked on Show Me This Price, and this time, as opposed to a month ago, from Miami, they are offering an inside room for $549.00. Not bad.

If you want a suite you gotta pay $1,869. AWFULL!

Next, I cliked on the linkable button labeled Details.

They give you some more info plus a 1-866 telephone number, plus three more buttons.

Tomorrow morning I am very busy. But I will call in the afternoon to talk to a real human being, rather than deal with computer buttoms.

Come back in late afternoon or evening to see what story they try to sell to me.

Look for:

Part III.

BREAKING NEWS: Senate rejects GOP effort to repeal major parts of the Affordable Care Act without a replacement

This is a MAJOR DEFEAT for Donald Trump and the Republican Party.

The GOP controls the House, Senate and White House, and yet, are unable to pass their own legislative bills.


They are extremist bills that would hurt the Americn people. Many people would lose health insurance, and would die because of that.

The GOP is unable to govern the USA.


The Latest: Senate rejects proposal for 'Obamacare' repeal - ABC News

The people will take revenge in November of 2018. And Donald Trump will go BYE, BYE in 2020.

Discurso de Jose Machado Ventura en el acto central por el 26 de Julio en Pinar del Rio

Anthem of the 26th of July Movement

The hymn of the 26th of July Movement, the guerrilla organisation that brought about the socialist Cuban Revolution. Original audio sung by the Red Army Choir in honor of said revolution.

The commemorative act for the 64th Anniversary of the Attack to the Moncada barracks has finished.

Juventud Rebelde had the best LIVE VIDEO.

Thank you to all.

When the speech of Jose Ramon Mahado Ventura is published by the Cuban News Media, Cuba Journal will have a link to it.

Los veo pronto. I will see you soon.

7:50 a.m. José Ramón Machado Ventura, Segundo Secretario del Comité Central del Partido y Vicepresidente de los Consejos de Estado y de Ministros, pronunciará las palabras centrales por el Día de la Rebeldía Nacional.

Excellent LIVE video from Joventud Rebelde. I am watching it NOW.

JG: Go to my earlier post this morning of Juventud Rebelde to access the LIVE video. It is coming in OK. Great music too.

Unable to get the live signal from Cubavision or Cubavision Internacional

More details when they are published. Juventud Rebelde has some excellent videos today. It also has a minute by minute report.

Cuba: Comenzó en Pinar del Río acto central por el Día de la Rebeldía Nacional (Radio Habana, Cuba)

En vivo: Cuba de rojo y negro, como el 26 de julio (+ Infografía, videos y fotos)

Fidel junto a otros asaltantes del Moncada tras ser capturados. Foto: Alba Ciudad

Los cuatro fotógrafos del Moncada

Una de las primeras fotos de Fidel después del asalto al cuartel, 
en el Vivac de Santiago de Cuba. 
Foto: Ernesto Ocaña

64th Anniversary of the Start of the Cuban Revoluiton. 26 de Julio, 1953.

26 de Julio, 1953 - Asalto al Cuartel Moncada

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Americans continue to ignore Donald Trump's edicts as Three Million Tourists Arrive in Cuba in Less than 7 months

Tuesday, 25 July, 2017

Today, Cuba reached the three million tourist mark, 75 days faster than last year

A press release from the Cuban Ministry of Tourism reports that on this Tuesday, July 25, Cuba reached the three million tourist mark, 75 days faster than last year.

Continue reading at Escambray

Huge Debacle for Trump and the GOP at the US Senate

In the absence of an actual Obamacare replacement plan, the GOP votes to debate ... no bill at all


JG: I reafirm my recent opinion:  The USA is ungovernable at the present time. Obamacare has to continue, since the US Senators go on limbo.

The PDF Document, "Argument in Defense of the Comunists" by Clarence Darrow, has been added to CJ's Post of July 24, 2017

I wonder if the CIA or USAID got new teeths for Allan Gross?

Major Jewish Scum: Alan Gross. His last name fits him very well.

How Google uses Gmail to silence people

This started taking place very recently.

I try to send an email to Mr X.

Three months ago, I emailed that person several times. After I was done with the conversation, I deleted the emails. I also emptied the Trash File.

Fast forward six months. My Trash File is now totally empty.

If I try to email Mr. X again, I get the following message from the Google Gmail software:

[You have sent a message in a trashed conversation. The message will not appear in your Sent Mail unless you move it to your Inbox. Learn more  Move to Inbox]

I have been silenced.

The USA is full of very evil people, all of them capitalists.

This started happening to me when I swithced from Chrome to Opera, which is a much better Internet browser than Chrome.

Donald Trump wants people wo will kiss his ass

He wants to go from Shit #1, Jeff Sessions, to Shit #2, Rudy Giuliani.

The American people no longer like Donald Trump. He will subvert Democracy in the USA and we will end up with the American version of Personality Cult.

GOP is in total disarray when it comes to repealing ObamaCare

The bill passed by the U.S. House of Representatives is much, much worse than ObamaCare.

Millions of Americans will find themselves with no health insurance and the right wing extremists in the Republican Party want to destroy MedicAid.


Mañana, en Pinar del Río, acto central por el Día de la Rebeldía Nacional

Autor: Granma |

25 de julio de 2017

Mañana, a las 7:00 a.m., tendrá lugar en la Plaza provisional de la Revolución del reparto Hermanos Cruz de la ciudad de Pinar del Río, el acto central por el aniversario 64 del asalto a los cuarteles Moncada y Carlos Manuel de Céspedes.

Las palabras centrales por el Día de la Rebeldía Nacional serán pronunciadas por José Ramón Machado Ventura, Segundo Secretario del Comité Central del Partido y Vicepresidente de los Consejos de Estado y de Ministros.

Cubavisión, Cubavisión Internacional, el Canal Educativo, Radio Rebelde, Radio Progreso y Radio Habana Cuba transmitirán en vivo este importante acto, que se retransmitirá por el canal Cubavisión en el espacio de la Mesa Redonda.

La Gala cultural en homenaje a la efeméride tendrá lugar esta noche, en el teatro José Jacinto Milanés de Pinar del Río, a las 8:30 p.m.