Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Resultados: Tres patidos amistosos de Cuba vs Taipei

Enlaces hacia Zona de Strike:

Juego de hoy: Suspendido por lluvia.

Juego #2: Feb 21: Cuba cae ante Taipéi en el segundo partido amistoso entre ambos

Juego #1: Feb 20: Yera y Roel Santos, los más destacados en la victoria de Cuba frente a Taipei (+ fotos)

Mississippi Ports Eye Cuba, Sign Agreements in Havana

The Mississippi ports of Pascagoula and Gulfport signed agreements in Cuba on Monday with an eye to future business and with a Republican U.S. senator from the state looking on, despite concerns President Donald Trump might backtrack on improved relations.

(Source; NBC)

JG: Stop and Resit Trump!


Be Pro Union.
Be Anti Capitalist.
Be Anti Imperialist.
Be Anti War.
Be Pro Peace.
Be Pro Working Class.

The Over-the Air TV Channel, 65-2, WRBT, will be showing the movie 'Norma Rae' tomorrow Thursday, at 8:00 pm.

Lets's all of us watch it together!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Sitio especial de Juventud Rebelde para el World Baseball Classic de Marzo del 2017

Cuba says United States has deported 117 Cuban migrants since policy shift

Cuba said on Friday the United States had deported 117 migrants back to the island nation since ending its policy granting automatic residency to almost every Cuban who reached U.S. soil as part of the normalization of relations.

Those deported included two people who were returned on Friday on the first flight chartered specifically for the deportation of Cuban migrants since the policy shift, Cuba's ruling Communist Party newspaper Granma wrote. The earlier deportees were taken back on commercial planes or boat.

Former U.S. President Barack Obama repealed the special immigration policy for Cubans days before turning the White House over to Donald Trump.

Complete report at Reuters

Reporte de Granma

Could Freedom of the Press be in great danger in the USA? Trump calls the media ‘the enemy of the American People’

The autocratism of Donald Trump could put Civil  Liberties in big danger.

Aves Acuáticas de Cuba

Monday, February 13, 2017

Men's Baseball World Rankings as of 23 January 2017

Men's Baseball Rankings as of 23 January 2017[1]
1 Japan5699BFA
2 United States4928COPABE
3 South Korea4849BFA
4 Chinese Taipei4261BFA
5 Cuba3857COPABE
6 Mexico3081COPABE
7 Venezuela2684COPABE
8 Canada2200COPABE
9 Netherlands2071CEB
10 Italy2008CEB
11 Australia1933BCO
12 Puerto Rico1759COPABE
Mexico and Puerto Rico should move up because of the results Serie del Caribe 2017. Cuba will likely drop one spot to sixth.

It is not a big secret. Why did Hillary loose the Nov 8 presidential election?

JG: in addition to the good points presented in the article, I would have to add that the Democratic Party is a pro-corporate agenda party. It really does not represent the best interests of the working class. People stayed home in droves. Trump was a default winner. If we had had a one-person, one-vote election, he would not be in the White House right now.

The working class and the migrants built the USA, not the capitalist millionaires and billionaires.    

Thursday, February 09, 2017

Dishonesty in the USA (the norm for capitalist societies) keeps growing & growing after the election of Donald Trump

His very belligerent tone makes me wonder if he will involve the USA in a new military conflict.

Wednesday, February 08, 2017


Based on your recent experience with Acer, how would you rate the quality of Acer Computers? 1 - Poor,  2 - Fair, 3 - Good,  4  - Very Good, 5 - Excellent.


How likely are you to recommend Acer Computers to your friends, relatives and  neighbors?


ACER Computers are little pieces of SHIT

Want to be constantly frustrated? Buy a computer! Do not expect very many posts from Cuba Journal from this point forward.

Presenta Cuba nómina al Clásico Mundial de Béisbol

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

For the first time in its history, the current occupant of the White House is an individual who promotes hate.

In the 1930's, it was Adolf Hitler and his persecution of Jews.

In 2016-2017, Donald Trump, who has the same mentality of hate as the German with the funny looking mustache, is conducting his hate policies primarily toward seven Muslim countries.

Nothing good is going to come out of the lips of this fanatical promoter of divisions and persecutions.

According to Trump, if you oppose him you are a “so-called” person.

This guy does not deserve to be President of the United States.

In my opinion, we should start impeachment procedures as soon as possible.

Last, but not least, I blame the Democratic Party for having Donald Trump in the White House. Millions of Americans did not like voting for a dishonest and corrupt woman, and they stayed home.

Israel is getting away with the murder of Palestinians and the theft of their lands

The Zionist Jews of Israel learned that uncivilized and criminal behavior from the American imperialists.

New York Times:

Palestinians Ask World to Punish Israel for Settlement Law

Monday, February 06, 2017

Semifinales - Serie del Caribe 2017 Scoreboard: Cuba 0, Mexico 1 [FINAL] [BOXSCORE]

UNBELIEVABLE! Earlier today, Puerto Rico defeated Venezuela 9-6.  Boxscore.

I do not know why the Cuba vs Mexico game has not started yet. Maybe it will start at 7:30.

The game is supposed to start at 8:00 pm, one Internet website is reporting. No explanation was given as to why the game is one hour late.

7:55 pm. The game has started

Mexico is threatening in the bottom of the fifth inning. Men on first and third, no outs,

Mexico scores their first run, on a sacrifice fly.

Cuba loads the bases with an intentional base on balls, looking for a possible double play to end the inning.

Cuba: double play. End of the threat. Score remains 1-0 in favor of Mexico.

Cuba has only two hits in six innings. Plus one error. They better start hitting the ball. If they lose this game they go home.

Cuba can win this game. They still have two more innings to do it.

Yogui Berra: "It ain't over, till its over."

Mexico's pitching has been excellent in this game.

Cuba will have their final chance in the top of the ninth inning.

It is over Mexico defeats Cuba 1-0 and advances to the championship game tomorrow.

5 Feb 2017 - Alfredo Despaigne Swings For the Fences - Serie del Caribe

Foto: Ricardo Lopez Hevia

Vladimir Baños gives superb pitching performance as Cuba blanks Mexico 4-0, advancing to today's semifinals

The game also included homers by Saavedra and Despaigne. Señor Vlad pitched eight and two thirds innings and Jose Angel Garcia pitched the final out of the game.

Granma: Cuba pone el picante

Juventud Rebelde: Cuba gana 4-0 a México

In the first Semifinal Game Cuba will play today again against Mexico at 7:00 pm.

Venezuela and Puerto Rico are the other two semifinalists.