Friday, February 07, 2020

The mess in the Iowa caucuses is a blow to American faith in democracy


JG: I agree 100% that American so-called "democracy" is a huge JOKE. Only fanatical capitalists believe in that joke.

As of Thursday morning, we still can’t say for certain who won the Iowa caucuses. The New York Times reported that even now that nearly all the results are in, they are “riddled with inconsistencies and errors”. The tallies don’t add up, the delegate numbers are wrong, and there are mismatches between the numbers reported by the state and those reported by local precincts. Results were released that showed implausible windfalls for Deval Patrick and Tom Steyer, and had to quickly be retracted. Now, DNC head Tom Perez has called for all of the results to be reexamined, which will further delay the final total. (Notably, Perez stepped in just as the last unreleased results threatened to put Sanders over the top.)

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