Tuesday, August 21, 2018

United Nations Human Rights Council demands that Lula be allowed to participate in Brazil's Election

The sinister hands and intentions of Yankee imperialism can  be seen behind the scenes.




Donald Trump is the biggest piece of trash and scum to have occupied the White House. He will insult you and then try to f*ck you without using Vaseline.

I agree with John Dean's opinion of Trump: "He thrives on insulting people in situations. So this is typical Trump.”

Trump will end up like Nixon, resigning after he is indicted or before he is impeached.

ALERT! This is not a test.

Do not be surprised if you wake up one morning to find out that Donald Trump has published the following Tweet:

"I have issued an executive order this morning suspending the Constitution of the United States, effective immediately."

Fulgencio Batista used to do it in Cuba every 45 days. IT CAN HAPPEN HERE!

This is where we are headed. Donald Trump believes that the Constitution does not apply to him.

CNN: Trump: "I could run the Mueller probe."

I en eso llegó Fidel.

Are Americans sheep? Sadly, yes!

Boxcore #2 for August 20, 2018

August 07, 1789: The Establishment of the Department of War

USA Spreads War, Death & Suffering Throughout The Planet.

The USA is Part of the Problem, Not the Solution.

¿Por qué Estados Unidos es la principal amenaza para que América Latina y el Caribe sea una zona de paz?

En el 2018 la administración norteamericana arreció su intervencionismo en Latinoamérica y el Caribe. Para el 2019, Trump aprobó un presupuesto récord de 716 000 millones de dólares para Defensa

Enlace al artículo de Granma

Cuba Journal Condemns the Warmongering Policies of Donald Trump

We Say:


Monday, August 20, 2018

BOXSCORE: August 20, 2018, Industriales: 6. Cienfuegos; 5.

Trincheras de ideas valen más que trincheras de piedra. José Martí - 1891.

BOLERO Ravel レーベルボレロ Orquesta Joven de la Sinfónica de Galicia ガリシア D: Vicente Alberola. Dvořák nº 8

This time Donald Trump insults a Border Patrol Agent.

“Speaks perfect English”: Trump’s offensive praise of a Latino Border Patrol Agent. (VOX)

What is his IQ? Propably the agent's IQ is higher than Trump's.

Venezuela's massive currency devaluation is a 'scam' — and does 'nothing' to ease its economic crisis, [yanki imperialist] analysts say.

Venezuela has the largest petroleum reserves in the world.

USA has monopoly phony money for a currency.

In 1970 I bought a home with $16,000. Today, I would need $300,000.00.

Who is fooling who?


Gana Industriales 6-5. (FINAL).

El segundo juego fue sellado. Este es el tercer juego.

30 minutos despues que termine este juego, empieza el segundo juego.

Pope Francis Pens Scathing Response To Clergy Sexual Abuse Scandal


The Catholic Church in the USA is totally rotten. Throw it away and start over again. Pedophiles everywhere!

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Havana Carnival held in Cuba

Havana Carnival held in Cuba

Cuba's Havana Carnival kicked off Friday with music, dances, floats as well as food and drinks, with an expanded program to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the city's founding in 2019.

Source: Xinhua| 2018-08-19 18:58:41|Editor: xuxin

In my opinion, the Taliban insurgency has totally defeated the Afghanistan government.

As Taliban Start Charm Offensive, Afghan President Calls for Cease-Fire

In the past week alone, the Taliban have overrun a city, burned down government facilities, hidden in civilians’ homes and killed hundreds of their opponents.

At the same time, the group has been actively seeking for weeks to court Afghan civilians, promising last month to halt suicide bombings in civilian areas, and announcing on Twitter and other social networks that those who surrendered would not be harmed.

Taliban Flag.

A very pleasant and mild 73 Degrees, Fahrenheit, in Winter Haven, Florida.

I still remember this photo of Colegio de La Salle en El Vedado

In the neighborhood of Vedado, shaded by tree-lined streets and tucked within a small metropolis of guarded foreign embassies, sits a polytechnic school.

Instituto Politecnico José Ramón Rodríguez Lopez.

Over fifty years ago it was an all boys Catholic school, run by the Christian Brothers.

Colegio de La Salle Vedado.

After the Bay of Pigs - Playa Giron, it was nationalised by the Cuban Revolutionary Goverment of Fidel Castro.

It was my last school in Cuba after 1 January, 1959

Calle 13 entre B y C.

I will never forget my 10 cent Fritas Cubanas and Tropi-Creams when I was 12-15 years old.

Above is one my favorite snacks when I was a teenager. I lived close to 23 y 12 en El Vedado.

I had a cousin who worked at the "Atlantic" movie house. It meant that the whole family had free tickets. It was half a block from another popular movie house, "El 23 y 12." Only 40 cents per ticket.

It was a very popular Vedado corner and there was a guy who made "Fritas Cubanas." They were only 10 cents each, and they were super good and very tasty. I would buy three at a time.

Walking one block to the south on 12 y 21 there was a Tropi-Cream. Like the fritas, they were only 10 cents each.

There was a midget nick-named "El Cojo" who sold, during the day time, old comic books also for  10 cents. The dime was our favorite coin back then.

Those were good times for kids back them. One Coke was a bargain. Five cents. And the bus was 8 cents. Adding a transfer was 2 cents.

Related: Historia de la frita cubana. Receta.


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