Sunday, July 24, 2016

Anti-Cuba, Gang of 66 member, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, is forced to resign as chair of the Democratic Party National Committee

Bye, bye, Debbie, we will not miss you!

New York Times Editorial: America’s Conflicted Cuba Policy

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Bernie Sanders: DNC Emails 'Outrageous' But 'Not A Shock'

Is Donald Trump running for President of the U.S. or for Hater-In-Chief?

He has alienated so may groups and/or people that the only chance that he has of being "elected" is by fraudulent and/or illegal means. If you believe that capitalists are saints, you are a fool. They are in it to make tons of $$$$$, not to make your life better.

The two choices given to the American people by the two major capitalist parties are extremely poor.

But you do have two options:

1) Stay home on Nov 8.

2) Cast a protest vote for the Green or Libertarian parties, who do not have any chances of succeeding because of all the obstacles that are put in place by the crooked Republicans and Democrats.

I believe that thousands will opt for option 1.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

One very silly article about Cuba by USA Today

American capitalists live in their own compartmentalized and unreal silly world. They think that because they are very wealthy and very powerful, militarily, that everyone should think and act like they do.


A case in point is a very recent article by capitalist news media outfit USA Today.

Recently, they published an article titled US urges Cuba to do more to improve relationship.

The article could have been written with five words: Abandon socialism and re-install capitalism.

Unless the Cuban government wants to commit political suicide and allow the return to the island of corrupt and greedy US capitalism, which was overthrown on January First, 1959, the chances of that happening are:


Friday, July 22, 2016

Thursday, July 21, 2016

How come Trump did not mention how the top 1% are fucking the bottom 99% 24/7?

We will have to wait for Bernie to talk about that next week.

Ted Cruz has more than guts. He has cojones.

Full disclosure:

I am an agnostic, who does not buy any of Ted's religion-based GARBAGE. I am with Marx: religion is the opium of the masses. It is for the uneducated crowds, those who have no intelligence, and those who are extremely gullible.

Donald Trump has insulted just about everyone, Mexicans, immigrants in general, women, disabled people, Muslims.

His party is highly divided and demographics are against Donald Trump.

We may be stuck with dishonest and crooked Hillary. I dislike her intensely. 

We now have the two shittiest presidential candidates in the history of the USA.

This has been a very weird year. If Donald can win Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania, he may have a chance. Donald Trump will be crucified in the three Western States, California, Oregon, Washington.

American are very angry. The country is in a declining slope. The manufacturing base jobs have been exported to low-wage countries, like China. Capitalists have pocketed the huge profits. Financial speculation is the name of the game in USA today. 

It is capitalism that has destroyed the USA. The two establishment parties; Democrats and Republicans.

Angry people voted for Hitler in the 1930's in Germany. The same thing may happen in the USA with Donald Trump. His ego is huge, the same as Hitler's. He speaks his mind.

Cuban ambassador: Destroying revolution still U.S. goal

A top Cuban diplomat accused the Obama administration of not doing enough to dismantle the U.S. trade embargo against Cuba and said the United States wants to turn Cuba into an “appendage” of the United States.
In a half-hour interview held in conjunction with the anniversary Wednesday of the opening of the Cuban embassy in Washington, Emilio Lozada, the Cuban ambassador to Russia, told Russian television that dialogue between U.S. and Cuban leaders may have been restored, but that the “major obstacles” behind two generations of hostility remain the same.

Complete Article at the Miami Herald

Pastors for Peace Caravan Travels to Cuba

Mexico, July 18 (Prensa Latina) The 27th Pastors for Peace Caravan will travel to Cuba today and is composed of 41 activists showing solidarity with the Cuban people. (Prensa Latina)

Obama & U.S. Congress:

Tear Down the Embargo Wall

Police brutality and racism continues unabated in the USA

Florida police shoot black man with his hands up as he tries to help autistic patient.


Wikepedia; List of Presidents of the United States who owned slaves

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

How many ....

.... did New Jersey Governor Chris Christie have tonight?

Two Hours on Monday Night

I was very curious last night. I was not going to watch or listen to the siren songs of the two political parties which have practically destroyed the United States since I arrived on its shores on Nov.18, 1961.

But, since PBS has few commercial advertising, I decided to keep the TV on between 8:00 and 10:00 pm. I had already decided that I would not support Trump or Hillary. My vote will go to the presidential candidate of the Green Party, USA, Dr. Jill Stein. She is closer to the things that I believe in.

What I saw in those two hours made me very afraid that very dark hours may be coming to the USA.

I saw and heard the face of hatred, like it happened in Germany in the 1930's.

Americans are very angry. The country is a declining slope. The top 1% live very well while the rest of the masses have to struggle with never ending greed, perpetual warfare and a declining economy.

Americans and Trump have found the perfect scapegoat. In Germany in the 1930's it was the Jews. Now, it is the Mexicans, the Guatemalans and other “illegals.” They are people who come to the USA looking for “free stuff,” Donald Trump and his band of bigots tell you that.

Naughty Donald Trump stills spouts his platitude about the wall that he is going to build along the Rio Grande. And you don't have to even pay for building it. The Mexican government is going to pay for it. HOW SILLY!

Like Adolf Hitler before him, Trump is the biggest megalomaniac that I have ever seen or heard. It is all about him. He lives alone in his own world.

Keep the Mexicans out and I will restore America to its previous greatness, he tells you.

Do not believe this very dangerous, bigoted and narcissistic demagogue.

BTW, Hillary is not the answer. She wants a coronation that would re-install her in the White House.

She is dishonest, corrupt and power driven. And on top of that she married a man who prostituted himself by jumping into bed with none other than racist U.S. Senator Jesse Helms, the author of the infamous Helms-Burton Act.

You can do what you want, but, please, do not contribute to the TOTAL DESTRUCTION of the USA. The good American people do not deserve that.