Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Cuba knows how to pretect its citizens from hurricanes

Hurricane Irma affected every province in Cuba, but within a week electricity was completely restored and schools, hospitals, and the tourism industry were fully functioning. Meanwhile, Cuba sent hundreds of medical personnel to other Caribbean nations and Mexico. They offered help to Puerto Rico and Houston, but received no response from the U.S. government. Cuba’s hurricane preparedness and civil defense system is a world model. The country has experienced 30 major hurricanes in 20 years and suffered only 54 dead.

 John Bachtell (chairman of CPUSA) at a meeting of the National Board of the Communist Party USA on November 1, 2017.

Stop Trump and restrain capitalism to save the planet

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

How the Internet will work after Trump's favorite Indian at the FCC abolishes Net Neutrality.

Capitalist millionaires and billionaires (0.01% of the USA population) will pay one half of a cent per gigabyte of data transmitted to their homes and lucrative businesses.

The rest of  of the country's suckers will pay considerable more. No Internet data will be given away for free. Say goodbye to Facebook, Twitter, Blogger and other popular Internet websites. Emails will no longer be free. Goodbye Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, Gmail & AOL Mail.

The latter will change their cute jingle from 'youve got mail' to 'youve got to pay $$ for your bits and bytes.'


Bombard FCC Chairman Ajit Pai ( with a emails and tell him you oppose his decision to eliminate Net Neutrality

The Federal Communications Commission announced on Tuesday that it planned to dismantle landmark regulations that ensure equal access to the internet, clearing the way for companies to charge more and block access to some websites. 

The proposal, put forward by the F.C.C. chairman, Ajit Pai, is a sweeping repeal of rules put in place by the Obama administration. The rules prohibited high-speed internet service providers from blocking or slowing down the delivery of websites, or charging extra fees for the best quality of streaming and other internet services for their subscribers. Those limits are central to the concept called net neutrality. (New York Tines)

Cuba Journal repudiates & condems the actions of Donald Trump against 60,000 Haitians

Article With a Silly Headline

US business leaders say Cuba is still open, at least to them

Sexual harrassment allegations is the new hobby in the USA in 2017

Americans live bored lives.

Donald Trump to expel 60,000 Haitians.

Trump administration to end provisional residency protection for 60,000 Haitians

His paranoia is getting worse. These extremely poor Haitians are very hard workers.


National Security, how many crimes are committed on thy name!

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Today is a great day to join @DemSocialists

Today is a great day to join :


Documental COCA COLA EN LUCHA (subtítulos en inglés)

JG: Cuba Journal urges its readers and visitors to NOT PURCHASE any Coca Cola products. An injury to one is an injury to all. Workers of the world unite!

What caught my attention right away was the Spanish workers yelling: "Este país ya no aguanta más." (The country will stand it no longer.)

This is what happens when people allow imperialist countries to come into their nation and let them exploit the workers of the commercially invaded country.

Of the five western imperialist powers (USA, United Kingdom, France, Germany and Spain) the land of Cervantes is the most vicious in its brutality and corruption. We saw what happened in Cataluña in October 1 of the current year.

To put it simply, the Coca Cola capitalists from Atlanta, USA, are trying to f*ck the Spanish working class.

I will try to do more research on this issue, and will report in a later post in Cuba Journal.  



Wikipedia: Spain's Workers Commissions

2015: Spanish workers celebrate victory over Coca-Cola factory closure

2014: Coca-Cola looks to close 4 bottling plants in Spain

2013: Coca-Cola Welcomes New Unified Bottling Partner For Spain and Portugal


If you wish it, it will come!

Japan has joined the Yankee imperialists in wanting to start a war with the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.


JG: The USA has never, ever, been in favor of promoting peace.

Dishonest & Greedy Trump Administration adopts the Cuba Embargo as its favorite CASH COW

Cuban daily Granma has reported that the Trump Administration has fined American Express $204,277.00 for violating the Cuba Embargo, which is criminally run by their OFAC thugs in Washington D.C.

Its the money, STUPID! 

USA capitalists have no morals or ethics. Every Suday they attend the following church: Our Lady of Perpetual Cash Flow.

Together with AMEX, the poor elephants have beocome the latest victims of greedy American capitalism.