Friday, February 14, 2020

The biggest threat that the USA faces is autocratic Donald Trump. He is in it for the $$$$$. Wake Up America!

The Democratic Party has to become more 'democratic' or it will not survive.

We could become like autocratic Philippines.

Neo-Nazi Donald Trump could destroy the USA before November 2020.

It can happen here! Wishy-Washy Klobuchar does not to appeal to me.

She would be sent to the gas chambers by Trump.

I am casting my lot with proven Progressive Bernie Sanders. He is the Best Defender of the Working Class.

Trump will defend his capitalist billionaire brothers.

Florida and California will have the most delegates at the Democratic Party Convention than any other state.

Unite to Defeat Donald Trump.

I call on my Latino Bothers an Sisters. Join the Democratic Revolution that will defeat Trump.

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