Monday, June 26, 2017

Nancy Pelosy Says: Hang In There

Bernie Sanders hits road to lead charge against Senate health-care bill


Trial begins of ex-Sheriff Joe Arpaio's immigration actions

Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, part of Dallas museum exhibit that sees record Latino turnout

The Two Fridas

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Frida Kahlo Wikipedia Page

Recommended books by

Hayden Herrera

Frida A Biography of Frida Kahlo
(ISBN 0-06-008589-4)

Frida Kahlo The Paintings
(ISBN 0-06-092319-9 pbk.)

Miramax Films
Selma Hayek

The Supreme Court’s ruling Monday to force the state of Missouri to pay to refurbish a church playground is not only wrongheaded, but jeopardizes the most important American principle: the separation of church and state.

Support for Trumpcare Slips

XINHUA: Cuba will welcome 4.2 million tourists this year

HAVANA, June 25 (Xinhua) -- Cuba will welcome 4.2 million tourists this year, 200,000 more than last year, a Cuban tourism official said Sunday.

Cuba has seen a tourism boom in recent years and the tourist arrivals hit a record high of just over 4 million in 2016, said Dalila Gonzalez, deputy director of marketing for the Cuban Tourism Ministry, after Spanish airline Plus Ultra said earlier Sunday that it will open a new direct flight route between Barcelona and Havana.

Last year, 4 million foreign visitors arrived in Cuba, a 14.5 percent rise over 2015, according to the Cuban Tourism Ministry.

Plus Ultra's Vice President Julio Martinez Ultra announced on Sunday that Plus Ultra would start this code-shared trip with state-owned Cubana de Aviacion once a week, and the inaugural flight was expected to take place on July 1, originating in Barcelona.

The company will be the fourth Spanish airline to fly to Cuba, a destination that already has regular flights with Iberia, Air Europa and Evelop.

Gonzalez said this new route will undoubtedly contribute to the increase of thousands of tourists coming not only from Spain, but other European countries.

JG: Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Donald Trump.

Cuba Journal (@ está con el pueblo Cubano y en defensa del pueblo Cubano

Estudiantes y trabajadores de Villa Clara rinden homenaje al Che

SANTA CLARA.–Trabajadores, estudiantes y la población en general rinden homenaje a Ernesto Guevara durante el recorrido de la réplica de la boina del Che por centros productivos, de la docencia y los servicios de Villa Clara.

A partir del acto efectuado hace dos meses en la empresa Panchito Gómez Toro, primera industria del sector azucarero en cumplir el plan de producción de crudo en la provincia y el país, se desató un amplio programa por municipios y poblados, donde se muestra la admiración y el respeto al Comandante Guevara. (Granma)

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JG: Honor y Gloria para el Che.   

Rosa Maria Paya es interpelada en foro de la Universidad Central de Chile

Published on Jun 25, 2017

La mercenaria Rosa María Payá es interpelada por un estudiante chileno durante una de sus conferencias financiadas por fundaciones estadounidenses y europeas. Esta fue en la Universidad Central de Chile.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Video: Bernie Sanders + Republican Senator from Wisconsin: Tumpcare should NOT be voted on this coming week

Excellent video by Bernie Sanders. (His appearance in a Sunday News program.)

See it at : Sens. Johnson, Sanders: No Way Vote Should Happen on Health Care Bill This Week

There are two videos in the linked article:

# 1 Senator Johnson.

# 2: Senator Sanders.

Thousands, if not millions, of American will be thrown off Medicaid. They will die if they have serious illnesses. It is demonstrated, one more time, that American capitalism is for the benefit of the millionaires and billionaires.

Extremist right-wingers in the USA are still trying to destroy Bernie Sanders

Their latest attempt: Sanders responds to ongoing probe into wife’s 2010 bank loan

They are very, very afraid of People Power.

The Hill has become the biggest advertising peddler in the Internet @ 99.

I have never been very impressed with that website. They spend most of their time in gossip.

They are a for profit outfit, so what you will get is mostly JUNK.

Nasty Donald Trump is now inveighing against Cuban women. What a nut!

El presidente de Estados Unidos, durante un mitin político en Iowa, demostró su evidente ceguera respecto a nuestro país y ahora acusó al gobierno cubano de tratar de manera “terrible” a las mujeres. (Granma)

Link: ¿De qué mujeres cubanas habla Trump?


Juventud Rebelde: La venganza de Marco Rubio contra Barack Obama

JG: Marco Rubio is the official ass-kisser of Donald Trump. His own Florida people rejected him in his quest to become President of the U.S. 

Saturday, June 24, 2017

LSU defeats OSU, advances to CWS finals

Elon Musk wants to establish a colony in Mars for the super-rich of the USA

The Independent On-line: Trump can't lecture Cuba on human rights


"The irony is mind boggling - Cuba is depicted as an egregious human rights abuser, while it is the US which maintains an illegal military base on that island, in which it has perpetrated some of the worst human rights abuses imaginable. The people who the US military have tortured and abused in Guantanamo Bay have never had the opportunity to defend their innocence in a court of law.:"

Complete article

And the winner is ...

The website who tried last week to serve-up the most advertising to my Web Browser;

#1: The New York Times: 57

This week is down to 45.

#2: Salon: 55. (today 24 June)

My add blocker has to work overtime,

I do not plan to visit too often in the future.