Monday, August 10, 2020

My Own Survey.

 My own survey of Over-The-Air TV. As of August 10, 2020.

Total chaos! Some identify themselves. Others use gimmicks, or other things, such as "DABL" or other nonsense.

EVERYONE is always trying to sell you something. I call it El Bizneo.

WKMG always identify themselves on a corner.

Total number of stations coming "over the air" 38. It is free, and I do not have to pay anyone $49.99 per month. Cable TV is not good value for your $$$$$.

I always view TV with one finger on the mute button of the remote control device. 

As soon as Trump, DeSantis or some other "garbage" comes on, I press the mute button for a while or turn the TV off.

As long as I am watching ABC or CBS, I am ok.

But everyone is trying to sell you something.

I do not use apps, because of security concerns.

Questions?, just leave a comment.  

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